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The United States Postal Service is able to expedite any company of their size or scale, but they also need to be careful about security.

It is prohibited to possess alcohol, firearms or drugs. Therefore, the Postal Service needs to do everything possible in order keep them out.

That begs the following question: Does USPS scan packages I have the answer you’re probably very curious to learn about.

Does USPS Scan Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

Is the USPS going to scan packages in 2022?

Some packages are scanned by the United States Postal Service, but it is generally a random process. Postal workers might be alerted to suspicious packages, and then the parcel is scanned. Furthermore, package that is going to or from major metropolitan areas may be more likely to get scanned.

  • You can read below to find out more about USPS’ scanning and xrays of packages. Also, learn what the scanners look for. Find out what makes suspicious packages appear. And whether USPS has the ability to actually open packages.
  • Why Does USPS Scan Packages?

    I believe that since the inception of the Postal Service criminal elements have sought to exploit it for their deeds.

    Unwitting, innocent citizens can also send dangerous items to others.

    In order to safeguard both private and public health, USPS must scan or xray the packages.

    Imagine if people every day were mailing loaded firearms or cases of poorly packed glass alcohol bottles.

    The scanning adds an extra layer of security to the USPS, beyond their legal restrictions, which are effective in deterring most but not all.

    Leading the way in package inspection are specially trained inspectors who work as part of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

    The investigators have the expertise to find everything: illegal narcotics and mail fraud, identity theft and money laundering.

    Does USPS Scan Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Is the USPS able to scan packages for drugs?

    The USPS may scan drugs if they are suspiciously packaged.

    Even though you may not be able to mail opioids (such as heroin, pot or prescription drugs), it is still a crime.

    No, no, even if your prescription is valid for the prescribed painkillers and antibiotics, you don’t need to have proper licensing in order to mail them. A prescription company has this license.

    And believe you me, pills in a bottle make a very distinctive rattling noise that any postal worker would hear with suspicion.

    Do not discount the danger of catastrophe that may be awaiting you. One Quora member shared how a marijuana box he was processing broke open while he processed it.

    Either tape the box too much (which can look suspicious), or you risk all of the above.

  • It’s not worth it!
  • How will USPS determine if my shipment contains alcohol

    While it’s unlikely that USPS will find out if your shipment contains alcohol, there are no guarantees that they will.

    You should be careful if you ship glass bottles. A trained postal worker could hear the noise.

    Additionally, there is the danger of spillage and breakage. You will be immediately convicted of a felony.

    But, suppose you’re shipping something else than alcohol but are still using the same box in which alcohol used to be stored.

    You must make sure that all indications of alcohol are covered on your packaging. This includes words such as “wine” and “vodka” along with any images like wine glasses.

    Let’s imagine you need to ship alcohol. FedEx and UPS are both options.

    Both shipping carriers do require some extra registration to ship alcohol, but they will allow it.

    Does USPS Scan Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Can You Write Do Not X-Ray On Your Package With USPS?

    Although you can put “Do Not X-Ray”, on your packaging, it will actually have the exact opposite effect.

    It is more likely than not that USPS will mark your package suspiciously and proceed to X-Ray it faster.

    Sending something USPS includes X-Raying/Scanning.

    If you’re not shipping anything illegal, and you just want discretion, make the packaging as plain and ordinary as possible.

    Hand-delivering your parcel to the front door of the recipient is the best way to avoid the USPS scanning.

    What makes a package suspicious for the USPS

    The USPS provides a handy list of suspicious characteristics that they watch out for. A brief overview includes:

  • Send packages with handwritten address to the recipient but not for return
  • Do not send packages that say “Confidential”
  • Overweight packages in relation to the size of their contents
  • Excessive tape on packages
  • It is possible to ship packages that were shipped from a zip code different than the one shown on the return addresses.
  • You can find a complete list on the USPS’s page.

    Does USPS Scan Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    What is the USPS’s policy on Open Packages

    This is the Fourth Amendment.

    People have the right to security in their homes, papers and belongings against unreasonable searches or seizures. Warrants are not issued unless there is probable cause. Oaths or affirmations must be supported with Oaths or affirmations, and a description of the area to be searched and the items or persons to be seized.

    Without a warrant, the USPS cannot legally open First-Class mail and packages.

    X-Raying can provide probable cause. For example, they might see something shaped as a weapon or a container of alcohol on the scan. At that point they could obtain a warrant.

    Also, it is worth noting that the U.S. Postal Inspection Service FAQ sheet, First-Class mail is the only class protected by the Fourth Amendment.

    Other classes do not require a warrant (because they “do not contain private correspondence”) and can be opened at USPS’s discretion.

    Learn more about USPS Services. You can also see our posts regarding what is a USPS Return Receipt, USPS first class insurance, and whether USPS packages have insurance.

  • Conclusion
  • Although random scanning is possible by the USPS, this happens more often in metropolitan areas and for suspicious packages.

    Even though First-Class mail cannot be opened without a warrant under the Fourth Amendment, penalties such as mailing prohibited materials is considered a felony and aren’t worth taking.

    Why Does My Package Not Go Through Transit in 2022

    USPS packages can become stuck during transit for a variety of reasons, including a holiday rush or inclement weather that slows delivery trucks, missorted packages, and a lack of movement.

    Why is Usps not updating 2022

    USPS tracking numbers may not be updated because of issues caused by inclement weather, the package not getting scanned, or the package being delivered to the wrong address.

    Is it possible for usps to inquire about what is in your package

    Your mail will be checked by the employees at the post office for any liquids, explosives, or dangerous material. It’s your responsibility to make sure anything you mail complies with what’s allowed. Dec 26, 2018.

    .Does Usps Scan Packages In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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