How To Debone Chicken Breast

How To Debone Chicken Breast

How To Debone Chicken Breast

How To Debone Chicken Breast

How To Debone Cooked Chicken Breasts

Another way you can debone chicken breasts is by cooking them up first. Many people prefer this method of deboning chicken breasts as cooking them first allows them to gather a healthier, richer chicken stock with the skin and the bones.

Another reason they prefer it is because hot/warm chicken breasts are easier to debone since the bones come off easily. You can also use cooked chicken breasts in many salads and other dishes. Here are the instructions to debone cooked chicken breasts:

  • Use raw chicken breasts and boil them in a crockpot. They can be baked as well.
  • Before deboning, let the breasts cool off.
  • Remove the skin from your chicken breasts. This step is optional.
  • You can use your knife to slice vertically down the breast.
  • Cut along the bone and remove the breastbone.
  • Repeat the process on the opposite side.

Watching a video greatly aids in learning. This video shows you how to remove the bones from chicken breasts.

Now you can use cooked breastless chicken breasts for sandwiches, salads and any other dish of your choice.

What Is The Best Method To Debone Chicken Breast Halves

The cost of boneless chicken breast halves is much higher than the price for bone-in ones. A complete chicken breast is the best way to obtain boneless chicken breast halves at a reasonable price. You can also debone your chicken on your own. This is how to remove the bone from a chicken breast and get half of a breast-less, skinless chicken breast.

2. Place the chicken breast with the flat side on the chopping board and the neck part on your opposite side.

3. Now make a longitudinal cut in the exact center of the chicken breast using a sharp knife. Make sure to cut the chicken breast from start to end.

4. After this center cut in the chicken breast, the skin becomes easy to peel. So, peel the skin from both sides of the cut by using your fingers. If you have difficulty peeling the skin off with your fingers, you can use a small knife.

5. With your fingers, carefully locate the breastbone through the cut center. As soon as you feel the hardness of the bone, further cut the chicken breast, leading to one side of the bone. Continue to cut along the bone, until it touches the chest bones. Now cut on the other side of the breast bone using the same process and join it with the first cut.

6. Once the breastbone is visible, cut the chicken breast halves in half. Start holding one side with your non-cutting arm and moving the knife along the breastbones with the other. Continue cutting until you can separate the breast from the bones. Use the same method for the second half and cut precisely with the chest bones to avoid wasting any meat.

To enhance the flavor, you can make chicken stoke from the left-overs.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

How to Remove the Skin from Chicken Breasts

Deboning chicken breasts is easy to do once you get to know the basics, you could simply follow our step by step instructions below for deboning chicken breasts:

Step 1. Step 1. Prepare the chicken. This can be done by placing the chicken in water or in your microwave’s defrost setting.

Step 6. Peel the skin: For the next step, pull the skin by sliding your fingers into the cut you made in the previous step.

Step 7. Step 7. Use a scraper motion to ensure you are cutting along the bone. Next, cut underneath the tenderloin.

Step 8. Remove the wishbone: As you run your knife along the bone, you will reach the tip of the bone. Use your knife to cut around the V of the chicken wishbone.

Step 9. Repeat on the other side: Repeat on the other side of the chicken breast piece, cutting along as close to the ribcage as possible.

Step 10. Step 10. The tenderloin is an extra layer of meat that you can take out to ensure your breasts cook evenly. Besides, this tender meat is great for chicken strips and other recipes.

Voila, you now have two boneless, skinless chicken breasts ready.

Step 5: Remove the meat from the bone at your hip

The only place the chicken is still attached to the carcass is at the hip. With the chicken on its side, make a small semi-circle around the oyster to cut around the joint. Grab the chicken with its knees and put the knife down. Place the leg parallel to your spine by bending the knee. Next, lift the leg up from your body. You should hear a satisfying “crack” when the joint pops out of its socket. Try again if you have trouble following this step.

