Best Mosquito Repellent For Kids

Riptgear Mosquito Repellent Patches – 78 Pack Of Bug Repellent Stickers For Kids And Adults, Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker, Citronella Patch Sticks To Any Surface – Deet Free Mosquito Repellent

RiptGear Mosquito Repellent Patches – 78 Pack of Bug Repellent Stickers for Kids and Adults, Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker, Citronella Patch Sticks to Any Surface – DEET Free Mosquito Repellent
Bug Repellent Patches – 78 Pack of Bug Repellent Stickers for Kids and Adults, Natural Mosquito Repellent Sticker, Citronella Patch Sticks to Any Surface – DEET Free Mosquito Repellent
  • Citronella Patch Infused With Citronella Oil These Patches Help Repel Mosquitos And Does Not Kill Them. Citronella Works Naturally To Mask The Scents Of Carbon Dioxide And Lactic Acid That Mosquitos Are Attracted To.
  • Mosquito Patch Stickers The Patches Are Made Using All-Natural Plant-Based Ingredients. They Are 100% Deet-Free. When You Notice The Citronella Scent Has Faded You Should Discard The Patch As It Has Lost Its Effectiveness.
  • Stick Them Anywhere The Riptgear Insect Repellent Stickers Are Great For Children And Adults. You Can Apply Them To Your Clothing Tables Backpacks And Even Strollers. You Should Not Apply These Directly To Your Skin. They Were Designed To Work In All Weather Conditions.
  • Convenient Bug Repellent The Small Stickers Are Perfect For Traveling And Can Be Packed In A Purse Suitcase Or Backpack. The Patches Come In A Resealable Bag To Ensure They Are Always Fresh Effective And Ready For Use.
  • Mosquito Repellent For Kids These Unique Insect Patches Are An Excellent Alternative To Bug Spray Bracelet Or Bands To Prevent The Chance Of Bug Bite While Being Outdoors. Enjoy Protection From Insects Without Having To Reapply Citronella Spray.

Looking for a bug repellent that is safe for kids? RiptGear has you covered with our 78-pack of bug repellent stickers! Our stickers are made with all-natural plant-based ingredients, so they are DEET-free and safe for your little ones. Plus, they are perfect for use on clothing, tables, backpacks, and strollers – anywhere you need to keep pesky mosquitoes at bay!

120 Pack Mosquito Patches With 2 Bracelet, Resealable Stickers For Kids Adult – Nature Citronella, Lemongrass And Eucalyptus, Up To 24 Hour Of Protection

120 Pack Mosquito Patches with 2 Bracelet, Resealable Stickers for Kids Adult – Nature Citronella, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus, Up to 24 Hour of Protection
Mosquito Patch
  • Our Patch Are Made Of Citronella Lemongrass And Geraniol Essential Oils.
  • ✓Lasting Protection – Each Lasts Up To 24 Hours. The Sticker Come With High-Quality Sealed Bag To Preserve Effectiveness When Not In Use.
  • ✓Wide Application – Patch Can Place On Clothing Pant Shirtchairstables For Indoor And Outdoor. When You Want To Host Bbq Go On A Camping Trip Or Any Other Outdoor Adventure.
  • ✓6 Kind Of Animals Cute Patch – There Are 6 Kind Of Animals Squirrel Eagle Dolphin Elephant Koala Make Your Sticker Into A Decoration.
  • ✓Package Inside – 120 Patches And 2 Bands All Packed Securely In An Airtight Bag To Prevent Them From Drying Out.

Looking for a mosquito repellent that will keep you and your family safe from the pesky bugs? Look no further than our 120 pack of mosquito patches with 2 bands and 2 stickers! These patches are made of citronella, lemongrass and eucalyptus oils, which provide up to 24 hours of protection against mosquitoes. They’re great for use indoors and outdoors, and can be applied to clothing, furniture, and even your pet’s fur. Plus, there are six different kinds of animal stickers to choose from!

Buzzpatch Mosquito Repellant Patch Stickers For Kids (60 Pack) – All Natural, Plant Based Ingredients, Non-Toxic, Deet Free, Citronella Essential Oil Insect Patches, For Toddlers, Babies, Children (1)

BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellant Patch Stickers for Kids (60 Pack) – All Natural, Plant Based Ingredients, Non-Toxic, DEET Free, Citronella Essential Oil Insect Patches, For Toddlers, Babies, Children (1)
BUZZPATCH Mosquito Repellant Patch Stickers for Kids (60 Pack) – All Natural, Plant Based Ingredients, Non-Toxic, DEET Free, Citronella Essential Oil Insect Patches, For Toddlers, Babies, Children (1)
  • Safe And Effective Created With You And Your Kids In Mind. This Mosquito Repellant Sticker Is Made With All Natural Plant-Based Ingredients. Buzzpatch Is Non-Toxic And Deet Free And Uses The Most Effective And Safe Essential Oil Combination.
  • Instant Convenient Effective Instant And Most Effective In The First 8 Hours But Continues To Be Effective For 24-72 Hours. Long Lasting Easy To Apply And Environmentally Friendly.
  • Kid Friendly Parent Approved – Kids Love The Colorful Cute Smiley Patterns That Are Comfortable To Wear And Fast To Apply. Parents Love That They Can Keep Their Babies Toddlers And Kids Protected Without The Harmful Chemicals.
  • Medical Grade Adhesive Patches – Non-Woven Fabric Patches Are Medical Grade And Water-Resistant. These Pleasant Smelling Patches Will Be Your New Favorite For The Whole Family!
  • Multi Use Function – Perfect For Babies Toddlers Kids And Adults. Convenient Small Package Is Perfect For On The Go And Travel. Great For Hiking Vacation Backyard Camping Patio And Parks. Protects Day And Night.

BuzzPatch Mosquito Repellant Patch Stickers for Kids (60 Pack) – All Natural, Plant Based Ingredients, Non-Toxic, DEET Free, Citronella Essential Oil Insect Patches, For Toddlers, Babies, Children (1) Safe and effective mosquito repellant stickers made with all natural, plant-based ingredients. Instant and convenient to apply, these stickers are effective for 24-72 hours. Kid friendly with colorful, cute smiley patterns and parent approved.

Best Mosquito Repellent For Kids

best mosquito repellent for kids

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Healthy Home and Home Safety Shopping Summer Ideas Beauty and Wellness Kids Home & Garden Products Ah, the joys of summer: pool days, outdoor adventures, ice cream and sunshine. The one thing that no one really looks forward to is the summer heat. Pest bites. Summer is ruined by pesky ticks and mosquitos. We have compiled a list of the top bug repellents for kids to help them get outside safely.

It is important to avoid tick- and insect-borne diseases. It’s great for families and kids to get outside and go on hikes and play in the woods,” Dr. Sophie Balk said. She is an Attending Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore and Professor of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a member of AAP Council on Environmental Health and Climate Control. “Unfortunately, insects are outside too! Certain diseases can spread by some insects and cause severe health problems in adults as well as children. You can prevent serious illnesses by checking your outdoor activities for ticks and using an insect repellent.

Here are 10 of the Best Kids Bug Sprays in 2021

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With warm summer nights come mosquitos and other bugs that are quick to nibble. Even though the bites can make adults uncomfortable, children may be more sensitive to the discomfort. Make sure you read the label before you buy a bug spray.

There are many bug sprays on the market, but not all are equal. We’ve collected some of our favorites that can be used safely and effectively for kids.

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The formula is kid-friendly, applies easily, and has a slight citrus smell until it has fully dried.

best mosquito repellent for kids

Ewg’S Top Three Bug Repellent Recommendations For Kids

You know the season: Ticks and mosquitoes have returned in force. What are the top bug repellents EWG recommends for children? DEET (picaridin), IR353535 and DEET are our top recommendations. These ingredients have low safety concerns and offer a high level of protection from a variety of biting insects and ticks.

But check the bottle’s active ingredients for concentration percentages. Product should only contain 10 percent DEET and 20 percent Picaridin for children.

The exception to the rule is DEET that can be used in protecting children living in an area with ticks carrying Lyme or Zika disease bacteria. See our Guide on Bug Repellents for more details, and links to Centers for Disease Control’s list of mosquito-borne diseases. Contrary to popular belief, bug repellents with higher concentrations – such as old-school 100 percent DEET – are not necessarily more effective and may even be harmful. DEET products exceeding 30 percent should be avoided to minimize this risk. It is the dose that determines the duration of protection. Choose a spray that is lower in concentration to protect yourself from any potential bug-borne illness.

Does DEET really work? It seemed dangerous to me.

DEET, when taken as directed is an acceptable choice, even for children. EWG researchers found that DEET can be used safely and effective at a lower effective level than it was previously believed.

Picaridin, a natural alternative to DEET is an excellent choice. This repellent repels mosquitoes as well ticks. It also has a lower risk of irritating eyes and skin than most other types.

EWG Research has shown that “natural” insect repellents such as castor, cedar and citronella are not always the best.

The 2021 Best Mosquito Repellents!

