How to clean jade yoga mat

How to clean jade yoga mat

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

What can I do with my old yoga mat?

  • You can use it as a cushion for your back in the car, while you take your dog to the veterinarian or groomer.
  • For non-slip gripping, place under an area rug
  • Don’t forget to drop off any old mats at an animal rescue organization. Most of these places need soft, durable mats, rugs, towels, & blankets to line crates.
  • To prevent slippage on your workbench when using power tools, keep an old mat handy in the garage/shop.
  • Line kitchen shelves to prevent glasses from slipping and scratching.
  • You can cut the mat into small squares to use as bases for your kids’ baseball games. Easy to carry and easy to clean!
  • Use to kneel on in the garden to protect your knees!
  • Use as kitchen drawer liners.
  • Cut it up to make a mouse pad.
  • It can be used on the beach in place of a towel.
  • Use as grip pads to open jars.
  • Reduce to size, and place them on the floor as footpads. Use a nontoxic glue to attach the pieces.
  • Place it under your sleeping bag as a sleeping pad while camping.
  • Make covers for sharp corners like in a parking garage or school.
  • There are no more messy packing peanuts. Old yoga mats get a new life as a protector of valuables while moving or shipping.
  • Make children’s toys: cut holes and create masks, hats, costumes and props; cut into shapes and letters for tub and pool toys.
  • Cut and put down in front of the kitty litter box to stop the litter.
  • Plug up drafty places, windows, doors, & under window air conditioners, and save energy!
  • This is a great option for watching sports events from the bleachers.
  • It makes a wonderful liner for house plants and you can cut it to fit your plant.
  • So that the residents don’t slip when getting into and out of bed, donate to nursing homes.
  • To protect your car and surfboard from damage, place it between them.
  • Lay it over the dashboard and steering wheel to keep the sun out!
  • You can keep your groceries in the car, for quick picnics or to prevent them from getting lost in the trunk.

We have always strived to create the most effective yoga mats on the market. While we are proud of Harmony’s natural rubber construction, which is a renewable resource and made in America in accordance with US environmental laws, we feel we can and should go further. We looked for a partner to help us give back to the earth and found Trees for the Future to be the right choice. Trees for the Future works with communities to create sustainable projects. This is what we love about them. It is not about them dictating the direction of what they will do. They work with local communities to make sure that projects are sustainable. Trees for the Future engages the community, which results in a project that will continue even after it has ended. Trees for the Future works to develop and implement programs to improve living standards for the participants, by the careful management, rather than the exploitation, of our natural resources. We plant one tree for each yoga mat sold through this partnership with Trees for the Future.

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Jadeyoga Travel Mat: Performance

JadeYoga Travel Mats are easy to roll and stay flat. However, the corners can tend to rise a little. It’s a lightweight mat that is supportive but not bulky. The great grip it provides for moving between poses. It’s not very padded though, so anyone with weak knees or joint problems might want to consider a thicker mat.

The open cell construction makes it really grippy, which is ideal for daily yoga. It’s less efficient when wet. We found that a sweaty HIIT class made it too slippery, and we weren’t confident doing dynamic moves like jumping squats or burpees on it in case we suffered an injury. The JadeYoga Travel Mat works better for slower activities like yoga, Pilates and stretching, as well as meditation.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

Regular Maintenance Or Light Cleaning

In order to ensure the longevity of the jade yoga mat, you may choose to clean it regularly. The cleaning options usually depend on how frequently and intensely you practice yoga.

You can wipe the mat with a soft, damp cloth. It can be soaked in warm water, then rinsed with cold water. You can wipe both the sides clean and dry it using a towel.

Deep cleaning your mat is important if you do yoga regularly.

To clean your mat, mix vinegar with some cold water. Use a soft or sponge to clean both sides. Rinse it and wipe it with a towel before leaving it to dry in the open.

