2024 Guide to USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan: Tracking & Alerts Explained

2024 Guide to USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan: Tracking & Alerts Explained

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

A Delivery Scan Means The Tracking Bar Code!

Your tracking code may also be returning the dreaded “USPS Awaiting Item” code in addition to the “Awaiting Delivery Scan” message.

This code normally indicates that USPS postal workers have been notified that your parcel will be added to the shipping system, but that they do not yet have physical custody of the package.

When they print these labels, they submit the information to the USPS to notify them that a parcel will be dispatched through their system, but this does not necessarily mean that the package has been dropped off at the nearest USPS post office.

This can make things a little complicated, especially if you’re attempting to figure out when your delivery is going to arrive.

When the mail arrives at its next rerouting destination, it must wait for the scanning equipment or the scanning clerk to input the tracking information for the most up-to-date information on its whereabouts.

How Usps Tracking Works

If you’re the recipient, the bar code used to initiate USPS Tracking Service can be found on your package or letter. However, if you are sending a package, it is printed on a shipping label that needs to be attached to your parcel.

Tracking numbers allow you to track your package from the time it leaves its sender. This barcode is used to scan your parcel throughout its entire journey from sender’s address to destination.

The USPS scans parcel bar codes as soon as they get them. Based on the location of your package, USPS updates their status. You can request the PS Form 152 at any post office if you need to track a parcel.

This form must be completed by you before shipping. After you’ve handed the package to USPS, the tracking number will be displayed under the barcode.

You will have access to view all the scans your package has received, and you can even ask for an email each time the status changes and for the final delivery. The website can also handle any inquiries you might have, and the FAQ section is very helpful.

You should receive the tracking number from the shipping company if you ordered items online. You will then be able to access the USPS website to get the status of your parcel.

How To Track My Usps Parcel?

Every package is eligible to receive a mail certificate. from the USPS. That certificate reports the number of times and where they were scanned. It shows your recipient (and you) when and where their package was received, processed, and delivered to their doorstep.

If you want to check your package tracking number so that you can see how it’s doing, go ahead! Track & Confirm is the best way, but you can also find the link here to Track & Confirm USPS Tracking.

A mailing certificate can be divided into two phases:

This is a scan of Philadelphia to New York that was part of a certificate.

You can track your packages automatically with a delivery scanner:

Some companies use a delivery scanner to track packages. This can be helpful in case you are looking for a specific package or want to know when your package has been delivered.

The scanner is able to scan the barcode on the package, which will then tell you where it is and when it was delivered. You can also see the time and name of your courier company.

You will find information on how to setup your delivery scanner and some tips about the things that you need before purchasing one.

An automated scanner that tracks packages being sent by postal or courier services, such as UPS, FedEx and DHL, USPS etc., is called a delivery scanner. It uses barcodes on labels

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

What Is ‘Scheduled Delivery Pending’?

Unfortunately, the “scheduled deliver pending” message is becoming more common due to ongoing supply chain problems and pandemics. This is a generic term to indicate that the delivery of your package was delayed due to reasons beyond the control of the carrier. Think of it as a notice that your carrier has the package and are working to get it delivered, but a delay has caused a slowdown and they’re not sure when it will arrive.

Although delivery continues, scheduling is not possible. However, it is possible to give you an exact date or time.

This was in the past mainly due to weather or natural disasters, as well as large accidents on major roads. Today, this status can also indicate larger supply chain issues at work that are causing a delay. The delivery commitment has changed because of these delays, and the carrier is working to update the status.

In Transit

This message is common and will be displayed for most of the time as your package is on its way to you. In Transit simply means that the package is traveling through the USPS infrastructure on its way to final delivery status. It could be in a plane or truck. It is an excellent message, as this means the package is on its way to you. This message may be visible for several days depending on how long the item is traveling. This is especially true if the item is traveling a long distance, like across the country. Although you might believe that the USPS parcel isn’t moving, most likely it is simply traveling between one place and another.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

How Long Does It Take Usps To Scan Your Package?

The amount of time it takes the USPS to scan your package depends entirely on many factors, especially package volume.

With that, the greater the number of packages in a sorting facility or on a delivery truck, the longer it will take to scan all of them.

So, some days it might take the Postal Service mere moments to scan an item, and others, if there is a backlog, it can take hours or days.

You will also need to wait while your mail carrier processes the package.