1. Sawyer Premium Mosquito Repellent

This Sawyer product is available in a lotion, spray or pump. It contains Picaridin which, at 20%, repels both ticks and mosquitoes. Sawyer says this product will last for 12 hours. However, we are going to go by existing research and say it should only take 8 hours. Sawyer also states that the product will work for 8 hours. That’s not to say it won’t work after 12 hours, but the effectiveness decreases considerably with time. This is truly an excellent tick and mosquito repellent, and is a great option for babies and toddlers over 6 months of age. It doesn’t have strong odors and no DEET. Additionally, it is less greasy than DEET and effective in protecting against Zika, EEE and West Nile Virus mosquitoes. You can also use it to protect against biting insects, gnats and chiggers. We were able to easily apply the pump-spray spray version of the product, as well as the continuous aerosol sprayer. We recommend the 6 oz sprayer bottle, which is the same size as a hairspray bottles. The sprayer bottle was also initially slightly greasy. However, after drying it and absorption, it becomes a protective soft layer. You could almost forget about the odor. This contrasts nicely with the lemon Eucalyptus scent and DEET.

It was worn by us for nearly 4 hours while we hiked through New England forests in June. The time is prime for mosquitoes and ticks. We applied it to ourselves and two kids, ages 6 and 8. We didn’t get bites and we were not constantly bothered by the buzzing insects. The protection it offered was excellent, and it could have been extended if you stayed up late into the night. To apply, we put it on all exposed skin: arms, legs, ankles, and necks. To put it on our faces, we sprayed it into our hands and rubbed it on to prevent accidentally inhaling it or getting it into the eyes (especially with the kids). You can also spray it on your hair and clothing. We were impressed by the overall performance of it. The kids preferred the sprayer to the more ominous options. I was not worried about them getting ticks. My children slept peacefully the next night. It usually sells for $8-10 depending on whether or not you buy the lotion, sprayer, or pump (we prefer the sprayer). Interested? See the Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent Here 2. Natrapel Mosquito Repellent.

Picaridin is another excellent 20% product that has similar effectiveness as the Sawyer. Picaridin 20% has a high effectiveness against ticks. It can be used for up to 8 hours. Although they state 12 hours protection like the Sawyer product we feel that 8 hours would be more appropriate. This product was just as effective in our tests as the Sawyer product. This product was simple to spray with the non-aerosol continuous sprayer. It had excellent coverage and protection from a large number of insects. The same as the Sawyer product. There are two main reasons it is #2. It’s more difficult to locate and buy than Sawyer products and it tends to disappear from Amazon during the hot summer months, when most people need it. The second is the fact that it doesn’t mist as evenly as the Sawyer sprayer. This happens because there are some drops/clumping which can come out with the mist. It’s a bit like spray-on sunscreen. Third, in our opinion, there was too much perfume in it.

Picaridin has a unique advantage: it is virtually odorless. This is quite a departure from DEET. The only problem was that they had added fragrance. We did not enjoy it and neither did the kids. These are minor nitpicking issues that make this the best insect repellent for children. It is also extremely easy and effective. The Sawyer insect repellent is a great choice that can protect your family for many hours in any swampy environment. To apply it, use the same method as with Sawyer. We put it on our exposed skin, including arms, legs and ankles. On our faces we applied the product first to our hands, then gently rubbed it into our foreheads. Also, we used a little to spray our clothes and hair with it. It worked great! A 6 ounce bottle of sprayer costs about $8. Interested? The Natrapel Insect Repellent can be found here. REPEL Insect & Mosquito Repellent.

This product contains the naturally-derived Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, which is one of the few CDC-approved insect repellents approved for repelling ticks and mosquitoes and reducing the likelihood of contracting illness. This product is DEET-free and contains 30% of pmenthanediol (PMD) from lemon eucalyptus ziriodora oil. It works extremely well against both ticks and mosquitoes. The smell we detected was strong in our testing. Not necessarily bad smelling like DEET, but a strong and noticeable lemon smell. Personally, we prefer this to the odor of DEET, and given the naturally-sourced ingredients in this repellent, we think it’s an excellent option. REPEL claims that it is free from a range of allergens. You should not use it close to a flame source such as a grill or campfire. Although the product claims it can repel mosquitoes up to eight hours, we tested it and it worked very well every six hours.

In our opinion, just about as well as a 15% DEET product. Although this product didn’t perform as well in our tests as Picaridin based repellents such as Natrapel and Sawyer, it was effective enough to be used for mosquitoes. This insect repellent, which is DEET-free and safe for adults and children 3+, is great. Interested? Check out REPEL’s Lemon-Eucalyptus Mosquito Repellent here. Avon Skin-so-Soft Mosquito Repellent.

best mosquito repellent for kids

Safety and Effectiveness

Safety. The best mosquito sprays and tick repellents contain either DEET, Picaridin, or IR 3535. Other products may contain Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. This is not as effective. According to the EWG and CDC, each of these ingredients has a slightly different safety profile. Here’s a detailed look at each. For any type of bug repellent, it is best to use it once a day and wash it thoroughly before going to bed. Any negative side effects of bug spray ingredients are assumed to be compounded with chronic exposure, and the longer you leave it on the skin, the more is absorbed into the body. This is the same issue with even the best baby lotions , which is why we are always so careful about ingredients!

