Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Taylormade Sim 2 Driver (February 19, 2021 Launch)

TaylorMade’s first SIM Driver model, the SIM 1 was launched in 2020. They are back with the TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver a year later.

SIM 2 Driver launches February 19, 2021. Get ready, this driver has tons of new features and better technology that will help you perform on the tee.

Let’s start by discussing the design aspects of the SIM2 driver. TaylorMade took each component of the SIM2 Driver apart to make improvements.

TaylorMade feels that the combination of all these changes has made TaylorMade a much better club than it was a year ago when they introduced SIM 1.

Taylormade Sim Vs Sim Max Price

Always consider the cost and return on investment. You have to ask yourself, “for the money am I getting that much more worth out of any extra features”?

SIM Max is slightly less expensive than SIM Max, but it’s still a SIM. And it indeed has a couple of extra features. It is up to you whether you consider this to be worth it. The extra expense will not be worthwhile if you like to tinker with clubs and want maximum customization. The SIM Max is a great addition to any bag if customization is not a top priority.

The SIM Max costs less than the SIM, if you look at the numbers.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Pros And Cons

The TaylorMade SIM driver has a 4+ star rating on sites such as Amazon and others. While no golf club is going to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate, this one comes awfully close. Nearly 90% of Amazon customers gave it 4/5 stars. This speaks volumes about the product’s overall design and strength. This is the feedback from real users about this incredible driver.

  • “Longer, straighter than my older driver, I’m about 20 handicap
  • With this club in my hand, I feel comfortable standing on the tee. Forgiving and pure.”
  • High swing speed is a must-have!
  • “This driver is amazing…took my average game to the next level.”
  • “…added minimum 10 yards to my drives…would definitely recommend.”

Here are some facts about the TaylorMade SIM drives.


The SIM drivers also have Speed Injected Twist Face. This technology allows for the driver’s ball speed to exceed the legal limits, especially on off-centre hits.

Now the SIM family consists of three drivers, the SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D. The SIM, which features Sliding Weight Technology that allows up to 20 yards of draw or fade bias, simply by moving the 10g weight into the desired position. SIM Max and SIM Max D have a smaller face, making it more suitable for players who value adjustability and control.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

What Makes Sim2 Max a Good Driver?

The TaylorMade SIM2 Max is an elite piece of equipment. The driver is one of the most popular clubs among the PGA Tour and even pros who are sponsored by other manufacturers have been seen to swap in a TaylorMade driver as their primary club choice.

It is important that you understand the price of a driver when purchasing a vehicle. TaylorMade SIM2 drivers may be more expensive than other models, but there is a good reason. The club is the creme de la creme.

TaylorMade SIM2 driver are very popular on tour. This is not because they’re cheap. It’s crucial to make a long-term investment in a driver if you are looking for a replacement.

Taylormade Sim Driver: First Hit

What’s really noticeable with the SIM driver is how everything that’s worked from previous M models has been improved. Gone are the days of wiping the drawing board clean after a year and starting from scratch.

The new chromed carbon-fibre crown gives the SIM family a cracking new look and thanks to its structural integrity this driver sounds and feels brilliant at impact. We love the chalk paint job and how each driver has the same name. This is a TaylorMade first.

TaylorMade say their tour players will be split 50-50 between the SIM and SIM Max driver. We believe that the SIM Max is more suitable for most club golfers.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Beginners And Mid-High Handicappers

As we have said, clubs can be a very subjective thing. However, let’s go with what generally works for us.

SIM Max is a great option if you prefer a slow swing, or want to increase your consistency.

You’ll find forgiveness for mishit shots due to the technology within the club. The face itself is bigger than the SIM, with a larger sweet spot, and will give you more confidence when standing over the ball. It also features the unique twist face, meaning the odd mishit won’t plague your game too much.

The higher loft angles certainly make the ball sit up in the air. They impart more spin and reduce sidespin. Let’s say you have an naturally high launch angle because of your swing. You can still benefit from the loft sleeves technology in this case.

The SIM Max would be a great driver for anyone looking to gain more consistency, especially a beginner or mid handicapper. You might have had a lot of upgrades in the past, and your old driver is no longer available. In that case, you should find that the TaylorMade SIM Max is an excellent middle ground that offers plenty of great technology, combined with forgiveness.