Sometimes, even after your parcel has been delivered to you, the carrier may forget to update the delivery status.

How Accurate Is Usps Tracking?

USPS receives millions of packages every day. This means that there will be tracking reports errors. However, overall, USPS tracking is quite accurate considering the number of items they handle regularly.

The errors that take place are not just from driver negligence when it comes to scanning packages. These errors can be caused by delays in flights or unexpected mechanical problems with equipment and USPS vehicles.

Weather can also play a huge factor in how the operation of the tracking system is operated. Tracking reports can be delayed or found inaccurate due to power outages, for example.

Despite the fact that the inspector general acknowledged there are areas for improvement, the USPS system to quickly deliver packages is extremely reliable. You can compare it to other delivery options as compatible.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

When To Contact The Post Office

So, when should you contact the post office with tracking issues? If you see the Awaiting Delivery Scan USPS message for more than two days, then go ahead and contact the post office. This likely means there is an issue with your delivery, and you can have the post office start looking into the problem.

Some status messages can remain for longer periods of time without causing any problems. You should wait at least one week before you contact the postal office if you notice the In Transit message. It can sometimes take several days for your package to move from one facility to the next, so it is not uncommon for the In Transit message to be displayed for several days.

How To Track A Package Without Usps Tracking Number?

If you’ve lost your tracking number, finding out exactly where you package is could be a little more problematic. Contact USPS Customer Service by telephone or email with the above information. You may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Class of mail for shipment
  • Where the shipment was to be delivered (i.e. Address of the shipment (i.e., residence, business address or military outpost).
  • Whether it was registered, required a signature, or insured
  • Sending value
  • If you suspect mail theft, you’ll also have to explain why you believe this and any available information, photos, or videos.

We hope this post gives you a better understanding of what you can expect from USPS tracking! If you have questions, please leave a comment.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

What Does Usps Mean When It Says “Shipping Label Created, Usps Awaiting Item”?

An online USPS shipping service application allows a shipper to create a shipping label that will be used for a package or envelope shipment.

The USPS shipping application records this event in the tracking history for the shipment; in this case, the message notifies anyone requesting a status of the shipment that the shipper has created the shipping label, and the USPS is waiting for the shipper to tender the shipper to the USPS.

The USPS does not yet have the item and could never receive it. Just someone went on to there system and created and paid for the label.

If the USPS or one of its partners has it, they scan it and will update it with updated information.

It means whoever you bought something from, or ordered something, has created the label with the addresses (from & to) and a tracking number.

That’s all. Doesn’t mean they’ve even put it on the pkg or dropped it off at a post office. They’ve just created the label.

How do AUsps and AAwaiting delivery scans differ?

If you place an order online and you need your items shipped, the company you have placed the order will inform USPS.

USPS will then use the tracking number assigned to mark it aUSPS awaiting itema even though they donat physically have your package yet. It basically means they have yet to receive the package in order to ship it.

The aawaiting delivery scana simply implies that your package is out for delivery with the driver, and once it is delivered, it will get scanned.

Remember that packages sometimes miss scanning and still get delivered to their intended recipient. It isnat uncommon for a driver to forget to scan a package when they are leaving it at your door or even handing it directly to somebody.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

What does Usps Awaiting Items Mean?

  • What is the USPS waiting item?

USPS hasn’t scanned the shipping label for your package yet, although you know a label has been purchased since there is a tracking number available. It is possible that the seller has not dropped off the package yet or the parcel is still waiting to be picked up at a collection location.

I also wrote this longer explanation-

When a customer pays for their purchase, such as on eBay, I can print and purchase a USPS shipping tag to put on the package.

eBay sends the buyer the tracking number immediately, but I still have to get the package to the post office or in a mailbox on my end.

Sometimes this feels like too much pressure. I don’t enjoy having to rush to get to the P.O. as soon as I print a label.

However, until the item has been scan by the postal worker, it is safe to assume that the seller has the item. Hopefully, the seller will not succumb under pressure.

USPS uses a scanner. Each parcel has its own unique scanning system that records every movement it makes. when it is purchased online it will show ‘awaiting item’ (or something like that) until the online postal service buying guy actually gets it to the p.o.

It is then scanned to confirm its presence and scanned again showing the time it will be leaving for shipment.

Everything is scanned as it arrives, sorted, and we go. This is all to make sure you know exactly where your package is.

