Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

TaylorMade MyStealth Plus 9* Driver Accra TZ6 USA Edition 65 Gram M4 Stiff Shaft

Taylormade Mystealth Plus 9* Driver Accra Tz6 Usa Edition 65 Gram M4 Stiff Shaft

Brand New

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TAYLORMADE GOLF M4 9.5° Driver FUJIKURA ATMOS 5S Graphite Stiff Flex

Taylormade Golf M4 9.5° Driver Fujikura Atmos 5S Graphite Stiff Flex

Brand New

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TaylorMade M4 Driver 2022 Right Hand - New - Pick Loft and Flex

Taylormade M4 Driver 2022 Right Hand – New – Pick Loft And Flex

Brand New

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New TaylorMade Golf LH 2018 M4 Driver 9.5* Stiff Flex (Left Handed)

New Taylormade Golf Lh 2018 M4 Driver 9.5* Stiff Flex (Left Handed)

Brand New

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New 2021 Taylormade M4 9.5* Driver Regular flex Fujikura Atmos Red 5R M-4 21

New 2021 Taylormade M4 9.5* Driver Regular Flex Fujikura Atmos Red 5R M-4 21

Brand New

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Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Taylormade M4 Driver

Great Driver for Mid Handicappers


  • Replaces the M2 as TaylorMade’s best non-adjustable weight driver
  • Larger Hammerhead slot provides plenty of power to the golf ball at impact
  • Twist Face technology delivers exceptional forgiveness, especially on shots toward the toe of the club
  • Well-balanced with a lower center of gravity for more carry


The M4 features a broader version of the company’s patented Hammerhead slot that provides more directed energy to the golf ball as well as their Twist Face technology that assists in boosting the forgiveness of the club. The driver does include an adjustable loft sleeve that can alter your club face by one degree, either way, for higher or lower launch angle at impact.

What’s new about the driver is the Geocoustic sole design that rounds the rear sole of the club. Working in unison with the single weight that’s located at the end of the crown, the Geocoustic sole is designed to improve the driver’s response and feel, especially when compared to the M3.

A well-made driver that works well for the mid handicapper, the M4 is a superb club worth looking into if you are ready to make a moderate upgrade to your game off the tee box.

Geocoustic Technology

It sounds fancy doesn’t it. It is. Driver heads might have low frequencies due to their flat soles or low center of gravity.

Taylormade’s fancy-sounding technology allows for a lower CG, larger head, and curvier sole, which innately emits a higher frequency. This results in a better sound and feel.

The incorporation of this technology allowed for freeing up space which allowed the designers to increase the face size and better sound and feel.

Also, see TaylorMade’s M6 driver reviews

Taylormade, as I mentioned previously, has conducted extensive research. Taylormade has produced the strongest and lightest composite panels thanks to this research.

This Taylormade M4 driver’s front section is matte silver with a raised, aerodynamic five-layer carbon composite crown. To keep the flow constant, its manufacturers made it into an extremely high crown.

The 5-layer carbon casting and its raising hasn’t increased the CG but has made the air-flow more consistent.

  • New Face
  • New Face

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Callaway Rogue Driver


  • Jailbreak Technology consolidates center of the face to increase directed energy and distance
  • X-Face VFT technology allows for a high launch angle from the tee, and an incredible golf ball carry.
  • Redesigned crown is more aerodynamic for less drag and enhanced swing speed
  • More forgiving driver than older Callaway models with exceptional response at impact


Callaway Rogue, a mid-priced driver is an outstanding choice. This reputable manufacturer is well-known for making high-quality equipment which can greatly improve golfers’ game. Featuring all the standard innovations you’d expect from Callaway, the Rogue is another of the company’s driver that provides a bump in distance and forgiveness for golfers looking to improve the smaller areas of their driving skill set.

The Rogue’s Jailbreak Technology makes it more responsive and stable than other drivers. Club designers created the two-bar system to stabilize the Rogue’s center. The Jailbreak feature concentrates energy where it should be, behind the golf ball, to create a larger sweet spot and more distance.

Jailbreak Technology is used in conjunction with the X-Face technology. This TaylorMade version of TaylorMade’s Twist Face features on drivers, Callaway’s. The VFT technology, designed to reduce side spin, helps keep the velocity of the swing at maximum levels for longer drives, even on the ones that strike an area off the center of the face.