You may also use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the mat, but you need to ensure that alcohol does not come in contact with the skin. It is ideal to air-dry the mat after cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and wipe it with a clean towel. It is important to let it dry outdoors.

Clean And Serene: Experts Reveal The Best Way To Clean, Dry, And Store Your Yoga Mat

You already know that yoga helps you achieve a clear state of mind as you kickstart your morning, and recharge after a hard day’s work. But did you know that not properly cleaning your yoga mat exposes your body to more bacteria than a toilet seat, cell phone, and an airline seat combined?

We didn’t know that either. Until we did some research, and asked yogis and yoga teachers how we should be cleaning and storing our yoga mats so that they last longer, smell less, and don’t harm our health.

It turns out that putting a yoga mat in the dryer and washing it is not a good idea. Then again, you can leave it folded up in your closet.

This article will show you how to dry and clean yoga mats.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

How to Clean Your Yoga Mat

Yoga allows for detoxification of the mind, body, and spirit. Great for overall clarity, but your sweat has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is usually straight onto your mat.

The result: A healthier you, and a longer lasting mat.

April Thompson, CorePower Yoga’s South Loop location says that to get the best out of your yoga mats, it is important to follow all the instructions for cleaning. The materials used to make yoga mats can vary from one brand to the next.

You should use a natural cleaning product to clean your yoga mat, as almost every part of your body will touch it during class.

After each class, experts recommend giving your mat a quick rub down with Yoga Mat Refresher wipes like these from Stirlen:

Stirlen’s Yoga Mat Refresher Wipes are quick to remove sweat and dirt from your yoga practice. This means that you will spend more time exploring and less cleaning.

Practice yoga at home or have a bit more time after arriving back from a class?

Wipe down your mat and blocks with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth or paper towel. While this method may not entirely remove germs and bacteria, you’ll keep the residual grime at bay until you can give your gear a deeper cleaning.

Asutra’s Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray comes in several calming scents, including Energizing Peppermint and Uplifting Eucalyptus. It also includes a handy microfiber cleaning towel that’s lint-free, super absorbent, and small enough to fit in any yoga bag.

Looking to flex your DIY muscles?

It’s possible to spend 10 minutes on Google searching for the perfect homemade yoga mat cleaner. Or you could spend a couple of seconds praising our friends at Brit + Co who already did the homework for you. Here are Brit + Co’s two recipes for DIY yoga mat cleaning sprays.

The first recipe for non-slip mats is one that uses white vinegar, lemon, and distilled water. The second is for non-porous carpets. It calls for witch hazel and essential oils.

If your mats require extra care, you can take them to the tub. It is easy to clean your yoga mats with mild soap. Then rinse thoroughly in the showerhead.

It’s amazing how much dirt can be found in the sink! This meticulous clean only needs to be completed once a week, or less if you’re not yet a hardcore yogi.

When Will That Rubber Smell Go Away?

The natural rubber smell will dissipate over time. The best way to accelerate this process is to air the mat out in a well ventilated area – maybe even in front of a fan – but not in direct sunlight. Because natural rubber has natural variations in smell, and everyone has different sensitivities, the amount of time it takes for the smell to dissipate varies. Most people find that it takes a few weeks to dissipate the smell. However, some may need to wait a while.

We recommend that you wipe your mat with a damp cloth every week for routine maintenance and cleaning. You may want to do this after every use if you are involved in vigorous yoga or other intense activities.

Our mats are not recommended to be cleaned with any other cleaning products. Unfortunately, many cleaning products (alcohol, petroleum based solvents, soaps, or high concentration essential oils) on your mat. The natural rubber of our mats is negatively affected by these products, which can cause it to dry out and break down. Essential oils also may cause your mat to become slippery. We have found that many yoga mat sprays and natural cleaners on the market do have high concentrations of such essential oils.

