Stihl Ms180 Review

Stihl Ms180 Review

stihl ms180c chainsaw Fast Free Shipping

Stihl Ms180C Chainsaw Fast Free Shipping


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Stihl MS180C Chainsaw 14* Bar 31.8cc. LOCAL PICKUP

Stihl Ms180C Chainsaw 14″ Bar 31.8Cc. Local Pickup


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Stihl MS180C Chainsaw

Stihl Ms180C Chainsaw


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stihl MS180 chainsaw

Stihl Ms180 Chainsaw


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16* 3/8 P BAR + CHAIN STIHL CHAINSAW 009 017 018 MS170 MS180 MS192 MS200T MORE

16″ 3/8 P Bar + Chain Stihl Chainsaw 009 017 018 Ms170 Ms180 Ms192 Ms200T More

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Stihl Ms180 Review

The Best Overall

With its 18-inch bar and 45.4-cc engine, this Stihl gas chainsaw represents an excellent all-around chainsaw that can take down small- to medium-size trees. It is heavy duty enough for pro use while still lightweight enough for most users to wield. Its engine is larger and has a longer bar, which can make it intimidating for amateur arborists. However, Stihl’s vibration-dampening technology makes the job easier for occasional operators. It is lighter than the other Stihl models but still manageable at just 12 pounds.

This Stihl model is large enough to be used by professionals, but it also has user-friendly features home landscapers will love, such as a tool-free, chain-tightener and automatic chain lubrication.

Product Specs

  • Bar length: 18 inches
  • 4.54-cc motor
  • Weight: 12 pounds


  • Large cutting diameter
  • Handle low vibration
  • Electronic ignition with easy-start
  • Easily accessed chain tensioner


  • Expensive
  • High-end

Best Electric

While gas chainsaws have ample power and can run for hours with a full tank of fuel at the ready, they require a significant amount of maintenance and can be difficult to start. The Stihl battery-powered MSA 140 is a good choice for those who want to cut down trees or prune branches. The saw can run up to 45 minutes per charge and is ideal for pruning limbs, or clean up after storms.

With its light 8.6-pound weight and short 12-inch cutting bar, this Stihl chainsaw is easier to maneuver than heavier and longer chainsaws. The electric ignition can be started at the touch of a button. This saves one’s back when starting a pull-start engine. Plus, there are no emissions. Other user-friendly features include a chain brake that can stop the chain in a fraction of a second and a rubberized covering for easy grip and a more comfortable hold.

Product Specs

  • Bar length: 12 inches
  • Power: 36-volt battery
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds

The pros

  • Start with a push-button
  • No exhaust fumes
  • Leichtgewicht
  • Safety-chain brake


  • High-end
  • Limited cutting power

Stihl Ms180 Review

Best Farm/Ranch

A chainsaw is required for large property such as farms, ranches and estates. It must be able to handle heavy use and bigger trees. With its 50.2-cc engine and 18-inch bar length, the Stihl Farm Boss is up to the task. This chainsaw can be used by people with greater experience in cutting large branches or felling trees. However, the features include an anti-vibration system from Stihl and large handles that are rubberized and ergonomically designed for increased comfort.

The Farm Boss is also easy to maintain, thanks to a side-access chain tensioner that’s easier to access with a bar wrench and an air filter cover that the operator can remove without a tool to easily clear debris on the fly. A high-efficiency engine allows the MS 271 to run for 20% longer between refills.

Product Specs

  • Bar length: 18 inches
  • Motor power: 50.2-cc
  • Weight: 12 pounds

The pros

  • Long cutting bar
  • Powerful engine
  • Handle ergonomically
  • Anti-vibration system


  • Harder to start
  • Expensive

Best Bang For The Buck

Small and easy to use but with enough power to handle a medium-size tree or large limbs, the Stihl MS 170 is the ideal choice for most users. The Stihl MS 170 can cut tree branches and trunks up to 16 inches diameter. This is enough power for pruning a tree, or clean up after a storm. It weighs less than 9 pounds and is easy to use for anyone not familiar with operating chainsaws. Like most Stihl chainsaws, this model also includes an anti-vibration handle for less fatigue, especially after longer periods.

