Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Roborock S701 Robot Vacuum Mop 2500PA Suction Sonic Mopping Floor Carpet White

Roborock S701 Robot Vacuum Mop 2500Pa Suction Sonic Mopping Floor Carpet White


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eufy RoboVac 11S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Self-Charging Automatic Carpet Cleaning

Eufy Robovac 11S Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Self-Charging Automatic Carpet Cleaning

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Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Roborock S7

However, unlike the Neato D7, our previous midrange robot vacuum pick, the Roborock S7 was much more effective at pulling sand away from both medium-pile (50.4%) and low-pile carpets (64.2%). These tests were conducted by the Neato D7, which scored 36% and 47% respectively.

Although the Roborock could not match Roomba S9 Plus in cleaning up pet hairs, it was better than many. The S7 was able to clean hardwood floors without leaving any hair behind and only left a few carpet tufts.

You can mop, vacuum and raise and lower your mopping pad in one cleaning session. To do this it first performs a mapping run to locate where your carpets are. It then confirms the carpet’s presence using sensors.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

While no robot can manage stairs, or tackle ground-in dirt and debris as well as a stick or upright vacuum (yet! However, the best performers on our test have excellent pick-up scores for hard floors and low pile carpets. They do well at sweeping up fine particles, like sand and baking soda, heavier debris, like oatmeal, orzo pasta, metal screws and nuts and even fluffy stuff, like pet hair.

If you hate cleaning your house or have the energy or time to do it, you might consider investing in one. Robot vacuums are great maintenance cleaners. Send them out several times a week, and they’ll nab all the dust and pet hair, lint and surface dirt on your floors before it has a chance to build up or get ground in.

Another benefit is that robot vacuums clean under the bed, behind furniture, along the walls and in the corners that you might often skip or that your regular vacuum can’t reach. All of our vacuums had brush rollers that lift pet hair. They are also small enough to reach under any furniture up to four inches in height. Most models featured side brushes that scoop out dirt and grime from corners and edges. These vacuums can clean your kitchen after you have finished your meal, while you watch your favourite TV show or sweep the entire floor of your house. Can you get it done faster with your regular vacuum? Sure. The real question is: Do you really want to?

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Eufy Robovac X8

Easy controls are the best

Rating: 8/10

  • Battery Life: 180 minutes
  • Bin capacity: 600ml
  • 2.x2000Pa suction power (twin turbines).
  • Noise level: 60 dB
  • Voice control: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Onboard camera: No

We found the app and mapping function on both Eufys we tried to be one of the best on the market. The app is fast and precise, and you can even set no-go areas and specific cleaning zones if it needs to do a quick clean up under the kitchen table. It also lets you see in real time the trail of where it’s been. As you would hope, you can also set up regular cleaning schedules to suit your life. However, we realised that if you want to do multi-floor cleaning with the X8 you need two docking stations, otherwise the robot gets confused. You can buy additional docking stations, but with other RVCs you don’t have to do this.

However, this is our only complaint about the vacuum. It is very quiet when operating. And it adapts the suction levels automatically based on the flooring type its working with – you can also change this manually if you want. It performed better with carpets than hard floors, although it still managed to do a good job with the former. The X8 didn’t seem to be bothered by corners, under radiators or all the other awkward places. It even took dirt well. It also swerved all the obstacles we left in its way.

The Canister and Upright Vacuums

Robot vacuums, unlike traditional stick or canister models, are self-contained and intelligent. All of the vacuums that we tested have been equipped with sensors, lasers and motherboards. Except for a handful of exceptions, they are very easy to use.

Pick a spot that is accessible to robots for charging, and it will automatically return before running out of juice. It will then sit still until it is refueled and can continue cleaning up the dust. It is possible to set up schedules that allow bots to get up while you are away. That means you can potentially avoid all physical interaction until the vacuum needs to be emptied.