As Jade bags are made with organic cotton, it is best to wash them in cold water and hang to dry to avoid any shrinking.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

How to dry your yoga mat

Once you have finished the cleaning process, make sure that the mat is dried out and will not take up moisture from air too quickly. There are a few simple ways you can do this:

You could dampen the surface of the mat. You can dampen the surface of the mat to slow down the drying process. This allows air to flow evenly through the mat and prevents moisture from fading it.

You can dry it in both dry or humid conditions.

To dry your mat faster in humid environments, you can place it on top of an absorbent towel.

When the mat is completely dry, you can store it in an open area to prevent molding.

If you’re worried about it drying out quickly or if you need your mat more quickly, you could also opt to use a dryer. Your yoga mat shouldn’t be damaged as long as it is kept below 100°C.

To avoid drying the mat too much, set the temperature at medium. Heat generates moisture, so you will be drying out the mat without causing excess dryness.

Reminder And Caution

As a reminder, you may want to follow this caveat:

  • Do not use any kind of soap or cleaning agent on the mat. Use a dry brush with natural bristles if there are any stains on the Jade mat.
  • Your mat should not be soaked in water. It can cause it to crack or warp over time. Use a towel in order to wipe off any moisture from the surface of your mat.
  • Avoid exposing your Jade yoga mat in areas where there is an excessive amount of heat. It can shrink or warp the mat and make it ineligible for use.
  • Your Jade yoga mat should not be stored in high-humidity areas like the bathroom.
  • Do not roll up your Jade yoga mat and store it just like that.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

What Mat is Right for Me?

VOYAGER: Our thinnest and most portable mat yet, the VOYAGER is ideal for yogis on the go that have to travel light! It folds easily to be carried in your bag, backpack or carry-on.

SPECS: 1.16″ thick, 24″, wide, 68″, and 1.5 lbs.

Please note that the Voyager cannot be used for vigorous daily exercise, but it can compromise endurance

TRAVEL: The perfect marriage between our best-selling Harmony mat and our most transportable mat Voyager, we introduce you to our Travel Mat! Ideal for Yogis On The Go: Lightweight enough to take with you, yet supportive enough to use daily.

SPECS: 1/8″ thick, 24″ wide, is offered in 68″ or 74″ lengths, and weighs just under 3lbs

Available in: Purple & Midnight Blue (in 68″&74″), Olive Green, and Black (in 68″)

Specifications: Available in 3/16″, 24″, and 74 inch lengths, with a weight of approximately 5lbs.

All colors are not available in all lengths, see for additional details

HARMONYXW: Looking for a bit more wiggle room and flexibility? Our HARMONYXW is the perfect choice! All the great benefits of our Harmony mat with an extra 4″ of space to broaden your practice- hello liberation!

SPECS: Available in an 80-inch length and weighing in at 7lbs, 3/16” thick, 28” wide.

FUSION is our thickest and most cushiony mat. It’s great when you need extra comfort. And if Pilates is your main focus, FUSION is your guy- being our densest mat on the market.

SPECS: 5/16″ thick, 24″ wide, comes in 68″ & 74″ lengths, and weighs about 8.5lbs

Available in: Purple, Midnight Blue (68″&74″), Gray (68″)

FUSION XW: Wanting all of the cushiony glory of the Fusion mat along with a little extra room to stretch out? FUSION XW: FUSION XW has everything that you love about the Fusion mat, plus an additional 4″ of space. So, get out there and relax!

SPECS: 5/16″ thick, 28″ wide, comes in 80″ length, and weighs in around 10.5lbs

Available in Two-tone Purple/Midnight

How often should I clean the Jade Yoga Mat?

You are probably curious about the cleaning process. But before we get into how to clean Jade yoga mats, let me tell you how often you need to do it.

It is not a good idea to clean the yoga mat every day. Instead, you should use it only when absolutely necessary. If you do yoga often, it is recommended that you clean your yoga mat every 3 days.

It would be great to have a look at the product label to know more about the cleaning frequency suggested by the manufacturer.

