Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Other Robot Vacuums For Pet Hair We Tested

The iRobot roomba i7+ has the ability to empty itself. A vacuum inside the charging base pulls everything from the bin into a sealed bag. That means you don’t have to see, touch, or smell what your robot vacuum picks up. It’s important to keep your cat’s hair clean, even though you love them dearly.

The i7+ has a variety of great features that will appeal to smart home enthusiasts. The Roomba can access all the features of the iRobot Gem app, such as the ability to clean or avoid certain rooms. This is the main reason why we think the i7+ is ideal for cat owners. For example, you can direct the i7+ to just clean around the litter box or under the couch.

A Roomba can be ridden by a cat, but it would not move if an animal was to climb on top of it.

Fancy tech aside, the i7+ picks up quite a bit. On average, it picked up 10 grams of debris, so in a week, it can keep up with a mild manual cleaning. The i7+ is expensive, but every penny is accounted for in the large number of features and excellent performance.

What To Look For In A Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There’s a lot of specs around suction for you to study when selecting your new housemate (see my comparison chart), but I can tell you all of these rolling sweepers are suitably sucky, picking up everything from dog hair and kitty litter to Cheerios and dust bunnies. Many have different suction levels, and can adjust to carpet. You need to decide whether or not you are willing to pay extra for a robot with multiple suction levels and can adjust their settings when they sense carpet. If you don’t go the latter route, then the size of its onboard bin is an important factor. It’s a good idea to have a larger bin so you can dispose of it less frequently.

Every Wi-Fi-connected robot vacuum worth its salt today works with Alexa or Google smart speakers for voice control, although some are limited to just stop / start and pause, whereas others can be told to go clean specific areas. I wrote two blogs on how to use your robot vacuum with your voice assistant, so check those out if you want to know more about Alexa voice control or Google Home voice control. Siri Shortcuts is now available from a few manufacturers so that you can command your robot using Apple’s Siri voice assistant. If this is something you want, look for robots from iRobot or higher-end models from Roborock and Ecovacs.

A few other things to keep in mind. No robot vacuum can climb stairs (yet), so if you want hands-free cleaning everywhere, you’ll want to budget for one per floor or be prepared to move it around. Some models are capable of mapping multiple floors and can be charged with additional bases. All the bots that I tried had cliff sensors, and no one attempted to jump off of the steps. Finally, none could really, truly get carpets clean. They get the surface, but if you have a carpeted house or lots of rugs, I’d recommend investing in a stick vac as well for weekly deep cleans. They’re great for stairs. The only robot I found that does a really good job on carpets is the Roomba s9, which has 30 times the suction power of the Roomba j7. It’s also a $1000 bot, with a self-empty bottom and no AI obstacle avoidance. This means that it is prone to get stuck.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Coredy R500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R500 Robot vacuum cleaner is a high-end robot vacuum cleaner with many different features. It’s programmed with multiple vacuuming strengths and cleaning functions, including mop and sweep settings. It has a long run time cycle of around 120 minutes, which is longer than the average robot vacuum. The Coredy R500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a remote control that enables you to program where, when, and how often it cleans.

These features are wonderful, but there are some issues that the Coredy robot vacuum cannot be ignored. We found that it tends to wander in the same area, even though the surrounding is well-vacuumed. Another issue that we had is with the dustbin, which is too small for bigger vacuuming jobs. Although it is more expensive than higher-end vacuums, the dustbin doesn’t work as well. If you’re looking for a premium robot vacuum with all the bells and whistles, we recommend trying the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum instead.

  • Multiple cleaning functions
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Cycle time 120 minutes
  • The tendency to wander in one spot at a time
  • Dustbin inside vacuum is small
  • On the expensive side

Which features make cleaning pet hair easier?

