Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (Visa, Master Card + Amex)

Prepaid cards, which aren’t tied to a bank account are an increasingly popular way of making payments. Prepaid cards can be used to purchase gifts and keep spending in check.

  • If you prefer prepaid card payments, you may be wondering does Amazon accept prepaid cards? This is what I did to learn, and I’m happy to share all that I found!
  • Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (Visa, Master Card + Amex)

    Amazon will accept prepaid cards in 2022

    Amazon accepts prepaid Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards on and the Amazon app. Amazon accepts prepaid cards with very few restrictions. This is similar to the way that all credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

  • Check out our full guide if you’re interested in learning more about Amazon’s payment options with Prepaid Cards.
  • Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Visa?

    You can use your prepaid Visa card to shop on Amazon.

    With hundreds of product categories and an ever-changing selection, Amazon is one of the most popular places to use prepaid Visa cards.

    The retail e-commerce approach to prepaid Visa works in the exact same way it operates with credit/debit.

    You just need to confirm the card details such as the card number and expiry before it’s added to your Amazon wallet and used to finalize orders.

    Amazon has the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card.

    As the official credit card partner of Amazon cards, it just makes sense for Amazon to take prepaid Visa cards too.

    Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (Visa, Master Card + Amex)

    Amazon allows prepaid mastercards

    Prepaid Mastercards are an accepted form of payment on Amazon, just the same as credit or debit Mastercards.

    You can use your Amazon prepaid Mastercard by logging into your account.

    Click on the “Prepaid Mastercard” button to confirm your Amazon purchase.

    Amazon treats these cards virtually the same as other Mastercards, apart from not accepting prepaid and credit cards in the same transaction.

    Amazon Mastercards are prepaid and can therefore be used to order all items on Amazon.

    Amazon Accepts Prepaid American Express Cards

    American Express is one of the three major credit card companies Amazon supports to process prepaid card payments.

    Visa Mastercard, American Express or Visa Visa Prepaid Cards are eligible for the same credit and debit cards as standard credit cards.

    Amex cards can be used to purchase thousands of items from each category. Amazon accepts prepaid Amex cards as payment. This doesn’t limit what you can purchase.

    After you have completed your checkout process, choose your pre-paid card to pay the bill.

    Prepaid cards can be used to make Amazon payments. They are easily available almost anywhere. The cards are very popular and can be purchased at large retailers.

    If your Amazon purchase card is valid and you have funds, then this method of payment should work.

    Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (Visa, Master Card + Amex)

    Amazon allows you to use prepaid discover cards

    Amazon has not yet supported Discover as a prepaid payment provider for any of the major U.S. credit cards companies.

    Amazon offers Discover credit/debit cards that can be used on all orders, as well as Visa Mastercards, American Express and Mastercards. Prepaid Discover cards however aren’t currently listed as approved payment options.

    There are other places you can use prepaid Discover cards though, such as Target.

    Amazon will make sure that prepaid Discover card payments are included in any future updates to their accepted payment policies.

    Amazon Restrictions on Prepaid cards:

    Overall Amazon makes it easy to make purchases with prepaid cards, but there are a few restrictions to keep in mind when paying for millions of items online.

    Amazon does not offer prepaid Visa Mastercard or American Express cards that allow you to enter the 3-digit CVV code at the back.

    If the issuing bank requires the code, payments may not go through successfully. It is also not possible to combine these prepaid and credit cards into one order.

    Amazon has also noted that banks might require prepaid accounts to be registered with the billing address and name. Additionally, a $1 authorization must be obtained to make sure the payment method works.

    The authorization is not a charge, but some banks hold the authorized funds as unavailable until it expires.

    Also, your bank might be linked to your prepaid cards so that you can spend more money until you make your payment on Amazon.

    Remember that the restrictions mentioned above only pertain to certain prepaid card types. Amazon also offers seamless payment with the most widely used prepaid credit cards.

    If there are any issues with your prepaid card, such as it doesn’t have enough money on it, your Amazon order won’t go through. You won’t be panicked – your prepaid card will be notified and you will have the option to provide another payment method.

    Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (Visa, Master Card + Amex)

    Amazon Gift Cards can be prepaid

    Remember that Amazon prepaid payments can be used to top-up your Amazon gift card balance, or to use Amazon Cash for spending control.

    Amazon Gift Cards and Amazon Balance can be prepaid. This makes them especially useful for shoppers who are trying to keep within a budget and not overspend.

    Amazon Balance acts as a pre-paid card and can be used on all Amazon orders.

    Amazon provides prepaid options for those who have received Amazon gift cards as gifts.

    Amazon also provides details online on its prepaid card options and reloading options. Amazon Balance can be boosted in many different ways for your prepaid safety.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon has a lot to offer prepaid cards that have cash preloaded. Amazon is the leading online marketplace that accepts Mastercard and Prepaid Visa.

    Amazon cash, Amazon gift cards and Amazon store cards can be used as an alternative to debit and credit cards. Amazon accepts prepaid cards to purchase millions of tech items and household goods, which will allow you to enjoy an easy online shopping experience.

    .Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (Visa, Master Card + Amex)

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