Cleaning the mat with a sponge will help you remove stains, spots, and other contaminants. Some people prefer using rubbing alcohol instead of vinegar. To prevent irritation of the skin, you can also use alcohol.

  • Olive oil

Wipe off the vinegar using a microfiber towel, and spray some conditioner over the mat. You are now ready to use the conditioner.

You’ll see the dust, dirt, and oil floating on the top of the water. Take the mat out of that dirty pool and wipe it using a soft cloth to remove the remaining dust and dirt.

You can rinse the mat with warm water and allow it to dry before using it again for your next yoga class.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

Cleaning With Vinegar

You can use a simple vinegar and water solution to disinfect your yoga mat at home as well. To make the solution:

  • Buy a bottle white vinegar, and essential oils.
  • Mix 50/50 white vinegar and water with a few drops of essential oil. For example, you can use 1 cup water to 1 cup white vinegar and 2-4 drops of essential oil.
  • At this point you can either transfer your solution to a spray bottle or grab a clean wash rag, dip it in the mix and wipe down your mat with ample solution and gentle pressure.
  • Let it rest with the solution on it for a minute or so and then rinse your mat with warm water.
  • Let your mat dry and you’re good to go.

Recommended products:


Jade, open cell, rubber mats are extremely absorbent. You can easily clean a Jade mat by wiping it with distilled water each time you use it.

If you need a deep clean, fill your bathtub with a few inches of lukewarm water. The water should cover the entire mat. Let the mat soak for between 15-30 minutes in the tub. After soaking, any oils on the mat from your body will be released and float to top of the tub. To remove any dirt or oil, gently rub the mat with a soft towel. Mild organic soap can be used in the bath if desired. Rinse the mat from the hot water. Do not drain the bathtub with your mat still in it, because it can cause the recollection of dirt and oil onto your mat’s surface.

Place your rubber mat onto a towel to dry. The water will be released if you press down on the mat. Once you are satisfied that the mat has released enough water, let it dry. Because rubber is an organic biodegradable material, do not use heat, such as sunlight, to dry.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

Jadeyoga Travel Yoga Mat: Design

JadeYoga’s Travel Mat is available in 4 autumnal colours (black, midnight, purple, olive green), and it is made of sustainably sourced natural rubber. It can also be biodegradable, making it a very eco-friendly and planet-friendly option.

The design is simple and pleasing. It can be easily carried in a bag or suitcase. For that reason it’s super practical, as you can carry it on public transport or under your arm when you’re heading to yoga class – or even for some al fresco yoga in the park, weather permitting.

The JadeYoga Travel Mat contains no PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubber and is made ethically in compliance with all US environmental, labor and consumer protection laws. JadeYoga is conscious of its carbon footprint. Jade plant a tree for every mat it sells (more than 2,000,000 trees have been planted so far).

Comfort And Stability

The Harmony is 3/16″ thick (4.72 mm) and provides all the support you need to cushion your knees or hips during various poses. This mat finds a great balance between being comfortable but not too squishy. Standing balances are more challenging with a squishy surface. If you’re anything like us, balance on one foot is difficult enough. We tried headstands, Bow Pose, cat/cow stretches on our knees, and we were comfortably supported in all of them while remaining stable. The Manduka EKO mat and Lululemon The Reversible Mat are slightly more plush than the one we have. They measure two inches in width.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

What is the best way to clean my Jadeyoga mat?

For daily mat care and cleaning, we recommend wiping your mat regularly with a damp cloth (only with water!). If you have a vigorous practice, or if you do hot yoga, we suggest after each use. If you’re looking for a deeper cleaning, we’d suggest using our plant-based Jade Mat Wash, specially made for natural rubber yoga mats. Do not put your mat in the dryer or washer and don’t expose it to the sun.