Self-emptying or not, most robot vacuums also come equipped with small HEPA filters that capture allergens as the robot vacuums your floors.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Stick Vacuums

In recent years, stick vacuums have undergone dramatic changes, much like robots. These vacuums have longer-lasting batteries and more power. However, the longer the battery runs, the less productive stick vacuums are.

Because of their design, most brands aren’t intended to replace your standard upright. They can work well in small homes, condominiums, and other areas with little carpeting. Robots, on the other hand, work well in all sized homes.

Stick vacuums that are used on thicker carpets tend to fall off quickly, just like robot vacuums. Only the best make it through thick carpet on either side. Stick vacuums, though are difficult to push on plush flooring and do better with low pile and hard flooring surfaces.

Stick vacuums are generally less expensive than robot vacuums. You can get a decent stick vacuum for less than $70, while most thick-carpet rated robot vacuums start well over $150.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 – The Best Mid-Range Alternative

  • Laser mapping
  • Quiet
  • Doesn’t often get stuck
  • Mediocre mop
  • Inside, hair and other debris can get tangled.

The Ecovacs Ozmo Deebot 920 is a recommended mid-range option. It’ll give you 110 minutes of cleaning time and it’s quiet, operating at a very reasonable 66dB. The cleaner is easy to maneuver under and above furniture, and it has a good climb ability. During our testing period, we didn’t have to rescue it once.

The Lidar system allows it to find the best route around your house and can also be used to make custom cleaning and exclusion zones.

Read our full Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 920 review

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

Robot vacuums are usually more expensive than traditional vacuums, but not always. These models range in price from $200 up to $1,000. Even at the lowest end, that’s quite a large investment. Consider what you get in return for your investment.

Unless you really love to vacuum, the task itself is pretty mundane. A robot vacuum, depending on how big your home is, can help you save time by doing the tedious chore. That alone is reason enough for some people to consider one.

Robot vacuums that are Wi-Fi connected can be purchased at a fraction of the cost they were once. Connectivity has many benefits. Your smartphone can program and control smart robot vacuums remotely. Many can even be activated with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands.

Some of the most advanced robot vacuums, such as the iRobot Roomba j7+, feature a camera and artificial intelligence technology to automatically identify and avoid obstacles like shoes, toys, and even pet waste. Premium models may also function as a roving home security camera, letting you view live video of your home from wherever you are.

Neato Robotics Botvac D7 Connected – Laser Navigation

The battery execution is extraordinary because it provides roughly an hour and a half to two hours of nonstop utilize, depending on what setting is utilized. You’ll physically set it to ‘Eco’ mode, which is calmer and expands the battery life, or ‘Turbo’ mode, which increments the suction control and brush roll speed. The vacuum employments savvy pathing to clean in an proficient design and encompasses a assortment of robotization highlights that are accessible through a companion app, counting the capacity to set virtual boundary markers to keep it out of certain areas.

Shockingly, it tends to urge stuck on deterrents like carpet decorations and electric strings. It also has several parts that have to be be replaced regularly, so it causes tall repeating costs. On the other hand, it’s less demanding to preserve than numerous robot vacuums, and its execution on carpets makes it one of the most excellent robot vacuums for pet hair that we’ve tried. (2)

In the event that you’re searching for an indeed more hands-off cleaning encounter, you will prefer the iRobot Roomba i7+. This well-built vacuum is more troublesome to preserve than the Neato Botvac D7 and brings about more repeating costs, but it performs essentially on low-pile carpets and contains a dirtbag built into its dock.

The vacuum returns to the dock whenever its little inside dustbin is full, purges itself consequently into the more open outside dirtbag, and goes back to cleaning. The only thing you need to do is to refill the dirtbag. The vacuum also does an excellent job of moving itself, better than the Neato. It doesn’t tend to get stuck on floor coverings. It revives more rapidly, but unfortunately, has shorter greatest battery life.

