Walmart’s 2024 Returns Without Receipt: Limits & Exchange Guide

Walmart’s 2024 Returns Without Receipt: Limits & Exchange Guide

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Walmart Timeframe

Here are some exceptions to this general rule of ninety days (90). Each of these exceptions requires that the merchandise must be returned along with a receipt.

  • Drones and computers, cameras, camcorders digital cameras digital music players digital musicians, e -tablets, electronic readers, portable video players GPS units video game hardware and prepaid cellphones
  • All Firearms and Ammunition.
  • Gas Powered Mini Bikes, Go Karts, Dirt Bikes, UTVs and ATVs.
  • Diabetic Products: Meters, Strips, Lancets, Lancet Devices and Syringes.
  • Prescription Drugs and products containing Pseudoephedrine and Pseudotropine.

What is the best way to return an item without a receipt at Walmart?

Walmart employees will scan your barcode to locate the item in the database if you send back an item with no receipt.

They will then check your ID as part of the refund verification process. It can be very helpful to have your original package.

The refund verification process determines both if the item is available for return (using the barcode) and if you can return it (using your ID).

Your return may not be accepted if you appear in their database as someone who frequently returns items without receipts. You may be denied depending on whether the item is defective or if it was purchased more than a year ago.

If you do not have the original packaging, it is sometimes possible for Walmart to look up your purchase using the card number on which the purchase was made.

In Store?

Luckily, the same generous return 90 day return window applies to both online and in-store purchases.

You can return, exchange, or replace all online purchases in your local Walmart store or you can return items by mail. As long as the item is eligible for a return, Walmart will cover all shipping costs to return by mail unless it is a third-party marketplace item.

Online orders that include the option to “Pay with Cash” must be returned in-store.

All returns can be started by using the Walmart app to help speed up the process. Log in and go to “Purchase History” and there is an option called “Mobile Express Returns”. A QR code will be provided that can be used at customer service.

What Is Walmart’S Return Policy In 2022?

Almost any item purchased at Walmart can be returned within a 90-day window for full refund or exchange.

Items that deviate from this 90 day return policy include:

  • 14 days: post-paid cell phones
  • 15 days: prepaid cell phones, computers, printers, digital cameras and camcorders, tablets, GPS devices, digital music players, drones, portable video players.
  • 30 days: air conditioners, dehumidifiers, evaporation coolers, generators, pressure washers
  • 60 days: prescription glasses
  • Trees – shrubs, bulbs and perennial plants for 1 year

Walmart 2021 Holiday Return Policy states that products purchased from November 1, 2021 through December 25, 2021, will be eligible for a return within the December 26th 2021.

What if I buy something from Walmart?

With a few exceptions, yes. Sometimes you purchase something and it doesn’t turn out as you expected. We understand that. For that reason, we created a helpful return policy. Our return policy is the same for both online and in store purchases with just a few minor differences:

*Online orders: The return period begins from the day of your order’s delivery

* For in-store orders: The return period begins at the date of purchase. Make sure to bring along your proof of purchase.

Almost anything you buy from Walmart can be returned within 90 days with the exception of a few items below.


These exceptions are worth knowing about.

Within 14 Days

Contract post-paid phones. Subject to applicable legislation. Carriers may have different conditions. See plan terms and conditions.

Televisions, DVD players/recorders, home & portable audio systems, headphones, portable video players, telephones, products containing flammable components, tents, pools, air conditioners, mattresses, MP3 players/iPod/iTouch, prerecorded music, movies, software products, ink cartridges, air mattresses, breast pumps, drones with GPS function, outdoor power equipment, disposable contact lenses, and eye glasses purchased from a Walmart Vision Centre.

In less than 1 year

The 1-year guarantee for trees and shrubs is from the date of purchase

You must return items to the store.

Items that cannot be returned to a store

* Larger items up to 100 lbs. +) purchased on – Full sized mattresses, large appliances & items weighing over 100 pounds require a scheduled return delivery. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-328-0402 to make arrangements

* Jewelry Items above $40-Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-328-0402 for arrangements

Unopened items must be returned

Video Games, Computer Games. Headphones and Portable Audio. Prerecorded Music. Ink Cartridges. Disposable contact lenses. Air Mattresses. Breast Pumps. Drones with GPS function. Personal Care Products (Feminine and men’s care.

