Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Big Savings

Costco’s HP-60 refill cartridges worked flawlessly. The printer filed the usual complaints once it detected the refilled cartridges, but I’m used to ignoring those by now.

Prints produced by the Costco-filled ink cartridges were sufficient for daily use. Comparing the HP and Costco samples side-by-side, I found that the HP sample looked better, having sharper text and brighter colors and flesh tones. Each sample suffered from some color bleeding and streaking, while the inks of HP were no worse than Costco’s.

Costco promises to “closely match or exceed” the level of ink that comes in a new cartridge, and I found that to be true. Before I noticed streaks in text and images, I printed 148 pages using Costco ink. That’s 16 more pages than I had with HP ink.

You Get More Prints for Half the Price

Costco refills can save you money. But how much? Costco ink cost 11 cents per page according to my testing. If you purchase the cartridges individually, the cost per page for printing with the HP 60 black or tricolor cartridges is 27 cents. This is a significant saving.

These are the caveats. Costco charges $50 per year for an annual membership. This is just to refill your ink cartridges. Congratulations to Costco members who already have ink cartridges. You could also join Costco to get ink, and then buy more stuff.

Another option: If you print often and insist on using HP ink, consider buying HP’s high-capacity cartridges, which hold more ink than standard tanks and can lower your cost per page. High-capacity cartridges don’t make sense if you print infrequently, however, because printers that sit idle for extended periods require cleaning cycles that consume ink.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Costco Inkjet Cartridge Refill: Fast and Convenient

Costco is my favorite warehouse. I love the free samples of small food items. Scarf down enough burrito bites, pizza mini-slices, Louisiana hot links, and chocolate-coated almonds, and you’ve pretty much taken care of lunch-and your cholesterol count for the week.

A sign advertising Inkjet Cartridge Refill Service was posted near my Costco. Costco offered to fill cartridges in under an hour. The cost was reasonable. This was a great test for Serial Refiller. I also had the opportunity to take a tour at the various food stands while waiting.

Wal-Mart – Office Depot – Staples – Best Buy

You can make a little extra money by recycling if you’re interested. Some stores periodically run specials offering discounts or in-store coupons if you participate in their recycling program. So if you have a drawer full of empty cartridges you’ve been meaning to recycle, it may benefit to check which local stores may be offering coupons or credit. Staples and Office Max even have a reward program turning your empty ink cartridges into store credit. You can earn $2 per cartridge if you qualify. This is $20 per month for school supplies, copy paper and other items. Many public schools utilize such programs and use that store credit to help teachers with much needed school supplies throughout the year.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

What can I do to get money for empty ink cartridges?

It is more lucrative to recycle ink cartridges rather than aluminum cans. This is because you won’t have to purchase more cartridges if you accept your old cartridges. This will allow you to purchase new cartridges at a higher price, and will buy your old cartridges back. Manufacturing-led recycling is also known as this. Large companies like HP offer large recycling programs. They use up to 75% of closed loop recycling and even recycle plastic hangers, which can be difficult to recycle. This is a key point to remember when deciding whether or not you want to buy remanufactured cartridges. Reusing or reusing items whenever possible is a smart idea. Also, it’s advisable to purchase products made from recycled materials. This will ensure that these programs continue to be profitable, and may encourage more businesses into environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Costco 1 Hour Refill Service

They will also refill their ink cartridges

  • Hewlett Packard cartridge series – 15, 17, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 41, 45, 54, 56, 57, 58, 60, 60XL, 74, 74XL, 75, 75XL, 78, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 901
  • Lexmark cartridge series: 1, 2, 3, 16, 19, 20, 26, 27, 32.33, 34. 35. 60. 70. 80. 82.83.88
  • Dell -all kinds, click image below.

What ink cartridges they DO NOT refill:

  • Epson
  • Canon
  • Brother

You can now find even more information on Costco’s web site:

Similar: Staples reduces rebates on recycles up to $2.00

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

How to Recycle Ink Cartridges from Printers

One of the easiest ways to recycle your empty ink cartridges is to use a convenient drop off location. Many large office supply chains, such as Office Depot or Staples, have drop-off bins right at their entrances. Other stores such as Wal-mart, Costco, and Target also participate in recycling ink cartridges with drop off bins. This is especially helpful because they often collect several recyclable items so you can take your stock pile of plastic bottles, plastic bags, ink cartridges, even old cell phones, for one easy drop off location. These people are helping to make recycling more accessible and convenient in places that might not have curbside recycling. Just bring all your recyclables along on your next shopping trip, drop them in the appropriate bins, and rest assured you’ve done your part to keep a bit more out of our landfills.

