Average Salary For A Dentist

Average Salary For A Dentist

Average Salary For A Dentist

average salary for a dentist

Here are 10 states where dentists make the most money

Dentists are defined by the BLS to be the professional occupation of “dentists, generally.” This amount is over three times that of the overall average national salary of all occupations at $51,960. In addition, average salaries for dentists have increased 6.8% from $164570 to the current level in five years.

The truth is that dentist salaries can differ greatly depending upon where they are situated. It can range from $200,000 to $50,000 in some states, but it is often lower than that of the national median.

The following is a listing of the top ten highest-paying states in which dentists can practice:

Delaware average dentist salary: $264,440

Alaska average dentist salary: $259,350

Rhode Island Average Dentist Salary: $254,190

Minnesota average dentist salary: $227,280

New Hampshire average dentist salary: $226,300

Connecticut average dentist salary: $213,390

Wisconsin average dentist salary: $213,210

These are the 10 Best States for Dentists to Make Less Money

Geographically, the top-10 lowest paying states for dentists is not common. While there are some southern states that have less dentist pay than West Virginia and Mississippi, they still earn lower incomes than the average for many jobs. California, for example, has higher incomes than most other states and is not surprising. Wyoming also has very few dentists. Although this feature may have helped dentists earn higher salaries in Wyoming and other states nearby, Wyoming wages don’t reflect it in any way.

Take a look at these 10 states that have the lowest dentist salary:

Louisiana average dentist salary: $124,020

Wyoming average dentist salary: $125,120

Nebraska average dentist salary: $135,080

Utah average dentist salary: $138,970

West Virginia average dentist salary: $139,170

California average dentist salary: $151,490

Maryland Average Dentist Salary: $1051.950

Mississippi average dentist salary: $153,810

average salary for a dentist

Dentist Starting Salary

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2018 saw a median income of $156,240 for all U.S. dentists.

While dentists who have just graduated from dental school will not be earning this salary immediately, they could still make a good living at $120,000 annually (PayScale). While your salary will be different depending on where you reside and the place you work, it will still be less than that of a tenured dentist or high-ranking dentist.

PayScale conducts a wide-ranging, live-to-the-point salary survey across nearly all professions. Salary reports on Payscale are not sourced from jobs that have yet to be filled, but rather from actual dentists.

Based on 1,802 anonymous users, PayScale reports that entry-level dentists with less than five years of experience earn an average salary of $120,00 per year, as of the writing of this article.

Salary for a dentist practice owner: How Much?

Ada.org estimates that average dentist-owners in the US earned $197.2k in general dentistry and $330.2k in specialist dental care in 2018.

Ziprecruiter.com states that the average is slightly lower at $178.6k for a dentist running a private practice, with highs of $366.5k and lows of $25.5k.

Paysa.com says the average is $150.3k with highs and lows at $170.75k to $139.4k.

Paysa.com and Ziprecruiter.com do not confirm that the numbers are applicable to general dentists. We can only assume, based on the comparison of their numbers with ADA’s figures that they represent a general dentist working as a practice owner.

We did the same with the associate dentist salary. Now we will consider these average figures to determine the salary of a dental office owner. The average dental office owner’s salary is $175.4k. The

10 States Where Dentists Earn The Most Money

“>average salary for a dentist practice owner who has a office in a high income area is $268.6k. Conversely, a dentist practice owner who has a clinic in a low-income region can make as much as $82.45k.

Richard Gawel

While 2020 has been a tumultuous year, 2019 saw some improvements for dentists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), dentists earned a median salary of $159,200 or $76.54 per hour last year, which was an increase over 2018’s $156,240 and $75.12 figures.

Behind the Numbers. The BLS has also expressed optimism about dentistry’s future prospects. They project that total employment will increase by 3% between 2019-2029. This figure is approximately the same as for all occupations. Bureau attributes this potential growth to the aging of the population.

According to the BLS’s statistics, Baby Boomers retain more of their teeth as they get older than any previous generation. As such, more attention is required for dental health. Complex work, such as bridges or implants, will be required. The increased risk of oral cancer that comes with aging will play a role as well.

Plus, the BLS said, demand for dental services will increase as research continues to link oral health to heart disease, diabetes, and other systemic issues. According to the BLS, dentists need to offer instruction and treatment that encourages oral hygiene.

BLS predicts good job prospects for all dentists, even those who want to work in rural areas. Even though competition for dentists is likely to increase, there will be a decrease in the number of people who have graduated from dental school.

The BLS anticipates that the number of dentists will rise to 151,000 by 2019, and 155,000 by 2029. This includes 3,700 general dentist positions and 100 additional oral and maxillofacial surgery surgeons. There are also 200 orthodontists. BLS says that there are not expected to be more prosthodontists, or other specialists.

These specialists also earn higher median salaries than general dental surgeons. Prosthodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and orthodontists all earned a median of $208,000 per year or more and placed fourth through sixth, respectively, on the BLS list of highest paying occupations in 2019. General dentists were fourteenth with a median of $155,600.