Another standout on the Rogue is the aerodynamic crown built with the help of the famous aircraft manufacturer, Boeing. The crown was designed by engineers from both companies and reduced drag. This allowed the Rogue to move more smoothly against the air around it, resulting in greater swing speed.

Rogue also comes with multiple shaft options, allowing golfers to create the shot that suits them best.

The Rogue driver is an exceptional club with adjustable loft sleeves for shot height control. It’s a highly-featured club that can increase your distance and accuracy.

Taylormade M2 Driver Overview

Taylormade M2 is a new standard in feel, consistency and stability.

First, we need to mention the high-quality titanium body combined with a carbon fibre crown. The combination made it possible to achieve extremely consistent shots at great distances.

It should be mentioned that the Taylormade M2 was slightly longer than the M4 and averaged about four yards less to get an idea of the distance. The loss in distance was mainly due to less flexibility at impact, and not increased spin.

In fact, the spin rates between these two drivers were almost identical. If you are looking for a more pleasant-feeling driver, the Taylormade M2 is a good choice.

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Types Of Drivers

There are three main types of drivers available today: forged iron blade-style and cavity back. Forged iron drivers are traditional designs that date back to the early 1900s. Blade style drivers are popular among tour professionals because they provide greater forgiveness and allow for faster swings. Cavity backs are newer models that give players more control over the trajectory of the shot. Each model has its advantages and drawbacks. While forged irons have a reputation for producing high spin rates, they are not very forgiveness. Blades, on the other hand, are more forgiving and produce higher spin rates. Cavity backs can be versatile, and offer both forgiveness and high spinning rates. But they require more practice to master.

Design And Technology

The TaylorMade M4 Driver is perfect for anyone who can afford it but it will make the biggest improvements for those players with mid or low handicaps who want to get the most out of their drives, but may want a little more simplicity rather than working with the adjustable weights found in the M3. TaylorMade M4 driver is a great club for low- to middle handicap golfers looking to improve their drive.

  • It is less expensive than the M3 driver and comes with the same technology but without the movable weighs
  • The lack of adjustability may be a negative for golfers that are more consistent and want to tinker with their club

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

How To Choose The Best Taylormade M4 Driver

The TaylorMade M4 driver was designed to be the most forgiving golf club ever created. With its unique design the M4 has been able to deliver consistent distance while maintaining forgiveness. It has a wide sweet spot, making it easy to hit consistent shots. The M4’s low center gravity allows players to have greater control of the ball at impact. The M4 is available in both right-handed and left-handed models.

The M4 driver is very different from traditional drivers because it does not have a hosel. The head is attached directly to the shaft. The hosel pin is not required, which can increase weight and reduce forgiveness. In addition the M4 uses a forged steel face insert rather than a graphite composite material. This results in increased durability and improved sound quality. Finally the M4 driver comes equipped with a titanium sole plate. It reduces vibrations and enhances performance.

How Does The M4 Compare To The M5 & M6 Drivers?

Golfers often wonder how different drivers are when they have multiple models of the same club. With the M-series drivers, TaylorMade has stayed close to the original design and features of the M1, but altered each successive club as they seek to improve and streamline the design.

For the M4, the driver features an adjustable loft sleeve but no movable weighting. This is also the case for M6. It has a loft sleeves, but not adjustable weights. The TaylorMade M5 differs because it is more in line with the M3 as it does have a T-Track system that allows the golfer to fine tune the driver for a fade or draw bias plus offers the opportunity to add or subtract height from the tee shot.

The track system aside all that, the three drivers deliver amazing performance.

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Taylormade M5 driver

Best Adjustable Driver for Low Handicappers


  • The Speed-Inject Club Face is created using hands-on processes that maximize sweet spot.
  • Twist Face technology reduces side spin to create straighter shots
  • The T-Track system helps golfers dial in better shots and combat slices
  • Hammerhead slot is newly designed to work with redesigned Twist Face for more consistency


TaylorMade recently came out with the M4’s bigger brother, the sleek and well designed M5 driver. The M5 features new versions of some of the M4’s most important features. It is not just an improvement on the M4 because it has many other benefits.

All the features you see in the M4 are here in the M5, starting with the Twist Face technology that allows exceptional forgiveness on off-center strikes and reduces the pain of hitting the ball off the toe or hosel. When the Twist Face feature works with the individually-made speed-injected club face, golfers of any level can certainly experience what makes the M-series line of drivers so accessible.

