15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco!

15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco! (2022)

15 Things To Know Before Buying a TV From Costco! (2022)

Costco is well-known for its great pricing on televisions and other high-ticket items. The retail giant usually carries the best deal around when you’re in the market for a new TV. Are the deals really so sweet?

Before you buy your flatscreen TV or smart TV at Costco, there are a few important things to remember. Continue reading to learn more.

  • 15 Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Television From Costco 2022
  • 1. Costco has Many TV Options
  • Costco offers one of the biggest selections of television sizes in any large box store. They also carry prominent brands such as Sony, LG, Samsung and VIZIO.

    They are typically smaller than 40 inch screens and larger than 90 inches.

  • 2. Certain TV Options Are Limited At Costco
  • Costco has a few TV brands that they sell in warehouses. However, the selection is not as extensive (brands, sizes and types) as Best Buy or Walmart.

  • 3. Sometimes a Deal is Not a Deal
  • Costco negotiates with big companies in order to get you special discounts and lower prices. Costco, for example will offer a TV at a lower price if you purchase a live streaming package from one of its participating data companies.

    However, their deals are sometimes not so great. In fact, they often charge more through their “deals” than many of the other live-streaming options that are available.

    So to save some extra money, it might be worth investing in just the TV by itself and BYO your own streaming services.

  • 4. You may have to be careful when negotiating package deals
  • Costco’s prices are lower than those of most retailers. But, Costco does have a catch…
  • For example, AT&T customers might have to sign a 2-year contract with their company. This will prevent you from getting the discounted pricing.

    As well, while monthly costs may be reasonably low the first year, they often rise the second year of the agreement. This means you are locked into a contract you won’t be able to get out and pay prices you don’t want.

  • 5. Costco Has A Limited Return Window on TVs
  • Costco products can all be returned for any reason at anytime. No questions asked. Costco televisions have a different policy.

    Costco offers a 90 day return period for TVs. You can return the TV within 90 days if you do not like it. The TV cannot be returned for a refund.

    However, Costco does provide very generous TV warranties (see more below! ).

  • 6. Costco Provides a Premium TV Warranty
  • A majority of manufacturers provide a one-year warranty on all televisions purchased through their stores. Costco on the other hand doubles this offer for a two-year warranty on any television they sell!
  • Costco also offers technical support and a 3-year warranty on televisions greater than 37 inches.

  • 7. Protection Is Extra For TVs
  • In addition to the extended warranty Costco offers, there are also protection plans available to cover the malfunction of physical features.

    These items are extra expensive and must be bought within 90 days from the date of TV purchase.

    Costco and Allstate have a partnership to offer these protection plans.

    Costco provides protection for the first two years and Allstate covers the remaining three.

  • 8. A membership is required to buy TVs
  • Costco, like many other club-type retailers has special pricing that is tied to Costco members. Costco members don’t get a card so you can’t shop in store.

    Most people don’t think this matters. Costco memberships cost approximately $50 per calendar year. Memberships are the only way to find great deals.

    And basically, it is. It won’t make you much money if Costco is far from you or you aren’t doing most of your shopping there.

  • 9. Costco Online, Physical Costco TVs And Other Products
  • Costco.com can be your best option if driving to a shop and spending hours looking at televisions isn’t what you want to do on Saturday.

    You have many benefits.

    It is simpler to find sets online than in-store.

    All prices are identical

    All shipping is included in the price

    Avoid long checkout lines.

    Impulse purchases are not as common.

    You can skip the pressure sales speech to upgrade your membership plan.

  • Here’s my guide for pricing matching with Costco prices.
  • 10. Costco makes it almost impossible to match the prices of other retailers for TVs
  • There is one little trick that you need to know before buying a television at Costco. The model numbers on their TVs will often not match the model numbers on the same models at other stores.

    Because the model numbers can be identical, it is possible to get a price match.

    Let’s say another retailer offers the same TV but costs less. But you still want Costco to provide a great warranty. Costco is willing to match your price.

    Costco cannot price match because the model numbers of the models are different. Technically, the model number is different from that at the other retailer.

  • 11. Costco Provides TV Tech Support On Select Days And Times
  • While Costco does offer free technical support for any issues you may experience with your new television, there are limitations.

    Make sure you have your problems resolved between the hours of 5 AM to 10 PM every weekday. Because tech support is off the clock after 10 PM every night and on holidays.

    If your television malfunctions, this can be very distressing. Your set may also fail during your favourite late night show.

  • 12. No delivery or set-up fees for TVs
  • Costco will not cover delivery and setup in its bundle of services for TVs. It is unlikely that this will be an issue for the majority of people.

    The service could be helpful to the elderly or someone with more than their hands can handle.

    Televisions have never been known to be lightweight. They are also heavier the larger they become. For someone with health issues who can no longer lift heavy things, set-up might be highly problematic.

    It might also be difficult for small-sized drivers to get a large TV in their vehicle. Many individuals will appreciate the delivery and set up included.

    Although this is not necessarily a problem, it is important to know.

  • 13. However, not all Credit Cards are Accepted
  • You won’t be able to afford the upfront cost of a TV because it is such a big purchase. This type of purchase is most often made with a credit card.

    Costco doesn’t accept MasterCard and Amex cards. They only accept Visa-backed cards.

    To spare yourself some embarrassment, you may want to double-check your card’s issuer before attempting to purchase that Costco 60-inch flatscreen with it.

  • 14. Costco prices may be the best, even if they are higher
  • Costco may price televisions slightly more than other retailers. At first glance, the lowest price may seem to be the best.

    Costco offers a fantastic warranty. Costco almost always wins. You get a longer extended warranty that puts more money in your pockets for one year than any other retailer.

  • 15. Costco TVs – Get a gift card
  • Costco offers a gift card for customers who sign up for online deals from Costco partner companies. It all depends on the deal, but you could get up to $200 in gift cards!
  • You can find my Costco guides for furniture and alcohol to learn more about purchasing products at Costco.

  • Research Is Key To Getting Deals
  • Costco is a great place to buy your TV. Be sure to do your research before you commit to any large purchase. Costco offers the best deals. However, you may find a better deal elsewhere.

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    .15 Things To Know Before Buying A Tv From Costco! (2022)

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