Roborock E4 is our top-rated carpet vacuum. It effectively clears pet hair from carpets and doesn’t lose exceptionally much suction as its earth compartment fills. Although it struggles a little more with flotsam, jetsam, and heating pops, the overall execution is better than average. It is also notable for its construction quality, despite being a lower cost option.

It has surprising battery life, lasting more than three hours on a single charge in the event that you utilize the least control mode. It can clean for about 2 hours at maximum power. It’s too great at maneuvering itself because it effectively fits beneath sofas and moo furniture. Too, in spite of the fact that it needs the laser route framework that a few more costly models utilize, it cleans rooms in a product design, and its companion app can indeed make an outline of the range it fair cleaned.

Be that as it may, it takes very a bit of work to preserve since a few parts ought to be taken out and overhauled frequently. There are recurring expenses as a number of parts have to be replaced, including the HEPA channel and brush roll. Still, in case you’re trying to find a reasonable, hands-off way to clean the carpets in your domestic, usually a great choice. (3)

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Is Shark Or Roomba Better?

Both are great, which is why you’ll see both brands on this list. Roombas tend to feel sturdier on the exterior, with a few truly solid suction control — but the drawback is that they’re costly, boisterous, and are inclined to innovation bugs. The Shark robot vacuums on the other side might be a bit more durable on the outside, but they are still incredibly effective for cleaning and offer smart highlights at a much lower price point.

Overall, both robot vacuum brands offer shrewd highlights, strong routes, and solid suction, so making the choice between a Shark and a Roomba will depend on your wanted cost point and commotion resistance.

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Roborock S6 Maxiv


Roborock is a new player in the robot vacuum game, but they’ve made a splash with this capable and easy to use S6 MaxV vacuum that adds an intelligent mopping feature.

Most robot vacuums require a separate device for creating a virtual barrier. You will need an additional gadget if your robot vacuum is to be able to clean only the living area and not the kitchen. Roborock addresses this problem with virtual no-go zones and invisible walls that can be programmed and no-map areas. It also has independent settings for every floor (up to 4 levels) of the home. The Roborock can be set to exclude certain rooms (e.g., the corner that your cat loves).

Roborock S6 is also a great choice for battery life, with an amazing 150 minutes of use time. However, this was on Eco mode which allows you to mop or vacuum in low-power modes. And even if it runs out of battery, it will automatically charge and return to finish the job.

The Roborock does have it’s setbacks. It is not suited for thick carpets. It’ll clean low-pile carpets, but even then, it’s really built for vacuuming and mopping on hardwood or tile floors. Even though the brand is young, it offers many innovative features such as AI-powered obstacle detection and avoidance. However, we are not sure how these vacuums will hold up over time.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Suction power

So you might want to consider using a robotic vac for day-to-day cleaning chores. For deep cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Look at what level of Pascal Pressure Units (Pa) the robot has. Manufacturers use this measure to describe suction power. It usually ranges between 1,000 and 4,000 Pa.

This is an indication of the pressure. Not a measure of suction power. It’s even used by robotic vacuum manufacturers, even though it doesn’t have any relationship to suction power.

Suction power is usually measured in CFM or cubic feet per minute for airflow. This is the force that is exerted by the moving air as you vacuum, which sucks up dirt and debris and pulls it into the bag or dust canister.

Robot vacuums are affected by thick and high-pile carpets

There are many advantages to robot vacuums over stick, upright and 2-in-1in vacuums. They can be scheduled to run when you aren’t even home, or programmed to clean specific areas. They have a lot of features and pretty things, but the bottom line comes down to performance.

Robot vacuums can be either a hit or miss when it comes to carpet cleaning. Although we think of carpet vacuums as being for vacuuming, there are also robot vacuums that can be used for flooring.

Most robots will clean carpet, but the type and style of carpet will vary. We can safely assume all robot vacuums will be able to clean tight-woven, low-pile carpets. These carpet types are usually not very plush, less expensive and don’t have deep fibers.