To properly clean up pet messes like hair and food spills, you’ll want to be sure your robotic vacuum offers a few different features. These features are available on a vacuum:

  • A large intake port: Large amounts of cat and dog hair could clog your vacuum’s internal parts. As such, you should focus on finding a model with a wide intake port, which creates an easier passage for pet hair to travel to the dust cup and not get stuck on the way.
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll: You’ll want to make sure the pet hair your vacuum is cleaning up doesn’t get tangled before it ever gets sucked up. Your robot vacuum can break down clumps with tangle-free brushes or brush rolls before they turn into a problem.
  • Advanced Infrared Sensors: High-end robotic vacuums feature infrared sensors and laser navigation systems, which can more accurately detect the extent of the mess or the floor type. If faced with a difficult mess, the vacuum can adjust its suction power to a more appropriate level.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

#5 Best Mopping Vacuum: Bobsweep Pethair Plus

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Specifically designed for use in homes with pets, the bObsweep PetHair Plus offers several features that set it apart from the competition. First, it doubles as a vacuum for carpet and a mop for hard floors. In addition to powerful suction on various surfaces, you can attach a wet pad to the bottom for use as a mop on hard surfaces.

The vacuum works differently from other vacuums that I have tried. Although this model does not work with an app on a smartphone, it could still be useful for those who don’t have the necessary tech skills. You still have many options for personalizing vacuum performance, and the BlOck Plus can be used to block out areas.

This robot vacuum has a 500ml dustbin. You won’t have to empty it as often as you would with smaller vacuums and emptying the bin is pretty easy.

All things considered, the bObsweep PetHair Plus is a versatile robot vacuum that can perform a variety of tasks without the use of a smartphone app. I’ve also heard bObsweep’s customer service is very strong. It may not be the right choice for those who want powerful suction but also the convenience and ease of using a smartphone app.

Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Overall

Pure Clean’s automatic robot vacuum is our favorite overall for picking up dog hair. Not only is it affordable, but it can pick up dirt and hair on multiple surfaces. It has a lithium rechargeable battery that works in 90-minute cleaning cycles. However, it does not have a charging station.

This vacuum has a rotating brush that lifts some messes that are caked-on, but it can be removed when using it on carpeted areas if needed. Better yet, you can sweet and mop with the mopping attachment. The sensor also easily navigates itself around your home and reaches into some of the harder-to-reach areas around the house.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Are Robot vacuums worth buying for pet hair?

  • Cleaning up pet hair and other mess: If you have pets, the top reason for buying a robot vacuum cleaner is to clean their house. Whether you have cats, dogs, or other furry friends, these vacuums can help you clean up after them, even when you aren’t home. These vacuums are also good at cleaning up kitty litter spills and food crumbs.
  • You Need Multi-Surface Cleaning: These models excel at transitioning between different floors types. These robotic vacuums can clean floors that transition between hardwood and carpet. The best options in this category feature sensors that can detect different types of flooring and adjust suction power accordingly.
  • You Need the Convenience of Autonomous Cleaning: If you’re looking for the most hands-off vacuuming experience your money can buy, then you can’t go wrong with a robot vacuum cleaner. Autonomous functionality allows you to set the vacuum cleaner up and leave it alone while you go about your daily business or run errands.

What Else We Recommend And Why

Under $400

The ProscenicĀ® 850T: This machine is a master in hard floor cleaning. The 850T cleaned hardwood floors almost completely in testing. It also reached into corners and removed all hair and dirt from the carpet. However, it left 20% of the flour behind, got stuck easily, and ran loudly. In my long-term tests, it disconnected frequently from my app and demanded my attention in order to continue running on time.

Eufy RoboVac G30 Edge: Eufy usually makes more affordable robot vacuums, so at this price, the G30 Edge is considered the company’s top-end model. It’s worth it for the extras, including no-go zones, an app and Alexa/Google Home compatibility. However, you will have to sacrifice some power. It was not able to perform well on corners and carpeting, while it performed very well on hardwood. Despite the underwhelming performance, it remains a good value for the price.

ILife A10: If setting no-go zones is essential to you, the A10 might be a good option. The app can map your home and allow you to create virtual barriers. The model is also excellent at cleaning carpet and hardwood. There are a few cons to this model: It doesn’t pick up flour from carpet corners and runs very loudly. Also, it can get stuck easily.

Under $800

Roborock S7: I tested this Roborock with the optional auto-empty dock ($299.99), which looks incredible, is super convenient, and performed flawlessly. It has strong suction, and did not get stuck during our testing. It can scrub at up to 3000 cycles per minute which is one of our top mop tests. It was noisy and it did not do well in corners. Although it was close, the unit did not compare well to our top choices. Still, if the Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8 AIVI isn’t available, this is a worthy substitute.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

How To Choose The Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair

Price is also going to be an important aspect. However, you shouldn’t immediately go with the lowest price. While the iLife VS3 Pro comes at a very reasonable price, it doesn’t offer any advanced features such as app connectivity, mapping or no-go zones. The Neato D4 is a cheaper option at $349 and can perform all these functions. Roborock S4 Max, which costs $80 less, offers more technology and multiple maps. You need to balance what features you want with your budget.