Also, geography is important. Rhode Island had the highest average income of general dentists with a mean annual wage at $262,000. They were followed by Alaska at $239.930, North Dakota (225.770), and Maine at 220.400.

Warner Robins was the most popular city in Georgia with an unspecified sum. Burlington, North Carolina had $278 360, Burlington South Burlington Vermont in $275340 and Longview Texas $272440. Olympia-Turnwater Washington came in at 267,240.

Auxiliary Careers Dental assistants are key to the health and well-being of their patients. Their median annual salary was $76,220 or $36.65 an hour. This is an increase from 2018’s $74,820 figure and 35.97 numbers. BLS predicts that there will be a 6% increase in employment between 2019 and 2029, which includes 13,300 additional jobs.

average salary for a dentist

What is the Average Salary of a Dentist?

An average dentist’s salary is $178.260. But, specialist dentists and those who run their own practices can earn significantly more.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent statistics, an average dentist salary of $178.260

This may not be the true amount of money that dentists earn. For example, the American Dental Association looks at a dentist’s net income, which accounts for a practice’s expenses as well. The ADA most recent data shows that the average general dentist’s net income is $190,440.

No matter how you measure it, dentistry is one of the highest-paying professions. Unfortunately, this comes with a heavy price. Class 2019 dentists had $292169 in debt.

Best dental school loans

The Salary of A Dentist: How To Pay Off Student Debt

A student loan can cause problems for your financial health, even if you have a 6-figure salary as a dentist. Even though lenders can offer loans for small businesses and mortgages to dentists, student debt could affect your ability to make your money last.

Dental school loans may also lead to interest rates of tens or thousands of dollars. For a debt amount average of $292169, a 7% annual interest rate would yield around $115,000 over 10 years.

Refinancing at a lower rate of interest could help you save money, free up cash and become debt-free sooner. Refinancing to a rate of 5% instead of a rate of 7% would save you more than $35,000 in 10 years.

The refinance of dental school loans may not be right for you. When you refinance federal student loan, you forfeit government benefits like income-driven payment. To find the best solution, evaluate all of your options for repayment on dental school loans.

average salary for a dentist

Is A Dental Career Worth It?

These are just a few of the many pros and disadvantages to pursuing dental work. The big issue is: Is the dentist’s salary worth the effort?

Data from Student Loan Hero shows that dentists will spend an average $570,000 on their education. This amount includes the principal and interest on student loan, as well $220,000 in lost earnings potential. (This is money that can be made after graduation instead of paying for dental school). According to them, most dentists will be able to repay the investment within 8 years.

This is great news. It means that in the long-term, education and training are worthwhile. These benefits continue after repayments are made. Dentists earn $90,000 higher than those with a bachelor’s.

The benefits available to dentists will vary depending on their location. Sometimes stock options and other benefits can be offered above and beyond a competitive salary. These are especially important for dentists with a DSO, such as Heartland Dental. Research shows dentists enjoy helping patients more than setting appointments, managing billing, or marketing. Many dentists choose DSO support because it offers a stable schedule that allows them to be with patients more often and leaves more time for their family.

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The Average Salary For A Dentist

According to BLS 2018, the median annual income for dentists in 2018 was $175,840. Between 2016 and 2026, the number of dentists will increase by 19%. This is much more than the projected 7% growth rate in all other fields.

Delaware is the highest-paying state in dentistry with a mean annual wage of $264,440. Alaska, Rhode Island (Minnesota), New Hampshire, and Minnesota are all high-paying states. Amarillo (TX) is the top-paying metropolitan area for dentists with an average annual salary of $279 580. Longview (TX), Fond Du Lac, WI, Reno, NV and Sebring (FL) are some other areas that dentists can choose to work in.

The high-paying profession of dentists is a source of pride and income. However, becoming a dentist can be difficult. According to the American Student Dental Association in 2016, $285,185 was the average student loan for dental school graduates. More than half of all dental school graduates in 2018 had more than $100,000 of debt. In the past four decades, dental students have taken on more debt than ever before.

The Average Salary of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Not surprisingly, oral surgeons tend to earn higher salaries than non-surgeon dentists. The average oral and maxillofacial surgery salary is $242370 per annum, $116.52/hour. California, Nebraska-Elgin, Maryland, and Indiana are some of the most lucrative states for dental surgeons. Among the highest-paying metro areas are Washington-Arlington-Alexandria; Chicago-Naperville-Elgin; Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim; and Grand Rapids-Wyoming.

average salary for a dentist

Related Jobs Salaries

In the dental field, there are many jobs. While some jobs require years of extensive education and training, others do not.

Many careers in dentistry offer the opportunity to take care of patients’ teeth without ever having to have their mouths open.

To keep the office efficient, receptionists as well as dental front office managers are essential.

The dental sales reps provide the tools and equipment that dentists need to do their job.

Dentists work together with their dental lab technicians to develop, design, or make dentures for patients.

Below are some jobs in dentistry and the annual average salaries for them:11,12-13,13,14

Job Average Annual Salary

Dental Assistants $42,310

Dental Front Office Manager $50,339

Dental Hygienist $78,050

.Average Salary For A Dentist

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