Target Sodastream Refill 2022

Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

SodaStream offers a convenient and cheap way of getting your daily dose of sparkling water, with the only downside that you have to get it refilled or exchanged from time to time.

  • Target offers convenience services that include refilling your SodaStream. Here is what I’ve found out about this!
  • The Target SodaStream Infill in 2022
  • Target will now allow you to exchange or refill your 60-liter SodaStream Canister for as low as $16.95. You can save up 50% over the regular $29.99 canister price. You can also send your empty container to Target within 30 calendar days of purchasing it for a refill.

  • Read on to learn about the sizes and availability of SodaStreams at Target.
  • Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

    Target: How much do SodaStream refills cost?

    Target’s SodaStream Refills Cost varies by store. But, on average, it is $15-$20 per 60-liter carbonator.

    Target costs $16.95 on average, while Walmart, Best Buy (the company), and SodaStream each cost around $14.99.

    For as low as $29.99 you can purchase full 60-liter SodaStream sodastream carbonators or buy 2 sets of them for $64.99.

    Target customers who purchase carbonators must pay around $5.99 to receive standard delivery.

    Target has What SodaStream Refill Sizes?

    Target sells SodaStream carbonators of different sizes.

    Older SodaStream models can hold 130-liter Cylinders, which you can exchange with various retailers such as Target for about $15.

    Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

    Is it possible to exchange SodaStream Cylinders at Target?

    Target allows you to exchange SodaStream bottles by taking empty SodaStream containers into the Guest Services counter in Target and asking for an exchange.

    Target is a great place to exchange your CO2 bottles, saving up 50% However, note that all empty SodaStream cylinders must be returned to Target within 30 days of purchase.

    The full amount of the exchange fee will apply if you don’t bring your empty bottles in during that time.

    Make sure you contact the store before making your appointment to confirm that they are able to fulfill your request.

    Do You Know How Much Time It Takes to Refill SodaStream at Target?

    The amount of time it takes to refill SodaStream at Target depends on the method you choose. If you want instant results, simply swap cylinders with your Target store.

    You can also order refills online at, and you have the option of same-day delivery or home pickup.

    Your canisters will arrive within two- to six hours of your order.

    If you choose the standard delivery option you’ll have to wait two days before you can receive the refillable canister.

    Remember to store an additional cylinder so that it can be used when your other one is empty.

    Which Other Locations Can Refill SodaStreams?

    SodaStream refill exchanges cylinders for less waste. Most retail outlets offer refills or exchanges.

    Below is a listing of shops that can refill your SodaStream canisters:

  • SodaStream
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • BestBuy
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Staples
  • For the easiest way to locate the most convenient place to exchange Cylinders, check out SodaStream’s store finder.

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  • Conclusion
  • Target will refill your SodaStream CO2 carbonator and save you up to 50% on the final cost. If you don’t want to bring it to a Target store yourself, you’ll have 30 days to post your empty one to Target or SodaStream. Target stores offer immediate refills or next-day delivery. Target sells refills for $16.95 per 60-liter carbonator.

    .Target Sodastream Refill 2022 (Prices, Sizes + Exchanges)

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