It is best to keep the mat indoors dry. Sun or UV light destroys natural rubber, making it brittle and slippery. Also, we recommend rolling up your mat instead of laying flat. NEVER use alcohol, petroleum-based solvents or essential oils on your Jade yoga mat, except Jade Mat Wash**. They can cause natural rubber to crack and become dry. Important oils may also cause mat to become slippery. **

Usually, essential oils are not recommended on our natural rubber mat. Jade Mat Wash, which is manufactured using a low-concentration and optimally formulated formula of essential oils, acts as an natural rubber antioxidant. As with essential oils of other concentrations, this does not cause any harm to Jade’s yoga mat rubber. Jade Yoga Mat Wash is recommended for use.

Mat cleaners from other manufacturers or mixtures can cause harm. Jade Organic Cotton Mysore Yoga Rugs Hand or machine wash separately with cold water. Dry on a dry surface (they will shrink if you put them in the dryer).

Always Follow The Manufacturer’S Recommendations

Every mat comes with an instruction label. Read it carefully to know more about the washing instructions. You should not use rubbing alcohol on your mat if the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it.

You can also use recommended ingredients to extend the life of your mat.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat


Dust sticks to the mat after being exposed to various types of weather conditions. To maintain hygiene and health, it is essential to regularly clean the mat.

The 5 Best Yoga Mats To Buy, According To Yoga Instructors

We spoke to yoga teachers, who are experienced in teaching and taking classes on mats. They were able to help us find the best mats. These are their five top recommendations.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

Using A Damp Cloth

Jade actually recommends this method: “For routine maintenance and mat cleaning, we suggest wiping down your mat with a damp towel on a weekly basis. If you have a vigorous practice, or are doing hot yoga, we recommend doing so after each use.”

Use a Mat Sanitizing Spray

If you’re not so into the DIY route, you can buy a sanitizing spray made specifically for yoga mats on Amazon. Asutra’s natural, organic cleaner has received more than 4000 positive reviews. Says one satisfied customer, “This is the yoga mat cleaner I have been looking for. It has been difficult for me to find the right spray because I have allergies to many cleaners and am sensitive to other scents. This yoga mat cleaner in ‘fresh scent’ has no smell at all and leaves my mat extremely clean.”

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

Wash Your Mat In The Washing Machine

These are the steps for cleaning your yoga mat with a washing machine

  • First, check the care label on the yoga mat, if there is one – it might be possible for it to be placed in the washing machine.
  • If you can machine wash your mat, gently place it into the machine upright and in a rolled up fashion.
  • Run the wash on delicate with OR without a spin cycle. Omitting the spin cycle will allow your yoga mat to last longer.

Only wash your yoga mat if it is machine washable.

We Plant A Tree For Every Mat Sold

We are also committed to giving back the earth for every product we sell. Our goal is to make the world a better place. As Jade mats come from trees, we decided to give back by planting a tree for every mat sold. And since 2006, through our partnership with Trees for the Future, we have done just that, planting over One Million trees so far.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

The Bottom

Remove the pads and especially the balls from the soles of your feet. If you haven’t read the manufacturer’s instructions, now is a good time to read the instructions. To be on the safe side, check the internet first as you may find more instructions there.

Liquid and soft soap are usually the best way to clean the dirty jade feet. Make sure you clean them thoroughly. Rinse them off and leave them to dry (don’t leave them out in the sun).

The Top

Just wipe it down with a mild, slightly soapy, soft towel and that’s it. No need to be vigorous or aggressive because you can do serious damage to the cloth.

How To Clean Jade Yoga Mat

How To Clean A Jade Yoga Mat In A Couple Of Minutes

It takes only 2 minutes to clean your yoga mat. So this is a great little project to undertake once a week, or whenever you feel like your Jade yoga mat needs a little clean.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re done with your practice because your mat will need some time to air dry after you clean it. You can either place the Jade yoga mat onto a towel or just lay it flat on the ground.


how to clean jade yoga mat

What Are Jade Yoga Mats Made Of?