Robot vacuum cleaners can be frightening for some pets, especially dogs and cats. The noise and the movement, particularly as they drive towards your pet, can no doubt cause nerves. If your pet is new to robot vacuums, try introducing them slowly, running the bot for a few minutes to start with, until they’re used to each other!

#3 Best For Large Homes: Neato Botvac D7 Connected

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Although I deemed this robot vacuum cleaner to be the best one for large houses, it was difficult for me to choose between the Samsung POWERbot and this model. They both have great performance and amazing features.

This robot vacuum is unique because it uses a D-shaped design that allows it to reach corners and places most other vacuums cannot. This is a very important quality, as you will have seen the way pet hair tends to settle in corners and drift about.

The Neato Botvac offers strong suction and it performed well in my fur test. The vacuum also performed well against cat litter.

Another feature I liked about this vacuum is its generous dustbin capacity. It has a 700ml dustbin capacity, which allows you to use it for several days without having to empty. Emptying the dustbin is pretty straightforward and it didn’t make as much of a mess as the POWERbot.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Neato Botvac. The Neato Botvac was effective against cat hair as well as cat litter. I did not find any cat hair in the rollers after using it for thirty days.

The vacuum has a 150 minute battery life and automatically recharges itself when power is low.

This model is extremely popular but some customers were concerned about the connection. Most robot vacuums have connectivity issues, but the Neato Botvac seems to be more adept in this area than other models.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

#2 Runner Up: Samsung Powerbot R7070

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This unit is not the most affordable on the market at $600 but has great suction and an excellent smartphone app.

Samsung claims that this vacuum has 40x the suction power of other circular-shaped robot vacuums. The motor is kept running by the ability to separate dirt and air. It has an automatic rubber blade that automatically extends to capture dirt along the edges of the wall and in corners.

An onboard camera and multiple sensors help the vacuum to create an effective cleaning route while avoiding obstacles. By looking at the coverage map on the smartphone app, you can see how much of the house the POWERbot has cleaned and which places it may have missed.

The bot can be controlled remotely via your smartphone’s app, or voice command devices such as Alexa and Bixby. Schedule automatic cleaning.

When the robot starts to lose power, it automatically heads back to a docking station to recharge. After it has fully charged, the robot returns to its workstation and completes the task.

Unfortunately, the sensors in this robot vacuum aren’t perfect. The sensor might not recognize dark objects or trigger the cliff sensor. One reviewer said that the bot blindly pushed their black bar stool across the room.

It’s a small bot with a dustbin capacity of about 300 ml, so it’s best for households with one or two cats and not a lot of long hair. In multi-pet households, you may find yourself emptying the bin frequently.

Eufy Robovac 35C Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Best Value

Most people want to find the best dog hair robot vacuum. It is important to have the ability to get a good vacuum that does not cost a lot of money. Eufy Robovac offers a great and economical option. The vacuum picks up dirt and debris for more than 100 minutes. The design is also very slim so that it can fit under furniture and cabinets. Some models even come with a remote to help you customize the cleaning schedule. Although it can be used on carpets it has been found to work best with tile and hardwood floors.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

What is a Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair? How does it work?

Robot vacuums for pet hair are suitable for people who have animals in their house, particularly those that shed hair or fur. The HEPA filters are included and the rotating brushes make it easy to remove pet hair from different surfaces.

Robot vacuums sweep over carpeted and non-carpeted surfaces to suck in the debris present on them, including pet hair, dust, dirt, and other particles. The vacuums are fitted with brushes to loosen and sweep the surfaces. The vacuum then sucks up the debris, pet hair, and fur easily. Different vacuums have different brush technologies (spinning, rolling brushes) that aim to make cleaning as effective as possible.

Shark Iq R100 Robot Vacuum

The Shark IQ maps your entire home in its initial runs. Once it is done, you have the option to choose which rooms to vacuum. The vacuum then cleans every spot in a systematic, row-by, row pattern. It doesn’t just move around randomly. It boasts a large dust container, self-cleaning brush rolls, and a high efficiency filter. The brand says it produces the same strong suction as other Shark vacuums.


