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Ifox If012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Certified Waterproof – Wireless It Pairs Easily To All Your Bluetooth Devices – Phones, Tablets, Computer, Radio

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Certified Waterproof – Wireless It Pairs Easily to All Your Bluetooth Devices – Phones, Tablets, Computer, Radio
BUY NOW ON AMAZON The iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Certified Waterproof – Wireless It Pairs Easily to All Your Bluetooth Devices – Phones, Tablets, Computer, Radio Built to Blast: The iFox mini BlueTooth speaker is compact with a little extra depth, allowing for more robust sound quality than our competitors. With HD audio performance and 5-watts of powerful sound, the iFox shower speaker gives you bigger bass without distortion, even at maximum volume. Enjoy up to 10 hours of use between charges and fully recharge in just 3 hours! 100% Waterproof & Fully Submersible: Perfect for beach days or by the pool, our Bluetooth pool speaker can be immersed in up to 3 feet of water. Use the buttons on our floating speakers to skip a song or change the volume without getting your device wet. Portable with Hands-Free Function: The iFox portable BlueTooth speaker comes with an in-built suction cup that can attach to any smooth surface. It’s a waterproof speaker that sticks to shower walls, windows, and more. Use the carabiner hook and use your iFox as a backpack, camping, boating, or bicycle speaker. Crystal Clear Connection: Our quality loud BlueTooth speakers rock the latest BlueTooth technology and pair easily to any electronic device in less than 6 seconds. With a 33-ft range, you can enjoy hands-free calls and tunes. True Wireless Mode: Activate true wireless mode by syncing two iFox portable Blue Tooth speakers through any device to create a dynamic right and left channel effect that provides an immersive surround sound experience like no other.
  • Built To Blast The Ifox Mini Bluetooth Speaker Is Compact With A Little Extra Depth Allowing For More Robust Sound Quality Than Our Competitors. With Hd Audio Performance And 5-Watts Of Powerful Sound The Ifox Shower Speaker Gives You Bigger Bass Without Distortion Even At Maximum Volume. Enjoy Up To 10 Hours Of Use Between Charges And Fully Recharge In Just 3 Hours!
  • 100% Waterproof & Fully Submersible Perfect For Beach Days Or By The Pool Our Bluetooth Pool Speaker Can Be Immersed In Up To 3 Feet Of Water. Use The Buttons On Our Floating Speakers To Skip A Song Or Change The Volume Without Getting Your Device Wet.
  • Portable With Hands-Free Function The Ifox Portable Bluetooth Speaker Comes With An In-Built Suction Cup That Can Attach To Any Smooth Surface. It’S A Waterproof Speaker That Sticks To Shower Walls Windows And More. Use The Carabiner Hook And Use Your Ifox As A Backpack Camping Boating Or Bicycle Speaker.
  • Crystal Clear Connection Our Quality Loud Bluetooth Speakers Rock The Latest Bluetooth Technology And Pair Easily To Any Electronic Device In Less Than 6 Seconds. With A 33-Ft Range You Can Enjoy Hands-Free Calls And Tunes.
  • True Wireless Mode Activate True Wireless Mode By Syncing Two Ifox Portable Blue Tooth Speakers Through Any Device To Create A Dynamic Right And Left Channel Effect That Provides An Immersive Surround Sound Experience Like No Other.

The iFox mini Bluetooth shower speaker is perfect for enjoying your favorite tunes while taking a shower or bath. With 5 watts of powerful sound, it can blast your music with crystal clear quality. Our speaker is also 100% waterproof and fully submersible, perfect for enjoying your music anywhere you go. Plus, our hands-free function makes it easy to control your music without having to get your phone wet.

Best Shower Speaker

best shower speaker

Which are the Best Shower Speakers?

Sound Quality and Functions: Your search for the perfect shower speaker should not be limited to waterproofing. It is important to ensure that the speaker delivers high quality sound. Each of these picks delivers impressive sound quality for its size.

Other than sound quality you should also consider how the speaker functions. A few shower speakers come with built-in microphones. Some even feature LCD clock displays.