All Jade’s eco-friendly yoga mats are made of natural rubber and do not contain PVC or other synthetic rubbers. Natural rubber is tapped from a rubber tree, a renewable resource, including maple syrup. We use natural rubber because it grips better than any of the synthetic rubbers on the market (PVC, PER, TPE, EVA). It’s healthier for the world, since it’s made sustainably.

Besides natural rubber, our yoga mats contain natural and man-made materials. Our precise components are proprietary (the last thing we want is someone knocking off our yoga mats). No PVCs, phthalates, heavy metals or flame retardants. FDA permits all components for use in rubber in continuous food contact.

What Makes Jade Mats Eco-Friendly?

Jade yoga mats are environmentally friendly since they are made from a safe, sustainable resource natural rubber, rubber trees. Jade yoga mats contain no PVC or synthetic rubber. Most notably, Jade yoga mats are manufactured in the U.S. according to both U.S. environmental and labor regulations. Finally, by collaborating with Trees for the Future, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every yoga mat you purchase.

How Do I Clean My Yoga Bag?

how to clean jade yoga mat As Jade bags are made of organic cotton, it’s best to wash them in cold water and hang them to dry to prevent shrinking.

How To Clean A Jade Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are all open-cell, meaning their materials are porous, absorbing water like a sponge. Open cell design benefits: they are much “stickier” and improve traction and stability because moisture does not pool on the surface. The one big downside is that they are breeding grounds for bacteria and absorb odorous moisture. Regular maintenance can solve this problem.

Whenever you use your Jade pad, clean it through scrub the mat with a yoga mat cleaner (a pre-moistened wipe or a spray with a towel). Or, clean the surface well with a rag in a warm water mixed with a diluted mild soap, such as castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s) or organic soap.

(Repeat: Do Not)

Deeply Clean Deep cleaning will need to be performed occasionally; frequency depends on how much you work. At least clean it every few months, when you begin to detect a bit of a funky smell coming from your mat or if your mat appears to lose any of it’s grippiness.

Deep cleaning removes odors and restores initial stickiness. Again, open cell yoga mats are basically giant, thick sponges, so prepare for a long drying period before you start. We’d suggest deep cleaning your mat three ways:

You can wash and clean your yoga mat in a bath with warm water and diluted soap or laundry detergent. Some people use water and some white vinegar (200mL) to clean it. Make sure you clean the soap thoroughly after soaking your mat  otherwise your mat will be slicked with soapy residue! Hang your mat on the curtain rod to dry. With a gentle scrubby brush, you can wash and clean your mat outside (nothing too abrasive).

That’s very messy and impractical, but it works. Make sure NOT (Repeat: NOT) Dry or leave your mat outside or in the sun for some excuse! The sun will discolor your mat and the heat/humidity will cause it to warp, not lay flat. Hang on a shower curtain rod or drying rack inside to dry your Jade yoga mat. If you have a front-loading washing machine, on the gentle cycle, you can wash and clean your Jade mat in the machine as long as you don’t use agitator.

Using regular laundry detergent, just make sure you don’t use any oils, solvents, or strong abrasives. Drying should be the same: hang on a shower rod or lie flat. Don’t dry the dryer!

The Need Of Cleaning Jade Yoga Mat

how to clean jade yoga mat

If you wonder how to clean Jade Yoga Mat? This article is for you. Here, we’re going through the easy step-by-step process to help you understand how to clean Jade Yoga Mat. Remain tuned. Practiced for decades, yoga is one of the most scientific ways to preserve good health.

It not only keeps you in good health, but also the human mind’s focus on varying breathing patterns and meditation. Unlike in gyms, yoga does not require the use of heavy equipment, but yogis have been searching for something to help in their practices worldwide.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Jade Yoga Mat?