Big Hitters And Low Handicappers

If you are hitting the ball a long way or are looking to up your game, then the SIM could be ideal. We say this for a couple of reasons.

The launch angles of the balls are generally lower. If you wish to make enough spin for the ball to fly, then you must be strong. This is exacerbated by the fact that sidespin can be more prominent at lower launch angles. This is a problem that beginners may face, not so much consistent strikers.

The second reason is due to the sliding weight technology. We all desire to achieve a subtle fade or slight draw. Most beginners prefer to hit the straight shot. To be able to control the trajectory, you must first learn how to draw and fade.

The SIM isn’t quite as forgiving as the SIM Max, and the benefits you gain will only make it good value if you have the skill to take advantage of them.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Composition Comparison

A lightweight carbon sole is used in the M6 driver. It has weighting at the back of the head. It also features Taylormade’s Hammerhead slot which effectively makes the sweet spot bigger.

Sim drivers have a slightly different Hammerhead slot. They come with inverted cone technology which works to widen the C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution) which makes the sweet spot asymmetrical and once again, expands the sweet spot to cover more of the face.

The club faces of the Sim series is also slightly larger than on the M6 – most notably in the Sim Max D driver. Both the Sim driver and M6 have 460cc heads.

Some Things to Consider before Buying a Driver

Buying a new driver is an exciting time, but it’s important not to rush straight into a decision. You can achieve your perfect swing by considering many factors. The goal is to choose a driver who ticks all your boxes.


Arguably the most important factor of any golf club, forgiveness is the extent to which you can get away with playing mishits. Manufacturers have come up with clever ways to allow their clubs to deliver power and precision on mishits.


Because we are looking to get the most distance from the green, we pull out the driver. It is important to find a club that will help us push our boundaries. Drivers are there to help you go that extra mile.

Loft and Launch

Your drive’s quality will depend on how the ball hits the ground. The driver should offer a powerful yet controlled launch, and it should have enough loft to achieve the optimal distance.

You can feel and hear it

When you first hold a driver, you should know pretty quickly if it feels right. The same goes for when you swing it: the more natural it feels, the better. Feel is something that will be personal to you, and only you can really know what’s going to suit you best.


Today’s drivers come equipped with an adjustable hosel that allows you to alter the height of your face. Drivers can adjust the center gravity (CG), and the directional setting of their clubhead. Some go further. If you’re the kind of player who likes to make slight adjustments to their driver from time to time, this is something to look out for.

Take a look

Everybody knows that good-looking drivers make better shots. Right?

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Comparing Performance

Which driver was the best? This is difficult to compare, as it all depends on the type of performance that you are focusing. Overall, the Sim drivers were more patient. The Sim Max D has a massive face and it was pretty easy for anyone to pick up and rip with.

And frankly, the head shape of the Sim series is weird. The extra “fin”, as we will call it, allows for the weight to shift further back into the head than usual drivers. And the super rear-oriented CG definitely adds to the forgiveness.

The adjustable hosel of the Sim series allows you to move up or down 4 degrees which is very handy when you want to fine tune your launches and even correct draw bias and fade.

Now if you are talking about distance then the comparison gets a little tricky. That’s because both the M6 and Sim drivers were giving us very comparable distances. On average we got a few more yards with Sim drivers.

Feel is also nearly a wash between these 2 drivers. The M6 does have a better sound and feel, but only slightly. Sim drivers produce a more “tinny”, higher-pitched sound.

Taylormade Sim2 Drivers-A Breakdown of Each Model

Now let’s take a look at each of the TaylorMade SIM2 drivers individually. Let’s take a look at each TaylorMade SIM2 driver individually.

Each of the three drivers models in this series performs differently with regard to spin and launch angles. I’ll go into that in greater detail below.

The SIM2 driver model and SIM2 MAX drivers models have two shaft options. I will also discuss them. However, I will admit that I don’t like a shaft that is 45.75 inches long.

More on shaft length and how long of a driver you should be playing if you want to check that out here.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

The Test

I’m hoping to find that the SIM’s new shape head does increase my average club head speed whilst still being as forgiving as ever. I also want to find out which driver would be suited to me and you.