  • Cleans row by row
  • Self-cleaning brush
  • Filter captures dust and allergens


  • Doesn’t self-empty
  • Doesn’t self-empty


Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Who Is A Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair Suitable For And What Benefits Does It Bring?

Robot vacuums for pet hair are ideal for those who wish to cut down on time and effort. It’s for individuals who don’t want the inconvenience of sweeping a canister vacuum for hours. This robot vacuum is the future in household cleaning. Whether you are busy with a job, kids, or have pets that shed fur all over, a robot vacuum is the answer. Most robot vacuums have a simple one-touch operation, so you can relax while the vacuum does an effective cleaning job for you.

These robot vacuums offer many benefits. They can save time, effort, have remote access, schedule cleaning times, and are easy to use.


It is quite expensive for all the features that it offers. It makes much more sense to spring for the Roomba 960 with its upgraded performance and features. A particular problem is the lack of a GPS system. Nonetheless, when the 880 finds its way, it does a decent job of cleaning up. For the price, there should be far more bells and whistles.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

What To Consider When Buying A Robot Vacuum

As well as deciding on whether you want a robovac that just vacuums or one that mops as well, it’s also important to consider battery life, as nobody wants a robot vacuum that runs out of power halfway through cleaning your home. Also, look out for vacuums with large dust canisters or dustbins so it can clean your floors by itself.

Which Robot Vacuum Is Best For Pet Hair?

MOOSOO RT50 robot vacuum is best for pets. The strong suction power of 2200Pa allows it to remove pet hair and small particles from carpets, floors, hard floors, etc. This unit has Wi-Fi connectivity, smart gyroscope navigation 2.0, and a scheduled cleaning option.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Robot Vacuums

Regular vacuums require more action on the user’s part. We have to move and manipulate the vacuum and do most of the work. This means we have to regularly invest a certain amount of time cleaning our floors, which can be quite a lot when we have pets.

Robot vacuums, on the other hand are much more practical. You can do whatever you want while it does the work for you. The best robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair can be voice activated. In addition, it has sensors that map out your house and prevent furniture damage.

Reviews: 19,400+

The ILIFE option has almost 20,000 rave Amazon reviews and is our cheapest choice. This is also the top choice for pet hair. The ILIFE V3s Pro was specifically made to collect hair and has a low profile design to clean under beds, furniture where dirt hides. It is ideal for stone, hardwood, tile and laminate.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Virtual Walls / No-Go Zones

You should not share your flat with animals.

Therefore, it’s very convenient if you can quickly define no-go zones in the mobile app.


  • Can only do room-to-room cleaning on a maximum of three rooms
  • There is no smart phone app
  • No recharge and resume capabilities
  • It does not scan rooms or map them
  • Dust bin for small items
  • Roomba 960 has Wi-Fi and smart home connectivity, but not the Roomba 960.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Run Time

Just like old-school vacuums, most robotic vacuums need to be emptied manually, which may interrupt a cleaning session (and may feel to you like it defeats the purpose of having a hands-free vacuum). That said, the newer, more advanced models are designed to self-dock automatically and empty when they’re full, so even if you’re not home while they reach capacity, they can make a quick pit stop and keep on cleaning.

Reviews: 10,400+

The eufy By Anker Robot Vacuum is $100 off for a short time. The brand’s latest model is this baby, which boasts suction power of 2000Pa Max while still maintaining quiet operation and a slim design.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Is it worth buying robotic vacuums?

Robot vacuums have limitations, but they make up for it in time-saving potential. Although they won’t work well with high-pile carpeting, and may cost more than traditional vacuums for the same job, they can be very handy and reduce your cleaning time.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

What Robot Vacuums Are Best for Pet Hair Care?

The iLife V3s Pro is our top pick for robot vacuums for pets, based on both lab tests and performance. It’s basic in its design and functionality, but it collected 99.5% of pet hair on test, which is a near-perfect result. The $120 price tag is reasonable for such high performance. The remote control allows you to set up cleaning schedules, and you can even keep up with any shedders.

