Comprehensive Safeway Return Policy Guide 2024: Receipts, Time Limits & Alcohol Returns

Comprehensive Safeway Return Policy Guide 2024: Receipts, Time Limits & Alcohol Returns

Safeway Return Policy 2022

Notice To California Customers

Our Customer Service line can be reached toll-free at (877) 505-4040, between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm Pacific Time, seven days a week (except for major holidays and/or other days specified each year). For a description of the fees and charges to use the Online Grocery Ordering Service, please refer to Section 6 of this Part Two. If you have a complaint regarding the Online Grocery Ordering Service or the Catering Order Service, please contact us on our Customer Service line toll-free at (877) 505-4040. The Complaint Assistance Unit of The Division of Consumer Services of The Department of Consumer Affairs can be reached by writing to 400 R Street Sacramento, CA 95814 or telephone (916) 445-2254 or (800 952-5210).

If your chosen Product(s), or any other product, is not available at the time of your order being filled, you may choose to be substituted. California residents have the right to receive notice if a product contains chemicals that are listed and known by the State of California. Exposure at a high risk level could increase your risk of developing cancer or cause reproductive harm. In instances where your selected Product did not require said notice, but you receive a substituted Product that includes a Proposition 65 warning, we are not able to pass that notice to you prior to your purchase of the Product. You may refuse to accept a substitute Product that requires a warning if you have not purchased the original Product. If this happens, you can return the product to us for a complete refund. You can also modify your choice and refuse to be substituted for Products if you don’t agree with the conditions. For information about Proposition 65, go to .

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Using The Catering Order Service

You may need to create an account in order to use the Catering Order Service.

(a) Offer and Acceptance. By submitting an order through the Catering Order Service (i.e., by clicking “Complete Order”), you offer to purchase the Special Order Item(s) specified in your order. Company may accept or reject your offer, at its sole discretion. We will confirm that you have placed an order and we accept your offer. However, after we receive final confirmation about Special Order Item availability price, we may cancel the order in its entirety or part. Company may accept your order, but not cancel it, and will send you an electronic confirmation that your order has been received.

(b) Special Order Item Quantity Limits. The quantity of any Special Order Item may be limited at our sole discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, inventory control, labor time, and other factors. We will endeavor to contact you via the contact information provided during the checkout process prior to canceling the order or preparing a reduced number of Products.

(c) Pickup times and order deadlines. Special Order Items generally require 24 hours to prepare. The ordering page will display the next available pickup time for the Special Order Item(s) you wish to order. You can contact the store to inquire if a Special Order item is available prior to the listed time. If you do not choose a pick-up time, you will be asked to confirm.

(d) Order Cancellations or Changes Initiated by You. You may only cancel or change your order made on the Catering Order Service by contacting the store with which you placed the order by telephone before the store has acted on your order. You cannot cancel or change your order if the shop has already started preparations for it.

(e) Payment. Payment is due for Special Order Items at the time of pickup and is paid for in-person in the store at the time of pickup, unless otherwise provided in the Catering Order Service.

(f) Allergy Disclaimer. Some of our Special Order Items could contain wheat, eggs, dairy or soy allergens, or they may have been made in an environment that contains wheat, nuts and soy.

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Prohibitions On Your Use Of The Sites

As a condition of your access to the Sites, you must not:

(a) access the Sites through any means other than the visual user interfaces authorized by Company or through our authorized accessibility alternatives or permitted voice activated systems;

You may not use the Sites to sell products without Company’s written permission. However, you can use the Online Grocery Ordering Service (outlined in Part Two below) or the Catering Order Service (for ordering special order items from Company) for pickup and delivery to your company. Reselling is prohibited.

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(h) Access and/or Use the Sites In Violation of Federal, State, Local Laws, Rules or Regulations.

(i) assist or permit any person engaging in any of the prohibited activities described above.