Final sale items

Walmart Gift Cards and Third Party Gift Cards. Prescription medication, Walmart Gift Cards. Prepaid Phone Cards. Ammunition. Fireworks. Digital Downloads. Photo Custom Services. Underwear. Swimwear when the hygiene liner has been removed. Sexual Wellness products. Family Planning Products. Clearance Items.

Alcohol Products

Alcohol can only be returned to the store where it was purchased from if there is a product quality related issue.

Shopping online from third-party sellers

Walmart’S Standard Return Policy

Walmart wants to make sure you are satisfied with the products that you purchase.

Many people won’t shop with a retailer again if they don’t offer a fair and simple return process.

That’s why Walmart put a clear return policy in place to allow customers to return or exchange items.

You can return most luxury and high-end items within 90 days if you have the receipt.

You can also return items at just about any Walmart store, no matter where you bought the item.

All returned items must have all components and accessories included for you to return them.

It is impossible to replace missing items, even the smallest parts.

If you used a debit card or credit card, the money would go back onto your card within 10 days (with most people reporting the funds returning faster).

You will be issued a gift certificate in the amount you return if you do not have your card.

How Many Return Days Are Available?

90 days.

For the vast majority of in-store Walmart purchases, you have 90 days to bring the item back for a full refund.

Keep the receipt, manuals and packaging originals to speed up the entire process.

You will receive your refund back in the original payment method.

With the following items, you have less than 90 days to return it:

30 Days: Most electronics including TV’s, laptops, PCs, tablets, drones, video game hardware, GPS units, camcorders, and digital cameras. Also, includes air conditioners, dehumidifiers, evaporation coolers, generators, and pressure washers.

60 Days: Prescription glasses.

1 year: Annual plants, shrubs and trees; bulbs.

Unopened Alcohol and Tobacco: Must be returned to the store you originally purchased the item(s) at.

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Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

There’S A List Of Items You Cannot Return To Walmart

The 90-day return policy at Walmart covers many things, but there are some items you cannot return.

These are the things you should not expect a refund for:

  • software delivered by mail
  • Ammo, firearms and crossbows.
  • Minutes to prepaid mobile phones
  • Pepper spray
  • Trading cards
  • You can also buy gas-powered vehicles like dirt bikes and go karts.
  • Prescription drugs and devices
  • Hygienic medical equipment and diabetic supplies
  • Used tires
  • Anything including pseudoephedrine, phenylpropanolamine, or ephedrine
  • Ovulation and pregnancy tests, sex toys, and home diagnostic testing kits

Which Walmart Products are Eligible for Return without Receipt

Some Walmart products can only be returned with a receipt. Walmart does not allow you to return the following products:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Tablets
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Smartwatches
  • Electric scooters
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Prepaid cell phones.
  • Outdoor tools
  • GPS’s
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Pepper spray
  • Karting
  • Dirt bikes
  • UTVs
  • ATVs
  • Diabetic products
  • Prescription drugs
  • Prepaid minutes
  • Syringes
  • Software delivered to your email
  • Video on demand
  • Video game download cards

Due to COVID-19, Walmart has placed restrictions on return requests. Temporarily, you cannot return many foods, paper goods, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, pharmacy, health and beauty and apparel items with or without a receipt.

However, any items not listed above you can return to Walmart without a receipt.

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Are There Other Gifts You Can Return to Walmart?

You can return items purchased from Walmart as gifts within the standard 90 day period. There are some exceptions. You cannot return gifts via postal mail. Gifts can only be returned in store

You must provide either the order number, or the email address of the sender to return your gift to Walmart. Walmart will accept your gift without a receipt, provided you have a valid government-issued photo ID. The refund verification process then approves the return. Once your return is verified and accepted, you can:

  • Send the item to the manufacturer for repair
  • Exchange the item for another one
  • If the item returned is less than $25, you will receive a refund in cash
  • If the item returned is less than $25, you will receive a gift certificate

Who Pays The Return Shipping Charges?