If you want something with more features, then we recommend the iRobot Roomba s9+. The robot vacuum boasts app connectivity, no-go zones and cleaning that targets specific areas. In our tests, it was able to pick up 98% pet hair. It is distinguished by its Clean Basis, which allows it to charge from the base and automatically empty into a bag. You won’t have to replace the bag every month like traditional robotic vacuums. This bag is expensive at $939.

Looking for the latest tech, but don’t want to break the bank? Roborock S4 Max could be worth your consideration. You get a good balance of functionality and performance at just $429. The robot picked up an average 94% of pet hair during our lab testing. We found it to be especially effective on hardwood floors. Laser navigation and room-specific cleaning are some of its special features. These areas can also be used to avoid any pets that may fall asleep.

These robot vacuums are top-rated for cleaning pet hair.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

How to Pick the Best Robot Hair Vacuum

Before you decide to invest in a robotic vacuum for your pet, there are a few things that you should consider. Think about how many pets live in your home, and how often they are shedding. Is it long fur or short fur and are they shedding on a regular basis? If you are looking for the robot to also do your mopping, this is something that you should consider.

It is important to consider the price. But, don’t go for the cheapest straight away. While the iLife VS3 Pro comes at a very reasonable price, it doesn’t offer any advanced features such as app connectivity, mapping or no-go zones. The Neato D4 is a cheaper option at $349 and can perform all these functions. Roborock S4 Max, which costs $80 less, offers more technology and multiple maps. Balance your needs with what is within your means.

Scout, an Incredible Shedding Test Dog. Credit to Tom’sGuide. An allergy sufferer at home might find a robot vacuum that self-empties. This prevents dust particles from getting into the atmosphere as often. Whichever model you decide to use, we have six tips and tricks for robot vacuums so that you get the most from your device.

Robot vacuum cleaners are a terror to some dogs and cats. It is possible for nerves to be caused by noise and motion, especially when they are driving toward you pet. Start slowly with robot vacuums for your pet. Run the bot for only a few moments until you get to know them.

Remember to vacuum up any accidents that your pet may have in their bathroom. The mess will only cause more damage to your vacuum and may even make your vacuum break, so pay attention.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Irobot Roomba s9: The Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair on Carpet

iRobot Roomba S9 robot bagless cordless anti-allergy filter (HEPA). The iRobot Roomba S9 is our favorite robotic vacuum for cleaning pet hair from carpets. It’s a premium vacuum with excellent build quality, made of high-grade plastic. The vacuum is extremely efficient in picking up hairs from any surface and also has an HEPA filter that reduces allergens. You can use it to easily move across carpets by automatically setting the brushroll to match different types of surfaces.

This robot has an advanced automation system which allows it to create more effective cleaning patterns. Once you connect it to the iRobot Home app, it creates a virtual map of your space, and from there, you can set up virtual boundary markers or schedule cleaning sessions for specific rooms. Remotely monitor the vacuum’s battery level and switch it off/on remotely.

There are many components that need to be maintained, and high recurring cost that could add up. This is what robot vacuums do. It’s also a bit heavy and bulky, which can be a hassle if you need to move it up or downstairs. It is, however, one of the top multi-surface vacuums tested. Most users will be happy with this product.

Check out our review

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair On Bare Floors: Yeedi Vac Station

yeedi vacuum station Robot Bagless, Cordless and Anti-Allergy Filter HEPA. The yeedi va station is our top pick for cleaning pet hair from floors. This robot vacuum has a self-emptying function that lets it dump any accumulated debris from its internal dustbin into a dirt compartment built onto its charging station. It offers a wide variety of other automation functions, as you can use its companion app to schedule cleaning sessions for specific areas or rooms in your house and set up boundary lines that the vacuum won’t cross.

The vacuum can clean flat surfaces, such as hardwood floors and even carpets with great results. This vacuum also comes equipped with a mopping attachment, which is designed to remove stains from floors that are not bare. Surface detection is a useful feature that allows you to prevent carpets from being mopped or increases the suction power for carpeted floors. This battery has exceptional performance. It can last for approximately 80-180 minutes with one single charge.

Unfortunately this vacuum does not come equipped with an HEPA filter. It doesn’t trap any allergens. The vacuum is expensive to maintain and requires frequent cleaning. However, it is still one of the top robot vacuums we have tested for carpet. It has great automation capabilities, a high build quality, and a versatile overall performance.

