Camping Basics What You Need To Bring

Camping is a wonderful activity. It brings family’s together. It brings friends together and most importantly it teaches valuable life skills. Before we go off and head into the woods there are a few things we need to bring and a bunch more if you are not a survivalist.

The first thing is a camping tent. There are many types and sizes of a camping tent. Lets answer a few questions. How often will you go camping? How large is your company? Do you want multiple smaller tents or a large family sized one? Check out this video below. It will make your life slightly easier when it comes to what type of camping tent to get.

Once you have your sleeping tent we need to figure out were you will sleep. We recommend getting a sleeping bag or a camp style bag. We also recommend getting a pad that you can put underneath your sleeping bag, you will definitely have a better sleep. Watch this short video on the different types of sleeping bags there are to choose from.

Once you have the sleeping tent and sleeping bag taken care of. We need to tackle how you’ll prepare your meals. I know camping is associated with campfires but often not you’ll find yourself wishing you had a camping stove.

Now you have that out of the way don’t forget to get a cooler, pots, waters and flashlights to keep you safe.

You can also bring camp chairs, screen house.

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