Today, however, homes are able to have medium-pile, low-pile, and high-pile flooring. A robot’s cleaning method can make the difference between a thick, clean carpet or one that is clogged every few feet.

  • Cleaning height can be auto-adjustable
  • Powerful suction
  • Large wheels

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Irobot Roomba J7+


The iRobot j7+ robot vacuum is the newest of a series of robotic vacuums. It’s the best high-end option with advanced navigation, powerful vacuuming, and smart connectivity.

You can control the Roomba with the intuitive iRobot App as well as Google Home and Alexa home assistants. From the app, or using voice commands, you can tell the Roomba to start and set up cleaning schedules that start automatically while you’re away or asleep.

Roomba’s “PrecisionVision Navigation” technology is also featured here. This allows the j7+ to recognize certain objects and avoid obstacles such as pet waste and charging cables.

But power and navigation are where the j7+ really shines. The robot learns your home’s layout in real time, including different rooms, furniture and no-go zones, so that it can clean precisely and efficiently clean without getting in the way. It can also pick up any pet hairs or other debris you leave on your hardwood floors and carpets thanks to its powerful suction.

The only real downside with the j7+ is battery life. The j7+ will only last for about 90 minutes. This is not a problem, however, the Roomba compensates for this with an innovative “recharge and resume” feature. If the j7+ runs out of juice midway through a vacuum job, it’ll return to the dock, charge and get back to work. We can all agree that the Roomba was the first robot vacuum, and is still the most popular.

Roborock S6Max V – Security and Home Features

  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Cleaning power
  • Smart navigation
  • High-end
  • Average mopping capability

The S6 Max V is far from budget but it eclipses some of the more expensive robot cleaners in terms of features, as well as cleaning power.

It identifies and avoids obstacles (including pet poop), has an excellent mapping system that easily allows for the creation of exclusion zones and will even allow you to schedule the cleaning of your rooms in a specific order at specific times.

The camera can be viewed remotely via your smartphone, making it a second home security system. You can check up on its progress or see how your pets are getting on while you’re out.

Read our full Roborock S6 Max V review

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Are Robot Vacuums Good For Carpet?

Not all robotic vacuums can clean your carpet. You shouldn’t assume that all are suitable for cleaning carpeted floors.

This is because some don’t have enough suction to clean carpets properly. Robot vacuums have less suction than upright vacuums, which can be more effective at cleaning carpets. Plus, some robots don’t have enough clearance to tackle high pile carpet.

Thankfully, some models are suitable for cleaning carpets. Those with a suction power of around 1,800 to 2,500 Pa will be powerful enough to suck up debris from carpet fibers. And, look out for those that have a boost or turbo mode that turns on automatically when the vacuum goes over a carpet.

And models with dual brushes or automatic cleaning brushes are ideal for carpets. The brush roll on normal vacuum cleaners can often get tangled with pet hair that has become embedded in your carpets. But dual brushes and self-cleaning brushes should avoid this problem. So you won’t need to clean and maintain them as often.

Your Robot Vacuum For Carpets Should Be Good At Overcoming Obstacles

Carpets have – sometimes more, sometimes less – a certain height that the robot vacuum has to overcome.

The robot vacuum for carpets can climb up to the height of your carpet, depending on its size.

Our “best robot vacuums for carpets” can overcome heights of 1.9 – 2 cm (~0.7 – 0.8 inches) without any problems.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Automatic Docking

When the battery charge is low the robot vacuum finds its way back to the charger and docks automatically. This is what all models did in our testing.

What Robot Vacuum is the Best?

This depends upon your usage, budget, and the features you’re looking for. If you have a good budget, then the iRobot Roomba i7+ is an excellent unit. The MOOSOO RT50 is a great mid-range find, whereas the Mighty Rock 3-in-1 Robotic Vacuum is a great affordable option.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

What robot vacuums work?