Design: If you are looking for a classic look and don’t mind investing in a brand new speaker-equipped showerhead, then it is worth considering how the new speaker will work within your existing shower. The best speakers can be attached with suction cups to attach to the walls of your shower. Others have lanyards to attach to the showerhead and/or attached caddy.

Best Shower Speaker: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Ultimate Ears’ WONDERBOOM2 Bluetooth We have found the Ultimate Ears to be the most reliable Bluetooth shower speaker. Although small, this speaker is extremely well-built. It has an amazing soundstage thanks to its 360 degree design.

This sound profile, which is out of the box, sounds fairly well balanced. It can be used to listen to all kinds of audio content. It also comes with an ‘Outdoor Mode’ EQ preset to help boost the bass in your audio; however, we didn’t test this. The battery life is exceptional, lasting just 13.4 hours. It’s suitable for extended listening sessions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support voice assistants, which can be disappointing to users who regularly rely on them for support. Similar to most speakers this size, it struggles to reproduce low-bass with the deep, thump, and rumble that fans of bass-heavy music enjoy. Additionally, aside from the preset ‘Outdoor Mode, it lacks any audio customization tools. This speaker can still be used in the bathroom, so it is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a quality speaker.

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best shower speaker

Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1 Gen 2 is another alternative with Voice Assistant

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 Gen 2 Bluetooth Although its battery life may not be as good as the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2, it is still great for voice assistants. Alexa is supported when it’s connected to your mobile device. This can be used by your voice for activation. It can hear you clearly from faraway, even in noisy environments. You can also mute its microphone if you don’t want it to. The speaker will need to reduce stereo audio to mono to make the sound more immersive. There are also a lot of compression artifacts that can be heard at full volume. These effects may impact the quality of your audio. The manufacturer warns against letting your speaker contact soapy water. Therefore, it is best to keep it in your bathroom near the shower.

If you’re looking for a shower speaker with a longer battery life that can support stereo content and can float in water, get the Ultimate Ears. The Bang & Olufsen speaker is a better choice if you want to be able to speak with your assistants.

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Best Hangable Speaker For Shower: Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore Bluetooth. This is the Bang & Olufsen Beosound Browse Bluetooth, which we believe to be our best-rated hangable shower speaker. The small speaker, which is well built, has IP67 water resistance and dust resistance. It can also be submerged up to 30 minutes under a meter water level, although we do not currently test it.

It is available in three colors. Because it is 360 degrees, the soundstage can seem wide and open. It also has a somewhat boomy sound profile that adds some extra bass to the mix, though this can slightly muddy vocals and lead instruments, which may overwhelm some users. You have the option to adjust its sound with EQ presets or by using the ‘Beosonic sound customization feature.

Unfortunately it isn’t loud enough and some compression artifacts are present at maximum volume. These can impact the quality of audio when you listen to louder music. As with most speakers of this size, the speaker struggles to produce low-bass sounds, such as EDM and hip hop. That said, this sturdy speaker is still a good choice if you’re looking for one to hang in your shower.

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best shower speaker

Ultimate Ears Megablast is the Ultimate Ears Megablast Bluetooth The Ultimate ear’s MEGABLAST Bluetooth is the best Bluetooth shower speaker we tested. While we are not currently testing for it, the speaker is IP67-rated for water and dust resistance. The speaker also features Alexa voice assistant and is capable of understanding you even in loud environments.

It has an overall neutral sound profile, which makes it suitable to listen to many audio sources. It struggles to produce the bassy thump or rumble many people love, as do most speakers of its size. You can adjust the sound of this speaker by using its companion app, which has a graphic EQ as well as presets. The speaker is also very loud, and it has great directivity which results in an open and wide soundstage.

Some compression artifacts can be present at maximum volume, which may cause distortions in your audio. This item may be out of stock or unavailable at this time. However, we will update our article in the event it is discontinued. That said, this versatile speaker is still a solid choice if you’re looking for a speaker to use while you’re in the shower.

