Types Of Yoga Mats


A yoga mat can be a great asset when it comes to having satisfactory yoga sessions. The comfort and versatility they bring to the whole experience has made them a popular addition to most yoga enthusiasts’ inventories and studios. Before we consider the yoga mats available on the market today, let’s look at the types and how you can go about choosing the best non slip yoga mats for your needs.


Yoga mats exists in five basic types namely basic sticky yoga mats, Natural Rubber Yoga Mats, Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats, Cotton and Hemp Yoga Mats, Jute Mats, and Travel Yoga Mats. Let’s go through each respective type.

Basic Sticky Yoga Mats

These are by far the most popular yoga mats available on the market. The crowning characteristic is that they possess a sticky texture that allows prolonged postures without any slippage. In terms of thickness, you have 1/8 and 1/4 inch options available for your choice. The thicker option should be the best option as it allows for more comfort. These provide for a good option especially when you are just starting out with yoga routines.

Natural rubber yoga mats

Perhaps the crowning feature of this type is the exceptional material and environmental properties it possesses. This yoga mat is made of natural rubber material which goes the extra mile with eco-friendly properties. The rubber material is forged from a range of biodegradable and recyclable material. Additionally, the mats have an efficient slip resistant feature that enhance your experience through strenuous yoga sessions. If your yoga enthusiasm extends to preserving the natural environment around you, this type could be one worthy of your consideration.

Plastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

The last few decades have witnessed a welcome advancement in the manufacturing of yoga mats. Plastic Elastomer yoga mats are a great example of these developments. The most notable feature of these mats is that they are void of PVC, Latex and other toxic materials. Another great feature common with high quality yoga mats is that they are slip resistant and water repellant. The extra advantages associated with these yoga mats place them among the top most mats available on the market today.

Cotton and hemp yoga mats

If you are up for a 100 per cent natural and hygienic option, cotton and Hemp Yoga Mats provide the best deal. On top of being made with 100 per cent natural material, their soft texture provide great cushioning and sweat absorbent properties. They are one of the easiest mats to clean as cotton can easily be washed after usage. The downside with cotton mats is that they are not as durable as other types of mats as they are easily subjected to tears upon prolonged use. Hemp mats are more durable due to the way they are weaved to come up with the actual mat. In principle, they are made of hemp yarns which are quite dense and possess high tensile strength. When it comes to absorbency, Hemp mats are also considered superior to cotton mats.

Jute mats

These mats are made of fibers known as Jute which originate from South East Asia. Jute fibers are biodegradable thus making these mats one of the most eco-friendly mats you can lay your hands on today. In terms of routines, this mat can make it in both low and high intensity routines with a considerable fiber endurance that rivals some of the best mats.

Travel yoga mats

Travelling shouldn’t be an excuse to skip a few yoga sessions as the industry has managed to come up with a good solution for you, the travel yoga mat. This mat is generally thinner than most of the conventional mats and has efficient non slip properties. The package comes with a bag to accommodate so that it can easily be incorporated into the luggage. It is important to notice that these mats are for those who are constantly on the move and may not be ideal for daily home or studio routines.

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