The Insider Summary

  • Costco is great for bulk purchases, however you will not find the best deals on all products.
  • Amazon is a better option if you are looking to stock up on books.
  • Drug stores like Rite Aid might actually have better deals on toothpaste than Costco does.

However, I love to save money and find the best deals for (wo/mankind).

Here’s a list of things you should never buy at Costco and where to get them for less:

With coupons in-hand, Kirkland-brand laundry detergent will never be the best deal you can find.

These are some titles that I found much more affordable when I used Costco’s app to check their prices:

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Oem: Who will Prevail

Because I use each refill for just a brief period of time, and with only one printer, my ink refill experiences are anecdotal and do not test the durability or archivability of third-party inks, nor how the printer will fare after repeated use with them. Nevertheless, my hands-on trials will give you a taste of what to expect if you try a third-party alternative with your own printer.

My test printer is an HP Photosmart e-All-In-One. For each evaluation, I start with a new set of HP cartridges, drain them, and then use them for the refill or for comparison with the remanufactured option. I use the standard-size HP 60 cartridges; the high-yield 60XL cartridges will last longer and usually save you more money.

Both the HP inks and the third-party inks allow me to print a series of pages. The content can be plain text or a full-size photo, over and over until the ink runs out. To get an estimate of the page yield, I count how many pages were printed before streaks started. The page yields given by HP and third-party vendors will be different than the ones they quote. Just like your mileage may vary depending on what paper you use, these page yields are likely to differ. The pages printed using the third-party ink are also compared to those produced with HP cartridges.

Informative And Painless

Costco offers refills on dozens of Lexmark, Canon, HP and Dell cartridges. You can also find a brochure with a complete list of models online. Refills cost between $8 and $10, which are significantly less than purchasing a brand new cartridge. In my case, the cost to refill HP 60 black and tricolor cartridges was $8 each, or $16 total (plus tax). This is less than the price of purchasing the HP 60 black cartridges ($15), and the HP 60 tricolor ($20). The HP 60 Ink Cartridge Combo Pack is $32.

The brochure as well as the Web pages provide valuable advice that can help you to refill your cartridges successfully. For instance, Costco recommends that you refill a cartridge as soon as its print quality begins to diminish. Costco says each cartridge can be refilled up to 10 times depending on how it is cared for.

The experience was painless. I brought a pair of empty HP 60 black and tricolor cartridges to my neighborhood Costco’s 1-hour photo counter. I caught a glimpse of the big machine they use to refill cartridges, tucked in the back of the workspace. The clerk asked how long the cartridges had been dry, as dried ink can clog printhead nozzles. To check if the cartridges were still damp, the clerk used a tissue.

Costco claims that they can refill cartridges within one hour. This proved to be true for me. Pickup times may vary, however, depending on the number of cartridges you need refilled, and how busy the photo department is when you arrive.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Can You Reset Canon Cartridges?

The steps to reset the Canon Pixma Ink Cartridge are explained in this article. Approximately 10 seconds are sufficient time for you to press and hold “ok” or “resume” on the front of the printer. This button allows you to reset the Canon ink cartridge, so it will continue printing.

What is the reason why my printer won’t work after I have replaced ink cartridges Canon

Ensure the ink cartridges are inserted correctly. Relearn where you put the lever if it had previously been fixed so it could be used to remove ink cartridges. Please provide instructions if possible regarding a head cleaning on the printer. The ink counter may need to be reset.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

How Do I Get My Canon Printer To Recognize My Refilled Cartridge?

This problem may occur after purchasing a refill cartridge. The chip’s data has been replaced by information that is empty. For your cartridges to function, you will need to hold down the stop / cancel button for 5 seconds until the ‘ink has run out’ message disappears.

Is Costco going to refill ink cartridges by 2022?

Costco won’t be refilling ink cartridges for printers starting 2022. In the past, Costco offered this service in-store, but it has since been discontinued. Costco members have the option to purchase ink cartridges refills at Walgreens, Staples and Walmart.

For more information on why Costco no longer provides this service, as well as other options, please continue reading!

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges


What Other Services Has Costco Axed?

It wasn’t only in-store ink refilling that was axed. Photo departments have been closed at Costco’s shops since the company announced in January that they would no longer be open.

Costco also began to stutter photo centers in 2019, and has now completed the purge. Costco’s online Picture Center allows customers to still order photo books, stationary, and calendars.

