Does Usps Ship To The Philippines

Does Usps Ship To The Philippines In 2022? (Full Guide)

If you’ve got loved ones in the Philippines or want to take advantage of the growing ecommerce market there, then you’ve probably got some questions about how shipping to the Philippines works.

We can answer all of your queries. Continue reading to learn more about shipping costs to the Philippines, including delivery times and how much.

Does USPS Ship To The Philippines In 2022? (Full Guide)

Will the USPS ship to The Philippines in 2022?

Since 2022, USPS has begun shipping to the Philippines. Priority Mail Express International (Global Express Guaranteed) and Priority Mail Express International (Priority Mail Express International) are the fastest, but also most costly options. These services deliver within 1-5 business days. Priority Mail Express International is priced at $68.90, while Global Express Guaranteed starts at $101.00. Priority Mail International Package Service is more cost-effective than First-Class International Package Service.

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  • How Many Shipping Options Do The USPS Provide For The Philippines

    USPS offers four ways to ship packages to Philippines: Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International, First-Class Package International Service.

    Let’s look into the specific features of each service.

  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • Global Express Guaranteed from USPS offers the fastest international shipping services. This is the best option if you have an urgent shipment. If your shipment takes longer than three days, USPS will guarantee delivery by a date and offer a refund.

    Global Express package include tracking, up to $100 insurance and shipping. A GXG shipping package will be sent to you free of charge, complete with stickers, labels, envelopes and labels.

  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail Express International is another option if you need quick shipping. This service will deliver your order within 5 to 7 business days.

    The USPS provides a guarantee of delivery within 30 days to certain international destinations, however the Philippines is not included. USPS does not offer a return if your shipment takes more than five calendar days to arrive.

    USPS has tracking capabilities, and although there is no guarantee of a refund or replacement for lost packages, they do offer tracking. This allows you monitor and notify your recipient about any delays.

    USPS insurance covers packages sent to the Philippines. You can get up to $100 to reconstruct documents and as much as $200 to cover merchandise damage or loss.

  • Priority Mail International
  • Priority Mail International offers a reliable and economical way to deliver packages to the Philippines.

    Delivery can take 6-10 business days. You get both tracking (upto $100 for non-negotiable documents reconstruction and $200 for merchandise damage or loss).

  • First-Class Package International Service
  • USPS’ most economical international shipping option is the First-Class Package International Service.

    Although it is inexpensive, there are downsides. One is that packages shipped through this service can only weigh 4 pounds. Furthermore, the delivery can be slow and take up to a month.

    Finally, First-Class packages don’t come with insurance, however, you can purchase it as an add-on service. Tracking is not available and can’t be added to packages that go to the Philippines.

    Does USPS Ship To The Philippines In 2022? (Full Guide)

    How long does USPS Shipping to the Philippines take?

    Shipping times vary depending on the type of service. You can see estimates of shipping times below for USPS-related services.

  • Service Name Delivery Timing Global Express Guaranteed 1-3 Business Day Priority Mail Express International 5-10 Business Days Priority Mail International First-Class International Package International 1-4 Weeks
  • How Much Does It Cost To Ship To The Philippines With USPS?

    Shipping costs vary based on the service you select and the weight of your package. This table shows the starting costs for each of USPS’ international shipping options.

  • Start Price Global Express Guaranteed $11.00 Priority Mail Express International $69.90+ Priority Mail International $55.05+ Priority Mail International $15.25
  • You can calculate shipping costs by using the USPS Price Calculator tool if you have information about your parcel’s weight and dimensions.

  • + Select boxes/envelopes eligible for flat-rate pricing
  • Does USPS Ship To The Philippines In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Can I Track My USPS Package To The Philippines?

    USPS can track packages sent to the Philippines. Track & Confirm can provide information about delivery status for Priority Mail Express International as well as Global Express Guaranteed.

    Tracking is also available on Priority Mail International packages going to the Philippines, but you won’t be able to track Flat Rate Envelopes or Flat Rate Small Boxes.

    International tracking of First Class Packages cannot be provided for shipment to the Philippines.

    Which company delivers USPS parcels to the Philippines?

    USPS can deliver mail and packages in the Philippines. However the Philippine Postal Service will physically deliver mail and packages after they have arrived in the Philippines. Be aware that this handoff may add days or weeks to your delivery time.

    Does USPS Ship To The Philippines In 2022? (Full Guide)

    Which Items can’t be shipped to the Philippines with USPS?

    There are some items that you can not ship to the Philippines. Below we provide a list of some prohibited items.

    This list does not include all possible options. For any questions, please contact USPS or Philippine Postal Service.

    It is not possible to ship these items to the Philippines.

  • Any form of coffee
  • Firearms and weapons and parts thereof including replicas of weapons, ammunition
  • Gambling devices
  • Lottery circulars and tickets as well advertisements regarding lotteries
  • Perishable infectious biological materials
  • Non-infectious perishable biological materials
  • Radioactive substances
  • Notable is also the fact that currency notes, banknotes, currencies, travelers checks and coins cannot be sent via ordinary mail. They are permitted to be sent in registered mail.

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  • Conclusion
  • USPS offers many shipping options to ship packages to the Philippines. Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International and Priority Mail Express International will deliver your parcel to the Philippines if you don’t mind spending a lot of money.

    Priority Mail International, or First-Class Package International can be a better option for you if your budget is tight and you don’t mind waiting for it to arrive.

    .Does Usps Ship To The Philippines In 2022? (Full Guide)

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