Can Dentist Tell If You Give Head

Can Dentist Tell If You Give Head

Can Dentist Tell If You Give Head

can dentist tell if you give head

The Dentists can tell if you’ve been giving head, according to some reports

Have you given head read recently? Your dentist might know.

Michael Edwards/Getty Images. In general, information about whether you have recently given your head is shared only between the receiver and you. You can also share it with any other people you wish to. When you wake up, you may perform oral seduction on a partner before you casually walk to work. This will make it difficult for your coworkers to know how your morning went. You might find your dentist able to see what you did if, for example, you wake up and perform oral sex.

This shocking revelation could be disturbing. It comes from TikTok where several oral health specialists have just posted videos that confirm a rumor concerning dentists’ abilities to identify if you had a specific sexual organ in your mouth.

Huzefa Kapadia posted a video showing how dentists sometimes can tell whether a patient had oral sex with a penis-having companion. This is due to something called palatal Petechiae. It’s bruising of soft-palate which can happen when oral sex is frequent and aggressive. According to Kapadia, it’s unlikely that a single oral sex session would result in the tell-tale sign, but if, for example, “you like to suck on multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple lollipops all the time … you got a problem,” he explained in the video, swapping in candy as a PG euphemism.

Brad Podray from the Orthodontist stated that “Sometimes, we can tell”. He also addressed this rumor in another TikTok viral video. Petechiae is bruising of the soft palate. “We don’t bother unless the patient has a history of abuse or is young. “To say that I’d be able to tell if you did it three years ago? No,” she said in the video . “But if you did it recently and you were a little bit aggressive about it … Some individuals might have, um, bruising to the palate, if you know what I’m saying. This is a good thing. You don’t have to tell your dentist what kind or whom of sex you have. They probably won’t even care. Consider easing up on the dental for a couple of days ahead of your next appointment if you aren’t happy to show any sign of recent or past performance.


TikTok video uploaded by user “thyrants,” opens with the statement that “the dental can determine whether someone has [head] given.” Then, it ends with what looks like a person in a dentist chair talking about the truth of “fellatioassociated epithema” (a scientific paper) on the subject. According to the man seated, “Sometimes it is possible to tell.” “It’s often bruising to the soft palate known as petechiae. But unless the patient’s very young or there are signs of abuse, it’s not something we care about.” @thyrants #stitchwith @cianmcbrien

#dentist #oralhealth original sound – Lil Young Old Man Based on reports dating back to the 1920s, the act of performing fellatio can in some cases leave visible markings or lesions usually round spots that occur as a result of bleeding known as petechiae inside that person’s mouth, but that doesn’t mean such an outcome is common or that dental professionals can regularly ascertain if you “have” or “have not” performed the act.

, the first report of fellatio-induced mouth lesions was published in the French Journal of Venereal Diseases. In 2017, a paper reexamining the case said that it was noteworthy not only because of its original publication but also because of the enthusiastic way the corresponding doctor presented the case. It involved a sex worker, who he considered to have a very strong work ethic. This 2017 paper translated into French describes the case of a patient who, according to the doctor, was a “conscientious and dedicated partner”. The TikTok video shows a TikTok report from 2018, which details a case involving a 47-yearold-man diagnosed with a tooth lesion.

We discovered an oval-shaped erythematous lesions in the patient’s oral cavity. The patient wasn’t symptomatic but was unaware that the lesion existed. … The patient confirmed that he was sexually active and had been with other men for some time. His sexual activity included the practice of oral sex, with the last instance being 3 days prior to this visit. We concluded from this that the presence of erythema in the soft palate could be attributed to oral sex.

These case reports are just a few of many that can be found within the scientific record. According to a 2013 report that summarized the literature on fellatio-associated oral lesions, there is likely more than one mechanism of injury from the sex act. Authors reported that the mucosal injury could be caused by direct contact with the distal penis on the palate. This can lead to submucosal hemorhage and rupture. Another potential cause, as described in the 2018 paper, is the “the negative pressure created while sucking,” which could also damage tissue in the mouth.

Although the amount of work done in this area has been very limited, it remains to be doubtful that many fellatio-related lesions are present. TikTok 2018 featured a TikTok video that described a thesis study on Peruvian male sex workers. That study observed that 17 of those sex workers developed fellatiorelated lesions. However, the majority of lesions that are created by fellatio can only be seen during a thorough dental examination, or as the person brushes their teeth. The lesions are usually resolved themselves. While these aren’t meant to suggest your dentist has the ability to deduce your sexual history, they do suggest that an oral injury related to sex should be investigated if someone presents with a suspicious mouth lesion. A 2013 case report stated that fellatio should be considered by those who work in head and neck medicine. However, it is possible for petechiae to also result from other causes. The idea that dentists could tell whether you’ve had recent oral sex is incorrect. A dentist may be able to identify fellatio-related injury if they have combined clinical observations and the sexual history of their patients. It is possible for fellatio to be diagnosed by a dentist if the dentist observes the lesion and also examines the patient’s sexual and medical history.

can dentist tell if you give head

Do not miss the bi-annual dentist exam

Due to how much people loathe going to their dentists for many reasons, this shouldn’t make you hesitate to get checked out about your cavity or gum disease. It’s not easy to remember to care for ourselves, even though we are terrible parents. It’s not difficult.

It doesn’t matter if your doctor can see if you have recently had your head shaved. HIPAA prohibits them from saying anything. But, you are an adult. If it is causing serious health issues, such as oral lesions, then they will not discuss the matter with you.

You can also make lifestyle changes. I guess for some of us, that’s a bigger ask than it is for others.

You can only do what makes you comfortable.

After all, it’s completely different from the advice to not having sex approximately two days before an OB/GYN appointment because semen can mess with pap smear results (apparently, sperm in the sample can make it more difficult to examine your cervical cells), can resemble troubling discharge, and can cause irritation to your vaginal wall cells, making it seem as if you have an abnormal pap smear.

This is what your Dentist can do: Tell if You Have Been Given a Blowjob Before

You don’t have to keep anything sacred. Your dentist might know more than you think about what your daily life looks like. TikTok user went viral with a bizarre claim. Dentists are able to tell when a patient is doing a blowjob. First published on […] May 1, 2021. Because nothing is sacred anymore and because your dentist has access to a lot more information about you than what you have written in your patient form, there’s no reason why your dentist doesn’t know as much. An anonymous user of TikTok posted a bizarre claim on the social media platform: A dentist can tell when a patient is giving a blowjob.

First reported on BuzzFeed, TikToker @cianmcbrien wrote in their new video: “JUST FOUND OUT THE DENTIST CAN FIND OUT WETHER SOMEONE HAS GIVEN [HEAD] OR NOT. IM SCREAMINGGGGG!” The claim is still a big deal on the app and eventually dentists and hygienists weighed in.

TIME FOR ME TO CRY #fyp It’s typically bruising to the soft palate, called petechiae. We don’t really care unless the patient is very young or has suffered abuse. #dentist – #oralhealth “Let’s discuss this,” @mandimaeee, a TikTok user responded with another viral video. A friend sent me the video, and I thought it was hilarious. It is.” She continued.

“But, if your did it recenty and you were a bit aggressive about…Some individuals might have, um?bruising the palate. It’s possible to determine if it was done recently.

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.Can Dentist Tell If You Give Head

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