It has been found that Amazon may sell the exact same cartridge for a cheaper price than other retailers.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

Does Costco Sell Printer Ink Cartridges?

Even though Costco no longer refills printer ink cartridges in-store, it still sells printer ink cartridges online! You can purchase ink cartridges at Costco from these manufacturers

  • Brother
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Innovera
  • Lexmark
  • Xerox

Despite the fact that Costco is well-known for its low-cost items, purchasing printer ink from C, whether in-store or online, does not always result in a lower cost.

What is the reason my ink cartridge does not work after a refill?

Why refilled cartridges don’t work is the main reason why they won’t. You should ensure that the cartridge has not been damaged or warped. If the cartridge appears to be misinstalled, remove it and reinstall it.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges

How to Refill Ink Cartridges

Other retail brands, such as: are available for clients who want their ink cartridges renewed.

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • 123Refills

Costco Refills Ink Cartridges

You can save money if you refill your ink cartridges instead of buying new ones if you are printing a lot. You may also question if Costco offers in-store ink refills, as you can buy ink cartridges there. It was my own research that led me to the information I needed.

  • Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022?
  • Costco has stopped refilling empty ink cartridges
  • How to Refill Ink Cartridges
  • Is Costco selling printer ink cartridges?
  • Which Other Services has Costco Exempted from?
  • Bottom Line

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

Refilling your empty ink cartridges rather than buying new ones can save you tons of money, especially if you print many documents.

Costco can sell ink cartridges. However, some customers might wonder if the store offers refill service. After some digging, I came up with this information.

Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

Is Costco going to refill ink cartridges by 2022?

Costco no longer refills printer ink cartridges after 2022. Costco used to offer this service, but have discontinued it. Costco members are now able to refill their ink cartridges by visiting Walgreens. Staples. Walmart.

  • Read on for information about Costco’s decision to discontinue this service.
  • Costco Is No Long Refilling Ink Cartridges

    Costco declared that it will cease offering certain in-store services beginning in 2021.

    It is because of a sharp decline in the demand.

    Costco explained to its customers in an email that there was no need to print in stores and had reduced the demand for related services including refills of ink cartridges.

    Costco’s Online Ink Cartridge Refill Center and information on refilling ink cartridges are no longer available.

    Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Are You Looking To Refill Your Ink Cartridges?

    There are many other retailers that offer ink refilling services.

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Staples
  • Best Buy
  • Target
  • 123Refills
  • Costco sells printer cartridges

    Costco sells printer ink cartridges even though they no longer offer refills! These brands are available at Costco:

  • Brother
  • Epson
  • HP
  • Innovera
  • Lexmark
  • Xerox
  • Although Costco is often known for their competitively priced merchandise however, the cost of printer ink at Costco may not be as low when you order online.

    Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Which Other Services has Costco Exempted from?

    Refilling your cartridges in-store was not all that you could do to obtain the boot.

    All photo departments at Costco, which include passport photos and film development as well as video transfers have been closed since January.

    Costco started closing photo centers earlier in 2019, and the remainder have been closed this year by one special cull.

    Costco still offers customers the option to have photo books, stationery and calendars printed through its online Photo Center.

    Amazon actually offers much cheaper cartridges for the exact same ink.

  • Conclusion
  • It’s not. Ink cartridge refills were once available at Costco, but the discontinuance of this service was announced by Costco in early 2021.

    Other services including photo printing, image restoration, and home movies video transfers were also axed. A sharp decline in demand fueled by the rise of social media and smartphones was cited as the main reason.

    You can still buy printer ink at Costco. While you are unable to refill your empty cartridges any more, you can get new cartridges at

    Does Costco Still Refill Ink Cartridges 2021?

    Costco announced that the instore photo departments have been permanently shut down effective immediately 14 February. On Sunday, February 14th, 2021, all instore photo departments including the passport and photo restoration sections, as well as YesVideo Home Movie Transfer Services, will cease to exist permanently.

    How Does Costco Ink Refill Work?

    How it works: Simply bring any compatible empty cartridges* into the Photo Centre located at your Costco. Your cartridge is cleaned, refilled, and tested by our high-tech technology system. November 12, 2020

    Does Costco Do Hp Ink Refills?

    Costco sells refills for dozens of Lexmark, Canon, HP and Dell cartridges. A paper brochure is available as well as a listing of all models on Costco’s website. Prices range from $8 to $10 per refill, which is considerably cheaper than buying a new cartridge.Feb 1, 2011

    .Does Costco Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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