Does Target Drug Test

Does Target Drug Test

Does Target Drug Test

Laboratory Screening for Pre-Employment Drug Screen

US laboratories utilize two forms of tests for pre-employment drug screening. The laboratory tests can be used for initial or immunoassay, as well as Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. To lower the risk of false-negative and false positive.

One laboratory may use a mixture of all three. This increases specificity and sensitivity, which results in lower false positives and false negatives.

Pre-employment drug screening begins with the immunoassay. Negative results do not require further action from the employee. To minimize delays, the laboratory will forward the lab’s results to Target.

A follow-up test is required for positive results. The GC-MS is required in this instance. This analysis uses a different part of your urine or blood. The GCMS can be used to confirm the presence of illicit substances or metabolites.

Before contacting an employer about a negative pre-employment drug screening or random drug test, experts recommend a confirmation test such as GC-MS.

Do Target Random Drug Test Their Employees?

Target reserves the rights to administer drug testing to employees in order to ensure a drug-free workplace.

Because of this, Target is allowed to inspect packages and containers believed to be used to contain or distribute drugs.

Additionally, random drug tests may be more common for those operating machinery or vehicles.

Workers at Target who want to work in asset protection or management may also be subjected to a drug test.

Cashiers, seasonal employees, and retail workers are not required to submit to a drug screening unless Target has reasonable suspicion.

Does Target Drug Test

Target At Home Drug Test Accuracy

Whether you purchase your home drug test from TestCountry or Target, instant test kits are usually extremely reliable, allowing you to confidently screen for the most common drugs of abuse in minutes.

TestCountry offers a number of benefits. You can access our expert advice if there are any problems with your order. In addition, we’ll show you how to use your home test kits properly so that you prevent the risk of false results.

At Target, you’re dealing with chain store customer service representatives that you probably can not rely on the expertise of and, in reality, probably don’t have any real expertise in this field.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

The Target employee handbook explains that the drug-free workplace policy informs applicants and team members about the company’s desire to have motivated, productive, and focused team members.

This means some they do not allow some activities at work and are grounds for corrective action and even immediate termination.

You cannot perform any of these activities during working hours on company premises. You cannot also take part in these activities during work hours.

  • Parking lots,
  • Property in the community
  • Off-property worksites, or
  • Driving company vehicles.

Some examples of prohibited activities in the company handbook are:

  • Use, consumption, or possession of non-prescribed mood-altering, legal or illegal chemicals or drugs,
  • Misuse of non-prescribed legal drugs or misuse of drugs prescribed by a physician; buying, selling, offering, or receiving illegal drugs, and
  • Working while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or reporting to work

Does Target Drug Test

Target Drug Testing for New Employees

Target drug tests new employees. These tests are performed to make sure employees can perform their tasks safely.

Testing is usually conducted after the employee is hired or when he or she moves to a safety-sensitive position, such as; forklift operators, cashiers who work near registers that accept credit cards, and others.

In the past, Target has been sued for wrongful termination or suspension by employees who thought they were wrongly drug tested. In most of these cases, Target won because it had a legitimate interest in ensuring its employees were not exposing others to dangers in the workplace.

Average Pay At Target

Have you ever wondered what you’ll get paid for working at Target? It is worth doing some research before you apply. Pay can vary widely from one region to the next. You might earn more in certain areas than elsewhere.

It is pertinent to take time to learn more about the pay you’ll receive from Target. Sales associates make an average of $18,500 annually. The minimum hourly wage was $9.56 per hour, but it has been raised to $15 by the company.

Target’s average salary is better than what you can find anywhere else. This company pays very well, so it is worth looking into a job.

Does Target Drug Test

When Do Target Drug Tests?

Target drug assessments depend on many motives however 3 fundamental motives, they will drug test employees. You must pass the drug screening before you can sign up to the job. Every new employee must pass a drug test and be able to skip it. The test is available for employees who have transferred all other pre-employment.

Drug tests are not required for everyone at Target. The testing takes for those who perform machinery or perform like that. Test takers may be required to test for people who are employed in managerial or leadership roles. You will need to register for these sectors. You need to take a drug take a look at and ought to pass.