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You Indemnify Us

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Company, and its affiliates and subsidiaries and all of its/their respective officers, directors, employees, owners, agents, information providers, licensors and licensees, from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, expenses, and costs (including reasonable attorney fees) incurred in connection with any third party claim, complaint, suit or cause of action arising from your conduct in connection with accessing and/or using any of the Sites or your breach of these Terms. This does not cover Company’s actions. In defense of such claims, you must cooperate with Company. Company reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you hereunder. You may not be eligible for certain consumer indemnities because some jurisdictions have restrictions on them. In New Jersey, the foregoing provision will be enforced.

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Safeway Return Policy 2022

To use the online grocery ordering service, you must create an account

To use the Online Grocery Ordering Service, you must set up an Account, as provided in Part One.

During the registration process, you may be asked to provide information (or confirm information that auto-fills) about your participation in Company Loyalty Programs, such as a whether you have a club card or telephone number you already use in-store to receive Product price discounts or accrue rewards program benefits. This information will allow you to receive any loyalty benefits, including discounts or rewards points, that may be earned online. If you are participating in an existing Company Loyalty Programs at the time you register for an Account in the Online Grocery Ordering Service, but such information is not filled in, the Online Grocery Ordering Service will assign the Account a virtual Company Loyalty Programs number. This virtual Company Loyalty Programs number will enable you to receive Product price discounts available to participants in Company Loyalty Programs if and when those discounts are provided through the Online Grocery Ordering Service. Online orders will be eligible for rewards points that can be used to redeem for gas or grocery rewards. However, these benefits won’t be offered if you use your Company Loyalty Programs numbers in-store.

Online orders can also be delivered by different Company banners in certain areas. The Online Grocery Ordering Service’s pricing and rewards program will apply to all orders placed. For your Online Grocery ordering service account, you can apply to the Company Loyalty Programs of the Partnering Banner. For questions or assistance regarding Company Loyalty Programs when using the Online Grocery Ordering Service, contact Customer Service line toll-free at (877) 505-4040.

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Can I Return Items To The Safeway Starbucks?

Safeway Starbucks accepts returns on all cups, packages of tea and coffee as long as the items are unopened and returned within 30 calendar days.

While customers technically cannot return crafted beverages, if their drink was not properly prepared, Starbucks will remake the beverage completely free of cost.

Customers will be required to throw out the old drink, since they can’t usually take back any drinks handed to them. This may differ from one kiosk to another.

Safeway Starbucks requires their customers to have a receipt in order to process a return, as not every kiosk is able to look up previous transactions.

Additionally, some kiosks may be allowed to grant a refund onto store credit if the customer does not have a receipt, but this may vary per kiosk.

Starbucks gift cards can be returned if they have the receipt.

Clearance items are also eligible for return or exchange as long as they don’t have a final sale sticker on the item.

Safeway Return Policy 2022

What Is The Safeway Return Policy?

Do you plan to continue shopping at Safeway? Doing so is wise since the company offers excellent items at great prices. Nevertheless, there is a risk that you’ll have to return something to Safeway at some point.

If you shop there regularly, you should learn as much as you can about the company’s return policy. You can easily return an item if you keep the receipt.

Whether you’re dealing with nonperishable or perishable products, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to return these items with a receipt.

You can, for example, return household goods, such as meat and produce with the receipt. You may not be allowed to return alcohol or baby formula. Each item also has a time limit. You can return some items up to a month later. Others have to be returned much sooner.

Safeway’s return policy includes a receipt that makes it simple for customers to return items they do not want. Keep your receipt handy in case you have to return an item soon.

Safeway Refund Policy

In this section, you will get to know about the Safeway Refund Policy. As you must have read that there is nothing such as a time period. If you are returning the product, you must bring your receipt. However, you can only get your complete refund if the item is less than $5. Without a receipt, your refund will get you in the form of a Safeway Gift Card. This is how the Safeway return policy works. The company will also handle any other product based on the price and condition of the item.

The Safeway Refund Policy was the focus of the details that followed. So, here our main segment ends by providing you the detail on Safeway Return Policy and along with that the Safeway Exchange and Refund Policy.

