Ping G410 Driver Review

Ping G410 Driver Review

ping g410 driver review

Ping G400 was the most sought-after driver on the market in 2008. Ping’s G410+ Driver is a new driver that offers the same level of forgiveness as top-performing drivers, but with more adjustability.

Bubba Watson is already enjoying the G410 Plus driver. His accuracy from the tee shot has improved dramatically since placing it in his bag. GolfMagic HQ saw the G410 Plus driver and it immediately made us swoon. There were many great things we had read about the large stick.

For the first time in a PING driver, the G410 Plus has a moveable 16g tungsten weight in the back of the head. It is possible to adjust the weight so that you can change your shot shape up to 10 yards. What PING drivers are best known for is how forgiving they are, so the brand didn’t want to lose that aspect making it adjustable. PING placed the weight at the back end of the clubhead so that it maintains a very high MOI. It will still give you all the forgiveness you are used to when purchasing a PING Drievr. Check out the video below as GolfMagic’s Jack Seddon tests the PING G410 Plus at Farleigh Golf Club:

Review: PING G410 Plus Driver

ping g410 driver review

G107. The G107.

Why You Need This: Today you get a “PING G410 Plus Drive Review

When trying to choose between the various models available, it can seem overwhelming.

Today I’m hoping to shed a little light on what manufacturers are doing to make their clubs perform the best they possibly can.

We’ll teach you everything about drivers.

What does it entail for a club “forgiving?”

How much weight should the club have to optimize performance?

Is it the contact between a ball and a club’s face that causes a golfball to lose its energy?

ping g410 driver review

Watch This Video Now!

Let me show you this video, because it’s the only one I have today. I already know I like you!

Video transcription:

Okay, today’s review will be of the Ping G410 Plus. This review isn’t your standard. We won’t be discussing all of the, it feels good, it looks good, our personal opinions on it.

This is where we get to the heart of the matter. We will discuss the technology behind this driver that has made it the best technologically-advanced on the market.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find any driver who’s more forgiving or hotter than this driver. The science behind this driver is what we’ll be talking about.

So, let’s die right into it. My task was to interview some engineers at Ping. These clubs really appeal to me.

ping g410 driver review

Ping G410 Plus Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 featured 28 driver reviews and tests. Below are the results for the Ping G410 Plus driver.

Price: $500 / BUY NOW Lofts: 9.5@, 10.5@, 12@ Our take: Three weight locations along the perimeter draw, neutral and fade allow 20 yards of draw and fade. Built from multimaterials, the 455cc construction includes a forged T9S+-face that has been heat treated for increased face deflection. Stiffening the head structure with a creased crown helps to increase efficiency.

ClubTester’s Take (16-hdcp: “Penetrating Ballflight and Great Distance without Swinging Hard.”

Robot’s perspective: Robust performance for mid-speed athletes in terms of accuracy, carry and maneuverability. Forgave heel hits, too.


ping g410 driver review

Ping G410 Lst Driver Review, Photos And More: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020 featured 28 different drivers that we evaluated and tested to ensure you get the perfect driver for your game. Below are the results for the Ping G410 LST driver.

Price: $500 / Buy Now Lofts: 9.5, 10.5 and 12. Our view: The head of the LST is slightly smaller (450cc) than that in the Plus model, but it offers the same technology, adjustability, and low spin profile. You can adjust the spin rate by moving the forward center or gravity, depending on your player.

ClubTester’s 2-hdcp: “Filthy Low Launch and Spin. And all this from someone who uses PING!

Robot’s take on high-speed balls: Robot is near the top.


ping g410 driver review

Bottom Line

Ping claims quality, performance and engineering excellence. After fitting, I found that my shaft recommended by Ping was significantly shorter than my prior driver. This meant it took me several swings of the club to become comfortable with the distance I stood from the ball. You can really feel the forgiveness and power of this club after I have gotten my distance down.

If you hit the club with the clubface in front of you, the “tramponline,” effect will be visible on the ball. It is possible to feel the ball leaving the club. But it wasn’t the perfectly struck balls that was impressive, rather the “mishits,” which were what really sold me to join this club. Even when I missed a lot of balls, my dispersion was good and had lots of carry.

It was obvious that I had a lower sidespin than the original driver when I began hitting this club with a monitor. More side spin means more misses. You can miss your shot but still get in the fairway with this club. The best part is that misses will keep you from the woods or the penalty areas. While I don’t claim this will solve your problems, it did improve my driving ability over the following weeks.

Ping G410 Plus has been my best friend. I can now play on the left side of the course using this driver. In the past, my misses were to both the right and left side of the course, and I could literally hit it anywhere from the tee box. The driver helped me slide the weight up to Fade. Now I know I will either hit it down the middle, or I will draw. Although it took some time, you will find that being in control of your driver is incredibly powerful and can help lower your score. It may look strange to some, but this arrangement has been great for my game.

It seems to also hold its own against competitors. Ideally, it seems that the sliding weight increases shot bias while having no effect on forgiveness.

Even though the driver was not launched until 2019, it still remains an outstanding driver in Ping Golf’s lineup. You will enjoy this review. We update our website regularly with the latest news on new golf products and training aids.

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ping g410 driver review

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The new feature allows you to increase draw and fade bias. But, we are curious… Can this particular “big stick” live up its Ping predecessors? Or could it surpass them?

We’re going to ask The Average Golfer his opinion…

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Are The Ping G410 Drivers Worth it?

VERDICT. PING G410 Plus driver won a GolfMagic top 10 drivers award for 2019. The G410 Plus driver will suit you if you are able to overlook all the noise and want a great driver.

Are You a Beginner with the Ping G410 Driver?

Ping G410 SFT offers excellent performance and a lot of assistance to high-handicappers as well. It’s a lot louder than most drivers these days; whether that suits you or not will come down to personal preference.Nov 1, 2021

Which is best for ping?

Best golf driver overall: Ping G400 Max.Jan 20, 2021

What Is The Difference Between The Ping G410 Drivers?

The G410 LST was listed on the USGA’s list of conforming driver drivers. It has a smaller volume of 450cc than the standard G410 Plus driver. However, its measurements are only a tenth inch shorter front-to-back and are narrower heel to tip. May 20, 2019.

.Ping G410 Driver Review

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