To do so, I first ventured out on to the course at Prestbury Golf Club to compare the clubs and try them in different scenarios. To find out my precise numbers, and to compare drivers using Foresight Technology, I went inside to The Range Manchester. TaylorMade was very kind to send me the right flex and length of the shafts in the SiM’s stock shafts: Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited60 and Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green70 so I could test these drivers.

Taylormade Sim And Sim Max Drivers Review


They look stunning. It’s obvious that these drivers have taken great care to visually make every detail look perfect. The red is gone and the blue is in. The crown of the head has been given a grey-and-chalk white finish instead of white and black.

The crown does have a lot going on, with the usual framing on the face for alignment which I really like. The hosel also created a website design for the crown, SIM and SIM. It’s very similar to M drivers in the past except for the minor colour scheme tweak. But, if you take a look under the club, the design is quite different.

Let’s now talk about the impact of technology on the shape, and the TaylorMade team’s hard work. As you look behind someone as they approach the ball, the bottom looks like a capital letter T. The Inertia generator has bulwarked out the top of the club.

Surprisingly, the SIM head looks small but that’s because the height of the face is much shallower compared to the M5 or M6 models. The whole head seems a lot shallower and therefore looks flatter, however the face height increases throughout the range.

The SIM also has sliding weight technology, where the other two drivers have not. The SIM’s price is PS479, while the two other drivers have a retail price of PS449.

The SIM Max D model has divergent top-line masking, which makes the driver look more open at address than it actually is, helping golfers close the face at impact.

You are welcome to feel

TaylorMade has made modern-day “new manufacturers noise” their own. I would even go as far as to call it ‘the TaylorMade sound’. The sound is more consistent than ever – it sounds less like a whacked than an eerie ping sound. The SIM’s sound was great and felt very comfortable on my face.

This could be the help of twisting my face. I took a couple shots I thought would go left or right, but they didn’t. For me the sound and feel from this driver gives you confidence off the tee. The SIM driver makes you feel confident over the ball, and each shot I take with it in my bag made me look forward to every tee shot.


My lowest-spindling driver was the SIM driver. The speeds I reached were between 1748 and 2536 rpm. This is quite low for a driver.

It was very consistent on the course, but I noticed a greater dispersion right and left inside. It was a good distance, but it was not as long as my average for cold. The flatter flight of the ball at 28 yards (mine is 31), helped the ball roll onto the ground once it hit the surface. This will be even better in warm and more firm conditions.

The new aerodynamic shape didn’t cause an increase in my club head speed. According to Foresight, I was able to reach a speed of 93 mph (the LPGA average is at 94 mph), which is exactly the same as my driver for this day.

SIM MAX driver: This was slightly more spinny than the SIM, but produced great rpm numbers. My average speed was 2522 rpm, which is a great result for someone who offers so much forgiveness and launch. My distance was 2 yards shorter on average than the with SIM but my launch and peak height was a few yards up also.

Also, I felt that I hit the ball more left than I did when I used the SIM. This is why I like the shot off the tee. This model had a better dispersion than the SIM. Again, these findings prove that this the SIM Max model is higher launching and more forgiving.

Course Description

SIM – First shot with no warmup and at 3 degrees It sailed straight down the middle with a baby fade. Happy days. Next three tee shots were carbon duplicates, each finishing within a 4-yard radius. In very cold temperatures (about 4 degrees), the ball flew 230 yards in a penetrating spin.

Even on damp ground, the ball appeared to be able to go out. This driver showed consistency in accuracy and distance. These were minor fades that didn’t require me to try, but I had more trouble achieving a draw when I needed it. However, that’s where the benefits of the sliding weights come in. The settings can be changed before each round.

The adjustable weight traps grass and mud inside this head. This is a slight problem. Although it is a minor issue, this does not make the head any less annoying. It’s also incredibly difficult to clean.

Having already taken a fancy to the SIM, I was interested to see if SIM Max would change my mind. The club was visible from the outside, but it flew higher and the spin seemed more impressive. It also made it easier to draw. The more I hit this the more I thought that the flight of the SIM was too low. The SIM Max really is a great driver that had everything that was good about the SIM, just with that slightly high flight.