Second, drug tests can be used to assess for accidents. Target may also assign a drug test to workers who have been involved in an accident. Target stated that it wanted to ensure safety for their employees by administering a drug test. This will also prevent the same incident from happening again.

The third motive of drug tests is reasonable cause. They drug test employees suspected of engaging in unusual or irregular conduct. Although, there may additionally have many reasons to take drug assessments. You must remember that you cannot consume pills or other drugs while on duty.

Does Target Drug Test On The First Interview?

The majority of the positions opened by the target as in-store posts wherein applicants can come in, pass an online personality test, and surpass the interview of two or more existing employees, and then get hired.

Now, is a drug test done on the first interview? Nope, here is when and why drug tests are done at Target?

  • If all goes well from the initial hiring procedure, a successful applicant is given a conditional contract where status pending is pending and dependent on a drug test.
  • Since this is a standardized process, this goes through all stores across sites anywhere in the nation, without exceptions for whatever reasons.
  • The belief that applicants will be employed according to their behavior once they are hired and until the contract is terminated will lead them to believe that drug testing will also help.
  • Personality assessment and drug tests are in place to run a background check and eventually get to know how an applicant works and lives outside of work.
  • Target believes anyone can learn fast if they follow the carefully planned processes that were laid out upon their hiring.
  • What matters to Target is the right attitude and a better outlook in life, and this includes addiction or dependence on other substances such as drugs and similar mediums.

Does Target Drug Test

Target: Why work at Target?

There are many reasons why Target is viewed as one of America’s best employers. While the job opportunity is limited to part-time, employees can take advantage of Target’s great benefits.

Job seekers can choose from a broad range of career areas, including corporate security, business operations, administrative support, call center, financial retail services, assets protection, distribution centers, finance, accounting, food & beverage, logistics, human resources, risk & compliance, marketing, communications, merchandising, product design, global sourcing, project management, leadership, retail, technology, and team leader.

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These are some of the options for targeted employee benefits:

  • Plans for health insurance
  • Dental and vision plans
  • Accident insurance
  • Programs of support
  • College tuition assistance
  • 20 Percent wireless discount
  • Plans with 401(k).
  • Vacation and holidays
  • Personal days
  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness plans
  • 10 Percent discount
  • Leave for the family
  • Both short- and long-term plans for disability
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Incentives plans for short-term
  • Program for adoption reimbursement

The Target Credit Union is open to all employees. Target is also based in India, offering employment opportunities in technology, logistics, merchandising, and digital operations.

There are many job openings

Most people know that Target often hires cashiers. Although this is one of their primary job openings, they have other jobs too. When applying for a position with Target, you can find a wealth of jobs. For instance, you can try getting a position pushing carts.

The company always needs people to keep their parking lots clean and tidy. Target also offers security specialists as an option. The company often hires security specialists because it wants to stop people from stealing from its stores.

You also have the option of being a visual merchandiser or inbound team leader. The possibilities are endless. You’ll want to consider the options available to you because there are many.

Does Target Drug Test

A second example of an employee acting erratically

Let’s take, for example, a store employee who is acting strangely by walking around the shop or speaking in a slurred voice. The supervisor will likely be summoned to investigate.

A supervisor will then determine whether the employee has a medical condition, or is simply intoxicated due to drug or alcohol use. If the supervisor suspected substance abuse he or she would ask another supervisor to help escort the employee to the administrative office in the store to further investigate.

It could be:

  • Medical attention is available for employees
  • Questioning the employee
  • Determining possible drug or alcohol use and requesting an immediate drug test

What happens if I fail a Target Drug Test

Failure to pass a drug screening will result in disciplinary actions that could lead to termination. Target’s drug policy is zero tolerance. If you’re found using drugs, your job will immediately be terminated.

Target is not the only company with this policy. Similar policies are in place at many retailers to make sure that employees do not use drugs when they’re on the job.

This information is confidential and Target cannot disclose your results to any other party. So, if you’re worried about what will happen if you fail, just know that it will be dealt with internally and discreetly.

Does Target Drug Test

Does Target Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

To find out if Target does drug testing for pre-employment, I conducted extensive research. If you’re looking for the short answer then it is ‘yes’, Target does drug test for employment. A few people responded that they did not need to submit to a drug screen.

But, regardless of where they came from, most respondents said that they needed to submit to a drug screening.

