Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022

Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

You may wonder if Walmart offers a rental carpet-cleaning service, whether you’re moving or need to maintain your carpets.

  • The complete guide below will explain the Walmart rental carpet cleaner service. You’ll find information on how to use the machine, its price and other details. Let’s get started!
  • Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022
  • Walmart has a dedicated Rug Doctor self service kiosk that offers carpet cleaner rentals. The rental of carpet cleaners costs $29.99/24 hours or $39.99 for 48/hours. The price includes no additional carpet cleaning accessories.

  • Keep reading for more information about the carpet cleaners Walmart rents.
  • Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    How Many Walmarts Have a Rental Carpet Cleaner?

    Rug Doctor’s dedicated rental area interface allows customers to search for local shops that rent carpet cleaners based on their zip code.

    The interface will allow users to find out if the local Walmart provides a rental carpet cleaner service.

  • Walmart How to Rent A Carpet Cleaner
  • Once you have found a Walmart location with a Rug Doctor kiosk, the next thing is to rent one!
  • When you are in the store, the kiosk will be located right next to the customer support desk.

    At the Rug Doctor kiosk you will find a touch screen on which you can input the number of your phone, name and address.

  • You will be prompted to make payment using your chosen method of payment after you’ve completed the above information. Once payment has been successfully made, the kiosk cage unlocks and you are able to take out your carpet cleaner.
  • Returning A Carpet Cleaner To Walmart
  • It’s easy to return the rug cleaner to Rug Doctor. Just enter the exact details you used when renting.

    The kiosk will automatically unlock after you enter your personal information. You can then return the carpet cleaner to the storage container.

    Walmart provides a variety of models for carpet cleaning.

    Walmart may offer a variety of machines, though most stores carry Rug Doctor models including the Mighty Pro and Wide Track, Pro Portable and X3 models.

    Rug Doctor’s locator tool allows users to find out if certain areas offer older or newer machines.

    This service lets customers search for carpet cleaners by making specific searches.

    Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    Are there late fees for Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rentals

    Walmart charges late fees for renting carpet cleaners. There are two choices for customers: they can either rent their machines for 24 hours (or 48 hours) as described above.

    If the machine isn’t returned within their rental period, then the customer will be made to pay for an extra day, regardless of if that day has fully elapsed yet.

    Walmart sells or rents cleaning products?

    Rug Doctor machines require appropriate cleaning solutions to get to work. Walmart sells these products for $10-25.

    Some focus on pet stains. Others focus more on all-around cleaning. It is best to find out ahead of time what you need of your solution to get the most out of your rental.

    Rug Doctor advises Rug Doctor to use their solution brand. But, you can also use other brands or DIY options with these machines.

    Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    Additional Accessories Can Be Redeemed

    Extra accessories can be rented alongside the carpet cleaners themselves. You can rent accessories that allow you to wash furniture or dry fans for carpet drying.

    What is the best carpet cleaner to buy or rent?

    The answer to this question can depend entirely on your intended use of the carpet cleaner.

    Walmart offers Rug Doctor carpet cleaners at up to $550. The lowest priced option is listed for $150.

    If you are a frequent cleaner or need to have them in your business, it may be worth the purchase.

    Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

    Does Walmart Rent Out Steam Cleaners?

    Walmart doesn’t offer rental services for machines and tools used to clean hard floors.

    However, you can purchase steam cleaners at Walmart stores as they stock multiple models that range in price from around $30 to $200.

    If you are looking for other places to rent carpet cleaners, check out my guide on renting carpetcleaners from Dollar General, Publix, or renting carpet cleaners from Kroger.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart also offers carpet cleaning services. Most stores offer this service, but customers can find out which stores specifically do, via the Rug Doctor website.

    Walmart offers a large selection of machines you can rent, starting at 48 hours and ending at $40.

    .Walmart Carpet Cleaner Rental 2022 (Price, Locations + Models)

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