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Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Roborock E4: The Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

Roborock E4 Roborock E4 Cordless Cordless Anti Allergy Vacuum (HEPA) Roborock E4 was the top-rated robot vacuum we tested for pets. This relatively affordable robot vacuum delivers superb pet hair cleaning performance on a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from bare floors to low and high-pile carpet. You can also adjust your vacuum power according to the type of flooring you have.

HEPA filters are used to capture allergens and clean the vacuum. This vacuum is made of high-grade plastic and has an extremely robust feel. It is very adept at maneuvering its way around its covered area. The S-shaped cleaning patterns allow it to clean in an organized manner and allows it to spot areas it has missed. According to settings and user habits, you can expect between 2 and 3 hours of battery life.

Unfortunately, the vacuum’s parts need to be changed or cleaned out regularly. Although this is not unusual for robot vacuums, these costs could add up. In addition, it doesn’t have the more advanced LIDAR mapping system found on pricier Roborock models like the Roborock S6 MaxV , so you can’t set up virtual boundary markers or schedule cleaning sessions for specific rooms. The robot vacuum’s budget-friendly pricing, high build quality, versatile performance and great value make it among the top budget vacuums we have tested.

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Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robotic Vacuums For Pet Hair

You may find these robots to be quite powerful. If you buy through the retailer links, affiliate commissions could apply. All fees collected are donated to our non-profit mission.

Robotic vacuums can take up to a full day to clean pet hair. However, not all robotic vacuums can do this job well according to our testing.

Consumer Reports tests robotic vacuums made by a variety of manufacturers, such as Ecovacs and Shark. In our tests for pet-hair pickup vacuums dominate from iRobot Roomba.

Alex Nasrallah from CR is the robotic vacuum testing engineer. “They don’t have bristles or nylon fibers, which typically cause hair to get stuck. The hair is less likely to stick with an all-rubber toothbrush. One feature to look for? You should look for a turbo setting. This allows your robot to tackle the extra-plush, or other flooring types.

While we’re on the topic of pets and vacuums, let’s debunk a myth that’s about as old as this category of cleaners. You may have seen footage of robotic vacuums riding alongside pets. As funny as that might seem, it’s not wise to place your furry pals on top of your vac as the machine goes about its routine.

Nasrallah claims that your cover might have covered the sensor. This can make it difficult for the robot to navigate properly. A lot of weight can also lead to an error.

Here’s a list of five robot vacuum cleaners we found to be pet-hair deflecting. The vacuums were tested by Samsung, Eufy, Roomba and Samsung. They are listed alphabetically. All of them come with a turbo setting or booster mode, which we find factors into how well a vacuum picks up an ounce of pet hair on a medium-pile carpet.

See our ratings for robotic vacuums to see complete test results. To compare vacuum models, you can check our vacuum buying guide.

Eufy 11S

Review by CR: The Roomba960’s dual rubber counter-rotating rollers were able to pick up dirt and debris during CR testing on various floor surfaces. This model is also good when it comes to picking up pet hair, though it may not do so as quickly as the other iRobot models here. The price is not the only reason to consider it. Roomba’s 960 successfully picked up our pet hair after the second and third passes. However, we were unable to remove the hair from the bin or brush roll.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Roborock S6 maxv

SHOP NOW. Ask any dog owner what their pet loves. They will often list a lot of things, but if you asked them, they would likely list two: pet hair on the carpet and pet poop. Roborock S6 Max V can tackle these two issues. The app asks you if your pets are present when you start the app to control it. When there is a significant contrast between floor and object, the setting causes the dual camera system’s to look for small objects. The S6 MaxV was able to avoid dark objects with no problems on light floors, however it had trouble recognizing the same object on dark wood floors and pushed it away. Note that the object to be avoided can’t be smaller than two inches.

While robot vacuums tend to struggle with pet hair and fur, using carpet mode enabled the S6 MaxV made cleaning up easy by picking up any embedded dirt or fluff as it detected the carpet.

The S6 MaxV follows a linear pattern, cleaning the edges of an area first, and then working its way back and forth across the space quickly but methodically to ensure all of the floor surface is cleaned. This robot is small at only 3inches high and can clean dirt from difficult-to-reach areas. The single side brush also helps with corners. The robot maps and saves up to four maps to help you plan multi-level houses. You can also set no-go zones through the app to make sure the robot doesn’t go to those areas.

