Can Dentist Tell If You Have Given Head

Can Dentist Tell If You Have Given Head

can dentist tell if you have given head

According to Dentists, You Can Tell If Your Head Has Been Giving

Has your dentist done a head check recently? Your dentist might know.

Michael Edwards/Getty Images. Information about your recent head giving is confidential and shared only by you and the recipient. Your coworkers will not be able see you if you perform oral sex with a partner and then walk casually into the office. However, your dentist might notice if you get up in the morning, have oral sex with your partner, and then walk to the dentist.

The potentially disturbing revelation is from where most information comes these days: TikTok. There, various dental experts posted video clips confirming the rumor about dentists being able to determine if your teeth have been affected by sex.

Huzefa Kaadia uploaded a video that shows how dentists are able to tell when a patient is having oral sex. The palatal petechiae refers to the soft-palate bruising, which can be caused by frequent, aggressive or intense oral sex. Kapadia says it is very unlikely that a single oral sex session could cause the sign. However, if a patient likes to eat multiple, multi-colored, multiple, or multiple lolipops at a time, then there may be a problem.

“Sometimes we can tell,” orthodontist Brad Podray said in another viral TikTok video addressing the rumor. “It’s usually bruising on the soft palate called petechiae. “We don’t bother unless the patient has a history of abuse or is young. “To say that I’d be able to tell if you did it three years ago? The video shows her saying “No”. “But if you did it recently and you were a little bit aggressive about it … Some individuals might have, um, bruising to the palate, if you know what I’m saying. All of it can be determined.” What kind of sex you’re having when and with whom is none of your dentist’s business, and they probably don’t care at all. If you don’t want to bring any evidence of recent sexual acts with you, you might consider reducing the frequency of your dental visits for the next few days.


TikTok video posted by user “thyrants,” opens with the statement that “the dentist will find out if someone has given [head]].” It ends with what looks like a person or medical professional in a dental chair, discussing “fellatio-associated epithema of soft palate.” As a background, a scientific paper is read. The seated man states that sometimes we can see the difference. “It’s usually bruising on the soft palate called petechiae, but unless the patient’s really young or we see signs of abuse, we don’t care.” @thyrants #stitch with @cianmcbrien yeah but we aren’t going to really give anyone hassle about it.

#dentist #oralhealth original sound – Lil Young Old Man Based on reports dating back to the 1920s, the act of performing fellatio can in some cases leave visible markings or lesions usually round spots that occur as a result of bleeding known as petechiae inside that person’s mouth, but that doesn’t mean such an outcome is common or that dental professionals can regularly ascertain if you “have” or “have not” performed the act.

In the French Journal of Venereal Diseases, there was the first reported case of fellatio induced mouth lesion. A 2017 review of the work revealed that the paper was not only notable for its first publication, but also because the doctor who referred the case described it with enthusiasm. The case involved a sex worker who he believed had a strong work ethic. According to the 2017 paper, which was translated from French into English, this doctor described the patient as a “conscientious companion” who had “attached herself to work like an oyster to its prey”. The TikTok clip highlights a 2018 case report that details a 47 year-old man with a dental lesion.

Our examination revealed a circular, erythematous cyst with clear center on the patient’s soft tongue. Patient was unaffected and did not realize the extent of the problem. The patient admitted that he was sexually active and had been with other men for some time. He was also involved in oral sex. The last time he did this was 3 days before the visit. The erythema that appeared on his soft palate may have been caused by oral sex.

several case reports like these can be found in the scientific record. According to a 2013 report that summarized the literature on fellatio-associated oral lesions, there is likely more than one mechanism of injury from the sex act. According to that report, “Direct and forcible contact of the distal Penis against the palate can result in mucosal trauma with submucosal blood vessels rupture and hemorhage” The 2018 paper also mentions the possibility of “the negative pressure generated while sucking,” which can cause tissue damage in the mouth.

Although there is very little research in this field, it’s not impossible to say if fellatio results in many lesions. TikTok (2018) cited a 2018 thesis study of Peruvian Sex Workers that sought to determine if fellatio causes lesions. The majority of these lesions resolve themselves. The point of highlighting these cases is not to suggest that your dentist can deduce deep secrets about your sex life, but instead to suggest the possibility that oral sex-related injury should be considered if someone with an unexplained mouth lesion comes into the office of a medical practitioner. An 2013 case report found that “fellatio” should also be included in the differential aetiology for intraoral petechiae. The idea that dentists could tell whether you’ve had recent oral sex is incorrect. More accurately, fellatio-related injuries could be diagnosed by a dentist when clinical observations are combined with their patients’ stated medical and sexual history. It is possible for fellatio to be diagnosed by dentists if clinical observations are combined with the patient’s personal medical and sexual history.

can dentist tell if you have given head

Make an appointment for a Bi-Annual Dental Exam

Many people don’t like going to the dentist. Don’t allow this to make it worse. While I understand that parents have a hard time remembering how to look after their children, it is important not to let the shame get in your way. This isn’t a huge deal.

What does it matter to a doctor if they can determine if someone has recently given you head? They are bound by HIPAA to not say anything. You’re also an adult. If it is causing serious health issues, such as oral lesions, then they will not discuss the matter with you.

Speaking of lifestyle changes, your other alternative, I suppose, is to see if you can refrain from sucking cock maybe 5 to 7 days prior to a dental visit twice a fucking year. I guess for some of us, that’s a bigger ask than it is for others.

Go with what feels right for you.

It’s a completely different recommendation than the one to stop having sex within two days of your OB/GYN appointment. Since semen can alter pap smears results, it can look like troubling discharge.

Turns Out Your Dentist Can Tell If You’Ve Given A Blow Job Before

Because absolutely nothing is sacred anymore, it turns out that your dentist knows a lot more about your life than you’ve written on your patient form. One user from TikTok made a surprising claim about dentists being able to see when patients have done a blowjob. May 1, 2021 Because absolutely nothing is sacred anymore, it turns out that your dentist knows a lot more about your life than you’ve written on your patient form. TikTok’s user went viral with a disturbing claim. Dentists are able to tell when a patient has performed a blowjob.

First reported on BuzzFeed, TikToker @cianmcbrien wrote in their new video: “JUST FOUND OUT THE DENTIST CAN FIND OUT WETHER SOMEONE HAS GIVEN [HEAD] OR NOT. IM SCREAMINGGGGG.” This claim is being wildly misinterpreted on the app. However, the claims were eventually confirmed by dentists and hygienists who weighed in.

IM CRYING It’s typically bruising to the soft palate, called petechiae. But unless the patient’s really young or shows signs of abuse, we don’t care.” #stitch with @cianmcbrien yeah but we aren’t going to really give anyone hassle about it. #dentist#oralhealth Let’s get to the bottom of this,” another TikTok user @mandimaeee posted in a viral video. “So a friend of mine sent me this video and was like, ‘Oh my god, Is this true?’ It’s true. She said, “Non,”

“But, if your did it recenty and you were a bit aggressive about…Some individuals might have, um. bruising the palate. It’s possible to determine if it was done recently.

What can a Dentist tell from your Mouth?

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Can Giving Your Head Impact on your Teeth?

The presence of oral sex significantly correlated with gum issues. While causality is not yet established, we believe that oral sex could increase your risk of developing oral disease through the introduction of microbes to the mouth cavity or by mechanical trauma.

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.Can Dentist Tell If You Have Given Head

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