Surprisingly (in an awesome way), Walmart will pick up the shipping charges as long as the item is eligible for a return.

It is a good idea if the item arrives damaged or in error.

They’ll even pay the shipping costs if you simply decide you don’t like the item.

To verify the information, I started a conversation with Walmart. Their website doesn’t make it clear.

Also, as the chat operator noted above, the item must be sold directly by Walmart and not a Marketplace seller.

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Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Pay With A Debit Card Or Credit Card

You can find your receipt quickly and easily if you use a card to make your purchase.

To find an old receipt, you simply need to visit the Store Receipt Lookup resource on Walmart’s website.

To start, you will enter the location of the store where you shopped by using the zip code.

After you select the correct store, you will fill out the following purchase details:

  • Purchase date
  • Type of card
  • Last four digits
  • Total receipt

If you don’t have the above information, you won’t be able to use the receipt lookup tool.

However, you can find the last four digits of the credit card, the date of purchase, and the receipt total using your credit card statement if you have access to that.

It can also help to make purchases online.

Online shopping can help you reduce the amount of customers in your store.

Also, you’ll have a very clear record of all of your purchases right in your app.

Will Walmart Refund My Money On Returned Items?

Walmart will reimburse your money if you return items.

Your refund will be processed to the same card you used to make your purchase. This can take up to 10 days.

However, you need to have the original card you used during the refund process.

  • Air mattresses
  • Cellphones
  • Equipment for medical use

These items can only be exchanged since they require special sanitation procedures to get them back on the sales floor.

This ensures that customers will keep them once bought. If the item is still in its original packaging and unopened,

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Walmart Returns Policy (Without Receipt).

For items purchased online, Walmart offers a return policy that does not require a receipt.

If you don’t have a receipt, Walmart will try to look up your purchase in their system. Walmart will try to locate the purchase but may not be able to. Walmart can give you either a credit or a refund, depending on what item.

The amount of the refund or store credit will be based on how much Walmart paid for the item. Walmart will refund the difference if the item was purchased by Walmart and its price has dropped since Walmart purchased it.

Customers will have to present their original packaging and ID in order to receive a full refund.

What will I get back for my return?

Returns are always processed in the original manner of payment–except in the case where that is not possible. Credit refunds, for example, are not available for returns without receipts.

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

What is the best way to return an item to Walmart without a receipt?

If you are planning to return a product to Walmart without a receipt, you need to make sure that you have a government-issued ID with you apart from the item.

As the process of returning an item without a receipt takes longer than if you have a receipt we recommend you return your item during off-peak hours between 7am-11am.

The process will be shorter if you have the original packaging with you.

Final Thought

Learning the ins and outs of Walmart’s return policy should allow you to shop with confidence. You should also know that you need to keep your receipt from Walmart for at most 90 days.

Although the prices are usually very competitive, ClarkDeals may have the exact same item at a lower price. Walmart will match the price in this case.

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Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Walmart Fresh Guarantee Refunds You For Perishable Items You Don’T Have To Take Back

Walmart has a Fresh Guarantee on perishable products. It covers produce, fresh flowers, meat, bakery, dairy, and frozen departments. As long as you have a receipt, they’ll give you a full refund. The only rule is you have to initiate the return before the “best by” date. Walmart official communication under “our Guarantee” states that you can start your return online or on the app.

According to a 2017 press release, this option could also be offered on certain household products such as shampoos and cosmetics.

Initiating a Return to a Store if You Lost The Receipt

There are two ways to initiate the no-receipt return process. You can:

  • Do it manually by following a set of instructions
  • Relax and allow DoNotPay to do the rest.

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

If You’Ve Already Opened It, Some Things Can Only Be Exchanged

Walmart’s usually cool about opened returns, except when it comes to the following items:

  • Unlocked wireless phones (14 days to exchange)
  • Air beds and air mattresses (90 days to exchange)
  • Equipment for medical purposes such as crutches and walkers (90 day exchange).

These items cannot be returned, however you may exchange them.