The MS 170 includes other useful features for amateur chainsaw operators, including a quick-start ignition that is easier to get running than other gas chainsaws, a carburetor that automatically regulates the engine to prevent stalls, and an automatic chain lubrication system. The MS 170 is smaller than other gas chainsaws, so it also has a smaller tank. This can make cutting large amounts of wood more difficult.

Product Specs

  • Bar length: 16 inches
  • Power: 1.7 bhp (gas)
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds

The pros

  • Leichtgewicht
  • Carburetor cleaning system
  • Anti-vibration Handle
  • Automatic lubrication system


  • Gas tank for small vehicles
  • Small gas tank

Stihl Ms180 Review

The Stihl Ms 180 Chainsaw

Manufactured in the USA, the Stihl MS180c is a prosumer-grade chainsaw. Stihl is clearly a powerhouse within the chainsaw business and is thought for delivering high-end and efficient tools.

For mild household use, the MS180c was designed. This tool can be used to trim, clear brush, cut firewood and fall small shrubs.

There are many bushes around my home. I try to take as much wood as possible from them as I can for the firewood. I find yourself with branches which can be 3 – 10 inches in diameter and I wished a smaller noticed for coping with this wooden.

Lots of this wooden is gum, which is hardwood. I’ve discovered the MS180c doesn’t get by means of it that effectively. It’s alright on the thinner stuff however struggles a bit on something with a little bit of girth. However, it’s not as good when you’re slicing wood that has been down for a while.

Is that this chainsaw best for you?

Under I’ve outlined issues you need to take into account earlier than buying any chainsaw.


  • Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw
  • Prior to shopping for, think about these issues
  • Stihl MS180c Specs
  • MS180c Chainsaw Options And Advantages
  • Stihl MS180c Evaluation
  • Stihl MS180c Value
  • Stihl MS180 Alternate Options
  • Stihl MS180 FAQs

To cut thin lengths of wood for my fireplace, I bought a Stihl MS180c saw off Market earlier in the year. Although I was not proud of my purchase, Stihl isn’t to blame. I just feel like I bought a dud.

Trust me, my Husqvarna Rancher 450 is what I want, even though the two chainsaws are not in the same class. For lighter tasks, the MS180c can be used while the Husky is good for processing firewood.

Are you out there for a brand new chainsaw as properly? This chainsaw has been through a lot of testing, research and testing so you won’t have to. Listed here are my ideas on this small Stihl chainsaw.

Stihl Ms180 Review


A chainsaw is bound to break apart or malfunction if you do not maintain it well. No matter how efficient the tool may be, it won’t perform well if you don’t routinely clean it and treat it well.

A lot of different fluids go into ensuring that this device performs consistently. Chain oil is the most important.

Chain oil is essential for keeping your chainsaw’s blade in tip top shape. Chain oil is a lubricant that helps keep the saw rolling smoothly. You will want to make sure that your tool always has sufficient of this lubricant.

This item has a capacity total of 4.9 Oz which makes refilling easier.

Stihl 180 Alternative Options

Stihl MS180c doesn’t have to be the only available chainsaw on the market. Here are a few chainsaws which may be comparable to the MS180c.

Echo CS-400 Chainsaw

The Echo CS-400 packs many options into its chassis. This chainsaw is easy to use. You’ll don’t have any downside dealing with a variety of initiatives with the CS-400. This chainsaw is easy to use thanks to the i-30 starting system.

Husqvarna 120 II 16″ Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 120 II is one other nice various to the MS180c. It options an anti-vibration system, is light-weight, and has low kickback security options. The chainsaw can be used for firewood cutting, pruning and passion work.