Drug testing will be performed on all residents of New York, Virginia and California. You can be sure that drug testing will also take place in most states. There are some exceptions. My advice is that you should prepare for a drug test regardless of which state you are in.

Alternatively, you can go to the Target you’re applying to and ask people who work there whether or not they were drug tested as a prerequisite for employment. These people will be most knowledgeable about the latest drug policies in the branch.

How Does Aldi Do Their Drug Test?

Aldi checks for drugs in your urine, and they do not do mouth swabs. You need to give the people in charge some sample urine for analysis.

The test is designed to determine if :

  • THC(marijuana)
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines
  • Opiates

Tests are rarely conducted on-site during the interview process.

These are completed by third-party organizations, and you will be asked to complete them.

A urinalysis test does not take long, especially for the applicants. You only need to submit your urine and then leave. The testing facility will send the results after a few days. In this case, the results are sent to Aldi, who will decide to hire you or not, depending on the results.

Does Target Drug Test

Experts on Substance Abuse Faqs

Who is responsible for paying a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) used in the return-to-duty process?

DOT regulations do not specify who is responsible for paying for SAP services. Employers and employees may decide who pays for these services. These arrangements may be managed by management-labor agreements. Many employers pass the costs associated with the return-to-duty process to the employee. However, an employer may choose to cover these costs.

Can a Substance Abuse Professional, (SAP), who performed the evaluation perform treatment as well?

As a general rule, the answer is “no.” There are, however, certain situations when it is acceptable for an SAP to evaluate and treat an individual going through the return-to-duty process.

Car Sales Agent

To be a car sales agent you must have great communication and persuasion skills in order to make sales. There are not any education requirements nor are there any drug test requirements. Car lots do not care what you do in your private time as long as you sell cars.

Does Target Drug Test


Petsmart is committed to maintaining high standards within the pet supply industry. This does not apply to employees who are being tested. You only need to love animals in order to be successful.

Do Retail Jobs Drug Test?

For example, some areas of Target distribution centers may require pre-employment screenings or random tests; however, this is usually only the case if the job requires work in a secure area (for example, overnight).

Does Target Drug Test

Drug Testing at Target DCs

Certain roles in target distribution centers, such as asset protection specialists or executive team leaders, require drug screening.

Drug testing is done prior to employment, but not during orientation.

Target outsources it’s drug testing to a firm called Accurate Background.

You will need to submit to a drug screening if you are ever required.


This company has become exceptional in art materials supply in the state. You can get paint, canvas or brushes from them.

It is possible to get a job here without any drug test carried out on a potential employee.

Does Target Drug Test

What is the Aldi Drug Testing?

Aldi’s drug test is part of a process to create a drug-free and safe work environment for all employees and customers. Under certain conditions, the company may conduct drug testing on both new and current employees.


Photographers who work as freelancers will not be subject to a drug screening in the course of their careers. This is great because being creative has no bearing on being a drug-free individual. With the advent of high-quality, user-friendly cameras that are easy to use, it is now easier than ever to be a professional photographer.

You can become a professional photographer by buying a camera.

Does Target Drug Test

Web designer/developer

Web developers and designers are often self-employed, similar to mobile app developers. They don’t have to submit to drug testing.

What is Aldi’s Drug Testing?

Aldi checks employees for drug use. However, they do not do them randomly, as they have specific reasons that might prompt them to do one.

Aldi may subject you to drug testing if you’re suspected of violating drug-related policies.

One example is when an employee seeks workers’ compensation after an accident. Here, Aldi will do a drug test to check if they were under the influence when the accident happened.

Does Target Drug Test


There are many writing positions available, including technical writers, screenwriters and copywriters. Most writers are self-employed so they do not need to be drug tested.

Does Target Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

Target maintains a safe workplace environment by allowing customers to use drugs only. Target prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco by its employees.

Target has a drug policy that targets employees. Let me tell you, I did the research.

Does Target Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

Target Drug Test in 2022

Target is committed to a drug free workplace. This means that certain positions require drug testing. Accurate Background handles Target’s drug screening.

  • More information on Target drug tests can be found here, including where to find one, the test they use, and what you should expect.
  • What are the Target Drug Testing Methods?

