Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

titleist tsi2 driver review


The TSi2 drivers retain the elongated and round shape of the TS2 before them [review HERE]. The gloss black crown’s only accent is a simple “TSi” that serves as the alignment aid. At address, the club is perfectly square. I find the club looks really sleek with the Mitsubishi Kura Kage shaft in matte.

The TSi2 driver face is strikingly unique. The heel and toe sections have continuity with the previous generation’s stretched diamonds, but those are the only similarities. The most striking aspect of this face is its texture. Rubbing my finger nail across it left a mark, but it wiped right off with my thumb. It was my expectation that I would be able see the imprints of every ball strike.

The soleplate of the TSi2 has a contemporary, sleek look. There are a variety of colours and finishes. A simple weight port centered at the rear foreshadows easy launch. And as always, I’m a big fan of the classic script Titleist on the toe.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review – Distance Bomber

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Review No Comments I will review the Titleist-TSi2 driver.

The TSi2 driver is the “distance bomber” for game improvement. With its flexible design and high ball speed, the TSi2 delivers maximum power at each impact point. Golfers will be able to hit the ball harder and more often with this CG.

New advances in face technology and an improved MOI make the TSi2 stand out. The TSi2 also has adjustability, which is a hallmark of all TSi models.

The TSi2 is how patient and slow-learning can it be? How does it perform on the course? Do you think it is worth the effort?

These questions will be answered and others in the review. Let me tell you:

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

You can read on to discover everything you need in order to make an educated purchase.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

Over the past five years Titleist has had a few issues with drivers. Titleist’s high standards are evident, so it is no surprise that performance does not seem to be an issue.

Titleist might have lost some their loyal fans, but that’s because they don’t advertise themselves the same way TaylorMade does. Callaway and TaylorMade release new drivers two times a year and try to persuade golfers that the new driver is better than sliced bread. It is completely absurd and works. Titleist isn’t what most people imagine when they think about great drivers. Callaway or TaylorMade come to their minds. This is a shame.

Titleist drivers are top notch, and the Titleist TSi series is no different. Drivers from the Titleist TSi serie are a great way to help a premium company in a market that isn’t saturated.

We’ll review the Titleist Tsi2 driver. It is the driver that Titleist claims to be the most flexible, long-lasting, and easy-to-launch driver in this series.

It is easy to see that the Performance & Appearance titleist TSi2 driver’s clubhead has a higher profile and wider head. This club head is very forgiving, which makes it a great choice for those who simply want to play more fairways. Despite the TSi2’s and TSi3 having 460cc clubs heads, the TSi2 drivers seem larger than the TSi3 due to their longer, shorter club heads. The contrast white/black club head covers and all-black crown are both great.

It’s easy to talk about appearance, but it can be difficult to discuss performance. However, although we are unable to predict how your swing will look with the Titleist Ti2 driver, it is possible to give some guidance.

This driver will work well for those who want the ball to fly high with added forgiveness. This is the best model for almost all golfers (compared with the TSi3). The strong majority of golfers don’t need sliding weights and much adjustability. Golfers need a lower center of gravity to launch the ball higher. An average golfer requires a high-profile club head to make off-center hits fly farther and stay straight. That’s it.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2/Tsi3

TSi2 is 8@.9@.10@.11@. TSi3 is 8@.9@.10@.11@. Our conclusion: We’re amazed by how great the face of the TSi driver looks, feels and works. Excited tester says: “It seems a bit bubbly,” but the ball is hot off the clubface.” Titleist has been praised for its unique titanium-based clubface.