To pull the leg out of the body, you need to cut through the joint. You shouldn’t need to use your knife, but you can cut downwards along the backbone for assistance if you’re experiencing difficulties.

You can do the same thing on the opposite side.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

More about this Recipe

Really, this is seriously easy. You just need to pick up some bone-in, skinless chicken breasts. Go ahead and buy that big ol’ family pack. These can all be baked at once, which will make it easy to prepare delicious, quick, nutritious, affordable, and tasty dinners.

Isn’t this what we all need? It’s almost like I already have half of the battle won if there is a frozen or refrigerated package of chicken. Just combine the cubed or shredded chicken with a few other ingredients and dinner is on the table.

It’s so much better than looking at raw meat, wondering how fast it can be made into dinner.

Here are some tips and recipes to help you get started. As always, you’ll find the printable recipe card near the bottom of the post. It has complete instructions, measurements, and nutrition information.

How do you butterfly cut chicken breasts perfectly?

Many people love to butterfly chicken breasts for grilling, but they don’t know how to butterfly a chicken breast half perfectly. This is how to create a perfect butterfly shape on a half of a chicken breast.

1. Half a boneless breast of chicken and place it on a cutting board.

3. Keep your knife straight and grip your non-cutting hand firm while you cut the chicken breast half.

4. Don’t cut entirely to the end and stop cutting, leaving around 1-inch meat of the breast half.

5. You will see a perfect butterfly shape when you open the breast of chicken. You can also cut it from the center to get two perfect-sized breast halves for grilling and frying.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

How to Debone Chicken Thighs

You can also buy chicken quarters, which are thighs that have the legs attached. Place the skin side down on a cutting board. Locate the joint between your thigh (or drumstick) and place it there. To separate the pieces, slice through the joint.

Remove the skin from the thigh by pulling it off with your hands. Next, place the thigh skin side down so that you can locate the bone running through the meat. Use the tip of your knife to cut through the meat on top of the bone. After cutting down the entire length of the bone, make small flicking motions around the bone using the knife’s tip to remove the excess meat.

When the bone is exposed, cut around one end of the bone until you can grab it with your fingers. If the bone is too slippery, you can hold it with a towel. Scrape down the bone using the base of your knife until you reach the second end. Cut around the bone until it comes out clean.

Here are some cooking tips about how to debone a chicken breast

The title of the video tutorial “How to Debone a Chicken breast the Easy Way” would make any kitchen-savvy person smile. Still, someone who is just starting to learn some basic cooking skills will definitely want to know how to debone a chicken breast and cut it into fillets.

If you are going to use a smaller chicken breast (150 g/5.5 oz maximum weight) for your dish, you need just remove the skin and bone, then cut the chicken breast in two halves, without making fillets.

Salt the turkey or chicken breast fillets before grilling, frying or baking a schnitzel. Wait for 30 minutes.

Salt will be absorbed in the meat and the grill, respectively the schnitzel will be tasty. Some do not agree to add salt to meat before frying. On the contrary, I think the meat should be seasoned with salt before frying it because otherwise it will not absorb the salt and will remain tasteless!

A very important cooking tip about how to debone a chicken breast is to make fillets right before cooking the food. Removing bone and skin much in advance could cause drying and losing the color of the meat.

Once you know how to remove the breasts of a turkey or chicken breast, there are many great recipes you can make with them. Chicken breast schnitzel and chicken breast schnitzel are some of my favorite chicken recipes. Click on the links below to view videos and recipes for all these mouth-watering foods!

You can learn how to remove the bones from a chicken breast, and then enjoy fillets of turkey or chicken breast!

How To Debone Chicken Breast


1. Take the chicken breasts and pound them evenly with the help of a meat tenderizer. It is an essential step as pounded meat perfectly absorbs the flavors and aroma of the seasonings.

2. Transfer the pounded chicken breasts into a big bowl and add butter, ginger garlic paste, black pepper, paprika powder, and salt. After adding all these ingredients, give the chicken breasts a thorough mix, ensuring that every inch is covered in the seasonings.

