Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Why You Should Trust Me

These are some other great things about Planet Express.

  • Planet Express will consolidate multiple packages into a single box, significantly reducing shipping costs when you make multiple purchases.
  • Planet Express will send you photos as soon as your parcel arrives at their warehouse.
  • Planet Express provides extremely affordable storage options for all your packages. Planet Express offers 10 free days storage for every package. However, Planet Express charges only one cent per pound each day after that. This means that a 1 lb package can be stored in the warehouse at Planet Express for $0.30 per month!

If you’re not able to enter your home address as your credit card billing address, you should also be able to use Planet Express’ warehouse address without any issues.

Watch the video to learn more about Planet Express, including what the dashboard looks like in Planet Express.

Canadian customers eligible for shipping

Many growing ecommerce companies don’t know the rules and requirements for shipping to Canada. While it may appear simple because NAFTA is in place, there are still some rules that you need to be aware of. Your packages will not be delivered if this happens.

ShipBob provides great and discounted shipping services that your in-house may lack. ShipBob can send orders from the US to Canada, as well as Canada to Canadian customers. We also provide order updates and track numbers. ShipBob allows you to track each order.

BAKblade wanted to expand their online presence into Canada and needed an experienced fulfillment partner that could also be physically present in Canada.

“We have seen that Canadian customers order more when they know the order ships from within Canada and they do not need to worry about additional taxes if the order comes from the US. From our history through the years with ShipBob in the US, it was a no-brainer to expand into other markets with them knowing that they have done their due diligence to meet the ShipBob standard.”

Marc Fontanetta is Director of Operations for BAKblade

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

How To Get A Seller-Fulfilled Walmart 2-Day Tag

You must ensure that there is no delay in shipping if you choose to sell-fulfilled. You must also maintain strict performance requirements;

  • Shipping within 95% of the time
  • >95% on-time delivery
  • >95% valid tracking rate
  • <1.5% cancel rate
  • In the last 30 days, 100 orders have been fulfilled or more

Sellers must apply through Seller Center to be eligible for fast tags. Walmart will let you know within 48 hours whether you’ve been approved or denied for the program.

Sellers may also indicate the states and regions they are able to deliver 2-day, which will allow fast shipping labels to only be visible to those shoppers.

Myus & Walmart International Shipping FAQs

Here are 6 frequently asked questions regarding shipping cost, shipping time, and returns when you want to order from Walmart and use MyUS to forward the package to you:

It all depends on how heavy your order is and to what destination you are shipping it. To estimate the cost of shipping to Walmart, you can use MyUS’s shipping calculator.

You don’t need to be concerned about any hidden fees. Your package will only weigh the actual amount.

MyUS can help you reduce shipping costs if multiple parcels are being shipped.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

How much does it cost?

Of course the main thing I wanted to know was how much everything was going to cost me to ship my items from Target to my address in Canada. I have broken everything down for you and will share screen shots of exactly what I paid, so there will be no surprises.

First off shipping from both Target and within the U.S. is free. You will receive a U.S. shipping address when Cross Border registers you. This means that you won’t have to pay shipping charges to cross borders.

Cross Borders charges a $10 flat fee per package. This is the most important fact to remember. To help reduce the cost of shipping, consolidate your items so they all ship to one place.

Target sent me a pillow cover and a linen curtain, as well as a quilt.

It cost $124.18 USD, and was shipped free from Cross Borders. My curtains and bedding were shipped separately so I was required to purchase two boxes totalling $20CAD. Once your items arrive to you will be notified by e-mail with steps to ship your items on to your house address.

It should be noted that there are two locations that you can pick up your items from if you live near them. I think one is in Ontario and the other maybe Vancouver area but you can check this option out on their website.

Cross Borders will require you to provide information about your order. This will include the details of the item(s) you have ordered. Any applicable taxes and duties will also be added. I did not have any extra duties charge to me, I think because the amount I spent was small, so all I needed to pay was the Cross Border flat rate fee per box, and then the shipping to ship the boxes on to me.


Merchants selling on Walmart US can easily onboard Walmart Canada as the interface and policies are similar in both the marketplaces. Thus, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition for you.