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OUR TAKE: We can’t get over how amazing the face on the TSi drivers look, feel, and perform. Said an excited club tester, “It’s a bit bubbly looking, but the ball flies hot off the clubface.” Said another, “It’s the number one driver that I’ve tried.” Those are high praises for Titleist, considering the challenge it was to build a driver with a clubface made from an incredibly unique, aerospace-grade titanium. TOTAL DETAILS: New titanium clubfaces feature Multi-Dimension Stability. This allows for an even tighter spin range when shots are made on an offset percussion. Clubhead speed is improved and the weights are carefully placed to maximize launch conditions. Comes in two models; the TSi2 for maximum distance, and the TSi3 for added control and weight CG manipulation via the SureFit CG track adjustability bar. Both models come with adjustable hosels for custom-fit ballflights. Review 150+ from gear professionals in the ClubTest2021 collection. View Product Titleist TSi3Driver OUR TAKE: We cannot believe how great the TSi drivers’ faces look, feel, perform. A club tester exclaimed, “It has a bubbly look, but the ball flies hot from the clubface.” We are blown away by the amazing face on the TSi3 drivers. THE DETAILS: The new titanium clubface features Multi-Dimension Stability for a tighter spin range between shots hit on an off the center of percussion. Improved aerodynamics help to include clubhead speed and carefully positioned weights optimize launch conditions. There are two versions: The TSi2 is the best for distance and the TSi3 allows you to control weight CG via SureFit CG track adjustability. The hosels can be adjusted to fit custom-designed ballflights. See 150+ ClubTest 2021 reviews. View the product. Details: This red-hot ATI 425 (made originally for military purposes, such as tank armor and body armor), features multi-dimensional stability that allows for tighter spin between shots. An aerodynamic package reduces drag to speed, and weights are carefully placed for maximum launch. Two models are available: The TSi2 to maximize distance, and the TSi3 to increase ball control and weight.

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titleist tsi2 driver review

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Titleist could make the TSi the most powerful driver they have ever produced. We compare the TSi3 & TSi2 to find out how they perform in terms of ball speed, launch angle and spin rate.

titleist tsi2 driver review


NEW REVIEWS – Gear WITB Drivers Fairways Hybrids Balls Clothes, Shoes, Gloves and Grips Gears New Releases Videos REVIEW – The Titleists TSi Drivers Titleists TSi2 Titleists TSi3 Drivers Drivers’ New Gear Review. The new Titleists TSi2 drivers could make your game change.

In the, Titleist drivers are known for being better than others.

While I don’t believe this reputation is founded, it may have prevented Titleist drivers deriving more shots in the bags of golfers.

* Titleist TSi drivers – FIRST LOOK!

With their exceptional all-round performance as well as speed, the TS team helped combat that perception two years back. They were certainly a big step above Titleist.

With the TSi line-up we now have two drivers that could easily find their way into your bag, just as they have done with mine.

These big sticks can be described in one word: consistent.

titleist tsi2 driver review

Titleist Tsi2 Vs Tsi3 Driver Review Vs Alternatives

Titleist Titleist Tsi2 Vs. TSi3 Driver Reviews vs. Alternatives. Titleist drivers are my favorite, I’ve owned many of them and will continue to do so.

There is something about the soft feel you get at impact and the subtle looks of their design that I have just always loved (907 D1 as the only huge exception to that statement).

Today, we will take a look at Titleist’s new offerings: the TSi2 & TSi3 as well as other competition clubs.

You will be able to choose which clubs and try them if they are in your area.

Titleist dropped D as the driver model designation. Titleist was telling the world something was up.

The TS was birthed and they released four drivers with the first generation: the TS1-TS4.

Although the TSi is now an improved version of these clubs, Titleist has not made any changes or done any painting.

Is Titleist Tsi2 A Good Driver?

Titleist’s TSi2 driver is easy to use and has a consistent length. … In particular, Titliest says golfers will notice even greater levels of forgiveness on shots hit both high and low on the face.Jul 15, 2021

Are The Titleist Tsi2 Drivers Forgiving?

The TSi2 – the game-improvement ‘distance bomber’ of the TSi range of drivers. The TSi2’s flexible construction allows for maximum ball speed at all impact points on the face. Sep 13, 2021

Is The Tsi2 Better Than Ts2?

The TSi2 dominated the comparisons to the TS2. The TSi2’s ball speed and spin rate were nearly the same as that of the TSi3 This gives the player the great option to have a driver who is stable and less likely to mishit but maintains spin and launch in the right windows. The TSi2 has a stunning appearance.

Is there any pros who use the Tsi2?

Titleist Clubs and PGA Players Adam Scott are just a few of the Titleist golfers. Sungjae Im. Webb Simpson.

.Titleist Tsi2 Driver Review

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