3. Let the breasts of chicken marinate for at least 15 minutes and up to an hour.

4. Then, heat 2 to 3 tablespoons butter/oil in a nonstick skillet or grill pan. Turn the flame on. Warm the oil on a medium flame to yield evenly cooked and tendered chicken breasts.

6. Fry the boneless chicken breasts on medium flame. Fry each side for 5-7 minutes and add a little butter if there is less oil after flipping it on the other side.

7. When the chicken breast halves are half done, add all the dry ingredients and red chili flakes on them and saute for a minute.

8. Check the temperature of the inside of the chicken and make sure it is cooked thoroughly. And transfer the hot fried chicken breast to a plate.

You can also use this recipe to oven-bake or grill chicken breasts. Only make sure you use just the right heat, and that the oven is preheated to the correct temperature.


  • The skin-side down, place the breast on a cutting board. The breast should be completely thawed.
  • Use a chef’s knife to begin chopping the thickest portion of the chicken breast.
  • Locate the point where it begins. The bone runs “vertically” through the middle of a whole chicken. When the breast is split, this “vertical” bone is either on one side or the other, so 1 split chicken breast will have more bone in it than the other.
  • Reduce the length of your breastbone. Make scraping cuts close to the ribs and push the meat back gently with your hand.
  • Follow the bone all the way over to the other side of the piece of meat. Most chicken breasts only have one bone.
  • Trim off any unwanted skin, fat or cartilage from the meat.

No matter how you buy chicken–online or at the butcher shop, whole or in pieces–learning how to debone a chicken is a valuable skill. You can save a lot of money if you are like me and buy whole chickens to cut at home. But deboning chicken is useful even if you buy pre-cut pieces. You may need boneless chicken legs for a recipe, but you might prefer crispy skin-on breasts. This cut is usually not possible if the bones are removed at home. For a more fancy recipe, remove the bones from quarters of chicken to create stuffed chicken.

While deboning a whole chicken is time-consuming and a bit challenging, removing the bone from chicken breasts, chicken thighs and chicken legs is easier than you’d think.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

The Things You Need

  • Chicken breasts split: You should look for breasts of chicken that have been “split”, which is when the breastbone has been cut to create two halves. They are usually sold bone-in and skin-on. Each one should be approximately equal in size to ensure they are done simultaneously.
  • Olive Oil: You’ll just need a smidge to rub over the breasts. This will allow the skin to become crisper, but it won’t dry out.
  • Salt & Pepper: Simple seasonings make these chicken breasts really versatile so you can use them in all sorts of recipes, from Italian to Mexican. You can add seasoning to the chicken breasts if you prefer them to be served as a main dish. My all-purpose seasoning mix is still versatile, but it will give you a lot of flavor.

How To Debone Chicken Breasts And Leave The Skin On

We agree with many chefs who claim that chicken breasts cooked every day tend to dry out. However, bone in and skin on isn’t a viable option for many chicken recipes even though bones add flavour and skin is supposed to keep the meat moist and juicy.

There is a solution to this problem, and it’s called the boneless, skin-on chicken breast version. These are the steps to help you find this solution.

  • Place the breast of chicken skin-side down on a cutting board.
  • You can use a sharp knife to separate the meat from the bones of the chicken breast.
  • To cut the ribcage, angle your knife slightly.
  • Keep using a scraping motion to remove ribs and breastbone.
  • Cut around the wishbone as you reach the tip of the breast piece.
  • Take out the tenderloin.

Now you can proudly own boneless skin-on chicken breasts.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

Evgeniia Ozerkina/Getty Images

You can take the entire leg off a chicken leg that is being sold in quarters (thighs and legs) if you are selling it as such. You can reach the end of your thighbone by cutting around it. Use the base of your knife to scrape down the bone until you reach the knee. Cut around the joint and start scraping again when you reach the drumstick side of the bone. Continue scraping until you reach the base of the drumstick.

