Does Home Depot Rent Trailers

Does Home Depot Rent Trailers

Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

Home Depot offers a variety of home improvement and construction products at an affordable price, making it a good choice for both DIYers and professionals.

Home Depot offers rental tools for customers who do not own the right tool. So, does Home Depot rent trailers? After doing some research, here’s everything I was able to find.

Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

Home Depot To Rent Mobile Homes In 2022

Home Depot has started renting trailers since 2022. It is managed by trusted brands like Snake River Trailer Co. or Ohio Steel Industries, Inc. The trailers can be rented for any period, from one day to one month. The prices start at $14 per hour.

  • Keep reading if you want to know more about Home Depot’s trailer rental policy.
  • What do you get when you rent a trailer from Home Depot?

    Customers who rent a trailer from Home Depot for personal hauling needs will receive the following, for whatever price point and rental timeframe decided upon:

    Towable trailer equipped with hydraulic surge brakes tested and LED lighting.

    There are two options for payload capacity: 1,450 lbs or 2,990 pounds

    User’s Manual Downloadable Utility

    For transporting and unloading your goods, there are simple to use mechanisms.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    How many types and sizes of trailers can you rent from Home Depot?

    Home Depot currently offers rental of four types and sizes.

    Lawn and gardening trailers that can haul 3 x 5 feet.

    Channel Frame Trailer with 5’x 8′ hauling ability.

    Solid Wall Trailer, 5’x8′ carrying capacity

    Home Depot suggests that almost all home or garden-related projects fit in these measurements.

    The trailers feature a steel frame, strong floor anchor points, versatile ramp gates and heavy-duty construction.

    Can You Rent An Enclosed Trailer At Home Depot?

    Home Depot can’t rent you an enclosed cargo van. Short-term trailer rentals are not possible at these locations.

    Home Depot has enclosed cargo trailers available at all locations and can hold 1,868 lbs.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    Is it possible to rent a dump trailer from Home Depot?

    Home Depot offers dump trailer rental. There are three options available for customers who need a dump truck rental:

    A dump trailer measuring 5’x8′ with a 3 cubic-yard capacity.

    6′ x 10ft Dump Trailer, 4 cubes capacity

    7’x14′ dump trailer with 7 cubic yards capacity

    This dump truck can carry loads between 3,100 and 5,800 lbs, which is ideal for offloading heavy equipment.

    Home Depot dump truck trailers can also be equipped with remote controlled hydraulic lift functions and barndoor-style rear gate for easier access.

    What is the cost to rent a trailer from Home Depot?

    The exact price is set by the retailer and may vary depending on location and availability.

    For a 4 hour block, trailer rentals cost $14. The maximum rental period is four hours. If you rent the larger model for more than four weeks, it will run to $504.

    Dump trailer rental costs are also calculated in-store based on timeframes and job types.

    For trailer rental you must pay a $100 down payment.

    The deposit serves as security. If the trailer is returned in its original condition, the customer will receive a refund.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    How long can you lease a trailer from Home Depot

    Home Depot can rent all its trailers to you on a range of time plans.

    With prices that can match, you have options to rent trailers for 4-hour, 24 hour, or even monthly periods.

    Renting the trailer for longer than the agreed period will result in a late fee.

    You can book regular rentals of dump trailers for as many times per year as you like, up to ten years.

    This can be especially helpful for homeowners who perform routine maintenance multiple times per year.

    Which Home Depot locations offer trailer rentals?

    Most of the larger Home Depot locations offer customers the option of trailer rental.

    Although prices and options for trailer types, availability and pricing may differ between stores, they can still be similar.

    It is the best way to evaluate your needs for trailer rentals. Contact your nearest Home Depot. You can find contact information using the Home Depot store locator.

    You should remember that trailer rentals cannot be booked online.

    But, there are more than 1000 locations throughout America so it should be simple to locate a store.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    How Do You Rent A Trailer From Home Depot?

    Find out the size of your trailer and its length, then check for availability.

    If the necessary trailer is available, you can head to the Tool Rental Center within the Home Depot store and request a trailer rental for your selected timeframe.

    How do you rent a trailer from Home Depot?

    Customers will require a valid photo ID and driver’s license to rent a trailer from Home Depot.

    Also, a credit-card is necessary to make the security deposits payment.

    A trailer rented from a home depot comes with jacks, spare tires, and a tongue. But customers will need to purchase additional tools or accessories for the complete hookup.

    Home Depot provides other rental services. You should check if Home Depot leases trucks and if Home Depot lets you rent carpet cleaners. And, of course, discover Home Depot’s opening hours.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    Conclusion: Home Depot lets you rent trailers

    Home Depot does offer a variety of types and sizes of trailers for customer rental. You cannot rent an enclosed cargo truck trailer. However, you will find utility and dump trailers at many locations.

    Rents begin at around $14 for the smallest of trailers, with rental times ranging between 4 hours to 4 weeks. But exact prices can only be found in-store.

    Is it worth renting a small camper from Home Depot for how much?

    Rents begin at around $14 for the smallest of trailers, and can last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. The exact price will be decided in-store.

    Which is the largest rental trailer?

    U-Haul’s most spacious trailer, the 6’x12 foot cargo trailer, is ideal for long-distance moving. A 6’x12 trailer is capable to carry several rooms of furniture and has the ability to store up to 2,500 pounds.

    What’s the difference between a utility trailer and a landscape trailer?

    Be familiar with the different types of trailers offered. Utility Trailers and Landscape Trailers do not have walls or ceilings. The open trailers have low railings or solid sides to help contain your cargo and slats or d-rings to secure your equipment.Sep 8, 2019

    Which is the most versatile trailer?

    Flatbed trailers

    .Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)