If you’re already selling on Walmart US then selling to will make sense.

  • has around 4 million monthly visitors, a sales growth of 100% YoY in 2 years, and approximately 8 million products are live on its platform.
  • As a young, rapidly growing platform, offers healthy competition and an unhindered fair trade environment to all its sellers.
  • only 45 percent of orders are filled by the sellers, rather than the industry average of 75%.
  • Walmart Canada’s customer base includes around 54% of Affluent Shoppers from well-to-do families. The other overlapping composition is Millenials and Families with kids, which are fantastic target audiences for most sellers.
  • With this new Walmart’s ship to Canada service, selling on from the US is much easier now.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Covid-19 platform has a lot of popularity. These categories include: Home/home goods, indoor goods, toiletries and cleaning supplies. This gives sellers an opportunity for unique growth.
  • An eMarketer survey says that a good chunk of Canadian consumers includes cross-border digital buyers who prefer to buy from the US almost 60% of the time.
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement 2.0 (NAFTA 2.0) raised the value of the duty-free and tax-free shipping to $40CAD. This makes the process more lucrative.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Agree On The Business Rules And Calculations

Any complex business has both fixed and variable processes and costs and they are rarely, if ever, the same for any two companies. A fundamental prerequisite for creating a blockchain-enabled system is to get the parties to agree to all the calculations and business rules that the network will employ.

Walmart’s carriers and vendors had to work with their unique data, which included vendor name, payment terms and contract duration. This information is then combined with the governing master tables, such as tax and fuel rates. The formulas the blockchain will use for each invoice calculation should be agreed upon by all parties.

The DL Freight blockchain synthesizes all the data points in real time throughout each unique delivery, taking into account information such as fuel costs, offroad milage, and delays at the delivery point. As costs increase, the system generates an invoice which is constantly updated.

Walmart Returns – Does Myus Offer Refunds Or Return Services?

MyUS can help you return items that are damaged or incorrectly sent. In fact, they’ll even notify you if your purchases arrive damaged at their facility, so you don’t have to wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep before finding out.

You can also request them to take detailed photos of your purchases to make sure Walmart shipped the correct items.

Every store is unique. Most will offer refunds and returns, but sometimes you’ll have to pay for necessary shipping fees. So make sure to check Walmart’s return and refund policy before you checkout your order.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

What is the Shipment Process?

When a product arrives in Canada and is held at the customs, the seller is contacted for further proceedings. requires that sellers use Delivery Duty Paid (“DDP”)

If you’re handling your shipment yourself, make sure the price includes a payment for customs duties upfront and that the shipping company handles the payment. Getting the product across the border safely without troubling the customer through delayed deliveries becomes your job.

You will enjoy less hassle if your order is shipped with Walmart from the US to Canada border.

Walmart US Ship to Canada has partnered up with FedEx, Purolator and FedEx to offer two types of shipping services: Express and Ground.

My personal experience

Planet Express has been a great option for me to send packages around the globe. I have used them more than 12 times. Here’s how things went the last time I did it.

First, I had my order sent to my unique address at the Planet Express warehouse. Planet Express sent me an email within 48 hours letting me know my order was received. This is extremely fast.

Second, I filled in Planet Express’ super-easy customs declaration form with the four pieces of information required:

  • Shipping the item
  • Shipping quantity
  • The value of the item
  • Whether the item contains batteries

Third, I chose the shipping option I wanted from a list of eight. The prices ranged between $6-$35 USD and insurance was an additional $2 USD. I decided to go with the lowest price ($8 USD including insurance) as it offered the best value. Everything arrived in great condition when my package arrived.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Shop with Walmart

Walmart allows sellers to set up their return and shipment policies. Sellers can have significant control over their return and shipment policies, even though they are affiliated with SWW. This is only valid if the seller’s policies are in compliance with guidelines. Sellers can also enable or disable Ground Shipping and Express shipping, although express shipping is optional.

