Can Dentist Tell If You Give Oral

Can Dentist Tell If You Give Oral

Can Dentist Tell If You Give Oral

can dentist tell if you give oral

According to Dentists, You Can Tell If Your Head Has Been Giving

Are you a recent head reader? Your dentist might know.

Michael Edwards/Getty Images. Generally, any information you give to someone is only shared between yourself and the recipient. If you wake up, perform oral sex on a partner, then casually stroll into work, your coworkers won’t be able to tell how you spent your morning just by looking at you. On the contrary, if your partner wakes up, you can perform oral sexual activity on her, and you then walk in to the dentist with your eyes wide open, the dentist might be able see the details.

This potentially unsettling revelation comes to us from whence most information does these days: TikTok, where various oral health experts have recently posted videos confirming a rumor that’s been swirling on the platform regarding dentists’ ability to tell if you’ve had a certain sex organ in your mouth recently.

Huzefa Kamadia shared a video of oral sex. Dentists may be able to determine if someone has just had oral sex. Kapadia said that it is unlikely that a single session of oral sex would give rise to the warning sign. However, if Kapadia notices “you love to eat multiple, multiple and multiple, many, more lollipops every day… then you have a problem,” he stated in the video. He also suggested swapping candy for a PG euphemism.

Brad Podray, an orthodontist said that sometimes we can see. Petechiae, which is usually caused by bruising on your soft palate. However, we won’t take any care of patients who are very young or have suffered abuse. A TikTok user called @MandiMaee a dental hygienist. He explained that while it’s impossible for a dentist to determine if someone has ever had sex, they might still be able detect your recent, intense fellatio. It would be difficult for me to say if you had done it more than three years back. No,” she said in the video . “But if you did it recently and you were a little bit aggressive about it … Some individuals might have, um, bruising to the palate, if you know what I’m saying. All of it can be determined.” The dentist won’t be concerned about the type and amount of sex that you are having with who and when. But if you’d rather not head into an appointment with the tell-tale sign of any recent performances you may have given, maybe consider going easy on the oral for a few days in advance of your next cleaning.


TikTok video posted by user “thyrants,” opens with the assertion “The dentist can determine whether someone has gave [head] or no.” It ends with what seems to be an individual in a tooth chair, discussing “fellatio-associated epithema” (a scientific paper about the subject). The seated man states that sometimes we can see the difference. It’s typically bruising of the soft palate, called petechiae. However, unless the patient is very young or signs of abuse are present, we won’t really care.

#dentist #oralhealth original sound – Lil Young Old Man Based on reports dating back to the 1920s, the act of performing fellatio can in some cases leave visible markings or lesions usually round spots that occur as a result of bleeding known as petechiae inside that person’s mouth, but that doesn’t mean such an outcome is common or that dental professionals can regularly ascertain if you “have” or “have not” performed the act.

French Journal of Venereal Diseases published a first report of fellatioinduced mouth lesions. A 2017 review of the work revealed that the paper was not only notable for its first publication, but also because the doctor who referred the case described it with enthusiasm. The case involved a sex worker who he believed had a strong work ethic. According to the 2017 paper, which was translated from French into English, this doctor described the patient as a “conscientious companion” who had “attached herself to work like an oyster to its prey.” TikTok’s 2018 case report highlights the treatment of a 47 year-old man with a lesion that was discovered in a dental exam.

We found an erythematous circular-shaped lesion in the soft palate of the patient while examining his oral cavity. The patient was asymptomatic and unaware of the lesion. … The patient confessed to having been sexually active with males. His sexual activity included the practice of oral sex, with the last instance being 3 days prior to this visit. The erythema that appeared on his soft palate may have been caused by oral sex.

The scientific record contains many case reports such as these. The 2013 summary of the literature about fellatio associated oral lesions indicated that there are likely to be more than one injury mechanism from the sex act. Authors reported that the mucosal injury could be caused by direct contact with the distal penis on the palate. This can lead to submucosal hemorhage and rupture. As described in 2018, another potential cause could be the negative pressure that is created by sucking, which can also damage the tissue of the mouth.

Although there is very little research in this field, it’s not impossible to say if fellatio results in many lesions. TikTok’s video of 2018 cited a thesis that was done on Peruvians sex workers. It aimed to determine if fellatio causes lesions. The majority of these lesions resolve on their own. These cases are not meant to be interpreted by your dentist as a way to discover your sexual history. However, it is a reminder that a possible oral injury could occur if someone presents with sexy mouth lesions. A 2013 case report stated that fellatio should be considered by those who work in head and neck medicine. However, it is possible for petechiae to also result from other causes. Also, it is inaccurate for dentists to assume they can detect if someone has recently had oral sex. Due to the fact that fellatio can be detected by dentists when they examine patients, and also take into account their sexual and medical histories, it’s possible for them to identify fellatio-related injuries. It is possible for fellatio to be diagnosed by dentists if clinical observations are combined with patients’ medical and sexual histories.

can dentist tell if you give oral

This Viral Tiktok reveals that Dentists can tell when you’ve been naughty

Huzefa Kapadia, TikTok dentist, confirms dentists can identify when oral sex has been performed by an irritating mouth condition called palatal pertechiae. Getty Images/iStockphoto This is a pity!