Everyone knows driver off the deck is my new shot in the bag, and with the inertia generator providing some serious bulk at the back of the club, I was interested to see if this helped or hindered my go to shot on long par 5’s. The ball performance was ok but you could definitely feel the head travel through the impact zone differently. I felt it affected the performance and I was uncomfortable trying this shot. If you are a keen golfer who likes hitting the driver from the deck, there may be issues.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Final Thoughts

TaylorMade is a pioneer in golf club technology. With its smart MOI weight and speed-injected faces, the SIM Max is an excellent driver. This club is a great choice for those who are at the top of their game and think that they could benefit from a little more MOI or clubhead speed.

Higher handicappers can also join in the fun. The clubface may be optimized for speed, but it’s also been built to be as forgiving as possible, and the carefully placed CG will help you to get the right amount of loft.

You don’t need to make a big change if you are currently using the TaylorMade 5 or 6 – but you can be sure that the SIM Max is an excellent piece of kit.

You might want to read our TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review. If so, you can check out the TaylorMade SIM Max.

Products Options

The following are the product options of the Taylormade Sim Max Driver

Product Specifications

The product specifications are given below:

Stock Shafts Specifications

The stock shafts specifications are given below:

Stock Grip Specifications

Golf Pride Z-Grip is the grip that’s specific to the Taylormade Sim Max Driver shaft. Below are the specifications:

Features of the Product

The following are the main features of the product:

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Concluding Review Thoughts For The Sim 2

The SIM 2 has a sleek, modern design that is both fast and pleasing to the eyes. It features a black and blue color scheme, carbon fiber, and a speed injection port at the back.

It has low spin and gives some forgiveness but won’t be the most forgiving driver.

Remember to order yours on the February 19, 2021 launch date for the SIM 2 driver by TaylorMade!

The Best Driver For High Handicap Golfers Or Beginners…

And if your skill set fits in the class for the TaylorMade SIM2 Max, but you’re interested in checking out some other brands in this category, definitely give our review of the best drivers for high handicappers a read.

It’s a VERY SOLID test, review, and write up article on some of the best clubs in this class (like the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max).

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

The Sole

TaylorMade chose to use three-ply carbon fibre for its sole, which increases the strength of the driver to withstand all the abuse it will take from golfers.

TaylorMade’s logo is located just outside of the sole’s wear area, which makes it easier for it to stay clean and unaffected.

Where Can I See The Sim Series For Myself?

That’s a good question. TaylorMade is the best place to begin. You’ll see all of the great features we have discussed and see the numerous customization options available, including loft angles and shafts.

There’s plenty of places to choose from if you are looking to buy too! Here are a few places we recommend:

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Fujikura Air Speeder

The lightweight (mid 40 grams) Fujikura Air Speeder is the only available stock shaft for the SIM 2 D model. The 45.75 inch length is still a mystery to me, and more so the D version of the TaylorMade SIM2 driver.

Are The Sim 2 Max’s Forgiving Rules?

The TaylorMade SIM 2 Max is VERY forgiving in my opinion. The increased rear/bottom weight allows for better accuracy and distance dispersion when mishitting. You can also choose from loft options that are slightly higher, which allows for more predictable trajectory. If you want to see out more options, check out our 2022 most forgiving driver list.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

Pros &Cons

The following are the pros and cons of the driver:

The pros

  • Has a larger face to address the off center mis-hits.


  • The range of its attributes makes it expensive.
  • It is not a significant upgrade to the earlier M6 driver.

Check out my Test Results

The proof is in what they say. Here’s the data. The top of this chart shows my stock driver, the Callaway Epic. Below are the SIM 2 averages.

My spin numbers were way down. Around 500 rpms lower which is why I saw increased carry and roll out. The Taylormade SIM 2 driver was only 10 yards farther than I am, with a swing speed of just 1.5 mph.

You’ll notice that my mishits are also much better if you look at the video. Some times, it can be as much as 30 yards apart!

Taylormade Sim Driver Review


After reading this TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review you think that this might not quite be the right driver for you, not to worry. These are some worthy options that you might consider.

Taylormade Sim Driver Review

taylormade sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Verdict

The SIM was the model I had in mind before I began this review. But, dare i say, the SIM did exactly what it promised. I found that my swing speed was lower than the spin.

The SIM Max was the only thing that really amazed me. I never caught one. My distance didn’t drop because I did not get a spinning shot above 3000 rpm.