How well a robot vacuum cleans your home depends on many factors. Floors cluttered with obstacles like wires, charging cords, toys, shoes and clothing can stop robots in their tracks. Robots will perform better when there is less clutter. Some robot vacuum models clean tile, wood flooring and different types of carpet better than others.

The pros

  • Exceptional vacuuming and mopping
  • Clever navigation and obstacle avoidance
  • Docking station empties and cleans robot

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

How to Choose a Robot Vacuum

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best robot vacuum to meet your cleaning requirements. Do you have several flooring types in your home? Do you have a frequently shedding pet whose abundant fur requires a vacuum with extra suction power? Are you looking for an efficient robot vacuum that can be used in a larger home? These are the things to watch out for.


See if it’s compatible with smart technology that you might already have in your home, such as an Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can then use voice control anywhere in your house.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Good Performance On Carpets (Powerful Suction)

Most modern robot vacuums hardly reach their limits when cleaning laminate, thanks to their excellent cleaning performance and suction power.

It’s a different story with carpets.

The dirt quickly sinks deep into the carpet and gets stuck in the carpet fibres, so it’s difficult for the robot vacuum to remove it again.

To achieve great carpet cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner should have strong suction.

A well-designed and high-quality cleaning brush is also a must.

Then it won’t have problems removing the dirt from the carpet fibres.

Are Cheap Robot Vacuums Any Good?

The results of our tests show a wide range in performance at various price points. There are also robot vacuums that are great on hard floors and are worth looking into if your budget is tight. However, the cheapest robots may not have all the features you’re after.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet


Many robot vacuums clean both hard floors and carpets. Some vacuums can sense the type of flooring and adjust the suction level or beater brush setting to suit the surface. Others must be manually set.

For those with pets, shedding fur and kibble on the floor can be a daily nuisance. There are many pet-friendly vacuums that can pick up hair and other crumbs. Some include filtration systems to contain allergens like pet hair and dander.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best Robot Vacuum For High-Pile Carpet: Yeedi Vac Station

High-Pile Carpet Stairs Robot Bagless Cordless Antiallergy Filter (HEPA). The yeedi station is our favorite robot vacuum. It is built well and features a self-emptying mechanism that moves any debris it has collected from its dustbin into an attached dirt container. This allows for a reduction in maintenance. This vacuum is great for high-pile carpets. It cleans easily pet hair, most small debris, and baking soda. However, larger particles like sand may require an additional pass.

The app supports numerous automation features, including self-emptying. It also has a companion app that allows you to create virtual boundaries and schedule cleaning sessions in specific areas. Its surface-detection feature lets it change its suction mode depending upon the type of floor. The battery’s performance is outstanding. You can expect between 80 and almost 180 minutes of running time from a single recharge, although this may vary depending on the actual floor.

It doesn’t include an HEPA filter to trap allergens. The carpet also requires frequent cleaning and replacement. This can increase the cost of your regular maintenance. However, the strong performance of this machine and its advanced automation abilities make it an excellent choice for customers who are looking for an easy way to maintain their high pile carpets.

See our review

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Irobot Spaceba 9 is The Best Robot Vacuum To Clean Low-Pile Carpet

iRobot Roomba S9 Carpet Stairs Robot Bagless Cordless anti-allergy Filter HEPA. The iRobot Roomba S9 has been our top pick for low-pile carpet. This robot vacuum can easily pick up larger particles like hair or sand from this type of carpet. Its performance with fine debris like baking soda is less impressive, and it may take an extra pass for it to clear everything, however. If dealing with more complicated, larger messes, the suction performance of this device remains constant as it fills up.

It feels extremely sturdy, thanks to its high-quality plastic exterior and rubber wheels that allow it glide on carpeted flooring. The vacuum’s iAdapt3.0 navigation system maps more efficient routes for cleaning. You can also use the companion app to create virtual boundaries or schedule individual cleaning sessions. This device can run for 50 minutes to more than 150 minutes, depending on its suction power, and how you use it.