If there is a massive difference between the two clubs, it has to focus on the M5’s T-Track system. This adjustable feature allows the golfer to find the perfect setting for their driver to produce the shot shape and ball height they want on each drive. The club’s tool can transform the M5 into an instrument that cuts slices and produces incredible shot height.

Also featuring a large Hammerhead Slot that works hard to promote stability and reliability from the club face, the M5 has a boxier look and feel than the M4, to the point that traditional golfers who like their driver with rounded edges, and a half-moon look to think twice of choosing this model over the M4.

Best suited for low handicappers who can afford a high-priced driver, the M5 does have some sparkling bells and whistles, but ultimately might fall short of forcing the upgrade from the M4.

Taylormade M3 driver

The TaylorMade M3 Driver is one of most technologically advanced drivers ever produced and is engineered to expand the sweet spot, maximizing forgiveness, and allowing for personalized adjustment of the ball flight. The M3 Driver is intended to replace TaylorMade’s M1 Driver. It builds upon the technology and innovations that have made TaylorMade’s M1 Driver a success. For more information, read our TaylorMade M1 Driver Review. The TaylorMade M3 signature feature is its innovative new Twist Face design that uses a novel corrective curvature on the face of the club to add forgiveness and help drives go straighter. Hammerhead slots increase forgiveness and ball speed, extending drives farther down the fairway. Lastly, a new Y-Track movable weight system allows adjustments to optimize ball flight. These all combine to help get the most out of drives, making them straighter and longer than before. The TaylorMade M3 Driver is truly an amazing club that is perfect for the low to mid handicap golfer looking to improve their performance on the course.

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

The High Contrast Crown Assists Alignment is Key Feature 3.

Something that TaylorMade had gotten away from is providing a multi-colored crown to assist the golfer with a contrast that helps align the golf ball to the center of the driver’s face. But with the M4, the company has included the use of white on area of the crown near the face to help golfers find the center of the club with quickness and ease.

TaylorMade’s designer used TaylorMade’s logo as a mark of center on the club face to ensure alignment. This will help keep the club at its address. The alignment symbol certainly helps find the sweet spot with more regularity for drives that scream down the fairway.

High handicappers who are hoping to grow up into the M4 can use the alignment logo as a point of return at address. This allows them to ensure that their body aligns with the target line.

Key Features

The new M4 Driver features are many and more advanced than the M2 Driver. These features include:

  • Twist Face
  • Hammerhead Slot
  • Geocustic Technology
  • Lots of Customization Options

The M4 Driver’s greatest innovation is Twist Face. In short, Twist Face allows for more forgiveness and better ball speed across the entire face. So even if you mishit the ball, Twist Face should help you get more distance with less sidespin. More detail about how Twist Face works will be presented in the next section.

The M2’s M2 features are making a comeback to the M4 with the Hammerhead Slot, and Geocustic Technology. These features optimize aerodynamics for more swing speed. Again, both of these features will be discussed in greater detail in the next section.

TaylorMade offers more customization options than the standard M4 Driver. Golfers had the option to choose from four loft options and five shaft flexes upon release. The customization options were more comparable to what Callaway and other manufacturers offered.

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

The Right Person for This Club

TaylorMade markets the M4 Driver as a driver for any level of golfer. TaylorMade’s M4 Driver is a driver that will suit almost all levels of golfers. Thanks to a simplistic shape and non-intrusive features, the M4 swings easy without the need for any swing adjustments.

Perhaps the area where the M4 shines the most is mishit forgiveness. If you’re a player who hits shots out of the fairway, Twist Face is for you. A simple change to the M4 driver will allow you to keep more of your shots on the fairway than in the woods, or the water.

One group of golfers who might not be a fan of the M4 Driver would be those who like to work the ball off the tee. While the M4 does offer some workability, the best club for the job would be the co-released M3 Driver. We’ll get to this more later.

Taylormade M4 driver features

High Launch Angle – Designed for golfers who hit shots with a high launch angle.

Low Spin Rate – Ideal for golfers with low spin rates.

Greater Distance – Great distance for long irons.

Easy To Hit – Easy to control due to its forgiving nature.

Longer Face – Longer face length gives greater forgiveness.

Swing Weight – Swing weight between 170 grams (5.7 oz) and 190 grams (6.1 oz).