This range’s middle driver was not expected to produce such good results without having to change settings to reduce spin. Without affecting spin, the Inertia Generator was certainly a benefit.

It was difficult, however to notice any increase in swing speed because of the geometry and angle at which Inertia Generators are placed. The 20-degree angle of inertia generator is still elusive to me. While it can be demonstrated in TaylorMade labs or by DJs swinging at the club “in slot”, I am not convinced that we will all enjoy the same results.

taylormade sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review – Game-Changing Shape

Paul Club Reviews Golf Product reviews No comments In this review I will be taking a close look to the TaylorMade sim driver.

SIM is a continuation of the M5, which featured the Speed-Injected Twist Face. The SIM also features a completely reshaped, asymmetrical sole.

The new shape combines with a redesigned Inertia Generator to improve aerodynamics and increase speed at the most critical stage of the swing.

The SIM certainly talks a big game, but how does it actually perform? What does the SIM compare to previous models like the? Is it worth putting in the bag?

What I am going to cover in this review is

Features, Technologies and Performance See, Sound & Feel where to buy this driver online Conclusion

Read on to find out what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

taylormade sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver focuses on Controlling Spin and Adjustability

TaylorMade SIM Driver (Shape and Motion) is one the three 2020 TaylorMade SIM drivers. He focuses on controlling spin and dialling shots bias. SIM MAX, on the other hand, focuses upon forgiveness. Max D SIM is the draw-bias driver.

TaylorMade’s SIM Driver is all about aerodynamics. They have combined an asymmetrical sole with tested technologies, such as speed-injected twist-face and multimaterial carbon crown to create a driver that emphasizes increasing clubhead speeds through downswing.

TaylorMade explains that SIM driver SIM allows the player to personalise and adapt their flight characteristics. This is possible by setting a +/– 20 yard draw fade bias using Sliding Weight Technology. The SIM driver SIM also has a single weight of 10g. This SIM driver SIM has a smaller face than SIM Max or SIM Max D. It appeals to those who value control and adjustability.

TaylorMade SIM2 Drivers reviewed

taylormade sim driver review

Taylormade Sim Driver Review, Photos And Video: Clubtest 2020

ClubTest 2020: We tested and evaluated 28 new drivers. Below you will find the TaylorMade SIM driver result.

Prices: 549/BUY NOW Lofts 8@, 9@ and 10.5@. Our view: To get the most out of drivers’ heads, creativity is key. It also takes some extremely smart engineers. TaylorMade’s SIM (“Speed in Motion”) is clearly visible. It shows how their braintrust has worked hard to create new ways for the company to gain more speed. However, it does so while appealing to golfers who desire adjustability. An Inertia Generator, which is capable of inducing speed (located inside the sole), has been combined with a new aerodynamic profile for improved clubhead speeds. SIM stands out from the other two models by its sliding weight of 10 grams. This creates 20 yard draw-fade bias, optimizing ballflight. Although the driver’s face is slightly smaller than that of Max D and Max D models, speed can be improved by using a 5th-generation carbon composite crown with Twist Face technology.

SIM has first-rate launch qualities thanks to its low spin and high carry numbers. Although the driver’s face is smaller, he still managed to rank near the top in terms of overall speed and forgiveness. If your preferred shot is fade, even better. Even better.

ClubTester’s Take (+1-hdcp: This club is a 787. Robot’s opinion: For high-swing speed players, the forgiveness and carry numbers rank near the top. Amazing forgiveness is also available for those in the middle speed range.


taylormade sim driver review


The name SIM may not have the same powerful sound as the M-Series but it does have an appealing aesthetic.

This new SIM family’s design is amazing. As we mentioned in our video review, the SIM seems to be growing on you as you use it.

At address, it’s our favourite driver by an absolute mile. Contrasting with the carbon crown, the chalk-white top line looks great and is a wonderful contrast.

From a performance aspect, TaylorMade never lets you down when it comes to drivers.

The Inertia Generator, which was slightly inclined, did appear to slightly increase my club speed. SIM Max as well as SIM Max also produced some very promising numbers.

SIM driver had a low-spin driver that created a powerful ball flight. SIM Max, on the other hand, gave me slightly more spin and gave me a better ball flight.