Many parts must be maintained and cleaned regularly. You will have to carry it around in a heavy vacuum. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an iRobot vacuum that can keep your low-pile carpets clean, this is the best Roomba for carpet that we’ve tested.

Please see our review

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Carpet Robot Vacuum: The Best Priced Roborock E4

Roborock E4 Carpet Stairs Robot Bagless Cordless Carpet Allergy Filter. (HEPA). We have found the Roborock E4 to be the best carpet cleaner in our budget range. Roborock E4 has a surface-detection feature, which allows the robot to automatically adjust its suction to fit different surfaces. It does a fantastic job cleaning pet hair on low and high-pile carpet, but it may need to make an extra pass to fully clear fine and large debris. A HEPA filter can be added to this unit, which is great for pet owners who shed often.

Despite its budget-friendly price point, this robot vacuum feels impressively well-built, with a high-grade plastic construction and dense rubber wheels. You can move it around the room with ease, without getting trapped around furniture. Depending on your choice of settings, you can expect roughly anywhere between 110 to 200 minutes of runtime on a single charge, which should be sufficient for most areas.

However, this vacuum does lack some of the more advanced automation capabilities found on other Roborock models, like the Roborock S6 MaxV . To set virtual boundaries and schedule cleaning sessions, you can’t use the companion app. It also has many parts that require regular cleaning, and incurs high recurring fees, as do most robotic vacuums. It’s still one of our favorite budget robot vacuums.

Please see our review

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Top Robotic Vacuums for 2021

Consumer Reports tested the top-performing robotic vacuums of today. The nonprofit we support receives 100 percent of the commissions that they collect.

Do you find yourself constantly vacuuming and sweeping dust from your floors, as well as crumbs, etc. Robotic vacuum cleaners could become your best friend.

A robotic vacuum won’t replace your trusty upright or canister model, but they can be just the thing for hassle-free, daily floor maintenance. We’ve tested dozens of robotic vacuums in our labs to see which hardworking machines deserve a place in your home. CR’s vacuum testers review how each robot vacuum handles surface dust on carpet and bare floor, can it reach tight corners, and how easily it cleans different types of rooms. Since many connected robotic vacuums can be linked to the internet our experts review the privacy and security features of each one. Data security evaluates the security of a robotic vacuum’s encryption. Data privacy examines the privacy options available and documents that are publicly available to find out how manufacturers use and collect your data. Also, we use the results of our surveys to determine how satisfied members are with their robotic vacuums.

This list includes eight of the top performers from CR’s robotic vacuum test. Check out our ratings for robotic vacuums and other options.

This cleaner received an Excellent rating on unfinished floors and a Good rating in our carpet-cleaning test. While it’s not the most efficient cleaner (testers say it sometimes scatters debris), it gets the job done, operates quietly, and has a cliff sensor to keep it from tumbling down stairs. Unfortunately, this model cannot be remotely controlled via WiFi. In our members survey, Eufy robotic vacuums earned an Excellent rating for reliability. We also gave it a Very High owner satisfaction score.

iRobot Roomba i3+

Review by CR: The i3+ IRobot Roomba earned an excellent rating in our pet hair tests due to the rubber brush roll. This model is one of the larger models and it doesn’t trip over the power cords. Navigation is top-notch and it’s very quiet. The only problem is that you will need to buy replacement vacuum bags, which are not expensive. The manufacturer receives mixed results when it comes to protecting your data, earning a Good rating for data privacy while earning an Excellent rating for data security. iRobot is the sole company to state that updates will be provided to correct security holes and provide a vulnerability system for security researchers. Another point of selling: iRobot’s robot vacuums have a Very Good rating in terms of both predictability as well as owner satisfaction.