After vacuuming, use the S6 MaxV to wet mop with plain water only – water flow can be adjusted through the app, and the reusable mop cloth is washable. No-mop zones will prevent carpets from getting mopped. However, it can be difficult to determine the area rug zone. A moisture-proof mat at the charging base protects your floor.

Setting up cleaning schedules and selecting zones to be cleaned (or avoided) is done through the app – and you can also change the volume and voice of the robot. This vacuum has an impressive runtime. In balanced mode it can clean for up to two hours. As with all robot vacuums sensors keep it from falling down steps, however it’s better to create a virtual barrier.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Review 2021: The Best 9 Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

1. ILIFE 3s Pro Robot vacuum cleaner – The Best Overall Price Check ILIFE 3s Pro Robot vacuum cleaner is a smart vacuum which picks up human and pet hairs, dust, and tiny bits of dirt that are difficult to reach with a standard vacuum. Because it’s anti-tangle, the vacuum won’t get stuck and will not jam. This vacuum is compact enough to fit under furniture and cabinets.

ILIFE will cycle for between 90 to 100 minute. If the battery becomes low, the ILIFE will use smart technology and self-charge. For easy navigation, there are sensors that prevent you from crashing or falling down stairs. This remote can be used to create a customized cleaning experience. The only issue is that it’s not suitable for carpeted floors, so it may not work if you have a lot of carpets or rugs. The ILIFE V3s Professional Robot Vacuum Cleaner, however, is an excellent robot vacuum cleaner for pets.

Anti-tangle technology

Small enough to fit under furniture

Smart sensors used for navigation

90 to 100-minute run time with charging base

comes with remote control

You can’t vacuum tiled floors

2. This robot vacuum can easily pick up tiny bits of hair or dirt from many surfaces. It is equipped with a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery. The cleaning cycle lasts for 90 minutes. The robot’s sensors allow for simple navigation and can work in every room. The robot can be used on tile and hardwood floors as well as carpet. It is also able to clean pet hair from some floors.

You will find rotating brush heads on the handle that lifts up dirt and debris. These can also be removed for areas with carpeting. You can also get a mopping attachment for dogs that are prone to slipping in the mud. The only issue is that it doesn’t come with a home base for charging, so you’ll have to pick it up and charge it yourself. Aside from that, the Pure Clean Smart Automatic Robot Cleaner is the best robot vacuum for pet hair for the money.

Best Robot Vacuum For Pets

Best Robot Vacuum With A Mop

James Brains/Insider $799.99 From Best Buy $799.99 to Ecovacs Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Pro Mopping System deep cleans the floors instead of using wet towels. Pair the Ecovacs T8 AIVI Robot vacuum with it and you can make quick work of tedious chores.

Pros: Excellent performance on carpeting and hardwood, automatically empties the dustbin, HD video surveillance, impressive deep-cleaning mop attachment, quiet operation Cons: Got stuck on the threshold in our tests, doesn’t get deep into corners The Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Pro Mopping System attachment is the best mopping system I’ve tested. The 480-vibrations-per-minute scrubbing motion offers a deep clean. Ecovacs’ Deebot Ozmo E8 AIVI Robot Vacuum made it possible. The large 240mL water container was enough for at least two passes around the 500-square foot test floor. With the app, you can choose from four water-flow levels to reach a balance of moistness and quick drying and two mopping patterns. You can choose between deep or quick scrub to clean your carpets. It does not harm carpets.

The robot vacuum, the Ozmo T8 AIVI is equipped with HD video and microphone. You can check on your pet’s progress and open doors and windows from your smartphone. However, I don’t think the home surveillance capabilities are particularly useful. They could still be helpful if you have security concerns.

The auto-empty unit is a more practical feature that empties your dustbin after every cleaning session. It is necessary to replace the disposable pouch once a month.

We tested the Ozmo T8 AIVI on hardwood and carpeting. It was one of the most effective at cleaning all types of debris. The Ozmo T8 AIVI is quiet: 67 dB for the highest setting, and 58 on Quiet.

The vac was unable to get within a 1 inch radius of the rooms. It also wasn’t able to come within 2 inches of corners.

This was a simple setup. The setup was simple. I connected the device to the charger, set up a cleaning schedule, then the app updated. After two cleans, the app created a map to show me where I wanted the T8 AIVI to stay.

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