Safeway Return Policy 2022

Is there a fee for returns at Safeway?

Some companies charge a fee when accepting returns. The fee might be called a restocking fee. Either way, this means that you’re going to lose money. You won’t receive a full refund. Is this something that you’re going to experience when returning something to Safeway?

This is not a problem when you return an item to Safeway. The company doesn’t charge any fees for accepting returns.

You’ll receive the entire amount back if your return is approved. Just remember that you’ll want to keep your receipt to ensure that you can get the return without trouble.

What Products Can I Return To Safeway?

Safeway accepts both perishable as well as non-perishable goods to be returned to the store.

Food products such as meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, prepared food items, dairy products, and other perishables are all acceptable for returns.

Consumables as well as non-consumables are considered to be non-perishable. Cleaning products, hygiene care, kitchen wares, and other non-perishables all qualify for a return or exchange.

Safeway recommends that perishables be returned as quickly as possible to avoid delays.

Safeway might also allow flowers to be returned in their flower section.

However, this may be left up to the discretion of each individual store manager, and the ability to get a refund may depend on the reason for the return.

Safeway Return Policy 2022

We have monitoring and enforcement rights

The Company can monitor your activity and access to any Content in any interactive areas on the Sites. However, this is not a legal obligation. The Company has the right to access and make use of any information in our system for internal purposes at any time. However, this is subject to our Privacy Policy. We may investigate any violation or attempted violation of our policies, or complaints and take any action we deem appropriate, including without limitation, issuing a warning, or suspending or terminating your access to and use of the Sites, at any time without prior notification to you.

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Safeway Return Policy 2022

Is there a safeway Starbucks that accepts returns?

Safeway Starbucks’ policy involves the same terms with one minor difference:

  • If you want to return your product, you have 30 days to do so.
  • Starbucks doesn’t allow customers to return their drinks even though they paid for them.
  • Suppose the customer thinks the drink wasn’t brewed well. Starbucks can either make the drink completely new or replace it at no cost. If the error was not serious enough, they could offer a complimentary drink.

Starbucks has a great return policy that many other food places still do not adhere to. Some kiosks might also be able to issue refunds to customers who don’t have proof of purchase (e.g. receipt).

Gift cards are suitable for refunds if you have the bill and card from the original transaction. Clearance items can be repaid or exchanged, provided they are in new condition.

Online Grocery Ordering Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return any product purchased through Online Grocery Ordering Service if you’re not completely satisfied with it. For any such qualifying refund, we will issue a credit to the payment method used to purchase the Product or, at your option, you may receive a credit on account that will be applied to your next order. Please note that this satisfaction guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper use, or storage, or accidents after delivery or pickup, or any ordinary wear and tear on durable goods. If applicable, you may be entitled to certain rights.

(b) Satisfaction Guarantee – Delivery/Pickup Service. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, with our delivery or pickup service for a particular order, contact our Customer Service line toll-free at (877) 505-4040 within seven days after the date of the delivery or pickup. At our discretion, we may issue a credit to the payment method used to pay for the order or, at your option, issue a credit on account that will be applied to your next order.

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Safeway Return Policy 2022

Additional Disclaimers

Important: Other than the terms and conditions set out in Part 1, the Online Grocery Ordering Service (or the Catering Order Service) are offered on an “as-is” and “as provided” basis. This includes any products or special orders purchased via the Online Grocery Ordering Service. Any delivery or pick up service. Company does not warrant that the Online Grocery Ordering Service or Catering Order Service will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the Online Grocery Ordering Service or the Catering Order Service will be free of viruses or other harmful components. The Company makes no representations and warranties about the use or access of any Content or results thereof, including their accuracy, validity or completeness. Some or all these disclaimers might not be applicable to you due to the fact that implied warranties may not be exempted by law.

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Safeway Return Policy 2022

We May Modify These Terms

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Can You Return The Items At Safeway If You Don’T Have A Receipt?