An amazing TikTok proves that even dentists can detect if someone has just done oral sex.

Huzefa Kapadia, dentist, said “I get that question a lot” in a viral video.

Kapadia is a Michigan dentist who provided expert lip service on dental sex and other topics to TikTokers after colleague @CianMcBrien posted the fellatio funny fact in another post.

McBrien captioned the video, which was posted in February with the caption “Just found that the dentist could find [whether] somebody has given [oral sex] or not.” His mouth is covered in shock by the claims about brain-busting.

Kapadia produced a video that explained how dentists can determine the details of an individual’s oral hygiene.

@dentite #stitch with @cianmcbrien We definitely know #dentist #teeth #dentite #dental #weknow #documentary original sound – Tiktok Dentist “Palatal petechiae. “This it’s called,” Kapadia said, in a posting that had over 2.5 million hits. Kapadia suggested that there might be a couple of exceptions.

“But let’s say you like to suck on multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple lollipops all the time … you got a problem,” he added.

Reply To @dentite Part 2 As Promised #dentist#lollipop #teeth#dental #dentite#braces Rasputin (7’’ Version – Boney M.

Kapadia creates the TikTok by superimposing an image of a soft tongue. This is the area at the top of the palate that has been infected.

What is Palatal Petechiae?

Palatal Petechiae refers to a red spot or spots on the roof of your mouth

According Medical News Today (MNT), palatal Petechiae can also be a sign of strep.

Dentists and dental hygienists believe it is caused by oral sex.

Palatal Petechiae does not last long and usually disappears on its own

Dr Kapadia said that he received a lot of messages from teenagers after he posted the video.

He stated, “We will not say anything unless it is suspected abuse of some type.” We are keeping their secret safe. Mandi, the dental hygienist, also responded to the viral video. She highlighted how they cannot tell if you have had oral sex lately.

She stated that she was sent the video by a friend and thought it was true. She said: “So a friend of mine sent me this video and I was like, ‘Oh my god! Is it true?’

can dentist tell if you give oral

7 Things Your Dentist Knows Just By Looking In Your Mouth

It’s true, even though it may sound strange, your dentist can tell a lot more about your health just by looking into your mouth. While it might sound strange, the truth is that your mouth really does reveal much about your health. Bad habits or illness can indicate poor oral health. It can be your dentist who first identifies the signs of diseases like anemia or cancer and allow you to seek out early treatment. Here are seven ways your dentist can learn more about you health when you visit.

1. You are vitamin deficient

A lot of signs can be found in the mouth, which could alert your dentist to the fact that you are deficient in vitamins. Bleeding gums, increased infection, burning tongue syndrome, delayed healing among other conditions can all be caused due to a lack of certain vitamins.

2. You are likely to find signs that your dental office can tell you that you’re pregnant. Your dentist will most likely tell you that you know you are pregnant. Gingivitis, which is caused by an increase in progesterone and bacteria buildup, can be a major indicator that a woman is pregnant. Women can have a temporary and benign pregnancy tumour on their gums/3. You bite your nails. Your dentist doesn’t even need to see your nails in order to tell you that this is a bad habit. Your teeth will do the talking for you. This could cause uneven front teeth and damage to the enamel. Stop nail biting and you’ll have a healthier smile!

4. Your oral cancer diagnosis is imminent. While it may not be something you wish to hear, this can happen. If you notice signs such as bleeding gums and discoloration or pain in your jaw, you need treatment.

5. If you have an eating disorders, you may be bulimic. This is when your teeth show unusual wear. It is common for the erosion to be completely on the tongue of your teeth. This can cause more cavities in time. While acid erosion may not be an indication of an eating disorder in every case, it could indicate that you need additional medical support.

6. How often you floss. This is something we can all pretend to do, but it’s impossible for your dentist to believe. Although we know the importance of flossing, making it a regular part of your day can prove difficult. You might think that you are able to floss right before an appointment. It will be obvious as the moment you open your mouth that it has become reddening and inflamed.

7. Do you love sugary drinks? If soda and sports drinks are an integral part of your diet, your dentist should be able to tell. Drinks high in sugar will over time soften your teeth and can decrease the enamel, which can lead to chipped teeth. Your oral health will be improved if you cut down on sugary drinks.

Expect to discover more when you visit your dentist next time. Your dentist may be able tell you much more about your health than you realize, as well as inform you of important information.

.Can Dentist Tell If You Give Oral

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