Husqvarna 14 inch 120i Cordless, Battery Powered Chainsaw

For those who’re on the lookout for a battery-powered various, the Husqvarna 120i is a good wager. This is the best choice for homeowners who want to cut branches or small shrubs. It’s ideal for light duty tasks and has a long battery life. Extra of one of the best electrical chainsaws right here.

Stihl Ms180 Review

Motor Strength

As per tradition, the first thing that we will be looking into when analyzing this chainsaw is its overall strength. The engine is the prime component that contributes to the overall power generating capacity of this tool.

It is normal for one to desire one of great strength. The more the force, the more convenience in use.

STIHL understands this requirement and went all out with the MS 180. Although it may seem a bit old-fashioned compared to more electric alternatives, its strength far exceeds it.

It boasts a total engine power of 1.5 kW, making it go through any material you are likely going to apply.

Stihl Ms 180 Alternatives

The Stihl MS180c isn’t the only chainsaw on the market.

Here are a few examples of chainsaws that can compete with the MS180c.

Echo CS-400 Chainsaw

The Echo CS-400 packs many features into its chassis.

This chainsaw is easy to use. You’ll have no problem handling a wide range of projects with the CS-400.

The i-30 starting system ensures a quick and easy start every time you use this chainsaw.

Husqvarna 120 II Gas Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 120 II is another great alternative to the MS180c.

The device features an anti-vibration mechanism, is light and features low kickback safety measures.

The chainsaw can be used for cutting firewood, pruning and other hobbies.

Husqvarna 120i Battery Chainsaw

The Husqvarna120i, a fantastic alternative to a battery-powered model, is an excellent choice.

It’s ideal for homeowners looking to prune branches and felling small trees.

The 120i has excellent battery life and is ideal for light-duty tasks.

Find out more about the top electric chainsaws.

Stihl Ms180 Review

Stihl Ms180C Review

The MS180c is a great buy.

I found this chainsaw to be a welcome addition to my chainsaw collection. Stihl products are high quality and built to last. Stihl’s MS180c is no different.

It leaks tons of bar and chain oil, which is the main issue I have with it. I must store it empty. The oil pump needs to be replaced!

MS180 c Pros:

  • It is easy and comfortable to use.
  • Long-term use is made easier by the anti-vibration system
  • The chainsaw’s efficiency is high and it will decrease your chain and lubricant consumption.

MS180 c Cons:

  • Wasn’t as gutsy as I was hoping
  • Could be at risk of leaking oil

My MS180c was purchased second-hand. This is always risky.

You never know the true condition of the saw and what it’s been through.

This one had been stored for some time apparently but didn’t have any problems prior to that. The seller may have forgotten a few issues.

While you might have little issues with this chainsaw, you may have to upgrade to a more powerful chainsaw if you plan on felling large trees.

If you like Stihl, the MS251 is a slightly more powerful saw, and the MS261 is another very popular chainsaw.

Stihl MS180c is a high-quality, consumer-grade chainsaw that offers a lot of features. It can handle almost any daily chores, including tree pruning, felling small trees, carpentry, and brush clearing.

It’s cheap and you are getting a comfortable, reliable, and easy-to-use chainsaw.

Why Choose A Stihl Chainsaw?

Stihl is among the top names in chainsaws and for good reason. In addition to building reliable and durable products, the company has a reputation for innovations that make its chainsaws easier to use. Technologies such as Easy2Start lead to its gas chainsaws starting without the user having to make multiple pulls, and vibration-impeding technology allows the operator to run them with less fatigue, for example.

Stihl Chainsaws can be maintained easily thanks to their toolless design, automatic chain lubrication system, air filters that are easy to access, and carburetors that automatically adjust for the best operation. Stihl offers a wide range of products, from electric 12-inch chainsaws to monsters that can be used by professional foresters.

  • Operation that is reliable
  • Innovative technologies make Stihl chainsaws easier to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • A broad product range

Stihl Ms180 Review

Stihl Ms 180 Review

The Stihl MS 180 is a powerful chainsaw for its size, and if you have a long list of moderate-duty chores to knock out, it just might be the perfect saw for you. It will handle any daily cutting you need to do, such as firewood, clearing rough brush, or even some carpentry.