If you are working only with the drumstick, the tip of your knife can be used to slice through the bone. To expose the ends, cut around the bone in the middle of the drumstick. Hold the bone in your hand and use the knife to scrape the bones until the end.

Use a meat cleaver to cut off the bottom inch of the drumstick bone. You will be able to get the scraped bone out. You can also use the tip of the drumstick to cut the bone if you don’t own a cleaver.

How To Remove Tendon From Chicken Breasts

The tenderloin is a layer of meat that sits beneath chicken breasts. In turn, the tenderloin is connected to a strong white tissue known as the tendon. This part might be removed to provide a better eating experience.

These are step-by-step instructions to remove tendons from chicken breasts.

  • Take out the tenderloin and remove it from the breasts of the chicken.
  • Hold the tip of the tendon with your finger.
  • Angle your knife along the tendon and begin running it along the length of the chicken.

The tendon is now removed. You may still be confused by this video.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

Step 9: Separating the Leg & Thigh

To separate the leg from the thigh, look for the line of fat that separates the drumstick from the thigh (my knife is resting on it in this picture). Then, move your knife 1/8″ towards the drumstick and then slice straight through the joint.

Does Bone Make Chicken Taste Better?

Chicken thighs can be cooked with bone-in. This allows the chicken to retain its flavor and makes it more tender, richer, and chicken-y. Bone-in chicken legs taste much better, heh. You better be getting the skin-on thighs too. These are perfect for crisping up.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

Creamy Garlic Chicken Breasts:

A scrumptious chicken dinner made of chicken breasts flavoured in a mouth-watering garlic cream sauce. This is sure to be a hit with your guests.

Some Tips

  • Be careful how much meat you throw away with the bone. If you are throwing too much meat away, then buying deboned chicken breasts may be just as economical.
  • Debone the chicken breast as soon as you get home from the grocery store. Then, you can freeze the breast portions or refrigerate them if you plan to use them immediately.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

How To Roast Chicken Breasts

Here are the EASY steps to roasting chicken breasts.

Any excess fat should be removed. You can use some, but large chunks are best. Use a kitchen shears to cut it. Pat dry the chicken with paper towels if it is still damp.

Salt and freshly-ground pepper are a good addition.

You can serve the meat immediately or let it cool before slicing.

I use my Thermapen to check the chicken’s internal temperature. We have avoided eating many dry chicken breasts. Get a thermometer if you don’t already have one. It’s worth the money. It’s something I use almost every day.

Are Turkey and Chicken Healthier?

Overall, turkey contains fewer calories and moderately more protein than chicken, except for the chicken breast, which has more protein per serving size of 3 ounces. Turkey also has less cholesterol, less sodium and more iron.

How To Debone Chicken Breast

Do You Bone A Chicken Or Debone A Chicken?

When used in a verb form, bone means to take out the bones of meat or fish. This is usually done before you cook. Debone means to remove the bones from meat or fish, usually before cooking. …

You can watch how to cut a whole chicken:

How easy is that?! It’s so easy! In no time you’ll be cutting your chicken like an expert! If you’re curious, this is the knife set that we use and love (Amazon affiliate link).

Subscribe to our Youtube Channel if you don’t have it yet. You will see all our latest tutorials and recipes first!

How To Debone Chicken Breast

Which part of the chicken is most delicious?

THIGHS. Thighs are the most delicious part of chicken. They’re little pieces of juicy, tender meat that come from the leg.

Step 7: Remove The Wing Bone

Our last step is to remove the wing bone from the shoulder. Cut all around the joint until you can push down on the meat. The bone should release easily.