Both methods take approximately:

  • Ground Shipping: 2-8 Business days
  • Express shipping: 2-5 business days

The SLAs for the two methods are:

  • Ground Shipping: US Hub to Door
  • Express Shipping: Door to Door

Sellers may make any necessary adjustments in transit times to alter their ship time average.

Also, sellers have the freedom to decide the shipping price. Sellers can charge more for faster service or use another service and ship for free. Both of these options are great for the overall customer experience. A great promotional and marketing strategy is to offer free shipping.

To begin Ship With Walmart onboarding, Register for the SWW program.

Alternatives For Canadians

Aside from domestic delivery, Canadian’s should also take advantage of Walmart pickup. Orders of $25 or more will have free handling, while orders under $25 will have a $5 handling fee.

You are not allowed to order perishable items, products over 350 pounds and hazardous material, or items sold by Walmart Marketplace sellers.

For those looking to use shipping options, standard rates do apply. A $5.97 shipping fee and a $5 order handling fee on orders under $25.

A $5.97 shipping fee for orders over $25, and free shipping and handling for orders over $35 when using the at-home delivery option for Canadian stores.

The service requested will determine the shipping cost. There are expedited and next-day shipping options available. Some items can take up to six weeks depending on their size and location.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Where Is Walmart Located?

The headquarters of Walmart are located in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart operates a vast global network of stores, warehouses and storage locations, along with offices in many other countries. When you order products from Walmart, your product will not only be procured at any of the many locations, but also prepared, packed, processed and shipped via any of the service centers as part of the delivery process.

Walmart’s warehouses and processing centers help it quickly move and dispatch parcels and packages. However, the company still depends on courier companies for third-party logistics. To help deliver packages, Walmart uses FedEx, UPS and the USPS.

Since Walmart uses several different couriers, their usage can vary from time to time depending on availability, the size and weight of the Walmart package needing to be delivered, and so on. Therefore, if you want to track a Walmart package it is best to use a multiple courier tracking website, like Ship24.

Ship24 doesn’t need any personal information or for you to register to begin tracking a Walmart parcel, simply enter the Walmart tracking number into the search bar on the homepage and we’ll scan the internet to find out who is handling your parcel, where it is and its current status.

The good news is that Ship24 covers thousands of online marketplaces, eCommerce sites, and couriers meaning that the best place to ensure you have Walmart tracking is on the Ship24 website. Remember, all registered Walmart packages sent with third-party logistics companies are trackable using Ship24.

Once you get your Walmart tracking code, enter it into the Ship24 search bar on the website and get package tracking information instantly. Ship24 is being used by millions of customers for tracking purposes.


Additionally, in-house fulfillment avoids paying for additional services from an outside party. In-house fulfillment can be costly as you grow. This is because warehousing and operational costs, along with staffing costs, all add up.

Sellers who sell self-fulfill have only one warehouse. This means that their 2-day shipping coverage to the U.S. is only 30%. If sellers want to offer nationwide 2-day shipping, their costs could be considerably more expensive.

Tip: Using a fulfillment calculator can identify the cheaper option for your business, taking into account all-inclusive fulfillment providers who have no added costs, long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

It’S Free

You can easily manage your multichannel business. Smart. Be efficient. Be SellerSkills.

  • You import/export listings between different marketplaces in several seconds.
  • You update inventory on all marketplaces at a time
  • You do not log every inventory activity because the app does that for you.
  • All orders can be managed from the same place.
  • You arrange shipping with Canada post and other carriers with ease.

A single app, which works directly in the browser and does not require downloading, replaces a team of three. You can also start the free trial and keep it free for as long as you like. This is how it works.

Does Walmart Ship With Ups?

that they ship their own products themselves, yet they are advised to send items within 2-day shipping timeframe at all Walmarts. It should be noted that delivery companies such as Deliverr, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS are among the merchants who use the companies’ courier services.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Can We Ship Laptop From Usa To Canada?

If the amount of your laptop is more than $1,000, you will need to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin. Provide the shipper’s and recipient’s information, the country of manufacture and a detailed explanation of the contents of the shipment.

Product Listing

Upload products from Shopify Store and list them on individually or in bulk with a few clicks. All product details, prices, and other information can be updated from one central platform.