You can exchange the receipt at any Safeway store, or receive a refund with a Safeway gift certificate. If you do not have the receipt, there will be no refunds to your account.

Safeway Return Policy 2022

Entire Agreement

These Terms set forth in this Part One and any other terms and conditions incorporated by reference or to which a link is provided in these Terms, as well as any other terms and conditions posted to any specific component of the Sites with which you engage, shall be the sole terms of the agreement between you and Company regarding your access to and/or use of the Sites.

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What Products Can’T Get Returned At Safeway?

While Safeway accepts most returns, they presently do not accept returns on liquor and baby products.

Some Safeway venues may be unable to handle returns for expired food, milk products, or other rotten food since each Safeway seems to have its own limited time for allowing returns.

Customers are advised to immediately return perishable products to receive full reimbursement

Safeway Return Policy 2022

Does The Return Policy Change When You Have Safeway Membership?

Though Safeway provides multiple offers and benefits to its member, there is no change in the return policy even if you have a membership card. Both customers who have a membership or those without it will be subject to the same return policy.

Program Member Perk – Birthday Treat

Qualifying Program Members can receive a $10 birthday treat at the start of every month. This will allow them to open their Tom Thumb For U(tm). It’s our way of celebrating our Program Members’ birthdays!

Safeway Return Policy 2022

Can Your Return Unopened Groceries?

You can usually return unopened groceries. If you need to take some groceries back to the store, it is wise to do so quickly. You’ll also want to bring your receipt to ensure that the items are returned conveniently.

Is It Possible To Return Groceries Without A Receipt?

Wondering about the Safeway return policy without receipt? Customers must provide a receipt to Safeway when they return items. They can exchange the same item if they do not have the receipt.

If customers pay for their order by credit or debit card, the store will check the customer’s latest buy to refund.

If customers don’t have a receipt, Safeway stores will give them a merchandise refund if they find any proof that customers purchased the item.

Yet, if their refund is worth less than $5.00, the manager may allow a cash refund.

Safeway Return Policy 2022

What are the Safeway Coupons and How do I use them?

  • Register to Safeway and then add your desired products to your shopping cart. To complete your order, simply enter the code in the checkout.
  • Register to Safeway and then add your desired products to your shopping cart. Simply apply the code at checkout to complete your order.

Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

Safeway is well-respected for being accommodating.

  • Safeway customers could be wondering what the return policy for Safeway is due to their commitment to customer connection. Continue reading this article to find out the answers to these questions!
  • Secureway Return Policy for 2022
  • Safeway lets customers exchange and return almost all of its merchandise as long as the receipt is present. Both perishable and non-perishable items can be returned excluding Alcohol and baby formula.

  • You can read on to find out how Safeway lets you return items without needing a receipt.
  • Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

    Without receipt, can I return groceries to Safeway?

    Safeway recommends customers keep their receipt in order to make returns. Customers who don’t have receipts can exchange for an equal amount.

    If they would prefer to be refunded, the store associate assisting them may be able to look up the transaction on their computer if they paid with a credit/debit card.

    Safeway will, however, refund any purchase that they can’t locate.

    The store manager can approve cash refunds if the amount requested for a refund is not more than $5

    Are there any time limits on Safeway’s returns?

    Safeway does not have a company-wide time limit for making returns as each return is handled on a case-by-case basis, depending on the type of product a customer is returning.

    Managers at stores will decide what is a reasonable time to make a return.

    The time they grant for non perishables may be longer than those for meat and other produce.

    Because of the uncertain return period, it is recommended that customers return all purchases as soon possible to receive full refunds.

    Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

    Does Safeway Charge for Returns?

    As 2022, Safeway does not charge customers for making returns or exchanges.

    Customers who request a refund or exchange will only be reimbursed if the receipt they received is valid.

    Safeway: Where can I return products?

    If a customer needs to make a return at Safeway, they can do so at the customer service/reception desk.

    Only the Safeway store where products were bought can be returned to customers. You cannot return items to Safeway locations that you have not purchased from.

