Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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In 2022, 96% of Americans had a cell phone, with 55% having an iPhone.

  • Many of those users select Apple Pay at over two million stores across the United States. Walmart is Walmart the only company that accepts Apple Pay. We found out!
  • Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Will Walmart take Apple Pay into Walmart in 2022

    Walmart is not accepting Apple Pay as of 2022. Instead, customers can use their iPhones for purchases through WalmartPay at self-checkout and registers. Walmart only accepts payments via MasterCard, Visa, Checks, PayPal, Amex, and cash.

  • I was able to find out why Walmart won’t accept Apple Pay, and the alternatives. Keep reading.
  • Walmart Pay: Pay with iPhone
  • You are still able to purchase products at Walmart using your iPhone.
  • For this to happen, download Walmart Pay to your iPhone.

  • Side Note: The video below walks through how to set up Walmart Pay for an iPhone and pay wirelessly.
  • The Walmart Pay app is easy to use. Simply take your items to the register, self-checkout aisle or cashier and then scan the QR code.

  • The QR code can be scanned to open the app. You will then have the option of paying with your debit/credit card.
  • Apple Pay is similar to Apple Pay. The payment process will be instantaneous and you’ll get your digital receipt within the app.
  • Walmart Pay doesn’t work as seamlessly as Apple Pay. But, this allows customers to pay online and does away with the need to keep a purse or wallet.

    Why won’t Walmart accept Apple Pay

    Before the company came out with Walmart Pay, they had another reason not to accept Apple Pay. Because of their affiliation with Merchant Customer Exchange or MCX, it was a reason they refused to accept Apple Pay.

    The company (MCX), only accepts payment solutions using CurrentC QR codes. Because MXC is a direct competitor of Apple Pay, Walmart does not use it, along with Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

    Additionally, another reason why Walmart refuses to accept Apple Pay is that they are unable to capture any data when a customer makes a purchase.

    Walmart has the ability to customize notifications and send recommendations to customers via its Walmart Pay App. This is an extremely valuable information.

    Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Apple Pay to Walmart:

    According to a Walmart spokesperson, Walmart has no plans to accept Apple Pay in the future. Walmart Pay works right in your iPhone app so there is no need for Apple Pay.

    Apple Pay Accepted in Which Stores?

    Apple Pay cannot be used at Walmart. But there are many other places where your iPhone can be used to pay for groceries, and other products.

    CVS, 7-Eleven and CVS accept Apple Pay at their checkouts. Although they were initially resistant to the app, they have since accepted it. Here are some other retailers that accept Apple Pay:

  • Acme Markets
  • Albertsons
  • Costco
  • Food Maxx
  • Publix
  • Safeway
  • Save Mart
  • Schnucks
  • Shop N Save
  • Super Valu
  • IKEA
  • Target
  • Walgreens
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Winn Dixie
  • You can pay in multiple ways, as many shoppers shop online. Apple Pay can be used online by many retailers. There are many:

  • Best Buy
  • Disney
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Etsy
  • Fandango
  • Lyft
  • Panera
  • Sephora
  • Starbucks
  • Uber
  • You wish
  • However, there are other options if the need arises to immediately pay at Walmart:

  • Walmart Customers have an option to Apple Pay
  • There is an interesting way that you can use Apple Pay in Walmart. Using the ibotta app and extension, you can actually use your Apple Pay app. To successfully use ibotta, you just have to:

  • Install the ibotta application and attach it to your mobile device
  • Next, choose Apple Pay when you make a purchase through the ibotta App in store or via the extension at your home from your computer
  • Ibotta, an eCorp cashback reward program that gives you up to 2% for every purchase, is called eCorp Cashback Rewards. But it is only available for specific items or at particular stores. Before you shop, make sure to search for the item and offer on your mobile device.

    When you use Apple Pay, cashback can be obtained instantly via a savings of 2%. Simply show the QR Code to the cashier.

  • Additionally, Affirm Financing is available
  • In addition to these options, you can also choose to use Affirm if you are shopping at Walmart online. Affirm can be used as an installment finance option, just like credit payments.

    This app allows you to get funding on-the-spot if you are eligible and you can pay your balance back in 3-6, 6 or 12 months.

    The Affirm eCommerce loan option is similar to layaway, and you will not have to pay interest on many items. But, you may have to pay an annual percentage (APR) between 10-30% for certain items. The amount of the APR depends on your credit.

  • Install the Walmart App
  • To download Walmart’s App, please follow the steps below. You will be able to use your iPhone to make purchases at Walmart checkouts.

  • Use the Apple App Store to access Walmart Pay on your iPhone.
  • Click on the Walmart Pay App to begin the download
  • After the app is downloaded, you can open it and navigate to the Services screen.
  • Tap on Walmart Pay > Set Up Walmart Pay
  • Follow the easy instructions on the screen to register whatever card or cards you want to use for purchasing items at Walmart
  • Just scan the QR Code to pay for the items you want at the checkout
  • Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Apple Pay: What’s the Benefit?

    Apple Pay allows you to make purchases without worrying about your PIN being stolen. There’s no chip/card reader inside your phone, so it is impossible for someone to take your payment information while you shop.

    Face ID, or Touch ID, can make the process even safer. Face ID has three types sensors.

    If you do not have a sibling, this will only allow you to pay using your phone’s Touch ID. Touch ID uses your fingerprint and is impossible to fake.

    Another bonus with using Apple Pay is that you do not have to worry about saving your receipt. Apple Pay does that for you. The transaction details are stored on your iPhone, and can only be accessed using the security options you choose.

  • The PIN
  • Face ID
  • Touch ID
  • Apple Pay’s Other Benefit
  • The Apple Card, which is free and has no fees, allows you to use Apple Pay on your iPhone. In order to help you save money on purchases, you will also enjoy the highest APR (annual percentage ratio) available. Apple Card offers another bonus: daily cashback for purchase.

    Every purchase earns you money instantly. Apple Pay and your Apple Card will give you 2% cashback. So, no matter what, you are already saving money using the card, and you save an additional 2% with Apple Pay.

    To learn more about payments at Walmart, you can also see my guide on cash back limits at Walmart stores. It is also possible to check whether Apple Pay is accepted at Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Walgreens Dollar General Costco Costco Costco and CVS.

  • You can also add other bonuses to increase your savings
  • You will get instant cashback and a 4% discount when you use the ibotta app to save on your purchase. You can also get a cash bonus every day at other stores. Apple Store is an example. It gives you an immediate 3% bonus on all purchases.

    A card that Apple Pays and ibotta allows you to instantly receive 7% cashback when you buy an iPhone. Walmart may not be yet on the list. However, you never know when they’ll join the party.

    Is Apple Pay Accepted At Walmart?

    Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay, as it uses its own digital wallet named Walmart Pay. Walmart also accepts other forms of payment in its stores as well as online. Walmart Pay works on Androids and iPhones. But, there are some advantages and disadvantages to it. Nov 9, 2021

    Apple Pay Accepted Who?

    B&H Photo Bloomingdales Chevron Disney Dunkin Donuts GameStop Jamba Juice Kohl’s Lucky McDonald’s Office Depot Petco, Sprouts Staples KFC, Lucky, McDonald’s Office Depot Petco, Sprouts Staples KFC, Trader Joe’s Walgreens Walgreens Safeway Costco Whole Foods CVS Target Publix Taco Bell and Taco Bell are some Apple’s partners. February 8, 2022

    .Does Walmart Take Apple Pay In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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