    Target drug testing employees is a three-pronged approach:

  • Pre-Employment
  • The first one is usually pre-employment, meaning as a condition of your job offer, which you must pass to be hired.

    This is not done for all Target employees and is typically only done for those who operate machinery or are applying to roles such as Managers or Team Leaders.

  • After An Accident
  • Target might ask for drug tests if an employee is involved in an accident that causes significant damage or needs medical attention.

    This is so Target can keep employees safe and ensure the incident will not be repeated.

  • Reasonable Cause
  • A drug test may also be performed if Target has reason to believe that an employee could be using, distributing, or under the influence of prohibited drugs while at work.

    Target does not allow employees to be randomly selected for drug testing.

    Target must be able to see evidence that the employee is using drugs, including unusual or erratic behavior and accidents.

    Does Target Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    How do Target Drugs Test for?

    Target targets workers who have been tested for heroin, cocaine (or marijuana), and other drugs in order to determine whether they are using them.

    Target is able to help you if you’re a marijuana user.

    Do Target Random Drug Test Their Employees?

    Target reserves right to perform drug screenings on its employees to keep their workplace drug-free.

    Target can inspect any containers or packages believed to have drugs in them.

    Additionally, random drug tests may be more common for those operating machinery or vehicles.

    Workers at Target who want to work in asset protection or management may also be subjected to a drug test.

    Usually, cashiers, retail staff, and seasonal workers do not have to take a drug test unless Target has reasonable cause to suspect them.

    Does Target Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Which Type of Drug Testing Does Target Perform?

    Target runs a number of drug testing on employees. Accurate Background conducts drug tests on employees in Target locations.

    Target is able to conduct blood, urine, and breath tests if they suspect the use of drugs. Additionally, Target can use hair testing, which is often seen as a more reliable method as it has a longer detection span.

  • Target Drug Testing Process
  • Target Drug Test Centers will be close to Target stores you currently work or where you are applying for work.

    You will be told during your interview if the role you have applied for involves a mandatory drug test. Target usually requires a drug test for roles that require you to work with machines or other vehicles.

    Target will require you to submit to a Target drug screening within the first 24 hours after accepting your offer of employment.

    If you accept to take the test, you will be told the necessary steps to do this by Target, and will require a government-issued ID to confirm your identity at the test center.

    What happens when you fail the drug screening at Target

    If you fail a drug test, it is likely you will be reprimanded by your Target manager and may face consequences such as suspension and job loss.

    Target is not allowed to disclose the outcome of your drug test to anyone else, as it is confidential medical information.

    Does Target Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

    Are you able to be hired at Target even if your drug test fails?

    You will lose your job offer if you do not pass a drug screen or complete it in the time allowed (24 hours).

    Target requires motivated and reliable workers and a positive drug test can indicate you may not be right for the role.

    Target employees might find the Target dress policy, Target break and Target grieving policy interesting.

    Conclusion: Target Drug testing is possible

    Target Drug Tests for New Employees. Target also tests employees involved in accidents and suspects that they may have used drugs. These tests are conducted in Accurate Background’s facilities and away from Target.

    A Target drug test failure can lead to serious employment consequences. Target is entitled to random drug testing for employees who are suspected of misconduct.

    What Kind Of Drug Test does Target Conduct?

    What Kind Of Drug Tests Does Target Use? Target conducts several drug testing on its employees. Accurate Background, a third party company manages these tests in Target locations. If they suspect that someone is using drugs, Target can conduct breath, blood and urine tests.

    Does Target Do Mouth Swab?

    Target routinely conducts Urine Drug Testing for Pre-employment Drug Testing. While urine is still the most popular drug test, other methods include hair follicle or oral mouth-swab testing. It is widely used for the detection and identification of various drugs.

    Target Drug Testing is it done before or after orientation?

    All applicants are still required to pass a drug test. Failed tests will lead to immediate termination. I was tested after I was hired and before my orientation.Oct 26, 2017

    Target Drug Tests Take Place Regularly

    They do not conduct drug tests. … Target only does drug tests if you are required to operate a vehicle or if you get into an incident/accident. Mar 21, 2018, Target. They claim they are able to test at random times, but most of the time they don’t.

    .Does Target Drug Test In 2022? (All You Need To Know)

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