Do Dentist Know If You Give Oral

Do Dentist Know If You Give

Do Dentist Know If You Give 

7 Things Your Dentist Knows Just By Looking In Your Mouth

It’s true, even though it may sound strange, your dentist can tell a lot more about your health just by looking into your mouth. While it might sound strange, the truth is that your mouth really does reveal much about your health. Poor habits and illnesses can lead to poor oral hygiene. The dentist can help identify the early symptoms of disease such as cancer and anemia. Here are 7 things your dentist can find out about your health at your next appointment.

1. You are vitamin deficient

There are many indicators that your dentist may notice in your mouth. Bleeding gums, increased infection, burning tongue syndrome, delayed healing among other conditions can all be caused due to a lack of certain vitamins.

2. You’re pregnant Surprised or not, your dentist can identify signs from your mouth indicating that you are pregnant. It will likely be the case that you already know you are pregnant, so hopefully it won’t be a shock when they bring it up. Gingivitis is a big giveaway for pregnant women due to the increase in progesterone, causing bacteria to build up. Some women might develop a temporary, benign pregnancy cancer. Your teeth can speak for themselves. This habit can make your front teeth uneven and crack and chip at the enamel on your teeth. It will be good for your teeth and nails to stop biting on your nails cold turkey.

4. Your oral cancer diagnosis is imminent. While it may not be something you wish to hear, this can happen. If you notice signs such as bleeding gums and discoloration or pain in your jaws, you need treatment.

5. An eating disorder. Bulimics may have unique tooth wear that can be detected by a dentist as an indication of an eating disorder. The erosion is usually completely on the tongue side of your teeth and can lead to increased cavities over time. Although acid erosion doesn’t always indicate an eating disorder, it may help to seek out additional medical attention and support if the condition is true.

6. If you’re actually flossing and how often Something we all try to lie and get away with, but you can’t fool your dentist with this one. Although we know the importance of flossing, making it a regular part of your day can prove difficult. If you think you can get away with flossing right before your appointment, think again. You will notice a difference in your red gums as soon as it is open.

7. Drinks high in sugary substances are common. If these drinks are a regular part of your day, your dentist will be aware. Drinks with high levels of sugar over time can make your teeth soften, and reduce enamel. Chipped teeth can be a result. You can improve your oral health and overall health by reducing your consumption of sugary drinks.

Next time you go to the dentist, be prepared to find out more than just if you have any cavities. Your dentist is able to give you information about your overall health and tell you what you should know.

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