How To Debone A Chicken Breast

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Boneless chicken breasts can be really expensive at the grocery store, but you can debone them at home with some practice! If you need to make boneless skinless chicken breasts, debone skin-on breasts, or debone an already-cooked chicken breast, you can master this ability quickly and easily in your kitchen. Tips Tips Be careful how much bone meat you throw away.
If you throw away too much beef, buying deboned chicken breasts can be as economical. Unhelpful 7 Debone’s raw chicken breast comes home from the grocery store. Then, if you intend to use them immediately, you can freeze or refrigerate breast parts. Unhelpful 0 Save bones, skin, and other waste products in a freezer plastic resealable container. You can boil them for homemade chicken stock. Unhelpful 0

Not Helpful 7

Deboning Chicken tips include step-by-step pictures and instructions for deboning chicken. If you’re not in a time pinch, it’s a perfect way to give your family nutritious meals and drastically reduced costs. Scattered in the article are pictures of the recipes I made with the deboned chicken broth. I figured some tips on deboning a whole chicken for those who have never done it before might be helpful. Mom did that all the time. Finally, after some years of marriage and having children, I asked her to show me how she did it.
I watched her debone the whole chicken, a really helpful exercise. It’s not as hard as you would imagine. I use cooked chicken in so many recipes. My Baked Chicken and Dumplings Chicken and Biscuit Casserole and just for starters my Slow Cooker Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup. I like to cook whole chickens, because I also have my own homemade chicken stock that I can use in recipes. Rather than using a rotisserie chicken, with meat but no broth. I like to use a whole skin chicken and bones because it makes a broth much richer and healthier than without it. The dark meat provides a deep, rich broth.
If you want a recipe that includes bite-sized chicken bits, learn how to debone your own chicken. It’s much cheaper, not as hard as you would imagine. I recommend deboning the chicken when it’s hot/warm, not cooled. A chicken is much harder to debone and see the various ligaments, tendons, gristle and fat that need to be removed when deboning the chicken. When I first posted this recipe in September 2012, it was my food blog’s early days. I used an iPhone 3 that made pictures unclear, dim, and often grainy. I’ve gone back and refurbished all the first-year pictures (over 600 recipes) I took with my old camera, so I could look better and have more attractive pictures.
These new pictures mimic the finished product. I recast this recipe in November 2017 and January 2018. When I went to repost this, I realized that some pictures had to be copied over my preparation pictures, so I had to do the recipe again and take pictures step-by-step a second time. I hope you’ll find these somewhat easier to follow than the original images. Recipes I share with deboned chicken or chicken broth look absolutely delightful.
Deboning Chicken tips are a useful way to help even beginner cook learn how to make delicious meals.Yum. Deboning Chicken tips begin with a raw chicken in the crockpot. And it’s deboned, adding to your favorite recipes! Here’s the chicken in the crockpot and before deboning. If you cook it long enough, chicken falls off the bone!

Tips For Deboning Chicken

Cheesy Chicken Soup

How To Debone A Chicken Breast

Boneless chicken breasts may be poultry’s most versatile cut. But buying boneless chicken breasts from the grocery store gets hurriedly costly. Fortunately, by extracting the bones you can save money. You’ll learn how to debone a chicken breast in this lesson, separating breast meat from bone in just three simple measures.
And the only tools you’ll need are a clean cutting board and a sharp blade knife. Tips for treating your knife safely and cooking your chicken breasts. You’ll see the simplest method to extract rib bones from breast meat. Low-fat boneless chicken breasts can do so much: things, barbecue, sauté, slice up for stir fries, skewers cube, and more. Plus, you’ll have bones left to make chicken stock when you cut the bone from breast meat.

Chicken Tamale Pie Is Another Great Way To Use Deboned Chicken.