It is incredibly comfortable to use, and the anti-vibration feature makes long-duration cutting or sporadic all-day use much easier on the hands and arms. The Stihl MS 180’s efficiency when using petroleum products is another great benefit. This saw makes a better use of the lubricant and gas than other saws on the market.

The only noticeable downsides to the Stihl MS 180 come when you try to bite into something a little harder, like gum or locust wood or wood that’s been dried for a while. This may not work well if you are trying to remove large-diameter logs which have been sitting for some time.

Distribution of Weight

The overall weight of a chainsaw is a key indicator of its performance. A total load of such tools typically lets users know the type of projects in which it can function well.

The unit should have enough heaviness to be able to handle heavy tasks, but also light enough to perform subtle tasks.

Also, you will love the MS 180 to have a thoughtful amount of heaviness on both the body and the saw. The main shell weighs 9.3 pounds. Therefore, you can handle it with ease and maneuver it smoothly.

At the same time, its powerhead has a total mass of 8.6 lbs., allowing it to pack enough power to cut through the bulkiest items.

Stihl Ms180 Review

Types Of Stihl Chainsaws

Stihl’s product line is made up of smaller chainsaws designed for trimming branches and small tree removal, midsize chainsaws for farm and ranch use, and large models for professional arborists and forestry workers. Below, learn more about Stihl’s broad product line.

  • Homeowner Chainsaws: Stihl’s small chainsaw models range from 12-inch to 16-inch models. The former is designed for light tree pruning and post-storm cleanup, while the larger 16-inch models are suitable for trimming large branches, cutting up firewood, and even felling small trees. Stihl offers a line of chainsaws that are easier to operate, with anti-vibration handles and easy-start technology.
  • Farm and Ranch Chainsaws: Stihl’s farm and ranch chainsaws are bigger, with 18-inch to 20-inch cutting bars that make them capable of managing trees. Though they don’t include all the user-friendly features that Stihl’s small chainsaws offer, they are more ruggedly built to endure bigger jobs and regular use.
  • Professional Chainsaws by Stihl: This professional range is the highest quality line of Stihl chainsaws. These chainsaws have bars that measure up to 25 inches long and ample power for felling massive trees. They are built to endure daily heavy-duty use and run reliably without throwing the chain or stalling out, a big plus for forestry professionals and arborists.
  • Chainsaws for In-Tree: These special chainsaws are designed to be used in high trees. These are specially designed for arborists who must regularly climb into trees to prune large branches.

What is the best time to tune up a Stihl chainsaw?

This depends on use. For heavy usage, a chainsaw should only be serviced once per year.

Stihl Ms180 Review


If you’re wondering what Stihl’s product titles mean or how to maintain your new Stihl chainsaw, then read on for answers.

How Much Oil Do I Need In The Stihl Ms 180 Gas?

Stihl MS180 uses a 50/1 mixture of oil and gas. This means for every gallon of gas. You will need to add 2.6 fl oz. of oil.

Stihl Ms180 Review

What To Look For In A Potential Chainsaw

Before you start your chainsaw shopping, there are some things to keep in mind.

What Size Chain Goes On An Ms180C?

The MS180c’s versatility and interchangeability with chains is what makes it a popular choice. It can accommodate saw sizes ranging from 12” up to 16”. It can be made to fit any size chain.

Stihl Ms180 Review

The Ms180C chainsaw features and benefits

A product’s features can be the difference between success and failure.

The MS180c has many features to make your life easier.


  • Stihl 2-mix engine uses less fuel than standard 2 stroke engines
  • Save up to 20% on fuel costs and cut emissions by up to 70% during use
  • Side-mounted chain tensioners make tensioning your chain easy and safe.
  • Stihl Anti-vibration makes it easy and pleasant to use
  • Stihl Ematic system reduces chain lubricant usage up to 50%
  • All chainsaw functions are operated by a single lever

Stihl Ms 180 Overview

There are some great saws and some time-wasters in the 16” prosumer class of chainsaws. Stihl has been a trusted name in chainsaw manufacturing for years. The Stihl MS 180 is no exception.