You Can Wait For A Few Hours To A Day To See If The Delivery Is Made

You can reach your local supervisor at the post office if delivery has not been made. This should help to find out if they have received your package. To inquire at the post office about the current position of your package, you can use its tracking number.

The supervisor can also inquire with the carrier whether they made the delivery. You can ask the supervisor to sign it off as delivered if it is delivered and confirmed by you.

After you have done this, your status will be updated and the alert for awaiting delivery scanning on USPS is taken down.

Make sure to contact your local post office soonest possible after the expected day of delivery for better chances of locating the package.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

What Does Usps Awaiting Delivery Scan Mean?

So, what does Awaiting Delivery Scan mean? The USPS Awaiting Delivery Scan message can often be confusing, and it can mean a couple of different things. Here is what the message typically means and what you can expect after seeing it. The first scenario could be that your package was scanned for delivery but was never delivered. It could have been lost or forgotten while the mail carrier was making his rounds. This is usually the worst-case scenario as it can take a couple of days before the United States Postal Service realizes the package did not get delivered.

It could also be that your postal worker failed to scan the package before it was loaded onto a truck for delivery. Your package may be out for delivery, and you might still get it that day. The missing scan may cause your package to be delayed and you will see an Awaiting Delivery Scan message. Finally, the mail carrier may have forgotten to scan your package when they dropped it at your house. This is the best-case scenario because your package is already delivered. In that case, there is nothing else that you need to do except enjoy the new item that you ordered!

What Is Usps Collect On Delivery (Cod)?

With Collect on Delivery, a item not yet paid for is sent to a recipient (or agent) who pays for both the item and its postage upon delivery (not exceeding USD 1000) .

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps


If you track your packages and find an aawaiting delivery scan,a it could simply mean that your package is out for delivery that day. However, if that scan is a few days old, you may need to contact the shipping service and find out what is going on.

If you want to have more freedom and not wait around for your mail or packages to be delivered, choosing a service like MyDaak’s virtual mailbox is the perfect solution!

What if I don’t have a tracking number?

Unfortunately, locating your package without a tracking number is not possible. A tracking service automatically generates a tracking number and provides it to the sender. Many commercial senders routinely inform recipients of the tracking number of their shipment. If you have not been notified, please contact the sender directly. You may not have received a tracking number, as your item did not include one. Tracking numbers are not available from courier service hotlines or local post offices.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

United States Postal Service, (Usps).

For all of your mail notifications, you can register on the USPS site. When they receive any mail for you, including packages, you will get an email with a scanned picture of the outside of the envelopes and the senderas name for any parcels.

This service is relatively new, and there can be errors or even delays in the notification process. There are other options available to ensure that your mail gets scanned correctly and can be viewed almost instantly after delivery.

There are other reasons that trigger this message.

This message can be triggered by many other factors than the one mentioned above.

  • It is possible that the item was sorted by USPS and shipped off without scanning. Your package could be in transit.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

Other Common Usps Tracking Statuses

Customers can be confused by more than the two status messages that I have mentioned. It is possible to see many messages when tracking your parcel. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what each message means. These are the messages you might see most often, and what they can mean for you.

Is All Mail Scanned?

Digital mail tracking programs have raised concerns about their sweeping nature because post offices and law enforcement agencies can monitor all mail, not just mail from crime suspects. The images that can be captured by scanning machines in mail processing centers are what they keep.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

Can I Pick Up A Package Transferred To The Post Office?

Yes, you can do this. What is it? What is it? It is available for packages, letters, and flats with a tracking barcode or additional services.

How Long Does It Take For Usps To Accept The Package?

It usually takes between 1 and 4 days to get a confirmation of delivery. Most cases get done within the one-day timeframe and it takes four days in rare cases.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps

— Delivered

This is one of the best status messages that you will see. This message means your package was delivered successfully and will be arriving at your door or mailbox. You will see the exact time that your package arrived at your home. Sometimes, you may also be able to view additional information about its location. The Delivered status is the last one that you will see in your tracking history, and no additional updates are made once the package has been delivered.

Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps (+ Common Faqs)

The United States Postal Service works like an engine, serving millions and making sure that packages reach their destinations quickly.

USPS Tracking can be updated throughout the day as new circumstances arise. One such message that may appear is Awaiting Delivery Scan.