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best shower speaker

Anker Flare 2: Best budget speaker for showers

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth 2 Bluetooth Anker Soundcore 2, the best affordable shower speaker, is what we tested. This small Bluetooth speaker with RGB lights is rated IPX7 for water resistance, though we don’t currently test for this. It can also be connected to a compatible speaker for a stereo pairing or multiple speakers if you wish your audio to fill large rooms without increasing the volume.

It has an excellent mid-range with its default EQ enabled and the BassUp feature disabled. Vocals and lead instruments are clear and present in your mix. However, higher-pitched instruments and vocals may seem a little dull. It struggles to reproduce bass, which is why you won’t hear the low-bass thump or rumble of EDM and other bass-heavy music. Fortunately, its companion app features a graphic EQ and presets to tweak its sound to your liking. Also, it has excellent directivity thanks to its 360-degree design, resulting in an open and natural-sounding soundstage.

It isn’t loud but it can get louder. Also, there is some compression that occurs at maximum volume so audio doesn’t sound as good at louder volume levels. Also, while it supports voice assistants, though your smartphone, its performance isn’t very good. It’s still an excellent choice if you want a speaker capable of playing music in your shower, but at a lower price.

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Best Cheap Shower Speaker: Anker Soundcore 3

Anker Soundcore 3 Bluetooth – The Anker Soundcore 3 Bluetooth is our favorite cheap speaker for showers. The speaker’s water resistance rating is IPX7, but we haven’t tested it yet. It is very portable and includes a cord to allow you to hang it from your shower.

Its balanced mid-range ensures vocals and lead instruments sound clear and present in the mix, making it suitable for listening to dialogue-centric content like audiobooks and podcasts. The low-bass sound is hard to reproduce so it won’t make you feel bassy music. You can customize the sound of your phone’s companion app with a graphic EQ. The battery lasts for over 13 hours on a single charge.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very loud and has some compression artifacts at max volume that can affect the clarity of your audio during louder listening sessions. The soundstage can also sound narrower and less directional due to its poor directivity. However, it is a good choice for anyone looking to buy a low-cost shower speaker.

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best shower speaker

Some Notable Mentions

JBL Xtreme 3 Bluetooth Speaker: With an IP67 rating, the JBL Xtreme 3 Bluetooth Speaker is safe for use in your bathroom. The sound quality is a bit dull and the volume can be loud.

JBL GO 3 – The JBL GO 3 Bluetooth Speaker is a compact and lightweight Bluetooth speaker that has an IP67 rating. It can be used near your bathroom. It is not able to provide low-bass music and can last only five hours. But, there’s a hook inside that allows it to be hung in your bathtub.

Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker : While we don’t test it for waterproofing, the Anker Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth speakers have an IPX7 rating. A companion app allows you to adjust its sound with presets or a graphic EQ. The price of the speaker is not within our budget price range (100 USD)

OontZangle 3: OontZangle 3 is a compact Bluetooth speaker with an IPX5 rating. This allows it to tolerate mild splashes of liquid. Even though its sound quality isn’t great, the OontZ Angle 3 has a long battery life and can play stereo content, without having to downmix it into mono.

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3: The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 is a fairly small Bluetooth speaker with an IP67 rating, making it safe to use near your shower. It has a boomy sound profile overall, but it can get quite loud and has a large and spacious soundstage.

Bose SoundLink Micro: This small Bluetooth speaker from Bose is IPX7 water resistant. We have not tested it yet. You can use it near the shower. However, it’s not as sturdy as the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 Gen 2 and isn’t as responsive to voice commands.

Sony SRSXB13: A small portable Bluetooth speaker, the Sony SRSXB13 has an IP67 rating. We haven’t tested it for water and dust resistance. Although it can withstand pressure water, the manufacturer advises against placing it in direct contact with your shower. The device is also unable to reproduce bass and does not have a graphic or preset EQ that can be used to adjust its sound.

These are the 9 best shower speakers of 2021

You can bring your favorite tunes to the shower with you. Our editors research and test the products independently, then recommend them. You may earn commissions if you purchase from one of our recommended links.