DEET Safety. This ingredient has been used for over 60 years as an insect repellent, and is the single most effective mosquito and tick repellents in existence. DEET’s bad reputation stems from 1980’s DEET exposure and reports of serious side effects in children. These illnesses are not linked to DEET, but there isn’t any evidence. Furthermore, recent research shows that DEET can cause no serious adverse reactions if used as directed. Important point. DEET should only be used when recommended. Remember to follow instructions with any bug spray. Never apply more than is recommended. DEET is recommended by doctors as the best insect repellant for those visiting areas with tick-borne diseases. DEET should be avoided in children under six months. For high-bug risk areas, a 20%-30% DEET product should be used. One application is sufficient. Between 2-12 years, you can use a 20-30% DEET products with no more than 3 per day. Teens and adults can use products containing between 30-50% DEET, with instructions for application.

Picaridin Safety. Bayer first developed the synthetic compound. This chemical was used extensively across Europe and Australia in the 1980’s. In 2005, the US introduced Picaridin Safety to the market. DEET is often referred to as the “less unpleasant” and most effective DEET substitute for protection against mosquitoes and ticks in children’s homes. In comparisons of safety risks for using DEET versus Picaridin, no differences have been found in the rates of toxicity in children or adults, which are extremely low . Picaridin tends to be less irritating than DEET and is therefore a better option for those with allergies. For children aged 6 and over, it is not recommended to be used.

IR3535 Safety. Another synthetic compound was developed by Merck in the 1980’s. This synthetic amino acid affects the insect’s senses of smell and makes them less likely to associate you with a delicious meal. It’s not only less smelly than DEET, it’s basically odorless, making it more appealing than Picaridin in terms of its sensory profile. As with Picaridin the safety profile is high. The World Health Organization only found mild eye irritation in human beings (do not get it in your eyes), it has no long-term detrimental effects on humans and the environment and is recommended by CDC. It’s much less common than Picaridin and DEET and is most often found in Avon Skin-So-Soft insect repellent sprays or lotions.

Safety of Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus This alternative repellent against ticks and mosquitoes is a naturally-derived product that has gained a lot more attention in recent years. Lemon Eucalyptus oil is obtained from the eucalyptus trees and refined to make a chemical (PMD), that repels ticks and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, synthetic PMD and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus are new products on the bug repellent market. The safety data for children below 3 years are not available. It is not that there are any signs of toxic effects. It’s because we don’t have any data to prove it. As such, we recommend it to be avoided with very young children while more data is available. Also, it is important to point out that natural Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is not the same in safety or effectiveness as Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, even though some sprays will mix these two ingredients.

Effectiveness. Safety. Parents also expect the most effective repellants for mosquitoes to work well on their children. The question is hard because it’s difficult to compare the effectiveness and effectiveness of natural bug sprays against the effectiveness of any four CDC approved repellents (DEETe, Picaridin IR353535 or Lemon Eucalyptus Oil). One problem with this is that research often funded or conducted by the companies manufacturing these ingredients/products makes it very difficult to know the exact effectiveness and avoid bias or conflict of interest. That being said, DEET tends to be the most effective against both ticks and mosquitoes, with Picaridin and IR3535 being the next most effective, and Oil of Eucalyptus being moderately effective. Irrigate the lotion or bug spray to your exposed skin. Use it only for arms and legs. If you follow these instructions, the spray will not only be effective, but you will also reduce the likelihood of irritation. This is the list of all of the insect repellents that are effective.

DEET Effectiveness. DEET repellent is one of the best on the market. It repels both insects and mosquitoes. The repellent’s effectiveness in repelling ticks and mosquitoes is determined by the percentage of DEET. It also lasts longer. A repellent with 10% DEET will be effective for 2 hours. For every 5% more DEET, it adds another hour. So a product with 15% DEET content is effective for about 3 hours, a product with 25% DEET content is effective for about 5 hours, and so forth. It is safe for up to 6 hours at 30% DEET maximum recommendation for adults.

Our Top Picks for Bug Sprays For Kids and Babies

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Enjoying the great outdoors with your kids is wonderful. However, mosquitoes are a real nuisance. No parent wants to see their kids covered in itchy bug bites, but if you happen to be in an area where insect-related diseases are an issue, keeping bugs at bay becomes an important health concern. This is why bug spray should be a part of every parent’s medicine collection. What is the best insect spray for children and babies? We have our top choices for mosquito repellent for kids and baby that are both safe for infants.

Dos and Don’ts in DEET Bug Spray for Kids Best insect sprays for children

Best Mosquito Repellent For Kids

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