Valet Seller, an international eCommerce service provider has gained the trust and respect of many SMBs. With its robust solutions, you can sell on multiple marketplaces utilizing the available storefronts and increase your online visibility like never before.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Inventory Management

To avoid overselling, upload and update inventory, retire and re-inject inventories and set minimum and maximal inventory thresholds. You can optimize the inventory to look the best on from within the app.

How Many Us Distribution Centers Does Walmart Have?

We have 210 distribution centers to manage our business and provide us with customers. We also distribute goods directly to our customers through physical shops and clubs.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

Optional Step 2: Register for a Cash-Back Program

You can earn an additional 2-10% cash back on most orders by using the cash-back service.

Ebates is the most popular cash-back service in the United States – plus they gift you $10 in bonus cash after completing your first purchase!

Shipment fees reduced

I was only charged $20.00 CAD mailing fees for BOTH my boxes. Shipping is a great deal. Shipping boxes this large for an average person is $40/box depending on your location. I have shipped many packages. This alone makes Cross Borders an incredible deal.

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada

How does the Ship With Walmart program work? has joined forces with two top shipping companies in order to ship the items to Canada. This has been done so that sellers and customers can avoid the lengthy process involved in cross-border trading.

The two existing systems for fulfillment from involve:

  • Merchants are self-fulfilling
  • Shop with Walmart Solution

Get Live

After you have completed all steps, verify with your Walmart Account Manager that shipping is now possible.

For quick help, consult this checklist:

Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada In 2022? (Do This Instead)

Walmart Inc.
  • Wal-Mart Discount City (1962–1969)
  • Wal-Mart, Inc. (1969–1970)
  • Wal–Mart Stores, Inc. (1970–2018)



Sam Walton


Number of locations
10,593 stores worldwide (January 31, 2022)



Area served
Key people






Convenience shop
Revenue Increase


559.2 billion




US$22.55 billion




US$13.70 billion



Total assets


US$252.5 billion



Total equity


US$87.53 billion



Walton family



Number of employees
2,300,000 (Jan. 2021)


U.S.: 1,600,000



List of subsidiaries

Footnotes / references




Sometimes, Walmart US can be more affordable than the Canadian Walmart.

  • You may be curious if Walmart US ships goods across Canada’s borders. You can see what I found.
  • Are You a US Walmart Customer?

    Although US Walmart is not authorized to ship to Canada (yet), they can ship to most locations and type of location.

    Orders placed at any one of the addresses listed above should match your billing area to prevent delays. Below is a complete list of Walmart delivery locations:

  • 50 United States
  • APO and FPO military addresses
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • S. Virgin Islands
  • Walmart works with various US territories and delivers to addresses located in them. If you don’t live within these areas, Walmart should not be used for delivery online.

    Canadians need to shop locally when they choose Walmart. If you live in the United States, domestic delivery is possible.

  • Canada: How to Get Products From Walmart Delivered To Canada
  • Still unsure if an item purchased from Walmart US can be shipped to Canada? It is possible to use third party shipping services which will re-route the merchandise from the US into your area.

    Although these services are not perfect, they do offer an opportunity to access a vast array of new products that can be purchased from Walmart and other international retailers.

    Shipping costs often cancel out any savings that a customer may receive. Be aware of the higher shipping prices before you sign up for these services.

  • There are alternatives for Canadians
  • Canadians may also be eligible for Walmart pickup. Free handling for orders above $25, with a fee of $5 for orders less than $25.

    These items are excluded from eligibility for perishables, heavy items (over 350 pounds), hazardous items and items that were sold through a Walmart Marketplace seller.

    If you are looking for shipping options, the standard rates will apply. Orders below $25 are subject to a $5.97 handling charge and shipping fees.

    A $5.97 fee will apply for any orders over $25. Free shipping and handling is available for orders over $35 when ordering at-home from Canadian shops.

    Shipping rates vary based on the requested service. You have the option of next-day or expedited shipping. Some items could take from 3 to 6 weeks to be delivered depending on its size and distance.

    Does Walmart Us Ship To Canada In 2022? (Do This Instead)

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