SIM Max had a more flexible driving experience, but I preferred it to the SIM Max because it could still give me the distance without requiring a stick.

taylormade sim driver review

Taylormade Sim 2 Driver Review

Do you want to go faster and further in 2021? TaylorMade SIM2 is the driver I recommend.

These drivers have made quite a splash in the new year and by the time you’re done reading this review, it’s easy to see why. Some of the most prominent names in golf trust it, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy as well as Dustin Johnson and John Rahm.

While the SIM 2 proved to be a hit, it was not yet available for everyday players. The SIM 2 is now ready to be used by golfers and has become an instant hit. This review will discuss the specs and technology of the drivers in order to help you choose the best one for your needs.

What makes TaylorMade’s new driver so unique?

You’re right… it will replace the SIM-driver from 2020, which was extremely popular. As TaylorMade said, “First we reshaped the driver, then we reconstructed it. Total rebuilding of the driver, from the ground up for forgiveness and distance. “The SIM2 Max Driver – The Tee Box is Yours” Features

Speed Injected Twistface Technology: You’re about to see your heel and toe shots get faster. You’ll be able to make straighter and faster shots with twist faces on hits that are off the center.

Forged Ring Construction: This is what makes this driver so special. Their aluminum alloy is precision machined to improve both power efficiency and forgiveness.

taylormade sim driver review


No major improvements made to previous models

Not too much adjustment

These drivers are the next step in the evolution of the M driver’s path. There is still speed-injected twist technology, and there’s also the MOI sole weight. But it has been done slightly differently. While the SIM Max is our main focus, it is very comparable to the SIM Max with smaller faces and greater adjustability.

Its great look was the first thing that struck us about this driver. The bottom of the head has been cleaned up a bit since its predecessor, and the dark, metallic colors come together to form a sharp, aesthetically pleasing design.

TaylorMade claims that the driver offers more performance and has optimized its sole weight for a higher MOI. This swing is supposed to be faster and more aerodynamic. The launch conditions are slightly better than those of previous models.

TaylorMade was very happy with how the faces of M drivers worked, so there have not been any changes to speed-injected face twist technology. As we’ve come to expect, the ball rockets off the face, and it’s been specially designed to help you out when you strike the ball on parts of the face which usually causes problems. It sounds great.

TaylorMade was able increase the ball speeds throughout the years. It’s not disputed, however. They now face the possibility of losing their market share. This is a great driver, and the new sole weight seems to make a slight difference, but any improvements in performance may feel insignificant to most players.

taylormade sim driver review

Last Thoughts

TaylorMade appears to be an innovator in the field of golf club technology. The SIM Max, with its intelligent MOI weight, tried and true speed injected face, and sharp aesthetic, is a superb driver. This club is a great choice for those who are at the top of their game and think that they could benefit from a little more MOI or clubhead speed.

High handicappers are also welcome to join in on the action. Even though the clubface has been optimized for speed and ease, the clubface also features a carefully placed CG that will allow you to achieve the perfect amount of loft.

If you currently play with the TaylorMade M5 or M6, don’t expect a huge transformation to occur when you pick up the SIM Max – however, you can rest assured that this driver is a quality piece of kit.

Our TaylorMade SIM Max Driver Review might have sparked your curiosity to find out more about the latest driving technology. You can visit the TaylorMade SIM Max right here.

Can The Sim Driver Really Be Good?

SIM is undoubtedly one of the best looking drivers for 2020. May 9, 2020

Taylormade Sim Driver Is Forgiving?

TaylorMade SIM driver: Key features The SIM driver’s mass is 12g at the extremes of the “inertia generator”, which produces high MOI and forgiveness. TaylorMade claims that the 10g forward weight of this new head allows for up to 20 meters draw/fade bias. Oct 18, 2021

Taylormade Sim Drivers, What Do Pros Say?

Dustin Johnson.Tiger Woods.Collin Morikawa.Rory McIlroy.Jason Day.Matthew Wolff.Tommy Fleetwood.Harry Higgs.June 30, 2021

What’s the difference between Sim Max Driver Sim and Taylormade Sim Sim?

SIM VS SIM Max has no differences. Both feature the same Asymmetric sole and inertia generator technology. Both drivers are made of the same material, and each is shaped the same. The SIM and SIM Max will marginally increase your swing speed.Dec 29, 2020

.Taylormade Sim Driver Review

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