Mizuno St200 Driver Review

Mizuno St200 Driver Review

mizuno st200 driver review


Being an elite driver boils down to just one thing: speed. Maximizing ball speed by hitting your best shots is key. And you should also do everything possible to avoid a poor strike. The Mizuno ST200 falls short of elite on both of those metrics.

It’s not bad, it isn’t. It’s fine. If the ST200 was my only option, I would not quit golf. However, in a year that has seen the release of three MAVRIK drivers (reviews HERE ), the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 (review HERE ), and with the PING G410 Plus still on the shelf (review HERE ), the ST200 isn’t a compelling option.

It is remarkable that the ST200 driver can maintain ball speed well, but it has good launch and spin. My drives were predictably sent on the same trajectory with the same strong ball flight even when the strike wasn’t ideal.

One of the biggest disappointments about the Mizuno ST200 shaft options is that there are not many. Mizuno does not offer any other brands with more than three shaft options. Diamana Red is your choice if you are looking for regular flex. Diamana Blue S+ can be stiffened if you need it. Complete stop.

mizuno st200 driver review

How would you use it?

Mizuno drivers. It looks fantastic and performs really well too.

Before I removed the cover, I was unsure if the ST200 range was good enough for Titleist, TaylorMade and Callaway. But, wow, I was proven wrong!

I’d be happy to take the ST200G Driving Test.

Mizuno. ST200 driver Pros Excellent forgiving. Very affordable price. ST200 driver Cons High spin rate may be a concern. No loft setting of 0.5 degrees. ST200G driver Pros Fantastic Adjustability. Perfect for those who want to play at lower spin rates.

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mizuno st200 driver review

Mizuno St200 Drivers Are Ready To Take On The World

Mizuno revealed a new lineup of drivers for 2020 aimed at making them a bigger player in the metalwoods category. The three golf clubs have been designed with every player in mind and are set to conquer the globe.

ST200 Driver-Perfect balance between mid-low spin, high MOI and perfect for all golfers

ST200G Driver-low spin performance with greater adjustability. It fits the better player

ST200X Driver- Japanese authentic specs designed for lightweight forgiveness, draw bias and fit the more moderate golfer

All three were put to the test by Rick Hatfield, Flint Hills National Golf Club’s head pro and TGW resident product expert. We have exclusive videos that show them working in action.

mizuno st200 driver review

Mizuno St200 Driver Review

Club Fitter Mizuno was founded by Justin Pahl. Their irons were a long-standing trademark. More specifically the way their irons feel. They are often played by “free agents”, which is a group of tour professionals who play the irons. Because they don’t hold club contracts, these “free agents” can freely play as they please. With this said, it’s very flattering to a club manufacturer when a tour pro chooses their product purely because they like the feel and performance and not just because they are getting paid. Mizuno makes the “Tour Ready Irons” every year. Mizuno’s ST200 series, this is their new driver line.

The new 2020 Mizuno driver lines are the ST200G ST200G ST200X and ST200X. Each of these drivers exemplifies Mizuno’s trademark saying, “Nothing feels quite like a Mizuno”. Is it possible for these new drivers to meet that same “Tour Ready”, level of performance as the irons? Without a doubt these drivers are able to meet the standard. This statement will be confirmed by me later in the review.

The 3 different head styles allow for the ST200 line to cover a wide range of playing abilities as well as desired ball flights. This head is extremely stable and low spin, giving you plenty of forgiveness. This great product is Tour Ready. With the same Beta-rich forged Ti Ti face, it’s extremely fast and yet gives you a very soft/livid feeling. The ST200G has 2 weight adjustable tracks, which help to optimize spin from ultra-low to mid. Finally, the ST200X is a high launching draw bias driver. This model is ideal for those who are looking for fast speeds and high draw. It has an adjustable heel weight as well as an upright lying angle. Carbon composite crowns allow for low launch and spin thanks to the low CG (Center of Gravity), of the ST200G ST200G ST200X.

My test was done to determine if Mizuno had improved their ST190 series driver. My goal is to increase ball speed, and provide the best launch conditions. Unfortunately, I could only test the ST200G. The ST200X has yet to be tested by me. The shaft I used was the Atmos Black Tour Spec 6X. The 9* ST00G was set to 7*. I also used the 9.5*ST200 at 7.5*. As a spin player I prefer to use lofts lower than the rest. This optimizes launch conditions, and also gives the drivers the best opportunity to succeed. With each driver, I managed 6 shots. The following data is available:

Drivers Club HeadSpeed Ball Speed Launch Angle Spinrate

ST190 116.2mph 168.9mph 13.1* 2625rpm 289.5yds

ST200 117.0 mph 170.0mph 12.6*2503rpm 292.5yds

mizuno st200 driver review

Mizuno St200 Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 featured 28 driver reviews and tests. Here are the results of the Mizuno ST200 driver.

Pricing: $450 / BUY-NOW Lofts: 9.5deg, 10.5deg. What we think: The Beta Rich Forged titanium face is 17% stronger than conventional materials. It also performs better and lasts longer. Due to the Wave Sole’s compacted weight, an extra 11.6-gram backweight was added. The result is a balance between low spin and forgiveness. There are also draw-bias ST200X, adjustable-weight ST200G versions. Higher-level players will love the flatter crowns, and greater lie angles.

ClubTester’s take (8-hdcp): “Classic looks combined with new-age tech. This is a truly outstanding feeling!

Robot’s view: The ball speed winner is for players who are mid-swing speed.


Is Mizuno St200 Forgiving?

ST200 Driver. The ST200 Standard driver has no adjustability. However, the ST200 claims it’s more flexible due to a fixed weight rear and produces lower levels of spin. Mizuno call it a high-stability driver and suggest it is designed for golfers looking for ‘straight line distance and predictability’.Jun 29, 2020

What year is the Mizuno St200’s driver?

ST200 Driver. This new series of Mizuno steelwoods has been created for 2020. Mizuno’s Japanese & US R&D Teams collaborated on this groundbreaking project, and it was played by Tour players around the world.

When did The Mizuno St200 come out?

Retail availability for all Mizuno ST200 series metalwoods begins on February 7th, 2020.Jan 10, 2020

How do you choose the best Mizuno driver?

The Mizuno ST200 driver is designed for golfers who want maximum forgiveness. Because the StT200 Standard model’s weight is centered on the sole of your club, it has a higher MOI, which allows for more stability and forgiveness, particularly when you make mistakes.

.Mizuno St200 Driver Review

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