Forged Hosel- The forged hosel design improves club head speed.

Shaft Flex – Shaft flexibility ranges between 25 and 35 degrees.

Weight – Between 165 grams (5.4 oz) and 185 grams (6.

Taylormade M4 Driver Review


Today’s golf game requires that a driver produce sufficient distance to make the ball reach your bag. As golfers drive the ball deeper and deeper, courses become longer and longer, and that leads to golfers needing more and more distance. It is quite the cycle. You get great distance with the M4. With the lightweight shaft and low center of gravity, you can really increase your swing speed with this driver. The Hammerhead slots also give you an aggressive energy transfer from club to ball and especially with center strikes. Even off center strikes go pretty long and straight thanks to the Twist Face. It is an excellent distance club and does not disappoint.

Video Review Of Taylormade M4 Ladies Driver

Check out this detailed Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set Review

Taylormade M4 Driver Review


  • Premium technology and top of the line performance with low prices then M3
  • Introducing Twist Face technology to make you’re shot farther and straighter.
  • Aerodynamic head design allows for greater clubhead speed, and perfect MOI impact.
  • Introducing Power channel to make an amplified ball speed and less spin
  • The clubhead is designed using geocoustic technology for better forgiveness, sound quality, and an excellent feeling.

M4 Fairway

Complementing the standard M4 fairway is a Tour model. The Tour model is smaller (175cc vs 156cc), features a deeper face and, as one would expect, has lower launch and greater workability (i.e. it is less forgiving).

You can choose from the following M4 sizes: 15deg to 16.5deg; 18deg to 21deg; and 24deg. The stock shaft is the Fujikura ATMOS Red 75 (non-Tour Spec).

You can choose between 15deg or 18deg for the Tour Model. The Stock shaft is made from the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue.

Retail Price for M4 Fairways is $249

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Stock Taylormade M4 Driver Specs

Accuracy & Performance

Well, Accuracy & Performance are relevantly important in the ability to perform up to the accurate level (declared by the manufacturer) for a particular product. It is the comparison of the measured value with a true or standard value. You can measure the performance of any product by taking small samples. of course, The small number of reading reduces the risk of error of the accurate calculations.

Taylormade M4 Driver Review


It is also more user-friendly than any other driver on the market.

The golfer can handle it easily according to their intent. The well-structured design contributes a lot to provide much more convenience and control to the golfer also with the battering sound is appreciable.

Taylormade M4 driver released when?

The Taylormade M4 driver was released on February 16, 2018.

  1. What is the difference between M3 and M4?
  • What is the difference between M3 and M4?

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Geocoustic Sole Design

The company’s Geocoustic technology gives the golfer more feel and better response over previous models of M-series drivers. At impact, the golfer immediately knows if the shot found the sweet spot, instilling confidence and enjoyment when using the M4. The reduction in the volume of the M4’s head allowed the designers to increase club face size with the company suggesting that the sweet spot has increased by 67% over the M3.

M4 Rescue

The M4 Rescue rounds out the list. Compared to the M3, the M4 Rescue has a lower profile and is bigger front to back. It offers a Geocoustic sole and a cut-through Speed Pocket for higher launch. Like the M4 Fairway, it offers a split-mass pad for increased forgiveness. It does have a little draw bias which might not suit everyone.

The retail price is $219

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Taylormade M4 Driver Review Price & Specs

Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Callaway Golf Company




S&P 400




Sports equipment


Founded 1982

; 39 years ago



Ely Reeves Callaway, Jr.


Area served
Key people
Chip Brewer (


Golf clubs





, accessories
Revenue Increase


1.2 billion


FY 2018





31 Million


FY 2014





16 Million


FY 2014



Total assets



625 Million


FY 2014



Total equity



292 Million


FY 2014



Number of employees
2,400 (2018)

Callaway Apparel




taylormade m4 driver review

Taylormade M4 Full 2021 Review: Does It Make Sense?

Mid-Handicappers’ Best Driver:

TaylorMade MP4 Driver


Callaway Rogue Driver

Although there are no more advanced features available, this driver was designed to serve mid handicappers who want to put more effort into their game.

We’ll be looking at the TaylorMade M4 driver and helping you decide whether it is for you.

taylormade m4 driver review

Taylormade’s M4 Driver Review – Light, Large, & Forgiving

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product Reviews 1 Comment This comprehensive TaylorMade M4 review is available.

