Best Citronella Candles

Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle, Triple Wick, 20-Ounce

Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle, Triple Wick, 20-Ounce
When people are outside in the summertime they are more likely to get mosquito bites. This is because mosquitoes love to bite people and they thrive in warm weather. Because of this, it is important to use something to keep them away. This is why Repel Insect Repellent Candles are so popular. These candles use real citronella oil to make a repellent barrier. This means that the mosquitoes will not be attracted to the candle and will be forced to go elsewhere. This is great for protecting people from mosquito bites. The candles are also made with triple wicks. This means that the candle will stay burning for a longer period of time. This is important because it means that you will be able to use the candle for a longer period of time before having to replace it. Finally, the candles have a perimeter protection. This means that you can use several of them to create a larger repellent barrier. This is important because it will help to protect a larger area.
  • Deck And Patio Area Repellent Repels Mosquitoes And Other Flying Insects In Outdoor Areas.
  • Creates An Insect Barrier 20-Ounce Candle Provides Up To 40 Hours Of Protection.
  • Made With Real Citronella Oil Keeps Mosquitoes Away From Outdoor Activities For Hours.
  • Triple-Wick Bucket Candle Portable Mosquito Protection Perfect For The Patio Porch Deck Or Campsite.
  • Perimeter Protection Use Several Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candles To Maximize The Repellent Barrier.

Looking for a mosquito repellent that will keep pesky bugs away from your outdoor activities? Look no further than the Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle! This candle is made with real citronella oil to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects, and it provides up to 40 hours of protection. The candle is also portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Best Citronella Candles

best citronella candles


You will determine the size of the candle and how strong it is depending on its intended use. A porch or enclosed space will help protect small candles such as votives and tealights from the flames. You can use some of these candles indoors. However, you should always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

An open deck, or patio, however, can be exposed to the elements. This space will demand a stronger wind-resistant candle. You can use a traditional citronella or a tin candle to make this work. For camping, it is a smart idea to carry a lantern and bucket candles that are strong enough to withstand sudden wind gusts.

Citronella candles are not recommended for areas that are swarming with mosquitoes. These candles are best for flying insect problems of mild to moderate severity. Consider an insecticide, or even a trap to prevent ongoing issues.

The 7 Best Citronella Candles Of 2021

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Spruce / Chloe Jeong Bugs are a nuisance that can ruin outdoor activities. You might want to consider investing in a few citronella candle holders if you do not wish to be sprayed every time you visit your deck. Citronella oil, an essential oil made from grasses, naturally repels mosquitoes. When used in candles, citronella helps to keep bugs out of the immediate area, which saves you from ending the night covered in itchy bug bites The following are the Repel those pesky guests.


The mosquitoes can ruin your mood like few other things. Although they are small in size, these insects can really ruin an outdoor party. Their bites can leave guests itchy and irritation. With a lit citronella candle or two, you can quickly repel unwanted guests.

This type of candle uses the essential oil obtained from citronella grass, as its name suggests. It is natural mosquito repellent, and it will keep them away from the candles. If you don’t want to use DEET, this is an excellent option. There are many sizes and styles of citronella candles, including tealights as well large pillar designs. These candles are generally pleasant in smell, and can help you create ambience with the flickering flames.

We have compiled a list of four top-rated citronella candles available from Amazon. These will guarantee that your guests are not bitten.

best citronella candles

It’s Time to Burn

A few factors will dictate the true burn time of a candle, including size, the number of wicks, and how and where you set your candle. The three-wick candle is more efficient and will last longer than the single-wick one. It also has a higher fragrance. A candle manufacturer will usually give an approximate burn time. However, bigger candles tend to burn slower, so it’s important to note that votive candles have a longer burn time than smaller ones.

Do you need to hurry? These are the finest citronella scented candles.

Murphy’s Natural Mosquito Repellent Candle The Best Mosquito Candle:

Repel Insect Repellent Citronella Candle 3. These are the Most Fashionable

Geelywax Citronella Candles 4. Our Top Votive Candles

Candle Charisma Votive Citronella Candles 5. Natural Candles:

With that in mind here’s a list of top citronella scented candles. Amazon highly rates each candle, and I include a range of different fragrance blends and burn times so you can choose the right one for your home.

The Overall Best Citronella Candle

Best mosquito repellent citronella candles use a combination of oils such as rosemary, peppermint oil, citronella, citrus, lemongrass and cedarwood. This single-wick candle is intended for the outdoors, and it has a matching lid on its recyclable tin to protect the candle.

It has a 30 hour burn time, making it highly recommended. Because it contains 5% of citronella essential oil, this portable candle will repel mosquitoes better.

Murphy’s Naturals has also been designated a Certified B Corporation. This means that it has demonstrated a commitment towards transparency and accountability on the social and environmental fronts.

Review: It’s worth it! I subscribed to these candles because I loved them so much. The candles helped keep the mosquitoes at bay. I used the candle combined with their spray on natural mosquito repellent and we barely saw mosquitoes.”

best citronella candles

The Best Citronella Votive Candles

The 72-count value pack contains both a small and large amount of citronella. Reviewers report the citronella scent is strong and does a good job of keeping bugs away. Candles can last up to 10 hours. There is no way to tell how much citronella oil these candles have.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify, but each single-wick votive candle is about 2 ounces based on the provided burn time and standard candles of this size. This candle is best for outdoors use because it has a strong aroma. You will need your own candle holders. A useful review: I use these candles when camping. I keep one burning in a lantern in my tent to keep mosquitoes out and it works. So that tiny insects don’t leave my tent, I keep the candle lit until the dark falls. A couple are kept around the camp. If you do not blow them out, they will last for several hours.

8 Citronella candles your backyard needs this summer

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When the weather gets warmer, our outdoor spaces become extensions of our indoor living space. You spend money on furniture, you buy plants and add string lights to bring the entire thing together. Even though this may sound idyllic on paper, it is not the truth. There are still pesky insects that will keep you from getting out and enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

You can save your evening by having the right tools at hand to keep them away. Citronella candles, with their repellent qualities, are an outdoor staple.

The best citronella candle.

Are Citronella candles really effective?

Citronella candles are great for setting a mood, but they’re not so great for the very thing they’re advertised to do: repel mosquitoes. DEET, oil of lemon-eucalyptus and oil of lemon-eucalyptus sprays reduce mosquito attraction by 60% when used at 1 meter. Only one wearable device worked: OFF

Is it possible to keep mosquitoes away with Citronella candles?

Citronella candles repel mosquitoes in a moderately effective manner, but they are only effective for the area around the candle. 6 They do not keep mosquitoes out of your yard, and they do nothing to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying.Aug 2, 2021

What Candle is Good to Keep Bugs away

What Candle Scents Keep Bugs Away? Citronella is one of the top-selling candle scents to repel mosquitos. Citronella candles appear to work indoors and outside. A single candle can provide protection of approximately 3 feet around the flame. You will want to have several for your patio. February 14, 2021

Do Citronella Candles Or Torches Work Better?

Citronella Tiki Torches may be popular to keep mosquitoes away but an outdoor misting device is better than any citronella. They’re adorable and definitely set the mood, but they simply don’t do enough to get rid of mosquitoes.

.Best Citronella Candles

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