Your Jade yoga mat could become a breeding ground for bacteria and infections unless you regularly care for it. Sweat, grease, grime, lotions, creams, deodorants and everything you put on your body is transferred to your mat while you work. Jade Yoga Mats are open-cell, porous rubber yoga mats made of natural rubber, making them highly absorbent. Add the dirt on your hands and feet and the germs on the concrete. If you work in a studio, your personal mat is more vulnerable to infection.

Cleaning Using A Plant-Based Spray

Your mat cleaning frequency depends on your use. If you don’t do light workouts every day, you should clean it once a week. If you do hot yoga or practice every day and sweat a lot for a long time, it’s best to clean your mat a little more often.

Experts recommend that you hold a spray bottle next to your mat with a cleaning solution, so you remember to spray it every day after your session. Cleaning your mat should be part of your yoga. Deep cleaning must be done once a month or once a few months.

How To Clean A Jade yoga Mat

how to clean jade yoga mat Jade Yoga has its own plant-based wash for natural rubber yoga mats. Made with thyme, eucalyptus oil and oregano, it cleans your mat and leaves it with a natural, mild and friendly fragrance. It also includes anti-oxidants, extending your beloved mat’s existence.

Read our article on How to Clean Yoga Mats for an overview. Also, if you’re a beginner looking for yoga mats, don’t forget to check out our article on Best Yoga Mat for Beginners. Jade, Jade Natural rubber from rubber trees.

Do not use vinegar or tea tree oil since they help to decompose. Unlike yoga mats, they’re 100% natural rubber. Do not use yoga mats as it contains vinegar. Rubber yoga mats are highly absorbent. A perfect way to keep a Jade mat clean is to wipe the mat with distilled water after each use.

If you need a deep clean, fill your bath with some inches of lukewarm water. Water should cover the whole mat. Soak the mat in the shower for 15-30 minutes. If the body’s oils are on the mat, they release and float to the water’s top during soaking. Softly massage the surface of the mat to release any excess dirt and oil. Mild organic soap in the bath if needed.

Rinse the mat out of the water. Do not empty the bathtub with your mat still in it, as it will add dirt and oil to the surface of your mat. Place your rubber mat on a towel and place a towel on top. Then push the mat, releasing the water. When a sufficient amount of water is released, hang the mat to dry. Since rubber is an organic biodegradable material, don’t dry heat like sunlight.

X Research Source

how to clean jade yoga mat

How Do I Clean My Jadeyoga Mat?

For daily mat care and cleaning, we recommend wiping your mat regularly with a damp cloth (only with water!). If you have a vigorous practice, or if you do hot yoga, we suggest after each use. If you’re looking for a deeper cleaning, we’d suggest using our plant-based Jade Mat Wash, specially made for natural rubber yoga mats. NEVER put the mat in the washer or dryer and do not expose it to direct sunlight!

We usually recommend not letting the mat dry outdoors. Sun or UV light destroys natural rubber, making it brittle and slippery. We also suggest rolled up the mat and not lying flat. NEVER use alcohol, petroleum-based solvents or essential oils on your Jade yoga mat, except Jade Mat Wash**. These products ruin natural rubber, causing it to break up and dry out. Critical oils can also make mat slippery. **

Usually, essential oils are not recommended on our natural rubber mat. However, Jade Mat Wash is specially manufactured with low concentration and an optimally composed formula of essential oils and also acts as a natural rubber antioxidant. This means no harm to the Jade yoga mat rubber, as with other essential oils and other concentrations. Please use Jade’s Yoga Mat Wash for your Jade Yoga Mat.

Mat cleaners from other manufacturers or mixtures can cause harm. Jade Organic Cotton Mysore Yoga Rugs Machine or hand wash with cold water separately. Hang on dry air (will shrink if put in a dryer).

*Rugs May Shrink Slightly When Washed.

Jade Dharba Grass Yoga & Meditation Mats Wash and Clean the mat with a cotton rag. Air dry (indoors or in the shade) until dry. Be good to your Jade yoga, and long you’ll be content with it!

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