2024 Tahini Selection at Walmart: Discover Aisles & Tips on Finding Your Favorite Sauce!

Where Is Tahini In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores?

Walmart, a wholesaler worth billions of dollars and America’s biggest grocery supplier is Walmart. However, with such an extent of merchandise, searching for specific items can be tricky.

  • Tahini can be hard to find because it is one of many condiments available at Walmart. You will find the right one with this guide.
  • Walmart: Tahini – Where can I find it?

    Walmart usually stocks tahini sauce, tahini seed, and tahini oil in its condiments aisle, next to the gourmet oils, and the nut butter. The refrigerated aisle of Walmart often stocks raw tahini next to the Humous and Baba Ghoush. Try the Natural Foods aisle near the Mediterranean food if you are still having trouble.

    Continue reading to learn how you can locate Tahini at Walmart quickly.

  • Use The Walmart App To Find Tahini
  • Walmart + App allows you to shop for exact ingredients in your recipes.

    The App is easily accessed via the App Store or Google Play, simply log into your account or make a new one.

    Simply type in your ZIP code to find your local Walmart and enter the word “Tahini,” into the search field.

    If you are able to find the exact stock in your Walmart, the App can tell which aisle or shelf the Tahini will appear.

    Or, you could shop more traditionally by asking a Walmart associate to assist you in finding the Tahini.

    Which Grocery Stores Sell Tahini?

    Trader Joe’s (Kroger), Publix, Meijer and Whole Foods are all good options for tahini. It can be found next to specialty oils and nut butter in grocery stores like Safeway and Publix. The refrigerated aisle near the humous and babaghanoush will have raw tahini.

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    Walmart sells which brands of Tahini?

    Walmart stocks many branded Tahini. Tahim and Roland are popular brands that cost between $9-15.

    Walmart has large 8lb-9lb containers of organic Tahini, which are available in bulk for $79-$123.

    Additionally, you can purchase a collection of smaller Tahim tubs in packs of 12 for around $64.

    You can view the entire range of Tahini on Walmart’s website and get it delivered right to your home.

    .Where Is Tahini In Walmart + Other Grocery Stores?

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