What Age Does Amazon Hire?

What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

Amazon.com, Inc.
Formerly Cadabra, Inc. (1994–1995)



Founded July 5, 1994

; 27 years ago




Bellevue, Washington

, U.S.
Jeff Bezos


Area served
Key people
Revenue Increase


469.822 billion (2021)



US$24.879 billion (2021)


US$33.364 billion (2021)


Total assets

US$420.549 billion (2021)


Total equity

US$138.245 billion (2021)


Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


Number of employees
1,608,000 (Dec. 2021)


U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)




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Amazon is an e-commerce company that has changed the way consumers shop online. It’s one of the biggest names in retail.

Amazon Hires at What Age in 2022

Amazon will only employ people aged 18 and over as of 2022. Amazon stated that it does not hire teenagers younger than 15, 16 or 17, due to safety concerns. If a teenager turns 18, they can apply to become a delivery driver or a warehouse employee at Amazon. All employees must be legally allowed to work in the U.S. in addition to meeting the minimum age.

  • If you want to learn more about Amazon age requirements for employment, including what age does Amazon hire warehouse workers and whether teens can work there, then keep reading!
  • What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

    Amazon Hiring 15-Yearolds and 16 Year-Olds

    Amazon won’t employ high school students seeking a summer job.

    Amazon warehouses are large and heavy, which makes them dangerous for anyone under 18.

    Amazon requires that teens between the ages of 15 and 16 wait several years before they can hire them, however many other shops will.

    Kmart and Target are some of the options available for high school graduates looking to work after school. Small business and local stores offer opportunities to make money and build a solid work ethic.

    In addition, FLSA laws as well as state labor laws can be very restrictive when it is about hiring minors.

    Amazon is a busy company, so it’s difficult to supervise all of its employees.

    Amazon is more likely to make it easier and less expensive for 18-year olds to be hired.

    Amazon warehouses can be safer for adults as long as they provide proper training to their employees.

    Are You 17 years old and Can You Still Work at Amazon?

    Amazon’s age limitations also apply to those who are 17 years of age.

    Amazon doesn’t want to risk hiring anyone under the age of 18 because many labor laws include strict rules for minors.

    Amazon.com may be out of reach for teenagers 17 and older who want to find work. However there are other companies that will consider hiring them.

    McDonald’s and Walgreens are some of the well-known companies that welcome applications from those under 18 years old.

    Also, keep in mind that Amazon asks for a high school diploma or GED from all applicants.

    Even for teenagers who graduated sooner, Amazon requires that they wait until the 18th to apply.

    What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

    Amazon Warehouse Workers are Hired from What Age

    You must be 18 to work in these warehouses. They have a complicated system of machinery and technology that guarantees extreme efficiency.

    After turning 18, people can apply to the thousands of open positions at Amazon warehouses, which include customer service roles and entry-level manager jobs.

    Amazon pays a minimum $15 an hour for a job, making it attractive to those who are graduating high school or nearing graduation.

    You will need to give your name and address if you are applying to Amazon’s warehouse near you.

    In addition to providing your personal information, you’ll also have to confirm whether or not you hold a GED.

    Amazon warehouse jobs have a lot to offer. The majority of employees, aged 18+, can get basic qualifications.

  • Amazon.jobs/, Amazon’s official website for jobs, states applicants “must understand and observe all safety requirements”.
  • Amazon fulfillment centers offer jobs to those 18+ who want to work in an environment where there is high productivity and competitive pay.

    Unlike smaller stores that may have limited openings, Amazon is always hiring, and if you’re ready to work hard and have a clean background check, there’s a good chance Amazon will hire you for a warehouse role.

    Amazon Drivers for Delivery are What Years?

    Amazon will only allow you to drive for them if you’re at least 21.

    Amazon’s age requirements for delivery drivers are mainly for insurance purposes, and it’s also reassuring to have drivers with several years of experience on the road, rather than someone who just got their license.

    Amazon Delivery Service Partners driver licenses are not required. However, they will need to prove their age at 21.

    Amazon advertises regularly for delivery drivers jobs. If interested candidates meet minimum requirements and have passed their drug and background checks, they will be able to get on the road quickly.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon’s employees receive a $15 hourly starting wage. There are also bonuses and raises available. Many people find working for this Fortune 500 company a great deal.

    Amazon does not hire workers under 18 years of age, as many teens are looking for jobs at 15 or 16.

    Amazon should hire adults, rather than minors because of strict labor laws in the US and Canada. Amazon doesn’t allow students from high schools to apply, but those with high school diplomas and GEDs can still apply for thousands upon thousands of positions.

    Amazon warehouse workers must be 18 to qualify, while delivery drivers are required to have an age of 21.

    Can A 17 Year Old Work In An Amazon Warehouse?

    Minimum age 18+ Amazon employees from 16.

    What is the best age to start working in a warehouse as a 17 year-old?

    Warehouse Picking/Packing Operative Must be 18 years or older*.

    Amazon: Could You Be 17

    Amazon requires that you are at least 18 years old to be eligible for employment. Amazon requires a completed High School degree or GED. Amazon does not require a GED or High School diploma. However, there is an agency which can help you fill in many of these positions. September 19, 2017

    Can 16 Year Olds Work In A Warehouse?

    What’s the minimum age for warehouse work? Warehouse jobs are not available to anyone below the MSLA age, unless you have been given work experience by your school. You will need to be at minimum 18 for most part-time warehouse jobs.

    .What Age Does Amazon Hire? (15, 16, 17, Warehouse + More)

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