Do you have any items I can’t return?


Walmart’s return policy states that software delivered via mail cannot be returned. This also applies to diabetic supplies.

Update: It also seems that mattresses, fire arms, ammo, pepper spray, prescription drugs, and gift cards are NOT returnable.

Tobacco and alcohol products should be unopened returned to their original location with a receipt.

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt

Walmart Price Check

Walmart does some amazing things nowadays. It is a great thing to use their app on my smart phone while in-store, and double-check the prices of the products. This is not necessary because of the mess and inconsistencies that sometimes happen. It is still a great feature that allows you to see the cost of your order without having to contact an associate.

Walmart returns without receipt

Walmart stores can accept returns on most products purchased in-store and online. You don’t need to return a contract phone, however.

For more information on returning items that have been opened to Walmart as well as the hours in which you can return items at Walmart, and for details about online returns to Walmart, please see our related research.

Does Target Check Serial Numbers On Returns?

Target and other retailers keep track of serial numbers in inventory control systems. Laura asked if Target employees kept the serial number on their returns. They did and it was returned as if the box had never been sold!

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Full Guide)

Walmart’s standard returns policy permits you to return almost any item within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Sometimes, however, within these 90 days we can lose our receipts! You can still return Walmart items without receipts. Let me tell you what I found.

  • Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022
  • Walmart allows customers to return almost all products without the receipt, provided they do so within 90-days of purchasing. In order to receive a refund with no receipt, customers need to present a valid identification, sometimes in the original packaging. Walmart will give a refund or store credit for any purchases below $10.

  • You can find more details about the return policy at Walmart by reading on.
  • Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Full Guide)

    Can I Return an Item without a Walmart Receipt?

    Walmart employees will scan your barcode to locate the item in the database if you send back an item with no receipt.

    They will then check your ID as part of the refund verification process. It can be very helpful to have your original package.

    Refund verification determines if an item can be returned (using the barcode), and whether you are able to return it (using ID).

    A return that is frequently returned items without receipts may not be accepted. It may also be rejected based on the item itself or the time since you purchased it.

    If you do not have the original packaging, it is sometimes possible for Walmart to look up your purchase using the card number on which the purchase was made.

    What Kind of Refund Can I Receive for an Item Purchased at Walmart Without a Receipt?

    Walmart will accept returned merchandise without the receipt but there are ways to disallow it. It is easier for both the customer and Walmart to return an item without a receipt.

    When you return an item without a receipt to Walmart, you may not always get a direct refund. Walmart will only issue cash refunds for returns that are not accompanied by receipts if the item is less than $10.

    If you purchase more than $10, Walmart will issue a gift card that allows you to redeem store credit. Also, you can exchange the items without needing a receipt.

    Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Full Guide)

    Can I Always Return an Item without a Receipt at Walmart?

    Walmart usually accepts returns without receipts. But there are exceptions. You must first return the item within Walmart’s return policy, regardless if you have a receipt.

    For almost all items, Walmart’s standard return policy allows 90 days. No receipt will be issued for any return after the 90-day period.

  • Some items can’t be returned without the receipt. Some items have a shorter return time than the normal ninety day period.
  • Electronics (computers, cameras, tablets, televisions, etc.)
  • Contacts/Prescription Glasses
  • Prepaid and postpaid cell phones
  • Walmart reserves the right to reject returns. Walmart typically accepts returns. However it could refuse to accept a return.

    See my posts regarding Walmart’s Return Policy for Computer Devices, Printers, Clothing, Gift Cards, Smartphones, Bicycles, and Printers to learn more.

  • Conclusion
  • For returning your items to Walmart, keep the receipts. This will ensure you are safe. This will not only make things easier but also allows you to receive a full refund.

    Walmart might also refuse to accept returns if there are too many items returned without receipts.

    Walmart has any restrictions on return without receipt?

    Walmart’s No Receipt Policy* applies to merchandise returned within a physical store. There is a limit. May 19, 2016,

    Which Items are Unreturnable to Walmart 2021

    Walmart cannot accept returns on cell phones, gift cards and medications.

    .Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt In 2022 (Full Guide)

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