Shower speakers that are the best need to be simple in order to function well. It is essential that the speaker be waterproofed. The speaker should have flaps to protect ports, a rubberized finish, and ideally be IP-rated, allowing it to withstand full immersion in water for a certain period of time. A portable design is an added benefit. A mounting option, strapping, suction cup, or carrying loop can all help keep the speaker inside your shower.

You want high-quality audio, so you need a speaker for your shower that can produce loud and clear audio, as well as booming bass to drown out the noise of water running. You will be able to use the speaker for many showers without needing to recharge. Some of the more powerful speakers can also be used to link multiple speakers for an entire stereo set. Other speakers, on the other hand, are very portable and sturdy, making them suitable for use outdoors.

If you’re looking for speakers specifically for outdoor use, be sure to browse our list of the best outdoor stereos for the beach, camping, and adventure . If you don’t mind reading, here are the top shower speakers.

This model builds upon the strengths of existing models and adds JBL Connect+.

A good option for those looking to introduce music and podcasts into their daily cleaning routines.

best shower speaker

Buyer Guide: 15 best shower speakers

What person doesn’t enjoy blasting tunes in the shower and making sure the whole house hears your singing? Perhaps, you’re looking to chill out on the beach and want to enjoy some music by the ocean. Music is important for active men. Bluetooth Shower speakers are now available.

They make it possible for your music to be heard in even the most humid environments.

Bluetooth shower speakers won’t drown out water like other types. Some people are better at water than others. This will be discussed later.

These are great for carrying around on the go, as they can be taken with you in a small bag. Some brands have adapted to an active lifestyle, and are able to withstand any bumps or bangs while not stopping for breath.

Others might not cope well with such harsh treatment.

They are also water resistant and great to use at the pool or on the beaches. Even getting wet during the rain.

This technology is not for everyone, but we have reviewed and compared every aspect of all available waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Here are some details about what you should be aware of, as well as our top 16 Bluetooth speakers for showers.

What Are The Main Safety Considerations When Buying Bluetooth Shower Speakers?

Electronics and water don’t always go well together. However, thanks to clever technology, you can now enjoy your music in the shower or while out walking in the rain.

The advancements in design don’t necessarily mean your devices can be treated however you like.

There will be safety considerations that you must remember.

The description of the water that Bluetooth shower speakers can handle will be included with your purchase. Some people think this is submergence, while others believe it to be splash-proof. A water-resistant shower speaker doesn’t mean you can dunk it fully in the bath, or go diving with your speaker.

An easy glance at the directions will show you how much water it is capable of absorbing.

It is possible for your speaker to stop functioning due to any number of reasons. The waterproofing could be damaged and you may end up in serious trouble if it comes into contact with water. If you wish to protect the exterior waterproofing, make sure your device gets professionally fixed.

The instructions the device comes with will always offer the best possible ways to take care of your speaker(s), and what to do when it has trouble.

Can I use a Speaker in my Shower?

It doesn’t look fancy. SoundBot’s waterproof shower speaker can do the job. The device has a suctioncup for attaching to bathroom walls, and buttons large enough for quick control. It can also be used to make phone calls via speakerphone while in the shower. Mar 2, 2021

Are You able to Use a Bluetooth Speaker in Your Shower?

Insmy C12 Shower Bluetooth Speaker It comes with both a lanyard and a suction cup, so you can attach this speaker to your shower any way you’d like. It supports Bluetooth connectivity, so you can stream your favourite music. The built-in microphone allows for you to make phone calls from the bathroom.

Can You Use A Water Resistant Speaker In The Shower?

Keep in mind the first thing to look at is the speakers’ water-resistance (aka IP rating). Shower speakers come in three options: they can be hung, glued to the walls, or laid flat. You have the option to choose which one suits you best, as long as it has both waterproof and Bluetooth compatibility. Mar 6, 2019

Can I Use Jbl Speaker In Shower?

A shower speaker should be completely waterproof, it goes without saying. Both the JBL Go 2 and Clip 3 are just that. The JBL Go 2 and Clip 3 have IPX7 waterproof ratings, which means they are completely safe to splash water on the surface or submerge under it completely.

.Best Shower Speaker

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