Roomba I7+

Our review of the Roomba Roomba. The Roomba Roomba is a top-ofthe-line vacuum that cleans floors in an efficient manner. It will automatically empty all its items into the dock when it returns to home. This allows it to run longer cycles than other robotic vacuums without you having to manually empty them. Because it is smart, you can initiate a cleaning cycle via your phone’s voice control or by using Google Assistant and Alexa. Our testers said pet hair needs to be manually removed.

The vacuum is an excellent performer in the CR’s testing, scoring Excellent on both pet hair and bare floor tests. Smart-mapping technology enables the vacuum to recognize, map, then adapt to specific areas. iRobot claims it will repair the vacuum if it does not clean up pet waste after a year. This vacuum is easy to maneuver under and around furniture, and the navigation system is excellent. The Roomba j7 is the only iRobot to fall short of an Excellent score for data security. The Roomba J7 is rated as a Good for Data Privacy, which it shares with all other iRobots.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Best self-emptying value

Shark IQ vacuums are the best-value self-emptying robot vacuums. It does double duty and can clean carpets.

Quiet clean

Spinning side brushes

Self-empyting box

Strong suction

Moving from hard floors and carpeting easily

Reviews say that sometimes the robot can’t find the base

The Shark IQ is cheaper than higher end Roomba models, has intuitive smart features, and has enough suction for homes with hairy pets or long-haired roommates.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Our Runner Up

From the E20 vacuum to the S6 MaxV, we’ve tried almost every Roborock vacuum. The app’s navigation skills have steadily improved and it has become easier to use. You want to get the best bang for your money, so a midrange Roborock like our current test model of the S4 Max is probably the best.

The Wi-Fi-enabled S4 Max has features that I’ve previously seen only on much pricier robot vacuums, like mapping, virtual barriers, and problem spot detection. This robot vacuum does not trip up on the kitchen step. And it can run for up to three hours without a full charge. The dust bin is also slightly larger than average.

Upgrade pick? Roborock also recently introduced the new S7 , but I don’t think that it justifies the higher price. S7 comes with a new rubber roller multi-directional that’s not nearly as effective at lifting dirt from low-pile carpets as the S4 Max. After it has finished, I need to continue following the brush around in order to pick up any small clumps or dog hair.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

What to Avoid

Because it is equipped with a dustbin that can be used for several cleanings, the Roomba i7+ earns our Top Robot Vacuum List. The Shark Ion R85 was slightly better than it in our pet hair testing, picking up almost 90% of the carpet and hard floor fur. A 62.6dB was the reading it gave us.

There are many other functions, including the ability to create virtual walls and map multiple floors. Roomba’s i7+ cleans in a record time, clocking in at less than twenty minutes. The Roomba s9+ is now available from iRobot. However, it has a slightly lower price but still does a great job cleaning.

Editor’s note: iRobot issued a caution to Roomba i7+ users. Clean Base units might malfunction if liquid makes its way to the clean bottom. iRobot will notify affected units by sending emails or notifications.

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

1. Irobot Roomba I7+

Amazon The j7+ robotic vacuum cleaner is the newest model in a long-line of iRobot robot vacuum tech.

The intuitive iRobot mobile app allows you to manage your Roomba as well home assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. You can command the Roomba using the app.

Roomba is also announcing a significant improvement in their technology. “PrecisionVision Navigation” allows Roomba to identify certain objects and eliminate obstacles like pet waste, which is essential for owners and charging cords.

The real strengths of the j7+ are its navigation and power. The robot will learn the layout of your home in real-time. It’ll also identify no-go spots and rooms. You and your pet’s crumbs on carpet and hardwood floors will be picked up by the robot thanks to its powerful suction.

There is one real problem with the J7+: its short battery life. While the j7+ can run for only 90 minutes which isn’t too bad, it has an intelligent “recharge-and-resume” feature. The j7+ will return to its dock to charge, and if it runs out of juice halfway through the vacuum job, it will recharge again, ready to go. We cannot deny the fact that Roomba is the original robot vacuum. It’s the best choice around.