  • But, what does “Awaiting Delivery Scan” mean? The following information will help you understand the subject.
  • Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning USPS (+ Common FAQs)

    What will the Awaiting Delivery Scan Indicate for USPS In 2022

    A parcel marked “Awaiting delivery scan” by the Postal Service often means that it is currently in the care of the post carrier and has yet to be delivered. A notification can indicate the following: The item may have been delivered, but not scanned, and the item might be lost.

  • There are many meanings of Awaiting delivery scan. We’ll explore them all.
  • Is it Possible That Your USPS Mail Package Screams “Awaiting Delivery Screen”?

    One reason a package might not be delivered is because it was “Out of Delivery” the previous morning. It could instead say “Awaiting Delivery Scan” the next day.

    It’s crucial to remember that mail carriers can scan packages before delivery.

  • Now imagine your package going from “Out for Delivery to” to “Awaiting DeliveryScan.”
  • It’s possible that it was physically retained by the carrier.

    This could also mean that the postal carrier might have been going through all the packages in preparation for their delivery, sorting them into their truck and scanning the status to update it.

  • No Package yet delivered
  • So, one reason your parcel might say “Awaiting Delivery Scan” is that the package is in the mail carrier’s possession but simply hasn’t yet been delivered.

    It implies, however that the carrier will deliver the parcel within the day.

  • The Package Has a Hidden Secret
  • Another example is when a parcel received by a recipient was lost in transit. It may have been hidden behind larger items or under the seat of a truck.

    These cases, when the carrier scans the parcel already as an “Awaiting Deliver Scan”, that status may remain unchanged for several days.

    Unfortunately, the person receiving the package will have to wait till someone locates it. But, it’s at least reassuring to know that it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is lost.

  • The Package was delivered but not updated
  • Sometimes, accidental notifications may also be assigned to packages that were delivered.

    Mail carriers use scanners to scan barcodes and update the status manually as they travel.

    Mail carriers can be human and pick up the wrong status, or even forget to update.

    Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning USPS (+ Common FAQs)

    How Long Does It Take USPS To Scan Your Package?

    Many factors affect the time required by USPS to scan packages, including package volume.

    That means scanning every package in an orderly facility, or on a delivery vehicle, will take more time.

    So, some days it might take the Postal Service mere moments to scan an item, and others, if there is a backlog, it can take hours or days.

    Additionally, if you notice that your package has gone from “Out For Delivery” to “Awaiting Delivery Scan,” you will have to sit tight while the mail carrier does their work.

    Keep in mind that sometimes the carrier could forget to change the status of your delivery even though the package is delivered.

    Can A Package Be Delivered Without Being Scanned By USPS?

  • It is possible for carriers to deliver a package even if it has not been scanned. However, you might see the label “Out For Delivery”, or “Awaiting DeliveryScan” on your parcel.
  • That said, while the Postal Service makes every effort to keep packages’ scans up to date, where there are humans, there’s the possibility for human error.

    If you have concerns about this, it is possible to just wait until the next day or for several hours (which in the case of the Postal Service at 5 p.m.)

  • By this time, your package tracking data should have been updated from “Awaiting delivery scan” to “Delivered”.
  • Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning USPS (+ Common FAQs)

    What Does USPS “Awaiting item” Really Mean?

  • While the term is used in the same way, it refers to different package statuses. For example, “Awaiting Shipping Scan” can be used for “Awaiting Shipment Item”.
  • That said, USPS “Awaiting Item” occurs at the beginning of a parcel’s journey to its destination.

    It actually happens so early that the Postal Service does not even have possession of it yet.

    Instead, the label was created with a tracking number, but it has not yet been brought into the Post Office to be scan.

    For more information about USPS you can see posts such as how long USPS parcel Select takes, if USPS package are insured, or if USPS scans packaged packages.

  • Conclusion
  • If your tracking shows “Awaiting Deliver Scan”, it’s a somewhat vague designation, which can be confusing and could refer to several things.

    It does, however, mean your parcel will be delivered to you soon as the mail carrier received it.

    What is the reason why my usps package says “Awaiting Delivery Scan”?

    USPS uses scanners to monitor/track each parcel’s progress, and determine whether it has been delivered. If the label says “awaiting delivery scanning”, it means that the package has yet to be “scanned” for delivery. This is January 2022

    What does Awaiting Delivery mean?

    Simply, it means your package is at the delivery terminal.

    .Awaiting Delivery Scan Meaning Usps (+ Common Faqs)