The main reason I buy split chicken breasts instead of boneless, skinless breasts is the price first. If I can save with some jobs, I’ll do it. Second, I get chicken breasts to make bone broth. And that’s really good for casseroles, soups and chicken noodles. Third, If I want to make pre-cooked chicken for freezer, I just have to cut the skin and cook it. Cooking the chicken on the bone prevents meat from shrinking. Some say it adds spice too.
Any links below are my reference links. If you buy from them, I can make a little money at no extra charge. Thanks for your support. See my disclosure policy for clarity. What you’ll need for a Chicken Breast A Sharp Knife, I love my Victorinox knives. I use a 6-inch knife for chicken breasts. But there’s also a 6-inch deboning knife. If you have dull knives and can’t sharpen them, I love this sharpener. It’s cheap and works well.
A Cutting Pad, you can get these dollar or Amazon plastic cutting mats. I’ve had two sets for years. I like them because they’re sweet. I can place the chicken on the cutting board and still have space to function. You’ll need chicken breast split. I found this trip on them a lot. They’re just $.88/lb. I haven’t seen that price in a while. I’m hoping it’ll happen more frequently. In the video below, I speak about two styles of split chicken breasts.
When breasts are divided, half with a bigger bone and half without that bone. Most of them is the smaller main bone, and one doesn’t have the big middle bone. In the video below, I demonstrate how to debon both styles as it’s tricky to get around the bigger bone and not lose as much meat. I want you to know the distinctions, so you’re not frustrated trying to get around the piece of bone.

How To Debone A Chicken Breast

The problem with your ‘everyday’ chicken breast is to dry it when fried. And while any chef would suggest that the best preparation will include cooking a bone-in and skin-on chicken breast (because the bones add flavor and the skin preserves the breast and keeps it moist and juicy), many diners don’t want to be told that the protein on their plate walked, let alone had bones… and many home cooks are averse to bone-in because it takes 3 times as long to cook. The compromise is the boneless, skin-on-breast. It’s easy?
No. No. This is because most traditional grocery stores and cellophane-wrapped meat suppliers don’t sell this cut. Bone-in, skin-on, or boneless-skinless. What’s to do? Yeah, the choice is either ask the butcher to do it for you, and you’ll pay full-price, or you can do it yourself… and you’ll never ask someone to do it again with a little practice. Why? Why?

Why Buy Split Chicken Breasts

1) Put the whole chicken breast in the chopper 2) keep the chicken breast tightly and split it lengthwise into two halves using a sharp knife 3) pull the skin on both chicken breast halves, make some cuts if necessary to remove the skin from the meat 4) press the meat to the chopper and cut it along the junction between meat and bone to remove it entirely 5) make chicken breast fillets, only c.

How To Remove Bone From The Chicken Breast From Scratch? ❓

A kitchen-savvy person will smile seeing this video tutorial’s title. Even, someone who just starts learning some simple cooking skills will certainly want to know how to debone a chicken breast and cut it into fillets. If you are going to use a smaller chicken breast (maximum weight of 150 g/5,5 oz) for your dish, just remove skin and bone, then split chicken breast into two halves without making fillets.
They dry out when you make really thin fillets, and the grill or schnitzel won’t be juicy. If you go to filet turkey breast (the same method), cut 3-4 filets depending on the breast size. Too thick fillets hold schnitzel raw inside. Before grilling or frying a schnitzel, season chicken or turkey breast fillets with salt and wait about 30 minutes. Salt will be consumed in meat and grill, and the schnitzel will be delicious. Some don’t agree to fry salt to beef.
On the contrary, I think the meat should be seasoned with salt before frying, otherwise it won’t absorb the salt and will remain tasteless! With pepper (I recommend using white pepper because it suits better chicken breast than black pepper) if you want a more spicier taste for your meal. A very important cooking tip to extract bone from chicken breast is to make fillets right before cooking.
Removing bone and skin much in advance may cause drying and meat color loss. After learning how to debone a chicken breast or turkey breast, these fillets will cook several delicious food recipes. Some of the best food recipes I always cook with chicken fillets include chicken breast grilled chicken breast in pan or on coal grill, chicken cordon bleu, and chicken breast casserole, to name a few. Tap the links below to see all these mouth-watering food videos and recipes! Learn how to breast a chicken and enjoy turkey or chicken breast fillets!

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