Does Aldi Drug Test

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

Founded 10 July 1946




(split in two parts in 1960, renamed to Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in 1962)




Theo Albrecht

, Germany (Aldi Nord)


, Germany (Aldi Süd)
Number of locations






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


121.1 billion (2021)



Trader Joe’s

(Aldi Nord)



Landing a new job is an exciting time for anyone, but before you can get to work, many companies require all sorts of paperwork and pre-employment rituals. A little more than half of US employers require drug screenings.

Aldi’s clean brand image and good reputation for treating their employees well might make you wonder: Does Aldi drug-test its new hires. What you need to know.

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022?

Aldi employees claim that Aldi will drug-test new employees after they hire them in 2022. If necessary, Aldi can sometimes drug-test current workers. Typically, pre-employment drug tests from Aldi are done via urinalysis at an offsite testing facility.

  • Aldi has a complicated drug policy. It is not clear what they will test you for and where to test. Also, there are some changes in the law that could affect your ability to obtain a test. Continue reading
  • Aldi Drug testing:

    Aldi corporate wrote in their employee handbook.

    You are not allowed to work or operate Company equipment or vehicles.

  • Using, possessing, buying, selling, or manufacturing illegal drugs on Company premises or while performing services for the Company is prohibited.”
  • The company will drug test all new hires in order to detect potential drug-related problems.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Does Aldi Drug Test All New Hires?

    Based on the reports of those who have been hired it seems safe to assume that every employee will be drug tested before they start working at Aldi.

  • Aldi’s job listings, which can be found on their website, contain the following: “Employment may depend upon ALDI’s receipt an acceptable and job related drug test, motor vehicle record, and/or referee check.
  • They couldn’t state it any clearer. Do not assume you will be drug-tested by Aldi just because someone told you.

    Aldi conducts drug tests.

    Aldi has a reputation for conducting drug tests in different ways. However, the most common is the first.

    This method occurs in the midst of a second or third interview, when the hiring manager will direct potential new employees to an off-site, third-party testing facility (a company like the Associated Clinical Laboratories will be used).

    It will be performed at this facility at the agreed-upon time and place. This is also planned ahead. You will not be supervised while the sample is being taken.

    The second possibility that has circulated is that upon arriving for an interview, potential hires were then surprised with trips to the off-site facility to get spontaneous drug tests.

    When a company like Aldi states that they promote a drug-free environment, it’s important to take them at their word and be prepared for an unannounced test at any point.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Aldi tests for what drugs?

    Aldi tests for a wide variety of drugs in your urine, including: THC (marijuana), opiates, cocaine, and amphetamines.

    Aldi’s urinalysis was used to confirm that the substances were being detected.

    What happens when your Aldi test is positive?

    If you get a positive, it will be a disqualifying result. It is most likely that you will get your results via regular mail within days. Aldi can expect to be contacted by the lab by facsimile in the meantime.

    You will likely not be contacted by the hiring manager again if your test results are positive. If they do contact you, they will let you know that the process is over.

    Aldi is a desirable company to work for, so you might be tempted to apply again, this time refraining from drug use long before you begin the process. Another site suggests waiting for at least six more months to apply again.

    Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

    Does Aldi Drug Test Current Employees?

    Aldi has been known to drug test current employees! After all, once you are hired you are going to be on company property regularly and it’s important for them to maintain a drug-free environment.

    Aldi states that testing will only take place if someone is able to provide good reasons for them to believe they have been using drugs in the past.

    Aldi doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s enjoyment. It is important for safety at stores where machinery and heavy goods are commonplace and hundreds of people pass by each day.

    Do Aldi Drug Screens Apply to States That Legalize Recreational Marijuana?

    This situation is complex and growing as more states across the US have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational purposes.

    Aldi Corporate has not yet made any official statements, however there’s been some discussion on sites such as the Aldi Subreddit. Users claim that Aldi now denies hiring/firing based on positive THC tests, in line with changing marijuana laws.

    To keep things standard, they claim that it applies to all shops in all states.

    A few legalized patients in medical marijuana states have mentioned they knew that THC would be present in their tests.

  • Some users claim that Aldi no longer drug tests non-management hirings.
  • Aldi is not obligated to respond to any claims made by employees, regardless how strong they may feel.

    These policy changes may be made in the near future and in compliance with federal law, but they are not something worth risking.

    Aldi may be a good place to start if you’re looking for a job.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi has a strict policy that prohibits the use of drugs. It drug tests new employees as well as existing hires. Potential hires should be aware that a drug screen will likely take place before they are officially accepted onto the Aldi staff.

    Does Aldi Drug Test New Hires?

    Does Aldi perform drug testing? They do.

    Aldi is a drug-testing specialist.

    ALDI employees state that the drug test takes place on the urine samples. The test is conducted to check the amount of THC, opiates, PCP, Cocaine, and Amphetamines in the body. Some people who use drugs sometimes submit synthetic urine for drug testing. May 4, 2021

    Can you get drug-tested before getting a job offer?

    A majority of companies require that all potential employees pass drug tests before finalizing a job offer. May 15, 2020

    Does Aldi Do Random Drug Test?

    Yes. ALDI does pre-employment drug checks, along with tests in other situations. But, employees will not be randomly tested by the company.

    .Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022? (Must Read For New Employees)

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