This is the lighter, more tolerant alternative to M3. The M3 has most of its same technology, but it doesn’t have movable weights. It also features new Geocoustic tech that helps to create a bigger face.

Is the M4 able to perform on the green? The M4 is better suited for certain golfers than the M3. It is it worthwhile to invest in this bag?

I’m going over the following in this review:

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Learn more to help you make an educated purchase.

taylormade m4 driver review

Taylormade M4 Driver Review – An Honest Opinion

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases made on our website.

Taylormade’s M4 is the first time I felt as excited as ever to play a brand new golf club. Taylormade drivers were not always my favourite, but the Twist Face technology has made it an even more enjoyable to play. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the M4 and sharing my honest thoughts after testing it out.

In conclusion, the M4 was a much more pleasing look than both the M1 and M2. It is also more tactile and has a solid impact. Although the new Twist face did decrease sidespin, it won’t completely eliminate it. Aside from that, I found it to have a wider sweet spot which is a plus for handicappers of all levels with off-center hits. Overall, the Taylormade M4 driver is an excellent choice and one I’d definitely recommend.

This should be enough information. However, if you need more information about the subject, please watch this video or check out our blog post.

taylormade m4 driver review

Taylormade M4 driver review

TaylorMade D-Type Women’s Driver M4 (Ladies Flex, Right hand, 12.0°)

A new facial curvature with correctional face angle on offcenter hits. This reduces side spin and delivers straighter shots. This provides consistent spin with more loft in the high-toe, and less in the low-heel.

Slot for Hammerhead: The slot’s reinforced outer sections allow for lighter faces that are more flexible, which results in larger sweet spots

This flexible slot in the center increases ball speed for low shots, and decreases spin

Geocoustic: A solid, explosive sound. Reduced sole volume enables a larger, more forgiving face.

The two-tone crown cosmetics have been altered to make the face angle appear more open, resulting in a more closed face at impact. The 41-gram weight of the cosmetics have been moved heelward in order to achieve draw bias.

TaylorMade created new drivers to aid golfers in getting more yards per swing. The company has introduced the SuperTri driver, which is lighter and offers a speed boost. It also introduces the SuperTri driver, which boasts a higher spin rate, launch angle, and face angle. And everyone just can’t stop talking about the new twist introduced in the club. Check out our TaylorMade M4 driver review.

taylormade m4 driver review

Our Final Thoughts On The M4 Driver

In this TaylorMade M4 Driver review, we were able to find out that this model is a very good driver and it’s suitable for a wider range of players. This equipment will suit you if you’re looking for a driver that has a large sweet spot and can take longer shots. It also allows you to make straighter shots by correcting off-center hits.

Although it might work for most golfers, there is always the possibility that some drivers may not suit certain players. The Face Twists’ design advantages are affected by how the head touches the ball. Therefore, it could work well for many but not for others.

A M4 Driver can be tested before purchasing.

For straighter shots and less side spin, the new face curvature includes a corrective face angle that reduces off-center hits. This provides consistent spin with more loft in the high-toe, and less in the low-heel.

Slot for Hammerhead: The slot’s reinforced outer sections allow for lighter faces that are more flexible, which results in larger sweet spots

Flexible center slots increase ball speed with low shots and reduce unwanted spin

Geocoustic: A solid, explosive sound. The reduced sole volume allows you to see a more expressive and forgiving face.

Does The Taylormade m4 driver work well for beginners?

TaylorMade’s M4 driver is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals, as well as golfers with all levels of skill.

Is Taylormade M4 Forgiving?

Conclusion. TaylorMade’s highly-rated M4 irons can improve your game. They have superb distance, forgiveness and feel, along with a strong offset that should help most high handicappers hit it straighter.Sep 3, 2020

Taylormade M6 – Is it better than TaylormadeM4?

Comparing to the M4, the sound of the M6 is better. It delivers more power through an optimised spin configuration and lower face. … For players who have higher swing speeds than 2017, M2 or M4, the M6 driver appears to be more manageable. Jan 3, 2019

Which Driver Is Better M3 Or M4?

M4 Driver. The M3 driver draws all attention for its highest adjustability. But the M4 is an upgrade of last year’s M2, which offers greater forgiveness and lighter packages. Beach claimed that the D-Type provides 20 extra yards of left bias over the standard model M4.

.Taylormade M4 Driver Review

Written by GoGo

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