It excels in making quick work of any solid wood up to about 12” across, as well as taming brush and pruning jobs. While it may take a little bit more finesse to get through seasoned hardwood, it does much better with fresher, greener wood that needs to be sectioned.

Stihl Ms180 Review

What is the 2-Stroke Stihl Ms180 Engine?

Stihl MS180 is a 2-stroke engine. Before you start adding fuel, make sure that you have added the correct amount of oil.

Where Is The Stihl Ms180 Made?

Just like all other commodities by STIHL, the MS180 is an excellent example of mechanical innovation. There is a significant reason behind this tool’s remarkable efficiency.

This tool is manufactured in Germany, a nation well-known for its excellence in machinery manufacturing.


The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is a reliable, light-duty chainsaw with improved engine refrigeration, air filtration and shroud design. Main topics: zip code, pitch chain, air filter, STIHL HP Ultra Oil, Apron Chaps – 6 layers, content of ethanol, outdoor project, modal dialog, successful cutting, chainsaw bar

Ms 180 Chainsaw

Perfect Smaller Chainsaw

Using fuel with a content of more than 10% Ethanol will damage your equipment and can void your STIHL warranty. This is my first Stihl product and my first chainsaw, and I’m 100% happy! This entirely synthetic oil is also extremely biodegradable, degrading 80% in 21 days.

The two-stroke petrol engine chainsaw Stihl MS180 14″ is suitable for general garden maintenance needs. A high-quality, lightweight (4.1kg) product with high technical specification allows short conifer hedge trimming, tree loping, shrub pruning, log and firewood cutting work.

For those unused to work with handheld mechanical equipment, the Stihl MS 180 is the perfect entry model for those finding a robust, hard-working general purpose sight. Its vibration damping mechanism eliminates arm fatigue and enables handling of the saw.

With key choke, start, stop and throttle functions on one lever, the saw is easy to start while using a strong two-handed grip to direct it through the cutting task in hand. Also, general computer maintenance is simple for beginners and seasoned users.

The chain tensioner is on the side of the cover and tensions the chain without the possibility of nicks or finger-cutting from sharp blades. Stihl’s Ematic chain lubrication system ensures that the chain links are continuously lubricated, while using far less oil than manual lubricating systems.

Combining reduced-emission technology and advanced combustion technology, maximum power and high torque are retained across the operating range of the saw. Overall, this offers smoother operation, with lower fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions.

The carburettor’s built-in fuel compensator keeps the fuel/air balance optimum. As the air filter traps microscopic particles and reduces air intake, the compensator reduces fuel delivery accordingly, ensuring that the two-stroke engine works at full power and efficiency.

Using this new technology, fuel consumption is 20% lower than similar saws, and exhaust emissions are reduced by up to 50%. Even the fuel tank and oil reservoir have simple unlocking and locking mechanisms that negate any equipment.

This hard-working, technically advanced saw will provide hours of inexpensive and reliable service in all areas of garden maintenance and light forestry work for those looking for their first chainsaw or the skilled tree surgeon wanting to expand their tool selection.

Power source:Petrol Power details:31.8 cm3, 1.4kW/1.9 hp Recoil bar length:36 cm (14 inches) Chain brake:Yes Chain tensioner:Yes Weight:4.1kg Warranty:2 years Perfect chain-saw I bought my first Ms180 C 5 years ago and used it to cut wood and cut wood for my daughter.

I had to replace the bar for use once. (Wore it out). The bar adjustment function is really convenient, as you need no tools. The spring-loaded starter is also fantastic. I had no issues with my saw. I do use premium gas and premium oil. I like it so much that I purchased another last year to use my son at his lake house. I know it’ll serve him well.

Written by Jonathan West

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Stihl ms271 review

Stihl ms271 review