    There may be a different time for the customer service desk in your Safeway than elsewhere.

    You should call to confirm the opening hours and ask about return policies before you bring your goods in.

    Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

    Safeway: What products can I bring back?

    Safeway permits both perishable, and non-perishable items for return to their stores.

    Food products such as meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, prepared food items, dairy products, and other perishables are all acceptable for returns.

    Both consumables, as well non-consumables can be considered perishable. There are no restrictions on cleaning products, hygiene and kitchen wares. You may return them or exchange them.

    Safeway will accept returns of perishable items as soon as possible.

    Safeway can also approve of the return or exchange of flowers within the flower department.

    But, it may still be up to each store manager to decide. The reason for the return may also affect the possibility of getting a refund.

    Safeway Does Not Accept Returns on Certain Products

    Safeway can accept returns on most products, however they are unable to accept return of alcohol and baby formula.

    Safeway does not accept gift card returns, exchanges or refunds. They are considered to be merchandise.

    Each Safeway places a time limit on accepting returns. Some Safeway stores may be unable to accept returns for expired or spoiled meats, milk products, and other foods.

    Therefore, customers are urged to return any perishables as soon as they are able to, in order to ensure that they can receive a refund.

    Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

    Do I have the right to return products to Safeway Starbucks

    Safeway Starbucks will accept any cups, packaged coffee, tea, and food for returns as long as they are unused and are returned within 30 days of their original purchase.

    Customers can’t technically return hand-crafted beverages. However, Starbucks will replace the drink for free if it isn’t properly made.

    They may ask customers to discard the drink they have just received. But, it may vary by kiosk.

    Safeway Starbucks will require customers to show a receipt for return processing. Some kiosks may not be able look up past transactions.

    Additionally, some kiosks may be allowed to grant a refund onto store credit if the customer does not have a receipt, but this may vary per kiosk.

    Starbucks gift certificates are eligible for return if customer still has receipt.

    Clearance merchandise is also available for return and exchange, provided that they are not marked with a final sale sticker.

    Is Safeway Pharmacy open to accepting returns?

    Safeway pharmacy cannot process retail returns. You must return any items, including hygiene products purchased at the pharmacy section.

    A Safeway pharmacy located in British Columbia has a disposal service that can be utilized for prescriptions that have expired or ceased being used.

    Safeway cannot offer a refund for any medication returned by customers. They are not able to issue prescription reimbursements.

    Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

    Safeway Canada has a different return policy

    Safeway Canada’s return policy is exactly the same as that in the USA.

    Safeways Canada is not a US store. Their return policy doesn’t include information on alcohol returns.

    You can read the related posts to find out if Safeway gift cards can be used for gasoline, alcohol, or other retail stores. Also, check out if Safeway prices match and Safeway cash checks.

  • Conclusion
  • Safeway offers customers the option to return merchandise purchased in its stores, except alcohol and baby formula. Certain store locations may allow flowers to be returned.

    Both perishable and non-perishable items are eligible for a refund.

    Safeway requests that all customers return their purchase receipts. Customers without receipts may exchange for an equal amount or get store credit.

    All items must be returned to the store they were purchased in.

    What if I don’t have receipts? Can I get a refund?

    The owner may not request a store to exchange or return an item because they do not like its color. But where an item fails, shops do not have the right to demand a receipt. Dec 19, 2008.

    Do you have the right to return items that are open?

    What Products Does Safeway Not Allow to Accept Back? Safeway only allows returning products that are not open and not damaged or defective in any way, except for a few exceptions. Customers cannot return electronic cigarettes, liquids (excluding alcohol-based ones), and baby formula.

    You can only return something to Cvs once without receiving a receipt.

    If you do not have the receipt, items returned may be exchanged for the identical item or reimbursed as store credit. For such returns, a refund may only be given if the item was returned at the lower price during the 60-day period. Also, returns without proof may not be accepted.

    .Safeway Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Food + Pharmacy)

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