Get iRobot Roomba j7+ for $849.00

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

7 Best Robot Vacuums Of 2021, According To Cleaning Experts

These vacs can tackle pet hair, hard floors, and carpeting alike.

For a second, close your eyes. Imagine a small appliance that goes from room-to-room doing the least favourite chore while you are away. Or maybe it’s even running errands while you work. It’s possible to make your dream of robot vacuuming a reality, and it doesn’t cost a lot to buy one.

The number of robovacs available today is higher than ever. This has been true since 2002 when the first one was tested in our Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab. All types of vacuums are tested in our Labs.

We test robot vacuums in two rooms to determine how smoothly they can transition between hard and carpet floors. They are able to get under furniture, around corners and underneath it. We also test whether they will stick. It measures the amount of pet hair and dirt they remove from floors and carpet. Analysts also evaluate the interface, ease-of-use, sound, programming, noise, cleaning and emptying the dustbin. You can choose from a vacuum that you activate before you go home or one that can do double duty by cleaning your bathroom. These are some of the most desirable robot vacuums.

Best 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop:

The Best Robot Vacuum For Large Homes :

Best Robot Vacuum for Object Detection:

Shark IQ Robot ™ XL vacuum RV2502AE self-empty base, WiFi

Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

Roborock S6 Maxv

SHOP NOW! Ask any dog owner about the things they love. The list can seem endless. However, ask them about the things they dislike. Often, it comes down to pet hair on the carpet or poop accidents. Roborock S6 Max V is specifically made to deal with both. The robot’s app will prompt you to confirm that your pets have been registered. This setting triggers the dual camera system to be on the lookout for small objects in its path, provided there is substantial contrast between the floor and the object. During our tests, the S6 MaxV had no problem with avoiding dark objects on a light-colored floor, but it struggled to recognize the same object on a dark wooden floor and simply pushed it out of the way (not what you want if that was pet poop). Please note, the object to avoid cannot be smaller that two inches.

While robot vacuums tend to struggle with pet hair and fur, using carpet mode enabled the S6 MaxV made cleaning up easy by picking up pet hair and dirt embedded in the carpet.

S6MaxV works in a consistent manner. First, it cleans the area around its edges. Then, it moves slowly and methodically across the whole space. The S6 MaxV’s small profile, at just three inches tall, allows dirt to be swept away from hard-to reach places. It also has a single side brush that cleans corners. It also maps the area it is cleaning and can store four maps for multiple-level homes. The app allows you to set no go areas to prevent the robot from reaching them.

To wet mop after vacuuming with the S6MaxV, only use water. It can be set to adjust the flow of water through the app. It’s possible to prevent carpet from being mopped by using no-mop areas. But it is difficult to adjust the zone for an area rug. Your floor is protected by a moisture-resistant mat placed at the charging base.

Setting up cleaning schedules and selecting zones to be cleaned (or avoided) is done through the app – and you can also change the volume and voice of the robot. You can expect a very long cleaning time, with balanced mode, the robot will clean almost for two hours. Although sensors are designed to prevent the robot vacuum from falling down stairs as with other robotic vacuums, it can also be used to make a barrier.

Do Robot vacuums work on carpet?

We’ve found the iRobot Roomba S9 to be our best-seller for carpet cleaning. This premium robot vacuum has little trouble sucking up pet hair and larger debris like sand on this surface type.Dec 13, 2021

Can Robot Vacuums Move From Hardwood to Carpet?

They can move around or under furniture according to the model, as well as transition between hardwoods and carpet. The robot vacuum will recharge after completing its task. December 13, 2021

What robot vacuum is the most powerful?

Tesvor M1 is the strongest suction robot vacuum with 4000 PA. Tesvor Blog. Tesvor is a robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Their X500 vacuum has been a bestseller at Amazon. They have also launched new models like the V300s and X500pro.

.Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet

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